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Sont inclus Europa Universalis : Rome et l'extension Europa Universalis : Rome - Vae Victis. Faites l'expérience tactique et stratégique ultime dans les temps antiques. Situé dans la période de la république romaine, Vae Victis apporte de nouvelles améliorations à Europa Universalis : Rome.
Date de parution: 19 nov 2008
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À propos du jeu

Sont inclus Europa Universalis : Rome et l'extension Europa Universalis : Rome - Vae Victis.

Faites l'expérience tactique et stratégique ultime dans les temps antiques.

Situé dans la période de la république romaine, Vae Victis apporte de nouvelles améliorations à Europa Universalis : Rome. Les changements apportés concernent, en premier point, le gouvernement pour une jouabilité plus équilibrée. De nouveaux personnages ont également été apportés ainsi que de nouvelles missions.


  • Carte 3D avec graphismes intégrés et topographie détaillée.
  • Démarre entre -280 et -27 de notre ère
  • Choisissez parmi des dizaines de cultures différentes : romaines, celtiques, grecques, égyptienne... 53 factions différentes sont jouables. Des centaines de provinces sont disponibles.
  • Regardez évoluer votre personnage au plan politique et parmi les intrigues. voyez le interagir avec des milliers de personnages.
  • Échanges et négociations seront au cœur de votre stratégie pour unifier le monde méditerranéen.
  • Un mode online vous permet de vous mesurer à d'autres joueurs ou de jouer en coopération.

Données clé de VAE VICTIS

  • Améliorations et supplément pour les 3 types de gouvernement : républicain, monarchiste et tribal
  • Les personnages du monde antique sont maintenant mieux réalisés. Chacun de vos personnages a de l'ambition et dispose de pouvoir spéciaux. Il peut ainsi mettre en prison, bannir, promouvoir...
  • L'interface d'utilisation est améliorée. La jouabilité également
  • Un système récompense les joueurs pour l'accomplissement de certaines missions
  • Des événements peuvent être déclenchés par les joueurs
  • Une nouvelle intelligence artificielle vous apporte une nouvelle jouabilité

Configuration requise

    • Interface : Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista
    • Processeur : 1.9 Ghz Intel Pentium ou AMD
    • Mémoire : 512Mo RAM
    • Carte graphique : Carte graphique compatible DirectX 9.0c avec au minimum 128Mo & support pour pixelshader 2.0
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For those of you that consider picking up this game:

Europa Universalis: Rome is a game I like very much at the moment, I have not played any other Europa Universalis games and some of them might be better (after I bought the game I heard from people that 3 is better) I however do not regret my purchase since I like the ancient world theme a lot more than almost anything else set in the real world and is for me a tie with the cold war.

Why did I like this game?

I think It is mechanically very sound, the combat mechanics are very limited but unlike for example civ 4 I do not find it annoying to fight wars and the combat does not distract too much from what works really well with the game.
So what does work really well in the game? The economic gameplay in the game is solid, it is less about buildings than for example Rome total war 1, however there are various other things that have an influence on the economy such the governors of the province that you can select (very much like Rome total war 1) but also stuff like the people you have chosen to take positions in nationwide politics, the laws you have passed, religious blessings, trade and the kind of civ you have( for example dictatorship monarchy and various kinds of democracies).
That brings me to something else that works pretty well in this game, Politics. The game has 5 political factions that battle (sometimes in case of civil war literally) over political control of your nation. Each factions power can grow or diminish depending on your actions, the populist party will for example gain more political attraction if either peace or war last too long, while the religious faction can grow from invoking blessings on your nation or sacrificing to the gods, but all factions grow from having representatives in important functions for (for example the research positions) the people taking these functions are chosen by you. But on the other side the factions can also influence your decisions, if you don't have the political support in the senate you can't start wars or make use of various other mechanics in the diplomacy interface.

What doesn't work?

The game doesn't do such a good job of explaining to you what various mechanics in the game do and how they are calculated (I for example still don't know fully how diplomatic skill is calculated) most of it however isn't that annoying and can in a way even increase your enjoyment, since you get the feeling that after your first playthrough you really got to know the game, therefore also giving you an incentive to try another one. It also isn't that bad, now after some wiki reading I think diplomatic skill is the only thing I do not really understand that I would like to understand. The game could however do a better job of presenting its information, the game could for example tell you what the traits characters could gain during events do before you need to selects them. Also I think the game could have been better if the people of your nation belonged to larger but fewer families and give you a better way (for example the family tree in Rome total war 1) to look at these families and their relations to other people in your nation

In the end I sill liked this game very much but it could have been better
Posté le : 1 décembre 2013
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I first started off playing startegy games using hex games, then with my first computer when I played a demo of CIv 1 for the Atari STE. Since then I have played most of the TW series. Especially countless hours on Rome Total War especially modded and yes I like Rome 2 with mods.

Recently this year I have started to get into the Paradox titles starting with Crusader Kings 1.

I therefore recomend Europa Universalis: Rome - Gold Edition very much.

It's Ironic to think that this game has content that the recently released Rome 2 hasn't. Ok it hasn't real time battles as a TW title but I haven't missed it in this game. The depth that is lacking in the former is in Europa Universalis: Rome - Gold Edition
Posté le : 30 novembre 2013
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Strangely addicting strategy game. Very similar to normal EU, but it incorporates ancient culture.
Posté le : 20 janvier 2014
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I haven't come to know how to play these games yet, but the soundtrack for this game is downright fantastic, and worth clicking things while not really accomplishing anything just to be able to listen to it.
Posté le : 20 décembre 2013
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Owning this and comparing it to the other Europa Universlais games, this one is not as in depth... to me at least. For example, you can choose a emmissary to send to an enemy country to declare war on them, which is good to eliminate bad apples in the family because they are usually killed the the enmy country. But unlike in EU3 and EU4, you can't have cabinet members that give your country bonuses ( trade does that, but it's not as interesting). But I do like this more than the other games because:

1. It's a longer game than EU3. I don't know about EU4 because I haven't ever played it.

2. The time setting is much more interesting to me than EU3 and EU4.

3. Altough this game looses some features, it also gains ones. For example, the troops in your army can become more loyal to their general than their country. This means if that general has loyal units and decides to start a civil war, you have a problem. But it is not all bad, because the generals pay their troops instead of you so you get more money.

Overall, It is a great game and should be bought by Europa Universalis fans. 8/10
Posté le : 15 avril 2014
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