Welcome to Soup Co., Astroworker! As an integral part of the Soup Co. family, your mission is to explore the remote planets in search of tasty ingredients to make the galaxies most delicious soups and then rocket them into the gullets of our hungry customers.
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Release Date: Aug 3, 2015

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"Explore like in Terraria while building a soup-factory base. Mellow music and cool graphics in true Q-games style. A promising Early Access gem!"

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August 3

Soup's Done, Come & Get it! Nom Nom Galaxy out of Early Access!

Well Astroworkers, the time has finally come for you to venture into the expanse of the Galaxy and feed the hungry masses! Nom Nom Galaxy ver. 1.00 is now open for business!

It's been a long journey since we first released on Early Access almost a year and a half ago - even longer if you count our time as PixelJunk Inc when this blog first started. We've learned a lot along the way! Two PAX Prime attendances in the Indie MEGABOOTH, awards at Brazil's Independent Games Festival and GDC China's Independent Game Festival, appearances at SXSW 2015, Gamescom 2014, PSX 2014, BitSummit 2013 & 2014, Indiecade 2014 and EGX 2014... whew! We've been hoping all over letting people sample the soup! Add to that the huge contributions that all of our Early Access players have added and we fell like we've got a soup that's been seasoned by the best Astroworkers on the planet.

The full release of Nom Nom Galaxy adds:

  • Complete campaign with 27 different worlds to explore
  • Improved online 4P co-op
  • Galactic Challenge Mode with rotating challenges that earn you Galactic Gum to use in Conquest and S.O.O.P Sim modes
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Backgrounds
  • Steam Emoticons
  • Steam Achievements
Of course, the work for an Astroworker is never done, so we'll be continuing to improve Nom Nom Galaxy over the next few months. There are a lot of things still be requested in the forums that we'd like to address. I don't want to get into details now, but we're hoping to add a few modes to keep the soup flavors just as interesting as the first taste.

To celebrate the launch, we've got a week-long 20% discount on Nom Nom! Head over to Steam and check it out!

Online bug fixes, improvements
  • When invited to a NNG throught the Steam interface, you will now automatically join the session
  • Fixed the player kick function
  • The number of enemies will now increase based on the number of players in the game
  • In order to reduce lag during multiplayer sessions, the game will now automatically reduce frame rates to 30fps until all players are in sync
Other bug fixes, improvements
  • Mouse functionality in menus (prompts at bottom right, etc.) improved
  • Improved Japanese translation and added missing text
  • Players will no longer fall off of ladders at the start of a new day
  • The pause menu will now accurately display for the player that paused the game (if 2P paused the game, for example)
  • If you start a new company with a company name that already exists, an overwrite confirmation dialog will appear
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when switching from windowed to full screen mode
  • Another stage of growth has been added to grass, making it easier to understand when it is fully grown
  • Fixed a bug where defeated Resistance enemies were not added to totals
  • News flashes will now include the amount of market share that can be gained or lost because of trending ingredients
  • When using mouse and keyboard controls and opening the maintenance menu, players will no longer move when pressing "A" or "D"
  • Players with multiple save data files will no longer be able to select planets that haven't been opened on that save file
  • Players with multiple save data files will now have their keybindings saved across all profiles
  • Increased the number of keys that can be rebound in the options menu
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from using left click to throw after changing the keybinding
  • Fixed an issue where having the left mouse button held down when a dialog appeared caused a choice to be selected when the button was released
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash if Jack was attacked by Pinapurana
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from zooming out for screenshots with keyboard controls

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July 6

Aggressive Networking! Nom Nom Galaxy Update (Ver. 00.99c)

Long time no soup, Astroworkers! Massive here to bring you the details on our latest update. We've made a number of big changes, fixed a lot of bugs, and added some features that you in the community have asked for. We're almost ready to go full steam, as it were, and just have a few more things to experiment with. This update is another big one, so get ready!

Four on the Floor
In this update we're finally bringing something that you've wanted for a very long time: 4P ONLINE CO-OP!

Now you can attempt to corner the space soup market as a member of a capitalistic quartet, delegating task to those best suited for the job like a BOSS! Explore further, build bigger, fight harder, MAKE THAT MONEY! You can combine 4 individual players or 2 local co-op and 2 other individual players. You can even use the newly added friend invite system to build your team!

This feature is still being improved, so the friends you invite will need to have Nom Nom Galaxy running or they won't automatically join the session. However, this will be streamlined in the future.

Consumer Reports
We've also been listening to your feedback and requests in response to the game in general and the 00.99a update in particular, and a number of those are also reflected in this update. The first of these is: you can now choose which gum to chew!

Sugar High
Galactic Gum comes in a variety of flavors that do strange, science-type things to Astroworkers, but until know you were completely at the whims of fate as to what you could use and when. This has been changed so you can now choose the best stick of gum to chew when a potentially life threatening or financially explosive situation is impending! Need more defense funding? Gold Rush! Pesky rock wall in the way? Boulder Bash! The power is yours!

A Shocking Display

We moved the DANGER banner! Although the purpose of this display is to warn Astroworkers of impending danger, it was often responsible for its fair share of headaches itself, by obstructing your view of the action. The position has been lowered to avoid this, and the transparency of the banner itself increased. Now YOU are the danger.

Under Construction
Corridor parts can now be overwritten with parts of a different shape, costing only the matter difference between the two. This should help with speedy renovations of the factory to better accommodate Astroworker needs.

Garden Variety
Previously, plant growth conditions did not carry over into S.O.O.P. mode when starting with a Conquest mode factory, but this has been remedied. Now Astroworkers can continue cultivating their little stretch of land uninterrupted! Also, to make automated gardening more effective, Clarence's harvesting time has been increased to prevent gardens from being destroyed.

There are also a number of smaller usability improvements and bug fixes, which are as follows:

  • Planet GSA-002 (Tutorial 2) removed
  • Both control schemes (Controller and Keyboard/Mouse) can now be used in menus, regardless of settings
  • Added windowed fullscreen as a display option
  • Increased sprinting oxygen cost
  • Fixed bug where 1P controller vibrated in place of 2P controller
  • Fixed bug where girders damaged enemies
  • Expanded construction trigger radius in tutorial
  • Fixed bug where player died if riding Hopper EX in water when battery died
  • Fixed bug where player got stuck in wall if damaged while riding Hopper EX
  • Fixed bug where sprinting while carrying soup used more oxygen
  • Fixed bug where memory became insufficient as planets were beaten
  • Fixed bug that caused Poisonpuffs to die in oxygen

As always, please let us know what you think in the comments here, on our Steam CommunityFacebook, or Twitter! See you next time!

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About This Game

Welcome to Soup Co., Astroworker! As an integral part of the Soup Co. family, your mission is to explore the remote planets in search of tasty ingredients to make the galaxies most delicious soups and then rocket them into the gullets of our hungry customers. But this isn't your typical soup kitchen - Astroworkers must battle against the planet's elements, alien plants and animals, and dastardly rival soup corporations! Build your base of operations with the help of your fellow Astroworkers and handy Soup Co. robots, make the galaxies most mouth-watering soups, then defend yourself from local wildlife and our rivals.

#nomnomGALAXY is a sandbox-styled mix of platforming, base building, tower defense, and good old fashioned monster-stomping! You'll create huge factory-bases where you'll experiment with tons of ingredients, make hundreds of types of soups to feed the galaxy, and rise in the ranks of the Soup Co.! Each planet will have its own challenges, from poisons gas to killer tomatoes. Only the most adept of Soup Meisters will succeed!

Key Features

  • Hundreds of different types of soups to discover
  • Extensive soup recipe system that uses ingredients all of the planet's plants and animals
  • Tower Defense gameplay from the makers of one of the most acclaimed Tower Defense games on any platform, PixelJunk Monsters
  • Living planets that evolve as your base expands
  • Tons of robot helpers to automate factories, defend your base, and collect ingredients
  • Battle rival soup corporations throughout the galaxy for soup supremacy!
  • Local split-screen co-op and up to 4 players online

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad or higher
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 9800 GT
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 650 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Laptops without dedicated GPU may have difficulty playing Nom Nom Galaxy. Please look at Tom's Hardware Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart to see where your card ranks. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107-7.html
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core i7
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 570
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 650 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
55 of 69 people (80%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
1.0 hrs on record
Posted: March 27
Early Access Review
Interesting game play, fine graphics, outstanding music, but: CONTROLS = INSANELY BAD.


Shift+W = build ladder? You had 101 keys to choose from, and you went with Shift+W?
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20 of 22 people (91%) found this review helpful
7.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 20
Early Access Review
This game is awesome, feels like a RTS Terraria. The only thing that sucks is you have to play hours and hours of missions to unlock stuff, so its more like a mission based game rather than a sandbox like terraria. But still don't let that stop you lots of fun to be had. Best of the pixel junk games too.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
8.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 18
Early Access Review
I love the concept, it's sort of like a stage-based Terraria and sidescrolling simplified version of Factorio had a baby. Unfortunately, the formerly merely unhelpful second tutorial level is now just... gone. On the plus side, it means that you won't be stuck trying to win a level while struggling to figure out a bunch of mechanics with what was probably a gimped toolset. On the downside, you're now dropped into the game proper with no explanation whatsoever of the mechanics of farms, conveyors, robot workers, vehicles, half the facility's components, or how and where to start setting up from scratch. I'm just hoping that level was removed pending a more thorough set of tutorials.

Besides that the aesthetic is alright although as of yet a bit rough around the edges, controls are mostly okay but awkward on ladders or when trying to punch something without destroying terrain, the game runs at the size of a postage stamp when windowed, and pitches a massive fit when switching to fullscreen.

I feel like I'd enjoy the hell out of it if I could figure out what the ♥♥♥♥ is going on but I'm having a devil of a time getting that far. They really need to work on the tutorials. I still feel like I should recommend it for anyone who can figure out how the dickens to play it, though.
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10 of 12 people (83%) found this review helpful
6.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 12
Early Access Review
Final Verdict: 7/10 Good

Full Review:

In Nom Nom Galaxy you play as a member of a intergalactic soup corporation who must utilize the local resources in order to dominate the soup market. This is a very fun and unique game, my main critique probably being that the gameplay can get rather repetitive after a while, though it is still in early access.

In your overall efforts to dominate the space soup market you must build up your base of operations with factories to make soup and ships to send it out. There are many other things you can add, such as robots for assistance, but factories and ships are the main things you will be needing.

For positives, the game is really fun and is a concept that seems very unique. The multiplayer capabilities certainly add to this game as my friend and I had a very good time ensuring that Apache Teeth would be the dominant soup company in the galaxy.

While fun the gameplay feels a bit repetitive after a while. I feel this game would greatly benefit from adding some more variety to the game. Perhaps make base defenses a bigger deal or make it so that you can raise your own army of robots to attack the enemy as they do to you. Also, the planets could feel a bit more different from each other.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed my time with Nom Nom Galaxy and look forward to where it will go in the future.
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
11.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 23
Early Access Review
Soup, the final course. These are the diggings of the Starship NomNom. Its never ending mission: To eat strange new vegetables, to seek out new creatures and eat them, to boldly devour all that comes before it!

This game is full of potential and already packs quite a punch in delivering fun. Tasked by your overlords to explore the galaxy and find new worlds on which you'll create massive factories devoted to the glorious task of producing soup. You'll encounter creatures and vegetables and more that you'll shove into cans and send off into space. The goal of each world(stage) is to beat out the competition and win over 100% market share.

The time really pushes the pace of the game. Gameplay is broken up into days and getting as much accomplished as you each day is the key to victory. There is no out lasting the opponent. The longer you take the more and more resources of the planet you're consuming which can make finding enough resources to secure a large push to win very hard.

The gameplay is a mashup of a few different styles. Theres exploration, building, tower defense, and business simulation just to name a few.

There's a few rough edges to the game. I mentioned before that taking too long to get to victory can actually make the game much harder. There comes a point where you might have to abandon a map you've been working on for some time simply due to resources becoming too rare to make it feasible. There's also the fact that time doesn't stop when you enter the building menu which can make planning your base much harder as time is very valuable and can't be wasted. This can lead to mistakes in your building planning that you'll have to overcome. The combat is straight forward, but lacks any real punch or variety(at least in the early stages I've seen). There's enemy ships that show up that you must deploy buildings to help defeat and monsters(weird vegetable creatures) that you defeat to gain ingredients, both are straight forward and haven't offered any challenge as of yet.

However, despite the rough edges I find myself playing more and more like it's a drug.
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