CRYENGINE is the first all-in-one development solution with truly scalable computation, multi-award winning graphics, state-of-the-art lighting, realistic physics, intuitive visual scripting, high fidelity audio, designer friendly AI and much, more - straight out of the box and with no additional royalties!
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March 15

Introducing CRYENGINE V

This week marks a significant new chapter in our engine, our services, and our commitment to the CRYENGINE community.

At GDC in San Francisco this week, we announced major updates which address some of the concerns and wishes our users have expressed over the past year.

CRYENGINE V, the newest iteration of the engine, is now available for a Pay What You Want model. This means developers everywhere can now name their own price for CRYENGINE and benefit from full engine source code with no royalties or obligations to use any additional services. Up to 70% of any contributions made to Crytek under this new model can be allocated to our newly created Indie Development Fund – a program that awards grants to indie creators developing their projects with CRYENGINE. We’re investing $1 million to start, and additional contributions will help fund indie games far into the future. We couldn’t think of a better way to align our interests with yours.

We’ve also put CRYENGINE on its own launcher, which means the current Engine-as-a-Service subscription model available on Steam will be retired. Having a dedicated CRYENGINE launcher is beneficial not only for version and project management, but also for access to another new service we launched this week – the CRYENGINE Marketplace. The Marketplace will enable developers to access individual assets from Crytek’s own library, as well as thousands of materials, sounds, and 3D objects created by the CRYENGINE community and other trusted vendors.

Beyond these changes, CRYENGINE V has new features and enhancements that developers have been requesting for some time. Being C# enabled allows people without C++ knowledge the ability to program in the engine. An optimized and customizable UI will make CRYENGINE easier to use, and our new CRYENGINE Answers on our website provides an additional resource for sharing and accumulating knowledge. There are a number of other exciting features, and in the coming weeks we will provide you with more info about them.

If you’d like a more detailed overview of all the changes we’ve introduced, a video of CRYENGINE Creative Director, Frank Vitz’s full announcement speech from GDC will be posted shortly.

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March 11

Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2 now available for free on Steam

Just before heading off to GDC, we have another treat for Oculus Rift DK2 owners: Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2, our second Oculus Rift-exclusive VR demo, is now available as a free download on Steam!

Now, gamers everywhere can sample the acclaimed VR demo firsthand – scaling a deadly cliff face as huge flying dinosaurs react to their presence and debris rains down from above. Mysterious landmarks on the horizon and stunning vistas on every side combine to immerse gamers in an entirely new reality.

Be aware that Back to Dinosaur Island Part 2 requires an Oculus Rift DK2 (SDK 0.8) as well as a Xbox 360 Controller for Windows or Xbox One Controller for Windows to be played

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“CRYENGINE is, for my money, the best looking and most full-featured engine currently available.”
Chris Roberts, Founder and CEO, Cloud Imperium Games

“It’s safe to say we literally could not have done this game with any other engine without a drastic reduction in the scope of our project; the size of our maps, the level of detail. We set out to make a world that was breathtaking to look at, and that’s what you see in-game. It’s a relationship we hope to grow in the future with more games!”
Turtle Rock Studios

“We looked at every major technology out there and CRYENGINE suits our needs perfectly.”
Martin Klima, Executive Producer, Warhorse Studios

About This Software

Crytek's groundbreaking development technology is now more accessible than ever! For just 9.90 USD/EUR per month, developers everywhere can subscribe and gain total access to the industry-leading feature set of CRYENGINE without ever having to pay licensing fees or royalties!

CRYENGINE (previously known as CryENGINE 3) is the first all-in-one development solution with truly scalable computation and benchmark graphics technologies. With CRYENGINE, developers are fully equipped to create standout game experiences, using the engine behind games like Ryse: Son of Rome and Crysis series.

The famous CRYENGINE Sandbox editor is a production proven, third-generation real-time tool suite designed and built by AAA Developers. All development features of a CRYENGINE game can be produced, edited and played immediately with the “what you see is what you play” (WYSIWYP) system. The engine deals with the instant conversion and optimization of assets in real-time, enabling cross-platform changes to all elements of the game creation process. This increases the speed and quality of development, while significantly reducing the risk of creating multi-platform games.

For more information on CRYENGINE, visit the CRYENGINE website. You can also follow us on Twitter @cryengine, or find us on Facebook.

Who is it for?
It is for anyone who wants to play and develop games with CRYENGINE. We feel that everyone should be able to achieve their vision by using CRYENGINE technology.

What can I get with my monthly subscription?
Getting in with our EaaS program has a number of benefits: first of all, you will always have access to the latest build of our CRYENGINE, and be the first to hear about any upcoming updates. You have instant access to all graphic features and tools, including the powerful renderer behind our Xbox One title Ryse: Son of Rome, C++ and Lua API interfaces along with a full game implementation written in C++, and demo levels and assets for different types of games.

You will also be granted access to all our Engine and Tools documentation, such as programming API references and multiple tutorials by the developers of CRYENGINE, as well as access to our CRYENGINE community, full of equally dedicated individuals to help you with any question or issue that might surface.

Is it really royalty free?
Yes, the monthly subscription fee is all you have to pay, there’s no royalty share required when you commercialize your game projects.

What version of CRYENGINE is on Steam?
The current version of CRYENGINE on Steam is 3.8.6. By subscribing, you will continuously receive all the upcoming updates and new features of CRYENGINE.

Where can I find the EULA?
You can find the EULA (End User License Agreement) on our website.

What is Wwise?
Wwise from Audiokinetic is the world-class audio engine and integration tool that we’ve chosen to include with CRYENGINE. Used in AAA games across console, desktop and mobile platforms, Wwise provides a complete audio integration pipeline that we’ve deeply integrated into CRYENGINE. You can learn more about Wwise here. Wwise ships with CRYENGINE in Evaluation mode, allowing for projects with under 200 sound files and for non-commercial use. You must upgrade to a commercial license to ship your game.

How do I upgrade my Wwise license?
There are two ways to upgrade your license of Wwise. If your project uses under 200 sound files, you can use the Wwise Free Limited Commercial License. You can start the process by creating an account at the Audiokinetic website, and then you can request your Limited Commercial License key by creating a project here. Be sure to fill out the form completely, as it will need to be approved.

The other method is for projects that go beyond the 200 sound file limit of the Limited Commercial License. For these, please contact Audiokinetic directly to request a full commercial trial or purchase a full commercial license. Licensing price details can be found here.

Is there a FAQ for other questions I might have?
You can find our FAQ for the CRYENGINE subscription on our website.

What kind of features will I get with CRYENGINE?
You can find an overview of the engine's features on our website.

What will happen to my project if I cancel my subscription?
Stopping the subscription means that CRYENGINE and its Tools are no longer available in your account.

Is there some Documentation for CRYENGINE to learn more?
You can take advantage of our extensive online documentation to help you learn how to get the most out of CRYENGINE.

Getting started
If you are using CRYENGINE for the first time, the Getting Started with CRYENGINE article will assist you with the first steps.

Additional instructions on how to set up 3ds Max, Maya and CryTif exporters can be found in the Installing Exporter Plugins section.

  • For Level Designers and 3d Artists: The right place to start is the CRYENGINE Manual.
  • For Programmers: The Programming Guide is a good starting point to understand working with CRYENGINE.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (64bit)
    • Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2GHz or AMD Dual-Core 2GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 400 series or AMD Radeon HD 6000 series
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers
    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel Quad-Core (i5 2300) or AMD Octo-Core (FX 8150)
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 660Ti or greater, AMD Radeon HD 7950 or greater
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers
Helpful customer reviews
55 of 61 people (90%) found this review helpful
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0.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 29, 2015
Cryengine is a good tool for game artists, especially in comparison with most modern engines. If you can get past the learnng curve, and agree to some of the engines more finicky demands and requirments, it's a massively rewardng piece of software.

A word to the wise to those thining of dabbling in the engine though. Be prepared to learn and think for yourself as the engine doesn't have the same kind of community and support network that Unreal/Unity provide. Most of the information you will need is contained within the extensive documentation, but it's up to the artist to make of it what they will. I see many people try it out and then publicly denounce the engine, threatening to jump ship to another, as if Crytek cared. The developers of this engine aren't about fostering an indie community around their engine, it's not homegrown. This is a piece of highend software that is only really used for high-end production.

Although using the Cryengine is not withouts it's challenges, it can bring the most out of your work it a relatively short space of time when the user grasps the fundamentals.
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22 of 32 people (69%) found this review helpful
7 people found this review funny
1.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 6, 2015
Cryengine is more than I exspected
The detail in the objects are amazing
When wrighting this I've only been mucking around with it for 3 hours and it's Blown my mind so far
Can't wait till I know what I'm doing lol
You want to make a game then this is the best start you can have

The recommended computer specs are a must to get full use of graphics and FPS

Cryengine is amazing!!!!
It's pushing the limmits of pc I have it on ta the moment

Well Recomened!!!
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 28
~Terrible Grammar Alert~
CryENGINE is a great engine for advanced developer. Even the tool is not easy to use as Unreal Engine 4, but the function of these tools is absolutely powerful.Such as the Designer tools, it can let you smooth you model in engine, and you can see the difference immediately, and also it can let some developers don't need to use 3Ds Max, because it also have UV unwrap function. It's one of the most powerful widget of CryENGINE.

Also the Physically-based rendering is absolutely awesome. It don't need us to add some light in the diffuse map, we can use tons of different maps to create a material, and it can perform very well. Also the Voxel-based Global Illumination is very nice, it don't need us to bake the environment probe anymore, and also let the graphic look more realistic.

But, as an user who used CryENGINE about 3 years, I know CryENGINE still need to improve many things, just like the terrain system of CryENGINE is too old, not support a big terrain and the modify tool is very out dated.
And all of the shader is not open-source, and we can't create a custom waster shader.
The coding part is very hard to learn, because the implementation of GameDLL is really complex, and without any useful official documentation. ( I almost took a half year to learn about the workflow of GameDLL... )
But this engine improved so much after 3.6, it improved the character editor, implemented PBR, also added a Designer Tool. This engine will become better in the future, I believe that.

CryENGINE is the most powerful game engine ever.
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37 of 72 people (51%) found this review helpful
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0.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 27
If Crytek are going to sell this to indie/low budget game makers, they're going to have to do better than this in terms of licencing and documentation. The documentation is terrible.

If Crytek are intent on selling this on Steam, they need to cater to a market that may not have massive budgets or industry-level programmers to reverse engineer the engine.

Licencing-wise, what platforms are included in this licence? Just the desktop builds. How much does it cost for what Crytek call a 'AAA' licence for other platforms? No sign of price tags.. you're supposed to be a big enough company to call them with your company gold card in hand, I guess.

Documentation: As a really simple and obvious example, where is the documentation on workflow? Why isn't it right at the start of the engine, explaining how a project is constructed and what the various files are folders are?

It also still locks you into using Scaleform for UI (which is nice if you have a big enough budget to build all your UIs with Flash too). Yes, you have to buy Adobe Flash seperately to make UIs for CryEngine or use some buggy, outdated old bit of open source guff that only does 50% of the funcionality you need for decent UI work. It's a really beautiful engine for studios with big budgets, but I think it belongs back in AAA Land with the big studios.. not on Steam.

Perhaps with decent documentation, a built-in UI build solution and better licence terms it would be fine, but it doesn't seem like Crytek are even *trying* to make this accessible. It's sad for people willing to gamble a months subscription before finding out what kind of state it's in and I think it would be much nicer if Crytek should re-instate the free version under a tighter licence so that people can actually try this without spending money first.

The terrain generation is amazing, beautiful and easy to use. The road building is spot on .. really, it's a lovely level editor. The problem is the rest of the engine isn't as easy to use properly and without proper documentation, it's a massive time waster to try and dig through it yourself. Honestly, it's a pity. I love this engine and I want to keep using it, but until they invest some of their money into helping users, I wouldn't go near it.

I have used the free version in the past and apart from this one crashing a bit less I didn't see much of a difference. I tried this to see if it had got any better and it wasn't long before I realized the documentation is just as bad as it ever was and the engine is still a big locked castle with no easy way in.
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2.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 2, 2014

I did allot of reading about this package, at first it was on reviews like this one here on Steam.... There are allot of un-greatful mis-guided brats running around posting up things like "CRAP!!!1!" when you read into it this would reflect their understanding of what they are purchasing. Whilst it is a powerfull state of the art robust development tool it is not a $2.50 everythings done for you, you just choose where the walls go and pick a splash screen, RPG Maker OMG MADE 5 GAMES THIS WEEKEND didnt-actually-make-a-game-game-maker.....sorry there's nothing wrong with people using those programs, they are great gateways to finding passion for Games Development, however time and time again people have given this bad reviews based on the fact it's difficult to use.

Its difficult to use compared to a toaster and easy compared other development suites, think about what you would like to get out of this. It will be time consuming, you will spend allot of time on the CryDev site flicking through the countless bits of documents surrounding the ins and outs of how too and how NOT too.

Another bum wrap I noted is just that, people complained that there isn't any documentation on how to use this thing.... in-correct there is plenty to read and plenty to help you through. I have found everything I have needed so far (extreme beginer user)

It has a powefull easy-to-use sandbox that from what I can see can be used my people like me who are very basic and down the line becomes very powerful and precise. The process to export and playtest a level you are working on is about 7 clicks or something. ALSO THERE IS ALLOT OF INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTATION ON THIS PRODUCT ITS JUST NOT STAPLED TO YOUR THICK HEAD FOR YOU.

In summary,


You are aware that you are purchasing access to tools and an engine which is quite amazing with a great level of support ( if you know how to type into a ♥♥♥♥ing google-esk search bar) and understand you will not knock out a unique AAA game over the weekend. It's really quite great I've learnt allot reading allot of documents and peicing bits and peices together.


a) You are upset by what you have read because I've personally offended you.
b) You lack the ability to accept / find that this package has multiple arms including the documentation which is on a website
f) You expect to launch it, wave a wand and laugh with GabeN next weekend about how easy the games industry is to master
u) You intend to spend 0.1 hrs using then trash it with a review
k) You are your mothers brother
u) You have the expectation that you will download the ability to code games at the same time you download this utility
h) You don't have spare time / patience to hone a skill or persue a career and or hobbie.

All seriousness its $9, try it out I've found it quite enjoyable so far.
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