Welcome to the ancient North, once the cradle of culture and peace, but is now corrupted by magic and inhabited by nasty bandits sowing destruction in airships. Choose to be a vicious Buccaneer or an infamous Viking and take a glider to the skies. Your goal is to drop enemy vessels and secure dominance of the ancient North.
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AirBuccaneers now free to play!

Two years ago we launched AirBuccaneers HD, a multiplayer airship-FPS game about vicious Buccaneers and infamous Vikings battling in the sky. In honor of this anniversary we decided to bring more battle, joy and happiness to your holiday season. AirBuccaneers is now FREE on Steam!

Soon it´s the end of the year and the Ragnarok is getting closer...

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"Air Buccaneers delivers one of the most rewarding cooperative multiplayer experiences available"7.5/10 – IGN

9/10 – Pixels For Breakfast

"Team-based Air Buccaneers is all about manning a slow, lumbering battle-balloon, but it manages to be a lot more tense, exciting and funny than that might sound."
80/100 – PC Gamer

“There’s depth that I never expected when I first started playing, and, more importantly, it’s immensely fun.”
7.5/10 – Destructoid


Welcome to the ancient North, once the cradle of culture and peace, but is now corrupted by magic and inhabited by nasty bandits sowing destruction in airships.

Choose to be a vicious Buccaneer or an infamous Viking and take a glider to the skies. Your goal is to drop enemy vessels and secure dominance of the ancient North. Fire cannons, help others, board enemy ships or be the captain – whatever it takes to get your enemies out of the way. The success, as well as the bitter defeat, is solely dependent on how well you co-operate with your crew mates.

Finding the right kind of battle strategy is not self-evident in the merciless winds and twisted magic of the North...

Key Features

  • Multiplayer FPS for fans of co-op action
  • Intense air battles: airship armadas fighting in berserk frenzy
  • Heavy emphasis on teamwork. Solo players, time to team up!
  • Board enemy ships and take them over!
  • Four different types of ships: Battleship, Flying Fortress, Cog and Kamikaze
  • Selection of weapons: cannons, rockets, gunpowder grenades, blockers, swords
  • Persistent character development. Begin as a lousy low-life and rise in the ranks to immortal glory
  • Four specialization classes: Captain, Defender, Guerrilla and Cannoneer
  • Use Perks & Flaws system to build a character that always fits your playstyle
  • Find out what really happened in the darkness of the past!


    • OS:Windows XP SP2
    • Processor:2.6 GHz Single Core
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9.0c Compatible Graphics Card
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:3.0 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 9.0c Compatible Graphics Card with 1GB Memory (Nvidia GeForce GTX 260, ATI Radeon 4890)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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AirBuccaneers is different than your usual first person shooter fare. That scores it bonus points in my book for innovation alone. An interesting idea alone doesn't make a good game but AirBuccaneers is executed, not flawlessly mind you, but well enough to make for a very enjoyable gaming experience. It has come a long way since it started as an Unreal Tournament mod in 2003.

Before I go into the details I have to tell you my main gripe I have with this game, it will most likely be a dealbreaker if you're considering a purchase. It's multiplayer only and the community is pretty much dead, if you login today you will most likely find all servers empty. A problem far too many old, indie or non-mainstream multiplayer games face.
Try it with a group of friends or join a Steam group that is dedicated to organizing AirBuccaneers sessions.

AirBuccaneers pitches two teams of air-balloon crews, "Vikings" and "Buccaneers", against each other in exciting ship-on-ship battles. Each player assumes a role of his or her choice, a role that can be switched fluently during the game. Pilot a ballon and order yor crew around as a helmsman, man a cannon as cannoneer, repair damage done to your balloon, engage in ranged or melee combat (yes, enemy ships can be grapple-hooked onto and boarded), set up floating mines or support a teammate (for example one of the cannoneers to allow him to fire at a faster rate).

Cannons are far from accurate, so skill in this regard doesn't matter as much as in many other first person action games and if you consider your aim still not good enough that's not a problem either: Just assume another role that suits you better.

As you may already have guessed, teamwork is everything. The fact that you're totally dependent on your fellow crew members simply doesn't allow to play as a lone wolf and leads to almost organically developing teamwork very fast.

The only persistent element of the game are the skill trees, a different one for each role. Which path you take is not entirely up to you but progression is assigned automatically depending on your actions during matches. To me, this feature feels superfluous, I never had the feeling that it influences the outcome of a match at all. Maybe that's because every perk is evened out with a debuff and that's probably better than having new players start at a disadvantage.

Instead, the game allows for imbalance in another way: Since players can switch teams any time they want in absence of an autobalance system it leaves it entirely in the hands of the participants to form evenly sized teams.

In conlusion, I'd recommend AirBuccaneers to everyone if it weren't for the lack of a player base. It certainly is a game that deserves to be revived, I still hope that it will at some point but wouldn't hold my breath.
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A nice game idea is now free to play, get it!
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I don't think this game gets enough credit. It's unique, inspires team play, is kinda funny, and it's enjoyable. It's downfall is that it's entirely PvP and not enough people play it. Good fun, if there are enough players.
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this game suffers from only a few problems
these problems are the lack of people. At the start when it was cheep there was alot of people but now there is none i only hope more people will eventually get this game.
problem 2. sence there is near to none servers. the NA servers have the more people but you suffer the lag.
problem 3 the price $15 for a game thats been out for over a year this is not good.
but there is good this game is 10/10 concepts with 10/10 ships and fights i felt as if i was captian killing people as a viking sailing the high winds (or sea's) this game if only it had more people playing it would be better i think the dev's should look at problems and fix them as this is a good gmae just needs more love
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I'm going to give this a recommendation, because excluding the fact that the community appears to be dead, it's a good game! It's very fun as a very unique multiplayer 'shooter' in a steampunk setting with cannons and several secondary weapons available at your disposal, in a game that requires teamwork to survive. It has good graphics, fun gameplay and simple and easy to navigate menus (including a well thought out in-game tutorial). If you can get this on sale and you have a bunch of friends to play it with, go for it! I wholeheartedly recommend this title, just please note that the community is currently dead, it certainly needs a revival or a group (which I'm sure exists) to schedule a play session for you to be likely to see another player online. So yes, the game itself is great, but the community is non-existant - buy at your own risk!
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A uniquely great game, but it needs many more servers and players.
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This game is really great, the concept is creative and the controls in-game feel smooth.
One of the bad things is that this game's player base... BARELY REACHES UP TO 26 PEOPLE!
The average amount of players you are ever going to see is somewhere around 20 to 30 people.
It's also really fun and the leveling system is good while the ''Victory and Defeat'' count is really fresh, not like most of the new games :
Example -
Wins - 20
Loses - 600 (Noob).
If it wasn't for the dead community I would recommend it even more!
Best way to play it is get some friends and invite them over to increase the player amount.
Now since the game is free, you have no excuse not to try it out.
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i wish this game wasnt dead
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Really Cool Game
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A good game, but sadly, a underapreciated one. It's all about skill and team coordination. Do reccomend.
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This game is awesome, I really do enjoy playing this. Needs more players!
There is another this kind of game (can't recall the name) but I haven't liked it nearly as much as I like this one.
This is based on teamwork but you can go all alone and do lots of damage to enemy ships and capture them. Which brought to my mind that using swords is pretty hard, I don't yet know how it works but all other mechanisms (flying, shooting etc) works fine and it is lot of fun!
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I recently discovered that AirBuccaneers went free to play so I gave it a try. I have got to say I love the idea. The concept of this game and the style is pretty darn great. You play as either vikings or Buccaneers and fight on blimp like airships with a variety of weapons. Overall its somewhat hard to describe. I like the idea and style a lot. I do have some negative input as well though. The combat, movement and mechanics are very clunky. It is very obvious this game has an indy feel. If you are not bothered by the rough around the edges gameplay this is a good game to try! I can only imagine the game that could be made from this idea if it was made "better" (ie. had a bigger budget or something.)

At this time You have to search for AirBuccaneers to find it is free to play, as it does not appear on the list of free games yet. Hopefully this will be fixed soon so more people will try the game!
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fantastic game. the mechanics of flight are surprisingly simple and easy to learn, despite the lack of tutorial. i highly recomend this game.
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owned this game for about 4months now and coudlnt play. now its free the game is good and actually fun and people are online
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I used to play the UT2K4 mod of this at LAN parties. Most people had no ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ idea what was going on but everyone seemed to have a good time laughing and crashing airships in to one another. Unfortunately as an indie multiplayer game you'll be the only person playing it at any time. There's not much more depressing than standing on an airship and trying to fly it all by yourself. Thanks for depressing me, indie game.
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I'm a huge fan of this game, I've had hundreds of hours of fun out of it, but unfortunately it has some issues which result in it being worth less than the default steam price. Firstly the developers are not updating the game. There are numerous bugs and balance issues which could easily be fixed, but haven't been in the year and a half I've been playing. In addition, the playerbase has dwindled, probably because of the lack of developer interest. This is a multiplayer game and the bots just don't cut it. Finally, it has a very steep learning curve and has no tutorial, this means that, even if you do get a good game going with a few people, newbies tend to be left clueless and not knowing what to do.

Overall, I'd say wait for a sale and pick up a copy on the cheap. Anything under €5 is reasonable. If there's a strong game going, join in and try to pick it up. A good AirBuccs match is a week's worth of fun, but be prepared for the possibility that the game will die entirely.
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this game is really great, I played it way back when it was just a mod for UT2004 and man was it awesome. never have I played a game where there was so much cooperation absolutely nessesary for victory. but its done in a way that for those of you that wish to feel alone and not take orders you dont have to yet you are still contributing to your team just being near them. I breifly tried this when I saw a standalone was FINALLY released some 10 years after I played it. unfortunetly the problem it had back then is the same on it has today. there arnt many people online to play with. im not sure why it doesnt catch on more I think its amazing, even down to the art style. IMO it needs a bigger publisher to get it out there and advertise it. I think that simply most people dont know what it is. If I had never played it back 10 years ago I most certainly would not of found it today. advertise this game and add more content, ships, stats, ext and this would be a real winner.
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This game is dead. Only one other online player during a peak steam time
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