Venice was at the peak of its power during the Renaissance and was viewed as a city of decadence, beauty and intrigue. Renowned as the linchpin of civilization and the cultural centre of Europe, Venice was the most important trading post between Western Europe and the eastern stretch of the Mediterranean Sea.
User reviews:
Mixed (243 reviews) - 54% of the 243 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Sep 27, 2013

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“Players who engage in get a wonderful and in depth game that will occupy you for months. Ranking up, making money from trade, the detailed 3D-graphics – all that simply motivates to play on.”
83% – PC Games

“If you’ve never tried Port Royale or Patrician, but are looking to explore a truly engaging “period piece” that will provide hours of entertainment, take Rise of Venice for a spin.”
94 – GamingTrend

“Rise of Venice is a bit like a new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s. It is new, exciting and heartwarmingly familiar to anyone who has tasted the other flavors before.”
83 – Hooked Gamers

About This Game

Venice was at the peak of its power during the Renaissance and was viewed as a city of decadence, beauty and intrigue. Renowned as the linchpin of civilization and the cultural centre of Europe, Venice was the most important trading post between Western Europe and the eastern stretch of the Mediterranean Sea. It was also the stage for political corruptions and clandestine dealings.

This is where your story begins. As a young man striving for success, power and wealth and with the support of your family, you begin to build up a trading empire across Genua, Tripoli, Rome, Alexandria and Constantinople in addition to many other significant cities from the Renaissance. As you progress through the ranks of Venetian society, increasing your power with smart trading moves and calling in the occasional favour you can begin to assemble your own fleet. With this you will start to build up new production facilities, test yourself in challenging sea battles where you will face off against pirates as well as political enemies to finally become the Doge of Venice.

Key Features:

  • Experience a compelling story full of intrigue and treason in Venice at the time of the Renaissance
  • Trade a variety of goods in the most important cities of the time such as Rome, Alexandria, Constantinople or Athens.
  • With your own family tree you can interact with your family members, send them on missions and watch how the power of your family grows over time.
  • Meet other important families who are pulling the strings in Venice’s government and influence political decisions yourself.
  • Build your own production facilities and trading fleets
  • Take fate into your own hands and test your skills in furious sea battles
  • Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players via LAN and Internet

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo-Prozessor or similar
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible, 512MB
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
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204 of 246 people (83%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
12.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
Don't even bother if you have Patrician and/or Port Royale. Yes graphics are better than those but that doesn't matter when you are not even looking. This is a "trade simulation", not an rts, fps or something like that which requires any graphics after all. A few cities (excluding dlc, because i don't have it), a few items to trade the game becomes nothing of a challenge after 3 hours or so.

Price is damn too high also. I pre-ordered it for 40$ which i can easily say that it was the worst gaming decision i have ever made in my 18-19+ years of gaming. Maximum amount i would pay to this game after knowing what it really is is about 10$ and it is a "maybe".

BUT if you don't have Patrician or Port Royale (Patrician 4 was better for trade i think) and have the money or this game is on sale, go for it. It is quite okay. But don't expect you will play it 2-3 hours a day for months or you will go back to it after 3-4 months. You play it for a few days, a few hours a day and game manages to bore the ♥♥♥♥ out of you.
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91 of 111 people (82%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
47.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 25, 2014
I'm a big fan of the Kalypso titles. I played most of the economics titles with the exception of tropico which i will try someday. As for Port royale and Patrician , RoV follow the logic of the economy of Kalypso titles with enough difference to have its own title, you don't place building or expand your city size like Patrician or Port Royale. Everything takes place in the wolrd map , which is not a bad things as it saves tons of loading screens. RoV requires you not to play in '' God mode '' meaning if you scale back too much the map you will miss everything froms teachers to black market or chests floating around. With the DLC the map get a decent size, still much smaller than Port Royale but bigger than a Patrican map. In short if the others titles i mentioned pleased you in the past, RoV is for you. HOWEVER, and i must warn you all, there is a massive crash bug regarding Nvidia cards which as of July 25 2014 is not yet solver at all. Yes friends almost a year out and there is still a major crash bug unresolved with no news as of we are working on it.... If you are the kind of people getting angry at stupids bugs AVOID this game at all cost. The only thing that keep me going is my addiction to the capitalism system Kalypso titles gives us. Because of this i will not recommend this game to anyone. A TDR bug with one of the most popular 3d cards of the decade means a broken game that should not have been released.
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87 of 112 people (78%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
9.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 1, 2013
This game is a useless copy of port royal 3. As PR3 was a failed game, kalipso labs decided to make exactly the same game but in a different geography. Detailed cities have disappeared, leaving us a full detailed map where options are really simple. Families and political issues have been improved slightly but economy is now stupid. The same price is shared by many articles so a kg of fruit costs the same as a kg of oil.
No complexity appears now in this game where changing the Caribbean to the Mediterranean seem to be the most impressive game. Even comodities icons are the same.
No changes, no innovation, less complexity, less detailed cities, useless combat controls, and higher prices (God save steam sales) is whats i would highlight from these cheap copy of port royal.
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55 of 65 people (85%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
54.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 22, 2014
Fired it back up after a year after being disappointed with all the game crashes - hoping that it would somehow be fixed. Well... nothing's changed really. I would strongly, strongly discourage anyone from getting this game if you're on a Nvidia card. Read the forums and you'll find hordes of angry buyers looking for refunds for a title that simply doesn't run for more than 30 mins. Developers are blaming hardware, gamers are up in disbelief (you know this routine).

If you're still keen on a title that emulates trading simulation (KOEI - Uncharted waters styled). This is it, Just don't expect too much
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34 of 36 people (94%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
151.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 11
Once again, I'm left wanting a "meh" button instead of a thumbs up or down...

This isn't so much a bad game as it is the complete stagnation of two different good series. As someone who loved Patrician III, I can say that this game basically just copy-pastes most of the good ideas from that game, dumbed some of them down or made you arbitrarily incapable of trading trading certain goods until you unlocked them, and went piddling on ahead with them.

Like Patrician, you basically just get a boat to buy low and sell high repeatedly until you can afford to buy more boats or build a business that lets you make things directly for less price than buying them, then turning around and selling them for even more money you can use to buy more stuff to make MORE money... This system is dumbed down compared to Patrician, with less interconnected supply lines and with prices much more strictly tied to an "average" price to the point where you don't need to do anything but look for whether something has two or more green bars before you buy it and only sell when it has no green bars.

To this, it adds Port Royale mechanics that make no sense in a game supposedly about the RISE of Venice. Venice rose in the 9th Century, due to its heavy trading with the Byzantine Empire, but the game starts during the period of the fall of Venice after Constantinople was conquered. Why focus a game on the "rise of Venice" on a period where they were actually declining?

Because that's when cannons were brought to Europe, and Kalypso didn't want to have to rethink their pirate combat system to work with ballistas...

Additionally, enjoy such traditional Venetian activities as collecting pirate maps to search for buried treasure that totally aren't just ripped straight out of their pirate-themed Port Royale.

Combat is poor, but this is pretty par for the course for naval combat. There is almost no strategy in a battle with few units on a featureless plane and only a few attacks to choose from. Add to this, however, that any ship you aren't manually controlling (one at a time) will flagrantly disobey your wishes, and charge headlong at the wrong enemy (no control on who it attacks) even when you want them to retreat. Further, the fire arcs are TINY, (and slightly behind your ship, so you often have to be sailing slightly away from the enemy to hit them,) and the only way to steer is to right-click in the direction you want to go, but the only way to fire is to click on the enemy... and because of that tiny fire arc, you need to constantly babysit your angle relative to the enemy while also instantly clicking on the enemy the instant the firing ring turns green. Basically, there's no way to do it but to keep a button on the pause/slow down key, stop the game, fire, and then go back to steering whenever time is flowing. The only reason not to auto-resolve all of this, besides the fact that auto-resolve doesn't perform boarding, (for a bonus ship to sell if you capture instead of sink,) is that the AI is so blindingly stupid and trigger happy to fire at the instant something grazes along the edge of their fire arc that you can manual-fight enemies nearly twice your weight class.

The game also completely lacks even the stakes that even Patrician managed to have. You have "rivals" in Rise of Venice, but they don't rival you in any meaningful way. This isn't a 4X where territory they take is territory you are shut out of, the "rivals" are just other random ships with colored flags that trade and build things, occasionally getting to a good deal before you did. Since the Patrician-style mechanics where all developments help improve economic development and "rising tides lift all boats" are in play, however, the existence of your rivals actually helps you, instead of hurting you. When you can't afford to keep pumping money into expanding housing, the rivals occasionally will, and that just creates a larger market for your trading empire to profit off of. Likewise, this isn't even a race to be doge first, those other guys are just THERE. They hypothetically can sabotage you, but only do so if you drop relations with them, and that only happens if you sabotage them, first. They have no personality, and there's not even any clear reason WHY these three other random yahoos are your rivals rather than any other random trader. Well, no, it IS clear - because "rivals" are just slots for multiplayer players, so in singleplayer, the bots replacing rivals are there, but they have essentially no relevance to the game outside being somewhat more likely to build housing and industry.

Add to this lovely quest-breaking bugs, where you can complete a quest, but still fail it because the game doesn't recognize your success until time runs out, and you've got a very frustrating experience.

This is a game that should have taken tried-and-true mechanics into a new setting to make something new and interesting, but instead, it's just a Frankenstein's monster with no identity of its own since these pieces of existing games were cobbled together with no rhyme or reason. It CAN be fun, but it's fun because of what was done better in other games. The city building and trade route management was better in the now MUCH cheaper Patrician III. If you like the piracy and combat, you should be playing Port Royale, because your opportunities for piracy are severely limited.
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35 of 40 people (88%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
11.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 11, 2015
Well, this is simply the worst game in the honorable Patrician/Port Royale series. After being a long-time fan of the Hansa Tycoon series which were the Patrician games, I'd expect some flavour in a Venice-centered sim. Nothing but disappointment is what I found.

Pros: .Simple to play (if you like to play extremely simple games, it's a positive value)

Cons: .Economy ridiculously simple. Being a game of economic management, I see it as a major design flaw. Goods have the same standard prices all over the mediterranean; it doesn't matter where you buy them. The prices tend to stabilize as time goes by (and some occasional events like fires, etc). Offer and demand have little to do, other than on the very moment of buying/selling
. Naval combat is simplistic and absurd. Yeah, I know these are "arcade" battles, but there was no need to implement such an inefficient interface and commands. And OMG, those annoying voices during combat...

I'm sad to see where is gone such a promising and entertaining series of games. Keep your bucks to any other game.
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64 of 88 people (73%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
14.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
This game is pretty and provides a decent distraction for a couple hours, but the trading economy and other strategic elements are too shallow to provide much meat. Even at max difficulty settings I breezed through every challenge the game tried to offer me.
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34 of 40 people (85%) found this review helpful
67.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 13, 2014
If you've played Patrician IV and/or Port Royale 3, this is "the same, but different". Which some might find off-putting, and which I sure as heck wouldn't recommend at full price. But I got it on a Steam sale for $6 USD, and it was a steal at that price. It's a maritime trading game with city-building elements and a nice politics/intrigue game mechanic that fits the setting along with a nice sense of progression that's a welcome add to the series.

If you're not already a fan of this genre, it's not going to change your mind, but I've been playing these games for ages and I like it. There's not enough here to merit $30, but anything $15 or below is well worth the price.
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25 of 31 people (81%) found this review helpful
10.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 17, 2014
Quite a bit of negative comments for this game, though I believe largely undeserved. This is a trading/political (lite) simulator. The crux of the game is to further your personal success across a defined region. Many claim the campaign is too simple and after a few trade routes are established This may be accurate, however, the campaign is primarily a long tutorial, not desigend to be crushingly hard. The heart of the game lies in the Free Play mode through setting the world up and stacking the odds against you to begin with which gets increasingly fun, especially if you reach in to the dark corners of your mind and do some backstabbing and pillaging. It is most definitely a title built upon the foundations of the Patrician and Port Royale series, however, the steps taken to create a more fluid engine are very welcome. Seemless transitions into ports provides easier access to the game menus and provides a neat "tilt shift" effect to the world. If you are looking for a good trading simulator focused more on running your businesses than battling pirates Sid Meier's style, then you will fall right Rise of Venice. Highly recommended.
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25 of 32 people (78%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
18.4 hrs on record
Posted: March 11, 2014
I regret buying this, I had fun the first few hours, but there's not much more beyond the start. Buy things, sell things, fast forward. You never play on normal speed, and a game like that isn't worth much usually
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Recently Posted
25.2 hrs
Posted: July 3
If you are going to get any game from Kalypso, i would say avoid this. If you can get Port Royale 3 or Rise of Venice for less than $5 than get one of those, but don't expect it to be fun for long. All of their games use a very simplistic trading system, used in Patrician Series, Port Royale, Rise of Venice and Grand Ages Medieval. They unfortunately use less and less commodities and seem to shrink the map they use for every new game. The very thought of making a game that uses the entire earth, and a much larger range of history? No, because they would have to actually do some design work, instead of sending out the same game over and over again, with a new location, for $40.

Again I would suggest avoiding Kalypso games altogether, unless they are extremely cheap. Don't reward their laziness, buying game retreads.
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Barbarossa Bey
17.4 hrs
Posted: June 22
Nice game but gets boring after several hours.
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Lord Rian
28.7 hrs
Posted: June 18
The old dosgame merchant prince is way more fun than this, and I find myself returning to that each time I try this.

So you added graphics, but took away all the fun.

Shame on you.

Shame on me, for buying without properly looking for a demo first.
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70.6 hrs
Posted: April 29
Very nice game with fun gameplay. Still something to do to achieve every achievements, so you spend a lot of hours here. I recomend this game.

Cons: - I want another new game like this
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53.2 hrs
Posted: April 27
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1,875.2 hrs
Posted: April 27
I have enjoyed this game.
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39.2 hrs
Posted: April 17
I bought this game quite a while ago, but put it aside, as at the time I was still having too much fun with Port Royale 3. As both games share the same main gameplay principle, playing both simultanously didn't work for me. I recently started thinking about going back to Port Royale 3, but then I remembered I haven't given Rise Of Venice its rightful chance yet, so I started playing this instead. As evident by my play-time counter (almost 30 hours, as of writing this review), I got hooked very quickly, just like with Port Royale 3.

Simply put, Rise Of Venice is a trading simulator with some strategy and political elements. The idea is to build your business empire by building businesses in cities, and trading the goods between them by your naval fleet. Just like in the real world, there are politics involved, as your competitors have their own agendas and interests, which hardly ever align with yours.

Just like with Port Royale 3, there's a story-driven campaign, which I believe is the best way to start the game. Except in Rise Of Venice, the campaign feels much more than a mere tutorial. I've actually found myself enjoying the plot and the missions presented to me, and was disappointed to finish it. I really wanted it to go on. :)

After the campaign, the game turns into a "Free Play", where you continue to build and maintain your empire. You still get missions, but there's no deep or interesting story behind them, as there was in the campaign.

All in all, I really love this game, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes this type of games.
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29.1 hrs
Posted: April 11
I don't understand the negative reviews. I'll admit, the game is Sid Meier's level of difficulty. It's difficult enough to make you pay attention yet your not really at risk of major losses at any point. Set backs rather than game ending losses. My cup of tea after a hard day of work though. I've seen graphics problems, but I've been in the game since Nintendo so I guess I'm not as spoiled. It'd be nice if they fixed it, but it's easy enough to play through it. I'm willing to take the good with the bad as I keep coming back to the game over and over again for another playthrough.
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2,131.5 hrs
Posted: March 18
1664 playing hours interesting game
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