Live the life of a Monster, from birth to elderhood and beyond, making decisions that affect the world of Monsters and Humans. You live in the village of Omen, and your favorite snack is the fingers of small children.
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Data lansării: 18 mart., 2013

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Cumpără Monster Loves You!

Cumpără Monster Loves You! - 3 Pack


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2 septembrie

Major update!

  • Added Mac OS X support
  • 30 new adventures: Do Gritmitten or Balfog get to keep the cat? Or does each of them get half? What do you do with a desiccated skeleton? And what happens when that grizzly bear you've been tracking turns out to be a real, live Human?

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About This Game

Live the life of a Monster, from birth to elderhood and beyond, making decisions that affect the world of Monsters and Humans.

You live in the village of Omen, and your favorite snack is the fingers of small children. As a Monster, you pop up in the most interesting places — what do you do when three angry bears discover a young child in their cabin? Or when you spy a wolf hunting down that woman with the red cloak?

As a Monsterling, your choices are simple ones. Do you chase those poor little mice (+1 Ferocity) or protect them from the dogs (+1 Kindness)? Do you come clean about that fungus your friends ate (+1 Honesty) or cover for them (+1 Bravery)? As a youth, your choices determine your personality.

But all youngins must grow up. Monsters and Humans have been at odds for centuries, and there are Human villages on the other side of the enchanted woods. When Human children get lost in those dark and winding thickets, do you terrorize them for fun (+1 Ferocity)? Do you help return them to Human civilization to prove that not all Monsters are to be feared and hated (+1 Kindness)? Or do you fatten them up for Human foie gras — a Monster delicacy? All this, to the backdrop of increasing tensions between Monster- and Humankind.

Key features:

  • Balance Bravery, Cleverness, Ferocity, Honesty, Kindness, and Respect to wield political power.
  • Over 900 choices to make. Devour Little Red Riding Hood. Gobble up Hansel and Gretel. Eat the Three Little Pigs.
  • Encounter different adventures each time you play, with a dozen or so possible endings.
  • Bonus: Become a Neurosurgeon without having to attend medical school. That's value!

Cerinţe de sistem

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
    • Processor: 1GHz
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c capable
    • DirectX®: 9.0c or higher
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB
    • Sound: Sound card
    • OS: OSX 10.7 or later
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo or higher
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384 MB of RAM
    • Hard Drive: 250 MB
    • Sound: Sound card
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102 din 112 oameni (91%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
7.8 ore înregistrate
I think i should write at least a short thing about this game, because it truly deserves it =)

Its a kind of "Build your Adventure" story game in which you raise your own monsterling from birth to adulthood. It involves quite some good reading and humor. The game gives you lots of choices, like "save the monsterling - or eat it", which in progress develop your character and the storyline.

Besides the many small story bits, its not overly complex, but its very entertaining.

The Achievements are fun to hunt down and you will need to play through the game several times to get them all. Generally the game has plenty of replayability with its varied small stories, so that is not too much of an issue. I played it several times over and still find new ones. A playthrough shouldn't take more than an hour i guess, maybe less.

If i had to criticize something, then its probably that its not very long, but i guess that's the way the game was designed, its not meant to be a complex long thing, more something easy to play in between.

And i would have loved to be able to design the looks my own monsterling, sadly the game doesn't give that option, i think its random how your monster will look like.

Technically the game is solid, no bugs or anything that i would have to mention.
Also i totally dig the artstyle, but thats personal preference =)

It also has the best emoticons, so thanks for that.
( :hee::ooh::hmm::blech::grr: - they dont work in this Review post )

Conclusion: This is a very fun small charming game worth to be played =)
Postat: 2 septembrie
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26 din 32 oameni (81%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
2.0 ore înregistrate
Very cute game, fun and entertaining with replay value. It is a decision based game, and there isn't much action. However, the story does play out with significant changes based upon the decisions you make.
Postat: 21 iunie
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27 din 35 oameni (77%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
9.0 ore înregistrate
It's a really nice litte game to pass your time and do things, you can't do on a normal day (like eating everything that doesn't run fast enough...) As for me, I'm having a hard time to be the bad guy... So the farious endings became a bit limited. Usally I start out fine, being angry, beating other monsterlings... but then... I end up helping the others *sigh* but it's still a lot of fun! I'm planing to play it with a friend, who can stop me from beeing nice. The grafic ist cute and colourfull, it runs very smooth, even on my old machine and in windowed mode. It really makes me smile to meet the well known personas from the fairytales... although eating little red riding hood ist like killing the last bit of childhood. But she was tasty!
Long story short: buy it, play it, have fun! If you aren't a bitter, angry, progress-orientated, goal-reaching-by-any-means-person, there is a high chance you will like this game. Who wouldn't be a Monster??
Postat: 1 iulie
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7 din 8 oameni (88%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
1.3 ore înregistrate
It's a nice charming game you can play with your kid or your niece or nephew... that's kind of cool. If you like cute choose your own adventure storybooks with some sim aspects you might enjoy this sans the kids as well.

Game grows on you before it wears out its welcome and it's cheap. Get if it you like it's type.
Postat: 6 septembrie
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6 din 7 oameni (86%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
0.7 ore înregistrate
It's a fun little visual novel, well worth a few playthroughs. It has the quirky dejobaan charm that I really like.
Postat: 2 septembrie
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1 din 1 oameni (100%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
10.6 ore înregistrate
Astazi vom vorbi despre Monster Loves You! un joc produs de catre Radial Games in colaborare ♥♥ Dejobaan Games, creatorii mai cunoscutului: AaAaAA!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity. Monster Loves You! Este un joc potrivit in special pentru copii, dar poate pune ceva probleme adultilor in explorarea tuturor posibilitatilor oferite de acest titlu.


In Monster Loves You, vei controla viata unui monstru de la nastere si pana la moarte, iar actiunile si deciziile pe care le iei in joc vor afecta viitorul si existenta monstrilor in lume si convietuirea lor langa oameni.

Orasul in care se desfasoara actiunea la inceputuri se numeste Omen („semn” in engleza). Ca orice monstru, esti o fire independenta si rebela si vei fi obligat sa iei decizii din clipa care te nasti. Deciziile tale te pot duce la un sfarsit prematur sau te vor ajuta sa intri in „sfatul batranilor” si sa traiesti fericit pana la adanci batraneti. Actiunile tale vor afecta viitorul relatiei monstrii-oameni si, implicit viitorul tau. La fiecare inceput al jocului vei lua niste decizii care vor schimba soarta monstrului tau de la o incercare a jocului la alta, iar finalul este de fiecare data diferit.


Monster Loves You are un stil de joc unic, similar unei povesti interactive. Jocul se controleaza doar ♥♥ mouse-ul si tot ce trebuie sa faci esti sa-ti alegi o anumita misiune sau scenariu si sa iei deciziile pe care le doresti. Fiecare decizie contribuie la creionarea profilului tau. Ai 5 calitati de baza: Curaj, Istetime, Ferocitate, Onestitate si Bunatate. Fiecare decizie a ta va contribui pentru una din cele 5 calitati, iar echilibrul dintre ele iti va influenta relatia ♥♥ ceilalti monstri si durata de viata. Odata ajuns la maturitate va trebui sa aduni Respect din partea celorlalti monstri pentru a-ti asigura prelungirea duratei de viata si intrarea in randul inteleptilor.
Lipsa respectului si decizile pripite iti vor aduce moartea, insa nu e neaparat un lucru rau. Cand un monstru moare, se intoarce la locul nasterii si lasa o mostenire genetica neamului sau.

Daca reusesti sa treci in randul batranilor, vei avea o problema mare pe cap: relatia monstrilor ♥♥ oamenii. Deciziile luate de tine in aceasta perioada vor determina ceea ce se va intampla ♥♥ monstrii pe viitor: vor intra in razboi ♥♥ oamenii, ii vor invinge sau vor fi invinsi, vor face pace intre ei si vor invata sa convietuiasca, vor deveni animale de circ sau pur si simplu vor fugi. La fiecare incercare a jocului vei obtine rezultate diferite, iar cele 14 realizari STEAM disponibile pot fi atinse doar ♥♥ 14 finalizari diferite ale jocului, deci pentru a le obtine va trebui sa rejoci toata actiunea din nou, lucru care poate deveni plictisitor si intra in rutina. Aveti mai jos un video ♥♥ un gameplay complet pentru o realizare STEAM:

Jocul vine si ♥♥ carduri STEAM care pot fi adunate sau vandute pe STEAM market, un trend modern prezent pe toate jocurile noi.

Grafica si sunet

Monster Loves You are o grafica placuta, dar simpluta. ♥♥♥ controlezi jocul doar ♥♥ mouse-ul poti sa nu observi anumite aspecte, dar mediul inconjurator este si el interactiv in unele locuri.

Sunetul este simplu, exista o singura coloana sonora, iar daca joci mult devine repetitiva si plictisitoare de multe ori.


Monster Loves You a reusit sa ma tina conectat 4 ore pana acum si imi va mai rapi cateva ore bune, pentru a atinge toate Achivementurile, in pofida asteptarilor mele cand am inceput sa ma joc. Odata inteleasa ideea, jocul te va prinde si vei avea o experienta placuta, asadar investitia de 7 euro se merita pentru Monster Loves You.

Postat: 11 februarie
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