Combining action and strategy in a unique way, Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves transports you into an epic folktale co-written with best-selling Canadian author Bryan Perro (Amos Daragon, Wariwulf), in which two feuding brothers will have to put aside their differences to save their sister, who is pursued by the Devil himself!
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Release Date: Apr 5, 2013

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"An unpopular theme handled in a relentless and unforgiving manner, a wild game slotted in amongst the polite, the ingratiating, the over-produced."
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"Sang-froid: Tales of Werewolves is one of my favorite recent indicators that strategy gaming is alive [...] Games this good don't come around often enough"
5 Stars out of 5Quarter to Three

" exhilaration I can't remember feeling in that many other games."
9/10 - Eurogamer

"A beautiful and creative indie gem."
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About This Game

Combining action and strategy in a unique way, Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves transports you into an epic folktale co-written with best-selling Canadian author Bryan Perro (Amos Daragon, Wariwulf), in which two feuding brothers will have to put aside their differences to save their sister, who is pursued by the Devil himself!

This time however, sheer brute strength won't be enough to save the day as your enemies are way stronger than you are. Only your wits and the ability to combine ingenious traps to setup deadly ambushes will give you a chance to see the sun rise again on your frozen piece of forest...

Key Features

  • Plan your strategy! – Take advantage of the calm during the day to fill your forest with all kinds of traps that are as inventive as they are deadly.
  • Hunt your enemies! – When night falls, use the wind and lure the diabolic beasts into your traps using bait... But watch out! You have to be on constant guard to make sure you don't become the prey of the beasts you are tracking!
  • Fight heroically! – If some of the beasts get past your traps, that's when it gets bloody! First you can shoot them with your trusty musket and then eliminate the ones that survive by slaughtering them with your axe! Action and carnage guaranteed!
  • Use fear to your advantage! – All the mechanics of the game revolve around the innovative concept of Fear Factor, which makes your ability to intimidate your enemy your best weapon. For example, use fire to frighten the wolves and scatter their packs.
  • Customize your character! – Choose one of the two O'Carroll brothers and develop your character using a skill system based on role-playing games (RPGs), making your hero as unique as he is powerful!
  • Discover a rich universe! – Immerse yourself in 19th century Canada where legends meet History in a world filled with lore and wonders. Buy historical weapons and items, fight mythical beasts and uncover the truth about werewolves...

System Requirements

    • OS:Windows XP, Vista or 7
    • Processor:dual-core
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:nVidia GeForce 9 series or better or ATI HD4000 series or better.
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
    • Additional:This game requires a monitor that supports a 1280X720 @ 60hrz (32 bits) resolution.
    • OS:Windows XP, Vista or 7
    • Processor:Intel Core i5 or better or AMD equivalent
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:nVidia GeForce 9 series or better or ATI HD4000 series or better.
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:4 GB HD space
    • Additional:This game requires a monitor that supports a 1280X720 @ 60hrz (32 bits) resolution.
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Posted: November 6, 2014
Overall rating:
Highly recommended. Among the best games that I have ever played. Must play!
"Atmospherically brilliant. Sometimes brutally unforgiving."

About the game (minimal spoilers):
You play as either 'Jos' or 'Jacky': Two brothers, fighting to survive the night at their father's old wooden hut on the outskirts of a tiny snow-covered Canadian town. They are drawn together following the unexplained and sudden illness of their sister. She is far too unwell to be moved, and a broken bridge blocks safe travel to medical help and supplies. However, this soon becomes the least of your worries as strange packs of wolves begin appearing every night. You must face the reality that you and a handful of simple traps are all that stand between your sister and the evil that comes every time the moon rises. Plan well, fight bravely, and aim true, as the threat grows with every passing night...

Will you survive the night, or will you be ripped apart by tooth and claw and malice?

Helpful hints:
  • DON'T save up all your gold.
  • Buy the double barreled musket; buy the ~3.5g axe.
  • Holy weapon bless your melee weapon asap!
  • Save your fiery hits for engaging enemies with a higher fear factor than yours, then keep smacking them while they are still getting up.
  • Don't put points into ranged skills. Avoid ranged, it's crap.
  • Stay away from walls when attacking.

  • (P.s. Using healing potions ruins the challenge.
    Jacky (big guy) is way too easy)

    Pro's and con's: [/u]
    -- Pro's:

    • The setting was so, so enjoyable. This includes the main map layout and design, and the geographical setting as well.
    • The story is great, breaking away slightly from the norm.
    • Loved the survival element. No save-loading!! You either had what it took to live or you got ripped apart.
    • Steep learning curb.
    • Great selection of traps. Each had their own unique function.
    • The melee combat style was difficult but rewarding. You had to learn when to hit, when to dodge, when to use your enraged hits. Don't think that just because you are swinging your axe you're not gonna get a claw to the face >:D

    • Thoroughly enjoyed the crunching of snow beneath your feet, and wolves holwing, and ravenous eating noises when consuming baits, and the whole forrest of evil creatures joining in a chorus of howling when you died. It was beautifully atmospheric, but never annoying.
    • The sound of children singing or people moving around, out of view, during cutscenes or when visiting the village was some nice production quality.

    • The tutorials were informative and effective.
    • The gradual availability of traps as you progressed through the game was useful in not overwhelming the player, and also avoided the use of instant-win tactics, such using mass Fire Walls to funnel enemies towards your swining axe from lvl 1.
    • Some of the voice actors were quite good. Particularly the Mayor, who, also played the voice of the Hermit, too.
    • [/list]

      -- Con's: In order of emphasis
      Almost a 10/10. Everything not mentioned was perfect!
      • Those f*****g walls!!!Avoid touching walls during combat, because it glitches the swing timer, making attacking enemies hit twice as fast.
      • Needs more weapon variants, and trinkets!!! Please, for the love of loot!
      • The MONEY!!! There is a steam achievement for having 15 gold saved up. By the end of the game I had 50gold!!! In 1858 50gold was a huge amount of money. If you play efficiently (for me efficiency is the driving force of my gameplay) you soon amass a ridiculous amount of gold.
      • There was NOTHING TO BUY by HALF-WAY through the game. The developers need to add some meaningful item upgrades so that players don't waste their time planning long and hard to efficiently fight the darkness.
      • Why?? are there so many empty slots in the vendors' inventories? That's just deceiving to players, whom think that they should save up.Either fill those up with new items, or REMOVE the empty slots.
      • Why?? Do the Mayor's House and the Church never become accessible? Please add more content.
      • The starting axe (with a holy blessing endowed upon it) will last you until about 16th December. (Keep in mind i was playing the NON-melee guy) That is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. You even get a FREE axe which is effective against all enemy resistance types on 20th December, I think so there's no point upgrading if you know what you're doing.
      • Ranged was completely unviable - too few weapon variants - targetting was slow - auto-aim hindered headshots - couldn't shoot enemies already beneath towers.
      • Melee too powerful, even as Jacques WITHOUT melee-oriented skills, and the level 1 axe.

      • There are a few 'invisible walls' on the map, which you eventually become familar with and learn to avioid, but which cause a lot of frustration when you get stuck. Eg trying to run over a small mound or between trees.
      • Cannot snipe from an overhead path - can only shoot enemies while they are on the same path as you.
      • Few minor bugs, such as the Spike Trap (which requires 3 enemies standing on it in order to trigger) only hitting 2 enemies.
      • That f******g spike trap!! Got me so many times as I ran hordes of enemies over it, DESPITE me being an easy 5 metres outside of it's boundary. Please fix this bug.
      • Every now and then an enemy will drop aggro while you are running away (despite his friends keeping aggro).
      • Sometimes the Will-O-the-Wisps will appear on the other side of the map if you move from where they were when they went underground.
      • Occassionally, an enemy will hit you while they are still on the ground.
      • Jacques (the trap-oriented guy) is usually forced to rely too heavily on melee in order to be money-efficient.
      • Felt that the traps weren't really as useful or permanent as they could have been. For example, the spike trap (pretty expensive really) might have remained after being initially triggered, doing a further 10 damage to the first two enemies to run over it. Maybe an option to reset wolf trap. (I chose Trap Guy, but prefered melee due to traps being less viable).
      • There are some common fantasy themes of good vs evil, as well as some pretty standard tropes such as the helpless female, and the evil guy in power - ie. the Mayor . These are a little overdone, particularly the way the writers make it very obvious whether someone is 'good' or 'bad.' Also, everything is black-or-white in the sense that someone is either a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy.' The writers could have brought in some shades of grey by looking at the human element of the decisions they make ( beyond the ridiculous reasons for the priest doing what he did, which seemed unrealistic and nonsensical ). Yet, you can't ask for too much from an Indie title.
      • The character modelling was a little poor in places. Particularly Jacques.. and the Mayor's chin :P
      • The was this blurry white glow on the ground surrounding the player, which looked visually unpleasant.
      • The blanket over Josephine would always jerk suddenly a few inches over her body for a few seconds before her rising off the bed a few seconds afterwards. This was obviously an animation issue, to avoid showing her lower half, but it was low production quality and could have been a more fluid motion.
      • Needed a 'don't show me this message again' feature to initiating a game with unspent skill points, and when you're low on ammo. Clicking it gets really old when you are saving skill points up for reaching level 14.
      • Needed to have a 'save current twilight layout' option, so that if you had to stop playing you didn't have to redo your whole setup.
      • Needed a 'refund skill points' button. Even if one-use only, or costly.
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Posted: October 8, 2014
A very canadian game about two lumberjack brothers who must protect their fevered sister from hordes of wolves send by the devil.

And then things get weird...

This game could be called a "Strategic Trap Defense Game" in spite of "Orcs Must Die!", only much more slow-paced. The gameplay is split in two parts:

1. The Strategy part: This is where you place your traps on a strategic map of the in-game location and take preperations for the night to come. The map shows you what enemies will appear, where they appear and which route they take. There's a variety of different weapons, items and accessoires you can buy in the shops that will help you to survive and you can change your loadout as you like. There are, of course, limitations in form of Action Points and Money. Every trap costs a different amount of Money and AP and once you run out of one (or both), you have to get along with what you prepared. There's also a Skill-Tree. Each time you level up you gain a skill point which can be used to further advance your traps or abilities in combat.

2. The Combat part: Where you fight enemies in a sort-of hack and slash manner and see how well your traps work. Lure the enemies in your traps and kill or weaken them and finish 'em off in close-combat. Your weapons of choice here are a axe and a musket, which has tremendous reloading time so you should reload it whenever you can catch a breath (you can speed it up by mashing the RMB but it still takes time). Naturally not all enemies will be killed by traps, especially since every trap only works once a night and the latter chapters have much stronger and more enemies, so get ready for some unfriendly close encouters. However, the game is never unfair and you can pretty much deal with anything as long as you're well prepared.

The graphics are done in a well-mannered and eye-pleasing cartoony style way. The sound works prefectly (no glitches or anything) and fits the aesthetics and the music is catchy as hell, especially the title tune is really addicting.

There are, however, some technical shortcomings I have to point out:
1. You can't change the settings in-game. You have to go back to the main menu, basically ending your game, to get to the options menu, which is a really poor developer decision even for a indie-game.
2. This is mostly a personal problem: Performance-wise it runs really unstable as long as V-Sync isn't active. Heavy frame-rate drops made the game run like a slideshow for me. Worst part is this really messed up my controls, I literally had to mash the mouse buttons so my character wouldn't just stand there like an idiot and letting himself get killed. Only after I enabled V-Sync the game would run acceptable for me.
3. No Window-Mode, but thats no real issue for me. Just pointing out in case someone wants to know.

Apart from those few problems it's a real fun game and if you like games like "Orcs Must Die!" or are looking for a different kind of strategy game, this one might be for you.
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Posted: November 13, 2014
(warning my spelling and grammer sucks, read at your own risk)This game was an amazing experience, and well worth 15 dollars. I usually don't write reviews, and when i do, it means i was extremely satasfied. It has a nice plot, 2 brothers protecting their sister from an army sent by the devil, Fun! The story is really good. The mechanics are good, has its kinks but nothing bad enough to mention. This game proves to be a challange too, Every night you have to defend multible buildings from multible waves of enemies. I can not stress this out enough, YOU WILL NEVER BE OP, 80% of the enemies in this game are much MUCH stronger then you and can kick your ♥♥♥. To stay alive you need to play smart, never just rush into a fight, sure you could swing your axe blindly at the enemy, but it will only be good for about five swings, then you will be lucky to hit anything, and while you are sitting there trying to get your stamina back the horde of monsters will be beating up on you, unless of coarse your fear factor is high enough, but you will learn about all that in game. I will now put down the pros and cons

1. Great story line
2. Great soundtrack
3. Beutiful artwork
4. Forces you to come up with a top notch stradegy for each night
5. Its a breath of fresh air from the norm of todays stradegy and action games.
6. Some other stuff, its almost midnight as i type this im tired ;-;

1. Heavily influenced by christianity, im a christian and i enjoy this but i understand that there are gonna be some people who dont want to play a game dealing with a religion that they dont follow.
2. At times a few of the enemies will keep spamming their fastest attack and you will not be able to land a hit on them, but dont let that stop you, you can always shoot them right? :D
3. Also dealing in religion, if you are christian and you are easily bothered by anything dealing with the devil, you may want to avoid this game because the devil is a character that appears alot throughout the story. Though just keep in mind you are fighting an army of warewolfs and other beasts controlled by him :D

Hopefully this review is enough to convince some people to buy this game, if you do here is a word of warning, take your time when preparing for the nights because if your stradegy is off by just a tiny bit, everything could possibly go HORRIBLY WRONG, but you will have a chance to fix things while hell is breaking loose :D happy hunting everyone.
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Posted: December 9, 2014
Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves is an amazing little game that really forces you to use your brain; a great combination between a strategy (tower defense style) game and a role playing game. Would rate it at 8 out of 10.

- While it does have a linear path, it offers you with a lot of freedom on choosing the way you treat every quest (night), so it offers the possibility to replay it (dunno if really over and over again, but for sure for a few times)
- Nice story, music and graphics (although cartoonish) that all contribuite to a nice immersion within the game
- Offers both an easy and hard mode (plus any extra challenges you may set to yourself - like not use all action points or so), as well as optional strategy hints so it can fit a wide range of players (skillwise / smartwise)

- Rather limited content - is the kind of game you fall in love, play for a whole night or some solid hours during weekend and finish it; you can try to replay it a few more times, but ultimately is not the kind of game to keep you busy for months.

What I see this game great, even after you finished it and got bored of it, is as a distraction for guests (of any age) staying on your place for a few days and wanting to play something fun, but which doesn't requires a commitment / continuation. Could even see it as a group action where everyone colaborates with their thoughts on how to survive the night to come. :)
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Posted: December 4, 2014
I really love this game, its a mix of tower defense and action game.. its from Québec and its a really good game and I would recommend anytime.

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Posted: February 4
One of the most unique games I've played, and lots of fun. The traps are all thoughtfully designed, and none of them seem redundant. They must be used carefully and in concert with each other, and this makes planning your defense interesting, varied, and challenging. The atmosphere of the game is fantastic.
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Posted: January 13
This game is a gift to all gamers... It is a masterpiece. I believe its price and constant promos are evidence that you cannot price something so unique.

Tower defense. Action. Strategy and RPG. All in 1 game but masterfully intertwined.

You basicly gota defend your farm against werewolves and other creatures alike.
You have a planning phase where you can place a whole array of traps and interesting devices.
Before this phase you have an RPG phase where you can buy pots and better weps and armor. Why?
Because you have an action phase after the strategy part, where you get to hack n slash and shoot everything that does or doesnt get caught in the traps you've set.

Basicly if you wana go straight to action (action) you can spec and gear (rpg) and ignore the trap setting (strategy) part.

Seriously the gameplay is really fun. The difficulty progression is really well made and the story is quite entertaining aswell.

I just cant wait for a sequel and i definetly recommend this work of art to anyone anyone that enjoys a good game. May it be action or rpg or strategy. this game has it all in a amazingly crafted mechanic and wrapped in a beautiful story and graphics.

PS the music is as unique as the whole concept of the game and fits really well.
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Posted: January 28
Sang-Froid Tales of Werewolves is a game that is tough but fair. Artifice Studio did a great job of makeing a game that challenges, but never to the point where I wanted to give up. Each defeat filled me with the desire to rush back to the planning mode to ajust my strategy. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The Game takes place near a small town in the Candian wilderness in The late 1800's, and features an enjoyable Traditional Candian Folk sountrack. This combinded with details like diffrent Alcoholic beverages that each have a blurb describing their historic usage, and provides buffs in battle, the two main charicters being lumberjacks, and the small town that you vist to purchase supplies work in concert to create the feeling that you are playing through a genuine Canadian Folk tale. This is only slightly hamperd by the sub par voice acting, (my biggest gripe with the game) and the somewhat outlandish traps that you gain access to later in the game.

Gameplay consistes of two main segments. The first is a planning mode which allows you to spend your money and time units to purchase goods at the afformenioned town, and build traps to help fend off wolves. The second involves fighting the wolves useing the traps you have set up in the first mode along with your musket and axe. The former is where the real meat of the game is, as planning ways to deal with the hoards of wolves with your traps is imperative to surviving the night. It is also where the game really shines, all of the traps and items are useful and fun to use, and the game requires you to be clever with their placement. On top of this the devlopers also did a great job of easing the player into the game by slowly increasing the size of the map, adding aditional objectives to defend, and giveing you access to more traps.

Overall I genuinely enjoyed my expericence with Sang-Froid Tales of Werewolves and recomend it higly if you are a fan of stratagy games.
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Posted: September 30, 2014
Simply put, the most well concealed and shiniest (or 'gemmy', if you will) of hidden gems. Some may criticize the voice acting and writing, but I didn't think it was that bad. As a Canadian, I think they successfully emulated the sort of accent you'd hear when you're far from the cities. It can be comical at times I won't deny that, but I honestly believe the comedy is intentional in those cases.

It says I only have a few minutes played at the moment, but I have beaten this game several times with both brothers, only it was not on my account.

The gameplay is an interesting blend of strategic planning and real-time execution. Also, one of my favourite soundtracks of all time. Seriously, it's that good. You can find the tracks themselves in the game files.

I just friggin' love this game.
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Posted: March 24
Overall, a decent game about Canada.

I've never been to the country up North and I'm on a budget. So I decided that instead of going there in-person I'd do the next best thing: play Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves.

Canadian technology is way below that of the rest of the world. They still use muskets and Native American blessings. Preachers regularly make deals with Satan there in order to have sex with young women.

Chances are you already knew this, but did you know that Canada is terrorized by werewolves?

Sang-Froid gives you a third-person view of Canadian life. Basically what you do there is prepare for the werewolf onslaught, and fight them when it's dark out. Shops and housing in Canada lack electricity and are still mostly wood; and each town has a blacksmith. I want to say the Canadians have a simple way of life, but this would be false. When your local preacher makes another faustian deal, and your sister appears posessed, and you have to fight werewolves all night, well, there's nothing simple about it. Canada is a hard life, like Afghanistan or Syria.

Overall this is the best virtual tour of that country, with the depiction from South Park: The Stick of Truth coming in second. It is a good game, but not a great one. Fighting werewolves feels quotidian quickly. And especially for we Americans the Canadian experience might just feel frustrating, given that in our country we can get WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better guns than that 19th-century stuff. And I know I may sound unfair when I say this, but it's a HUGE disappointment to see that the Canadians are still using the same weapons with which they fought us during The War of 1812. Canada is an ally and if there were ever a major war, and we needed them in the fight, then we'd have to supply them with weapons. In the long run it would cost far less money (and save so many Canadian lives, both from foriegn enemies and werewolf ones) if they modernized their arms now.

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Posted: November 2, 2014
if you want fun strategic game with great music and also story to tell - buy it - it is wort of that money and time

so go and get some werevolfs furs for your new coat :-)

and you can replay and try different ways to get thats beasts down
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Posted: January 18
The game has a great story to it, and most of all the game is not a bad game at all. recommended
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Posted: January 13
I just played few hours and finished few chapters in game but it's already interesting (9/10)
I have had a lot of fun with inventing and executing strategies against wolves, werewolves and others.

MUSIC (great intro music, nice in-game music)
easy controls
fight system
strategic system
economic solutions
enemies diversity
story line

...hard to find something - maybe no COOPERATIVE mode
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Posted: January 25
This game... Man i love this game! it has an interesting story, an entertaining planing mechanic, tense combat moments. At first i had my doubts since i'm not that good at planning, rts or tower defense, but this game managed to attract me enough with all it offers, it is so satisfying when you manage to survive almost purely with traps, and whe you fail, it is mostly because of a bad planning, the game is hard but fair and i can't recommend it enough, buy it already. P.S. if you are failing an assault, fight the most waves you can and get your defeat because each wave you manage to beat gives you experience to lvl up your skills, but if you restart you will get no experience at all.
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Posted: January 26
Really nice game, I found the difficulty level perfect for each character. I started with the Jos (normal) then played Jack after and went through the game smoothly, taking more time sometimes which forced me to use better strategies.

Very Fun! Not too hard at all like some said. However, a good tip would be to put one or two watch tower in advance when you have extra Action points. It's not wasted, you'll have to go from every building quickly at some point.

Music was also very nice, perfect for the game and the context. Really nice job! I really like the planning vs action part, well balanced! Buy it right away or don't miss it when on sale!
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Posted: January 9
Great Game
Combines Strategy, action, horror, and rpg elements into one crazy game.
A charming but somewhat dull story, the gameplay more then makes up for it.
Several cutscenes are shown in a semi-animated hand drawn way, adding to the feel of the game.
Planning and strategy exactly as required as skill, with trial and error, difficulty, and the feeling of acomplishment on level with Dark Souls
Clunky around the edges, as many indie games are.
Gameplay makes up for most faults
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Posted: January 19
One of the better games I have ever played in a long, long time.

Set in the 1800's, you play as either Jack or Jos, two brothers trying to fight against Devil-possessed wolves and protect their sister.

Quite a fun game too, as you come up with different strategies, new weapons and traps, and more.

I have to admit, when I first saw this game, I didn't think much about it. When I downloaded the demo, it was a whole different story. I was immersed in the setting and storyplot, and I loved the game so much that I went and bought it. I'm extremely happy to have it, as it was and still is one of the best games I have ever played.
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Posted: February 2
Very fun game. I get nostalgic about Oregon Trail every time I visit the town.
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Posted: February 22
If you like tower defense games and puzzles this one will definitely please you

Good puzzles.
Very interesting game.
Fun to plan your defenses during the days, and see how your strategy works at nights.

The plot is also good and most of the characters are nice.

The only thing that actually bothered me was the animation durning the cut scenes, I guess, becouse the characters are to limited, the animation itself gets awkward during these events.

I'd like to see more of this in the future for sure

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Posted: February 27
New songs for Tome 2???
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