WINNER: IGF China award for BEST GAME!Cubetractor is a neo-retroesque action-strategy-puzzle hybrid where you defeat enemies through an unconventional cube-pulling, turret-buildling mechanic. The game carries elements of a reverse tower defence and a grounded bullet-hell dodger to deliver a unique gameplay experience presented in a...
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Release Date: May 29, 2013

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"It quickly won be over" Rock Paper Shotgun
"like a puzzle driven Dark Souls" 8/10 Examiner
"engaging story and some tricky puzzles" Tignews

About This Game

WINNER: IGF China award for BEST GAME!

Cubetractor is a neo-retroesque action-strategy-puzzle hybrid where you defeat enemies through an unconventional cube-pulling, turret-buildling mechanic.

The game carries elements of a reverse tower defence and a grounded bullet-hell dodger to deliver a unique gameplay experience presented in a classic top-down perspective.

You play as Endroi, a menacingly happy-go-lucky quadrubot as he strives to master the art of Cubetracting -- the art of attracting Cubes. It's a deceptively straightforward skill that involves dexterity, acute awareness, multi-tasking and tactical positioning. You'll have to strategize, solve and fight your way through multitudes of enemy installations to achieve your coveted goal.


  • 40+ maps for you to pull, crush and build: Levels carefully designed to bring out the emergent dynamics in a unique mechanic.
  • Symmetrical Balance: Why do bad guys always have to be stronger than you? In Cubetractor, the enemy structures are exactly the same as yours, other than they got there first. Defeating them is a matter of thoughtful timing and positioning.
  • Purely indie-made: Done by 2 people, living off their savings, working off random coffee joints.
  • Hardcore Awards for Hardcore Players: The main levels are designed for speedruns. Collect all the batteries, reach the finishing goal within impressively tight time limits -- do all that without a scratch -- to earn the most coveted of accolades. Don't worry, there are also options for those of us that are more human.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • Processor:2.0GHz processor
    • Processor:2.66GHz processor
    • Processor:2.0GHz processor
    • Processor:2.66GHz processor
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Posted: January 18
Cubetractor is an action strategy puzzle game where, you guessed it, you have a lot of interactions with cubes. The game was released in May 2013 and a lot of people will probably have this game already due to it featuring quite often in bundles over the past couple of years.

The game play looks very simple from the screenshots on the store, but there is actually quite a bit of depth to this little title. You are in control of a little robot who can move cubes around the map using his tractor beam, these cubes can either be used to out right destroy enemies, combined to create turrets or barriers and even be used to cause harm to yourself if you aren’t careful. The blocks will continue to move in the direction you pulled them until they come into contact with something, so you have to be really tacticful with how you interact with them sometimes. If they don’t hit anything, they will tend to respawn after a few seconds in their original spot. The game play is really pusating and enjoyable, some very fast paced action can be seen throughout your play though of this game.

The art style is really pleasantly presented. The 8bit theme is pulled off very well, along with some really nicely done animations and lovely sound effects. There isn’t any spoken dialogue, simply because it isn’t needed.

Cubetractor surprisingly has a very interesting story line. The robot you play as is trying to escape to freedom, you do this over the course of completing your exams for robot school? I would strongly recommend people read the dialogue between the main characters in the game as there are some great lines to be seen. Silly enough, the robots who built you failed to think about putting some sort of self-destruct feature in your build, so they are forced to sit back and hope you fail your exams and destroy yourself.

The game is difficult to say the least, once you complete the tutorial you are pretty much thrown in at the deep end. I might add that the tutorial is done very well and explains the mechanics of the game to a level which allows you to keep up with the early levels but also doesn’t hold your hand throughout. Once you get past the first 10 or 15 levels, a lot of the game play is luck based and how quick you are on your feet with the amount of bullets flying around your screen from enemy turrets and mobs.

I have been playing the game for about three hours now and have just finished the game. There is a side of me that thinks I will want to jump into the game at some point to maybe work on a few achievements given how easy the game play is to just pick up and play as well.

I would personally say Cubetractor is a neat little indie title that could quite easily find a place in most people’s library. I would definitely say it is worth the £6,99 price tag, but you can quite easily pick this up on sale for much lower on other sites.

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Posted: November 22, 2015
Cute and clever little strategy game
Cubetractor is a strange and unique game where you play as Endroi, a robotic drone who seems to take strange delight in completing puzzles and frustrating the plans of his creators in a comically overblown fashion. Practically, the game is quite simple. You move your robot around the board and use the space bar to attract blocks toward your position. Once in motion, the blocks continue until they strike something causing damage, merge with another moving block to form a tower, or leave the screen. Cubes can be pulled only once (they will regenerate after a few seconds) and only in straight lines. The game is all about creating towers and striking enemies with moving cubes as you progress down the path toward freedom. The greatest advantage of this game is the story, you should read the entire contents during the game. On the other hand. the retro graphics of Cubetractor and the accompanying music start to bore very easily, although when it comes to music then you can always turn your own one. Worth buying during sales.
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Posted: March 13
Cubetractor is like a game of tug of war where the opposing team is throwing rocks at you. Except the rocks are lasers and nobody actually remembered to bring a rope.

Though it borrows some tower defense staples, Cubetractor is primarily a puzzle game about pulling blocks around and making them bump into one another. The trick however isn’t so much in the actual pulling of blocks but in the timing and placement of them, each combination of two blocks producing a tower which is then used to destroy the pesky enemy towers that have been shooting you the whole time.

It sounds easy on paper, but Cubetractor is exceedingly good at taking its minimalistic design and turning it against you in ways that at times wager on the downright sadistic. More often than not though this only makes solving a level that much more satisfying, and because Cubetractor was built with symmetry of capability in mind it rarely feels as if you’re outmatched by your opponent. They just got there first (and probably cheated).

I also found it hard not to enjoy my time with Cubetractor because the game itself is so enthusiastic. Sure, your little blue robot might be enacting a destructive rampage disguised as a particularly explosive form of self-education, but they’re so doggone happy about it who has the heart to stop them? There is an absurdist charm to Cubetractor that is often hard to pin down, but it’s pervasive joy had me continuing to come back for more even as I was cursing the seeming impossibility of a given level.

The only time Cubetractor falls apart is when its puzzles begin to turn into a monotonous war of attrition, requiring you to brute force your way through enemies rather than defeat them strategically. This mostly happens in the later levels of the game, but it’s a sharp and dramatic decline in the overall quality of level designs that is even more unfortunate given how the game up to that point seemed so conscious of avoiding tedium.

Troublesome (and it should be said, optional) levels aside however, Cubetractor is a delight to unravel. It cleverly combines elements of more genres than are worth mentioning into a game that feels surprisingly fresh for all its recognizable parts. I was left feeling just slightly unsatisfied with the abruptness of the ending, but if it’s any indication of things to come, this isn’t the last we’ll see of the little robot that could [blow stuff up] and that’s not a bad thing by any means.

You can read more of my writing on Kritiqal.
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Posted: February 15
A cube pulling puzzle game with hints of tower defense. I dig the retro graphics and the chiptunes, but the game is genuinely enjoyable and the tutorials and level design are well-crafted. Definitely worth it as a distraction from your 'main' game.

- Simple to understand
- Fun
- Challanging but not impossible
- Great art style
- A bunch of levels

- Not too many really. Would be cool to have a level editor, but its not a deal breaker.
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Posted: April 15
I haven't seen a good 2D game in a long time (just to clarify undertale was released on november if anyone is gonna be ♥♥♥♥♥♥ at me), in fact I haven't seen in a long time a game that actually runs at my pc!

Cubetractor is a 2D puzzle game where you put your timing, agility and multi-task skills to the test.
The game is really great, it got a decent art style and decent soundtrack. Can't argue with that

I don't know what else to say, so let's get to the pros and cons.


-Leaderboards (I haven't still seen any...)
-Challenging just about right
-Extraordinary Optimization:
Given that my pc is a stupid piece of crap who can't even run a game called "Missing Translation" (check if you will) at stable 60fps, this game surprised me. If you check the specs they demand actually nothing, and it's true! I never had any problems with lag or sound lag, stable framerate and stuff. So if you have a piece of ♥♥♥♥ computer like me and wanna spend the time not awaiting for the game to go back at 15 fps (after it dropped to 5), this piece of gem is for you!

-Designed for hardcore and casual gamers:
The game got these little extra tasks you can do if you want on the levels, which are not required to complete but mainly aimed to the hardcore community (or the achievement hunters, like me) to do it. They're super tough.
-Decent artwork and soundtrack (given that this game was released on 2013 you can't compare to something like hyper light drifter....)


-Meh price, I'll get to that in a moment
-The challenges for the achievement hunters are REALLY tough!!


The game was featured on a load of bundles over the years, and on april 2016 it was been mass given away by indiegala. We can call the game dead, but it's kind of overpriced given that a lot of people got it for free and some bought it along with other games for only 1 dolar. Common, do some research and you might end up saving a hell of a lot if you plan on buying this game. Or wait for a sale (lol lazyass)
-No trading cards for a game that has been mass given away ( :steamfacepalm: )
-No workshop support for a game that would perfectly fit

Overall, it's a really good game and you should definitely check if you're into 2D puzzles.
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