Build and Manage A Maximum Security Prison.
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Very Positive (978 reviews) - 91% of the 978 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
Very Positive (20,587 reviews) - 94% of the 20,587 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Oct 6, 2015

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July 27

Update 8 released (v2.0 preview!)

Prison Architect Update 8 has been released!

This update is on a steam branch, meaning it will not automatically download. You must manually switch to that branch to see this new version.
- Right click on Prison Architect in your games list
- Click 'Properties'
- Click 'Betas'
- Select 'v2preview' from the list. (Restart steam if it doesn't show up)
- The update will then download.

This is a preview build of the v2.0 features that we are properly launching next month. There may be a couple of bugs and glitches in this bad boy so only dl if you are proper brave.....

New improved User Interface
Many user interfaces have been redesigned to be clearer, more consistent, and better looking.

- Improved Build toolbar
New look build toolbar for with much cleaner icons and graphics
Toolbar now filters out locked items by default, leading to simpler menus in early game (Click + to reveal all)
The Room toolbar now highlights room types when you mouse over them
Help tooltips have been added to many of the toolbar menus

- Tooltip sizes made more consistent and screen friendly across the board

- New Context Menu
Click on any object or entity to bring up the context menu
Allows for quick context sensitive actions
Prisoner Rap sheet now auto-follows prisoners

All construction work is now covered by a global UNDO button at the bottom right of the screen
Click UNDO to gradually reverse any decisions you have made, and receive a full refund
Nb. UNDO button is only shown when using the toolbar for foundations, materials, objects, utilities etc.

- Research/bureaucracy screen improved to look better
- Patrols interface improved for clarity
- Pipe and water rendering improved for clarity
- Informants window improved by moving the list to the right of the screen and making it smaller
- Logistics views now more consistent, showing only objects and entities relevant to each view.
Eg Food logistics now shows everything relevent to food: Ingredients, meals, chefs, prisoners working in the kitchen

- Nb. All of the new GUI features can be disabled through Main Menu -> Options -> Game -> Version 2.0 GUI tickbox

- Zoom to mouse
Nb. Can be disabled through Main Menu -> Options -> Game -> Zoom to mouse.

Modding System (continued)

- 'Infinite' mod loading
The game now supports many more simultanious graphical mods than before
It achieves this by gradually increasing the size of the graphics tileset, until your graphics card itself hits its limit
In general users should find they can now activate a great deal more mods before any problems occur
In addition, when the limit is reached you will now receive a warning/error message. (Previously it just started misbehaving)

- Mods with spritesheets larger than 1024x1024 are now supported

- Lua World Scripts
Each mod can now have a data/world.lua script file, which should contain both Init() and Update( timePassed ) functions.
This script is initialised on World initialisation (for both new maps and loaded save games) and Updated on each World update.
Variables set in the "this" or "World" tables will be cast to strings and persist in the save game.
Variables are loaded after Init and before the first call to Update.

- Mods can now have their own sounds.txt file, containing only new/modified sounds.
These will override base data in the same way as other mod files.

- Added Update button to Prison Sharing menu.
Allows any published prison to be updated with the prison that you are currently playing.

- Fixed a bug in the lua scripting system that would try to cast boolean strings (in lua) to a bool (in c++).

New game content
- New events
Contraband surge
Tree fire
Food poisoning
Agitating radio
CI list leak
Mass tunnelling

- TVs now broadcast over an area (3x3, shown as a green box).
Prisoners sitting within the viewing area can watch TV and thereby have their recreation needs taken care of.
Nb. Prisoners can be doing other things at the same time, eg eating in the canteen.

- New item: Large TV.
Has a larger viewing area and can easily provide Recreation to an entire room.
Be sure to provide lots of seating spaces.

- Radios now passively broadcast to the entire room.
Any prisoners in a room with a radio are slightly less bored, so get a small reduction to their Recreation needs.

- New item: Arcade Cabinet
Two inmates can play games on an arcade cabinet at the same time

- New Contraband menu option: 'Stolen From'
Shows the location each item of contraband was stolen from, rather than where it was ultimately recovered
Shows 7 days of contraband history.
This is very handy for finding which of your rooms is lacking security
Also easily reveals where contraband is being thrown into your prison.

- New Regime options
Added a 'Work/Lockup' regime type. Treats prisoners who aren't working as being on a Lockup regime instead of free time.
The standard Work regime has been renamed to 'Work/Freetime'

- Dead entities now have their cause of death displayed in their tooltip

- Prisoners without jail cells now show the reason why in their tooltip

- Family cells that are in their own block, separate from other prisoner housing, will form a single sector

- The 'Names in the Game' database can now be manually updated from the Extras | Name in Game menu.

- Updates to all translations to bring all languages up to v2.0.

- Fixed: A gang would never receive a new leader, if its previous leader was killed and left the map.
- Fix for Intake System to ensure that the correct number of prisoners are taken
- 0010443: [AI & Behaviour] Family cells do not form a continuous cell block
- 0010559: [Mod System] Changing WorldCell "Ind" property always sets to false
- 0009556: [Mod System] Lua: Triggered property sometimes a string, sometimes a number, sometimes boolean
- 0003033: [Save & Load] Steam Workshop Update not possible
- 0009729: [Mod System] Sprites.png: 1024x1024 size not working
- 0010882: [Mod System] Sprite.png size limitations cause compatibility issues with mods
- 0010290: [Mod System] Sprite Limits
- 0009618: [Mod System] sprites.png: current approach necessary but not sufficient

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April 29

Update 6 released - and brand new games from us

Prison Architect Update 6 has been released! And we have brand new game prototypes to show you.

Introducing 'Scanner Sombre' and 'Wrong Wire'

Skip forward to 22 minutes into the video, to see us demonstrate two of our (potentially) upcoming games. These are prototypes we have been developing in secret until now, and will form the basis of whatever comes next after Prison Architect. Please keep in mind that whilst we intend to continue supporting Prison Architect with updates for a very long time, we also intend to make new games, just as we have always done.

We are interested in your thoughts on the new games. Please go here to vote on your favourite:


= Seasons and Weather
- The game will now move through the seasons, with the outdoor temperature varying based on the time of year.
- Various weather patterns can occur during the game, varying based on the current season.
- Overcast
- Rain
- Torrential rain (Special event, rare)
- Snow and frost
- Heatwave (special event, rare)

- Prisoners needs will be affected by the weather when they are outdoors. Getting rained on will spike their
comfort, clothing and warmth needs.

- Prisoners left outside in extremely cold conditions (for example in an outdoor solitary confinement cage)
can now die of exposure.

- Weather is DISABLED by default in all prisons, and can be enabled when creating a new map.
Alternatively, use the new "Map Settings" screen in the Extras menu.

= Map Settings
You can now adjust the settings of your prison from a new screen called "Map Settings", found in the Extras menu.
This screen lets you enable certain options that may not have been enabled (or even available) when you first created the map.
Nb. You can enable these options, but you cannot disable them once enabled.

Available options:
- Enable Gangs
- Enable Events
- Enable Weather

= Job Prioritisation
- You can now mark any job as a high priority. Simple hold control and either
left click or left drag a selection to mark jobs. Available workers (who aren't
already on a high priority job) will stop what they are doing and be assigned
to the high priority job.

- If no workers are available, high priority jobs will take precedence when the
workers become available. A small icon in the lower right of a visible job shows
if it is marked as a high priority job.

- You can remove the high priority marking on jobs by holding control and either
right clicking or dragging a selection.

- Hovering over an in progress job will now highlight the entity working on it,
showing a red line leading to the worker responsible for the job.

- Pressing F while highlighting an in progress job will cause the camera to follow
the working entity and keep the highlight active.

= Performance Work (continued)
Further performance gains were made this month through several different approaches to optimisation.

- More systems moved to overlap with Render().
- Optimisations to the visible object list builder.
- Singly linked lists mostly replaced with arrays (FastList).
- Avoid copying of containers where possible.
- NeedSystem optimised.

= Bug Fixes
Temperature and lightmap system corruption bug fixed.

- 0010618: [Gameplay] Temperature next to fire is in the negatives
- 0010625: [Gameplay] Temperature drops instantly even in areas that should be producing heat

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“Prison Architect chills me to the bone. If played haphazardly it can be a wonderful farce rich with hilarious anecdotes, but played patiently and carefully it’s a horror game, a top-down voyage into the heart of darkness, an eternal raging fire I forever try but can only fail to douse.” RPS

"Prison Architect, to be sure, is an excellent game, worthy of comparison to its canonical inspirations, Dwarf Fortress and Bullfrog Productions’ 1990 construct-and-manage simulations. Few games can hope to match Prison Architect’s emergent storytelling, and fewer still can balance brutality and poignancy like it does." KILLSCREEN

About This Game

Build and Manage A Maximum Security Prison.

Build and manage a Maximum Security Prison. As the sun casts it’s early morning rays on a beautiful patch of countryside the clock starts ticking. You’ve got to crack on and build a holding cell to detain the job­ lot of maximum security prisoners that are trundling to your future prison on their yellow bus. As your workmen lay the last brick you don’t have a moment to let them rest as they need to get started on the first proper cell block so you can make room for the next prisoner intake. Once they’ve all got a place to lay their weary heads the fun can really start.

You’ll need a canteen, infirmary and a guard room, oh, and don’t forget to plumb in a toilet, or things will get messy, but what about a workout area? Or solitary confinement cells? Or an execution chamber?

Inspired by Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress and Theme Hospital and with over 1 million players having spent time inside, Prison Architect is the world’s best lock-­em-­up.

Story Mode

Prison Architect opens with the story of Edward, a man facing the electric chair for committing a crime of passion. This is followed by four additional chapters focusing on different characters and aspects of prison life. From Mafia Dons to power-crazed senators, Prison Architect has them all! To bring these characters to life, Introversion teamed up with award winning professional writer Chris Hastings, producing an enthralling tale of corruption and human misery set against the background of the modern prison industrial complex.

Escape Mode

Finished your supermax? Got guard dogs roving every corridor and prisoners eating out of your hand? Now you can live the horror by firing up escape mode and play as a prisoner hell-bent on getting the hell out of dodge.

Dig a tunnel, go for the armoury or start a riot and slip out in the chaos, it’s entirely up to you! Figure out how to escape from your own creation, or hit the random button and load one of the 12,000 prisons created by the steam co

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:XP
    • Processor:Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space
    • Processor:2009 era Macbook Pro, Core2 Duo processor
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB HD space
Customer reviews
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Very Positive (978 reviews)
Very Positive (20,587 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 63.5 hrs on record )
Posted: July 30
Few games have this fantastic feeling of true freedom. It does such a great job of letting you make your own choices. No boring tuturials, annoying help boxes or anything in the way of you and the game. "Prison Architect" is purely just making a working prison and puting all the details into every part of it. Of course there are better ways of creating buildings (Planning, Saving Money, Etc.) The game lets YOU find it. The game wants you to mess up so that you can learn what you did wrong and how to improve upon it.

My first prison was a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, 26 cells, over 100 Inmates and 1 holding cell. Everything went south pretty fast but thats part of the game. If I had been told the correct way to run my own prison, I wouldn't have had the fun of learning the mechanics of the game on my own.

Never a dull moment, Just when you think everything is fine, a prisoner could just decide to go on a rampage. You can even be suprised by some of the messed up stuff these guys pull. Every prisoner has their own needs and personality traits. There is no "one soulution" for all, Much like a real life prison.

If you were looking for an interesting management simulator that will never let you down and keeps you on your toes, You've come to the right place.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
A. Smith
( 73.4 hrs on record )
Posted: July 30
This is an amazing game for so many reasons.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Jonas Brix
( 11.9 hrs on record )
Posted: July 30
It is goood
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Grande Orso
( 265.8 hrs on record )
Posted: July 30
A must have for any "tycoon" games fan, Prison Architect will keep you coming back for more long after you've mastered all of its mechanics. The game is a true testament of the gems that Early Access can provide, and how much entertainment a small studio title can bring to the table!
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 7.4 hrs on record )
Posted: July 30
Its pretty good, not 30 dollars though. wait for a sale. 15 is worth it if you enjoy tycoon style games, and 10 or under, buy it even if you aren't sure.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 510.8 hrs on record )
Posted: July 30
Okay, I first time bought this game when it was in early access alpha 10. Boy, while it was buggy and laggy, I enjoyed every moment the alpha 10 provided and the next alphas as well. Some alphas had major bug fixing, some adding contents and a lot more. I edited a lot pages in the wikia of Prison Architect (The legal ones, aka, dev ones) and so on.

Now it got released. Is it really worth to buy this game? Absolutely YES! Are you the type of city building, money management, staff management, resource management, time management? Then this is your game.

At first you can do tutorial by doing missions. But the truth is, the tutorials do not really help you understand how the game works so you are forced to either watch some youtube videos or just check the wikias.

No problem! The major positive here is, the sandbox.

Unlike most other games which their sandbox often end because we filled out everything we had. For example, a survival horror with resources, if we got all resources, weapons to win our enemies, then we have nothing else to do because we got unlimited days to survive, etcetera.

So yeah, the sandbox is kinda limited, ESPECIALLY if you play it without money cheats or with challenges (Gangs, events temperature) and what not. If you got gangs ticked (Means they will make an appearance) it will add a challenge to the game and so on. On the other hand, you got a few guard types, one is a normal guard, one guard dog, one armed guard and so on and each of them got different roles and responsibilities! You can also hire cooks, janitors, gardeners and so on.

What you have to be really careful is, prisoners. They humans and express their needs by anger, arguing, fighting or worse, rioting. Riots is the worse challenge because if the prison is taken and hasnt been stopped for long time, the government will send military to take it over, thus marking it as game over (Unless FAILURE CONDITIONS are disabled).

Now, prisoners can eat, relax, sleep, work or attend to reform programs. That's good. On the bad, they will fight, be in a gang, escape from the prison, attack prison staff or other inmates.

You can build the prison YOU would like. You can make small cells, large cells, small canteen, huge yard and a lot more. NO limitations, you decide what you want! There are a lot rooms, a lot buildings to build, a lot staff to hire, a lot objects to place for a use, everything is everything, the sandbox simply never ends itself. You can even have more than 1000+ prisoners and the sandbox wont end, more challenges will come and more hard stuff.

There is escape mode too where you play as prisoner and escape from a prison, yours or someones. You can hire gangs, use tools to escape and so on but is too simple but fun.

And last pros, there is 3D mode which is very laggy and underdeveloped at the moment. You can download ANY mod you want from workshop!

On cons, the game has some very minor bugs which can be hardly noticeable unless you try hard. The lag is depending of your computer's processor, it has nothing to do with graphics card at most times.

This game is the best prison game I have ever played, better than Prison Tycoon. No other words, just no other words! I vote it...

8.5/10. Personally, I am recommending this game to ANYONE and especially to those who live kind management games which has endless sandbox mode and more good features. I dislike however, some bugs gone unnoticed and some lack features which in-real life prisons have such as multi-floor story, hostage situations and some.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
pancake 29
( 13.6 hrs on record )
Posted: July 29
Product received for free
This game is not just one of the funist games I have played but also one of the most funny one this is one of the only games that I can play for hours, From the sandbox mode to campaign all of it is fun to play. I know that this one game I will be playing on my youtube Channel (pancake 29). All thougher tthe game i amazinng funny even know it has and will have bugs.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 1.9 hrs on record )
Posted: July 29
Literally the only thing to complain about with this game is that the Foreman (of which you can only buy one) teaches the Workshop classes. Workers or multiple Foremen would be a nice change.

**NOTE: I realize it says I only have two hours logged but actually I've binge played this game offline nonstop since I bought it last month.**
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 6.8 hrs on record )
Posted: July 29
This game is one of the few that scratched my sudden desire for a building game. Tried Sims, enjoyed it but gets a bit repetetive.

In Prison architect there is something to do all the time, be it expanding/improving your prison, researching new things, supplying your prisoners needs or doing the opposite and keeping them in a constant state of agitation, the thing keeping the peace being your guards, gunmen and snipers.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 13.2 hrs on record )
Posted: July 29
Fun game, maybe a little too expensive.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
43 of 46 people (93%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
44.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 4
" Inspired by Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress and Theme Hospital and with over 1 million players having spent time inside, Prison Architect is the world’s best lock-­em-­up. "

Prison Architect is a sandbox game where you're building and managing your own Maximum Security Prison. That's the whole point of the game, actually.


  • Build your own Prison - Is it gonna be male, female specific? Strict Punishing or completely peaceful prison? Up to you!

  • Endless Replayability - Get creative! With lots of features implemented in that game, you can create hundreds of different prisons. No matter how ridiculous they look!

  • Story Mode - A Huge in-game tutorial where you meet yourself with various objectives. From building the rooms, to choking the riots. You will be facing with the emotional cutscenes at some time, too.

  • Simulation - Your prisoners can be either happy, supressed, addictive (to common additions), or even suicidal depending on your Policy, Regime and many other actions.

  • Escape Mode - An intense gamemode if the prison meets the criterias of High Security. Have you got what it takes to escape your own prison?

  • Workshop - Try out other player's creations. Not just prisons, by the way!

  • Name In Game [DLC] - With additional content, you could, for example, add your family members, friends, or even your enemies in your prison,


  • Lots of Minor, yet noticable Bugs - During it's 2 year Early Access, the Prison Architect was in unstable shape. Even out of the beta state, the game still has some major bugs to fix.

  • The Collectibles - It's not a major thing, but the game features the collection of Polaroids and Bible Pages that are somewhat rare thing to find. It can become stressful for Collectors to find every single rare piece of Bible Page.

I, honestly, never thought that I would find this sandbox game that entertaining.
Recommending this game to anyone! Even with low creativity.
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33 of 34 people (97%) found this review helpful
53 people found this review funny
13.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 6
When I first started playing I only did sandbox. I had no idea you could adjust when you wanted your prisoners to start arriving so they all automaticly came on the second day, so the game went like this.

-The prisoners have arrived: QUICK BUILD SOME CELLS
-The prisoners need food: HURRY BUILD A CANTEEN
-The prisoners are escaping; HIRE SOME GUARDS!!!

It took me 20 tries before I learned you were meant to build a prison then add prisoners.

That made the game slightly more easy.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
20 of 23 people (87%) found this review helpful
8 people found this review funny
16.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 12
what a game!! well this game in a 3d model ... jesus christ my dream, nice gameplay, have a few bugs but in overall is just amazing
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
20 of 24 people (83%) found this review helpful
31 people found this review funny
36.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 3
I accidentally clicked "FreeFire" and now all that is left is ashes.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
20 of 24 people (83%) found this review helpful
19 people found this review funny
46.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 3
I bought this game blind hoping to find a sim game where I can shut off my brain and maybe torture some inmates for ♥♥♥♥ and giggles.
No, you had to put in a storyline. You had to make the inmates have their own stories and life and I just wanted to see them get out a reformed man.


Good game, I imprisoned myself just by buying this.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
10 of 11 people (91%) found this review helpful
14 people found this review funny
33.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 20
I had to keep Activision's and EA's CEOs along with Gabe in protective custody because all other prisoners wanted to ♥♥♥♥ and kill them but a good game Though
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
10 of 11 people (91%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
26.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 28
Teal Deer
  • Developers: Introversion Software
  • Publishers: Introversion Software
  • Initial release: Oct 2015
  • Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Management, Builder
  • #Worth/NotWorth: #TotallyWorth
Exposition, Concurrence and Summation
Prison Architect is a planning, building and management simulator.

The main draw of this game is the sandbox mode though there is a short, interesting and well done campaign that more or less serves as a tutorial. Though the nitty gritty is not that well explained in all honesty. I should mention there has been an announcement of a version 2.0 with vast improvements roughly a month out regarding this and many other issues.

In sandbox mode, you're charged with building a prison and making sure it stays operating swimmingly throughout its existence. You'll prevent escapes and cater to state grants in order to receive funding.

Events, such as fires and riots take place and measures need to be taken to mitigate exposures to such things. You'll schedule the day for the prisoners and draft work/reform programs and work on security as prisoners use exploits to bring in contraband, either from workshops or familial or conjugal visits. What's interesting about this is the game is very loose and because it doesn't prevent you from or discourage any behavior you'll discover why something is totally broken or some aspect you've looked over that is causing greats strife within the prison.

You'll hire workers, doctors, accountants and handymen; Psychologists and security guards. When you start your prison, you'll be given the options between male/female prisons and the warden themselves as well as any specific challenges such as having to deal with things like weather and temperature within the prison. Each warden gives specific perks; Such as mitigating the amount of violent prisoners being brought into the prison.

There are many systems to build; Such as providing electricity and water. Rooms must be given an assignment, from the canteen to the shower room. Shout out to that feeling when you build a really nice starter prison and forget to install drains and water goes everywhere. Once you get the basics down. You'll be able to build the requirements for a maximum security prison which are much more intense and robust. From the riot team armory with guard dogs and CCTV monitors; You'll need to hire guards to watch the cameras that you installed. You'll need to even wire those cameras, which may seem daunting at first as it's a separate system than the electricity but that's what makes the game so interesting is the allowance afforded to what you can do. The game almost encourages chaos as a learning mechanic.

The game also has steam workshop and mod support. Including more popular things like the gangs mod which has obvious connotations.

Really great building and management sim and the devs continue to add more and more content. With the version 2.0 announcement, this is a package for anyone that pines for the days old Bullfrog management games you shouldn't miss.

Follow my curation for more
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 7
Great Game
but hard to learn the controls
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
8 of 10 people (80%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
72.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 11
I played lots of indie games but this one is the best.
This game endless,all you need is creativity.
Game also has workshop which has tons of mods.
And yes you have purpose like being warden,collecting photos,saving money,getting bigger,protecting your staff,obeying government's rules and bla bla a lot of things like that.
This game gives you free,chill game when you have to wait your friend or listening music middle of night open this play ½ or 1 hour save and close.This game won't end because concept is endless but most important is developers are keeping game updated so that doesn't feel you threw your money away don't wait buy this game and support developers...

!!! 9/10 !!!
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
23.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 30
Prison Architect is something of a tycoon game that requires the player to build and manage their own security facility.

The player is focused on creating a healthy environment for both prisoners and staff. Hiring management staff unlocks new programs through the bureaucracy menu that promote business, health, and security inside your facility. I would compare this game to something like Zoo Tycoon where you're essentially caring for profitable pets.

The true beauty of this game, in my opinion, is the vast amount of options and room for creativity. Build a supermax hellhole or build a Scandanavian resort prison. Punish your prisoners relentlessly or spoil them like children. Crowd them into packed cells or build them modular apartments. On and on and on.

Included in the game is "Escape Mode." In Escape Mode, players take the role of single inmates and must work toward gaining a reputation by starting fights or destroying equipment to recruit team members. Steal tools and supplies to help you escape. Hatch elaborate plans with your recruits and make a break for it.

The Workshop content means the game never ends. Escape from your friends' prisons or take on a challenge from the community. Workshop is also endlessly great for use in management mode.

Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny