Challenging platformer with striking visuals and deep engrossing story transports you to a world beyond ours!
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Release Date: Oct 31, 2012

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January 20

Paws - New project from Might and Delight

We are happy to announce our latest project, Paws!
In a continuation of the Shelter series, this is a standalone spinoff from Shelter 2 where you play as a lynx cub.

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About This Game

A young boy named Kurt finds himself stranded on a peculiar planet, and he must find his way home. Finding help from unlikely allies and the curious tools in his backpack, Kurt must use gravity-defying beams to conquer every platform and solve every puzzle on this strange journey. Featuring over 12 hours of action-adventure gameplay and fully-realized co-op, players are poised to experience a beautiful world set to an evocative soundtrack. With twenty-two different locations, dozens of foes and hundreds of secrets, Pid is like your world… only different.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP SP2
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz single core
    • Memory: 1 Gb
    • Hard disk space: 2 Gb
    • Video Card: DirectX 9.0 compatibility
    • DirectX®: DirectX9
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 3.0 GHz dual core
    • Memory: 2 Gb
    • Hard disk space: 2 Gb
    • Video Card: GeForce 8 series, ATI Radeon HD2xxx
    • DirectX®: DirectX10
    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz single core
    • Memory: 1 GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB
    • Video Card: OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 1 GB shared or dedicated RAM (ATI or NVIDIA)
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Mostly Positive (22 reviews)
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( 1.0 hrs on record )
Posted: May 28
Beautiful little puzzle platformer.
Scenery really pulls you in.
Nice, relaxing and rewarding gameplay.
Not too difficult.
Not irritating after you die.
Fitting music and story.
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( 11.9 hrs on record )
Posted: May 27
Product received for free
The game idea and aesthetics are great, but the design of the controls and mechanics which you play by are a big let down. Most of the time spent playing will be dedicated to achieving an absolute perfect execution of the solution identified to the second half of the game, when the puzzles drastically increase in difficulty. If you are VERY patient, this game would be enjoyable.
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( 0.4 hrs on record )
Posted: May 24
Product received for free
I like it.
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( 1.6 hrs on record )
Posted: May 19
The interesting graphic design and music was my main draw here. I ended up really not enjoying the gameplay though. Just found it kinda boring, although I'm a pretty big platformer enthusiast. I haven't totally scratched it off my list yet though. I may return for another try down the road and may change my review at that point. I got this on sale for $2, btw, and for that amount I don't feel ripped off but still... I have to give this game a 5/10. I'm only recommending the game for people who buy it on sale like I did because it wasn't a completely worthless experience.
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( 16.3 hrs on record )
Posted: May 18
Excelent game !

Super enjoyble !
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( 2.3 hrs on record )
Posted: May 18
An incredibly slow, occasionally frustrating platformer with charming aesthetics.

If you want a very slow game with some tricky platforming elements, you will probably enjoy Pid, but the pacing and method of maneuving (toss the beams) struggled to keep my attention.

-Art style is endearing.
-Levels have a variety of platforming elements.

-"Dispensers" are oddly designed and seem pointless, especially since the same items are dropped by enemies and found throughout the levels anyway.
-Collecting stars seems just as pointless as the dispensers. It seems the stars are finite, although there is no HUD to track if you've collected them all or not (and you spend them on consumable items..??).

-For a platformer with some tricky setups, the games "toss a beam and float through it mechanic" leads to some very looses controls at times. It would have been much better if the player could control the actual landing point of the beam instead of it just being a set distance in front of you (this requires a bit of practice just to learn where the beam lands, and in a game with already poor pacing it really struggles to keep the player engaged).
-Incredibly slow gameplay. Looking at the achievements, less than 15% of players have beaten the first boss....probably because they got bored...
-Slightly floaty controls (not bad, but they aren't tight).
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( 1.5 hrs on record )
Posted: May 7
Good game.
Recommended by me.
Try it yourself. :)
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Killary Hinton
( 0.7 hrs on record )
Posted: May 5
Product received for free
Very Funa
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( 6.2 hrs on record )
Posted: April 30
I really like this game
while i don't like it's genre this game made me relike it
would totally recommend
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( 0.6 hrs on record )
Posted: April 7
Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyy Annoying......
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Thaxs (Axel)
( 0.9 hrs on record )
Posted: April 5
Beautiful little puzzle platformer that is controller enabled. Scenery really pulls you in.
Nice, relaxing and rewarding gameplay. Not too difficult. Not irritating after you die.
Fitting music and story.


(I had to launch the game via big picture mode to get my wireless Xbox 360 controller to work)
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( 10.2 hrs on record )
Posted: March 29
Soft on the eyes and easy on the mind, except for those randomly scattered locals that are usually suspended above a pit of death and require some sort of god-like manipulation of the mechanic to traverse and usually only reward you with more stars, the which I seldom use because baddies often drop everything the stars can buy. This game has a lot of side content that, for some reason, I feel completely fine with skipping over. It is similar to the stars in Braid - I could dedicate the time to search out and figure out how to get all the extra content of this game, but I won't - I have too many other games on my steam backlog and too little time to play them. Makes me wonder. If this game was the only game I owned, certainly I would play it until the end of the Earth and unravel all its mysteries until 100% ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ completion. And if I did such a thing, certainly my experience with this game would be much more profound and emotional. Similar to when I was 8 years old and would play over and over 'A Boy and his Blob' on the NES. But, due to games being so damn cheap and accessible, I tend to use my time to experience superficially 15 different games than experience in full capacity one game. These words would probably make the guy who made 'The Witness' turn over in his grave because that guy clearly wants you to be willing to spend a lot of your time not just on one game, but one puzzle in one game. He wants you to invest countless hours to one moment so that when it all clicks you can have that cocaine-like reaction of 'WOW!!!" "AHA!!!!" "I GET IT!!!!!!" He is like a drug-dealer for my mind. I guess I get that reaction elsewhere because I am not motivated to pursue it in this game.
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Obey the Fist!
( 0.2 hrs on record )
Posted: March 28
Pid differentiates from the unholy slew of mediocre 2D platformers in a couple of ways which excuse it for existing.

It works well enough on modern systems, many other 2D platformers don't.

The developers decided to use 3D graphics presented in a 2D way - the graphics are simplistic but tastefully done, enough to give the game a pass for this. Gameplay controls are customisable, but points are lost for pushing the tablet/console aspect.

Gameplay is the same old stale 2D platformer guff, however. If you really like 2D platformers, then this is probably one of the best out there. Should you buy it? No, unless you love 2D platformers, in which case, go right ahead, although bear in mind this game does look like a console/tablet port.

Recommended simply for accomplishing the developers somewhat questionable goal.
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( 2.8 hrs on record )
Posted: March 27
I want to like this game. I love the beam mechanic and the game feels like it has so much potential, but the item system is horribly designed and kind of ruins the experience. Throughtout the game you collect stars which can be used to purchase items, but the only thing you can purchase is refills for your consumables. And the refills cost a rediculous number of stars. So essentially your consumables are then so valuable that you dare not use them unless they are absolutely required. (Like elixers in pokemon).
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( 0.6 hrs on record )
Posted: March 27
♥♥♥♥ this.. No controller support at all.
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( 3.3 hrs on record )
Posted: March 11
Fun little game to play. Nice coop experience as well
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( 0.8 hrs on record )
Posted: March 8
it's great
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SychO .Inc
( 6.9 hrs on record )
Posted: March 7
I didn't think it was as good as this, levels are amazing and the story about that kid too.
Loved it.
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( 11.6 hrs on record )
Posted: March 5
I like Pid, I really do.. but I have so many problems with my xbox controller (on mac).
I'm about halfway through the game but it is so freaking annoying not to be able to play smoothly, so I give up. Sorry Pid.
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( 6.6 hrs on record )
Posted: March 5
First I was a bit sceptic over this game, but after playing it for some hours, I really enjoy playing it. It's really a good game, if you just want to hang out a bit or just having fun in a jump and run game =D Lamo
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2.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 28
I think we've all gotten off at the wrong bus stop at one point or another, and the experience can be anywhere from annoying to positively harrowing. In Pid, your little spaceboy Kurt falls asleep on a bus and ends up on a planet of robots, where the busses haven't been running for 300 years. In his journey to find some way off the rock, he comes across a shining gem that creates pillars of levitating force. But someone isn't happy about him having it, and sends a veritable army of robot minions to chase him down.

How's that for a puzzle platform hook? Pid compliments its children's book premise with appropriately soft, pastel visuals, collectible stars, and goofy characters. The presentation is the real stand-out here, making each level appear inviting and mysterious and charming all at once. The soundtrack is both subdued and peppy when it needs to be, and there's some cute writing on display with the NPCs and cutscenes. It's really everything you could ask for in an indie platformer.

The lavish charm makes the game's intense difficulty all the more jarring when it starts smashing you against spikes and explosives. Pid wastes no time in wasting you, pitting you against tiny platforms and precise timing puzzles in the first hour. The levitation is a clever gimmick done well, but you'll have to master it in a hurry to survive. You'll also gain a number of supporting abilities and items including bombs and super jumps that will need to be used to their fullest. Stars you find are used to replenish expendable abilities, but even if you're completely awful at the game you shouldn't run out.

Levels abound with secrets, but by the time you reach the city they'll likely be too frustrating to sniff out. I kept running into annoyances like secrets you only get one chance at, spoiled by checkpointing or unscaleable heights. The clever and colorful bosses offer yet another source of frustration, since they have very long lifebars and patterns but you can only take one or two hits before dying and starting the whole thing over. There are challenge rooms beyond the lengthy story mode as well, but even the very first set required pin-point precision to complete, let alone get the par or challenge time.

I wish I could recommend Pid without reservation, I really do. I adore everything about how it looks and sounds. But it suffers from that most common affliction among indie games, a poor difficulty curve. I still say it's worth a try, because if you have the time to devote to it you can surely overcome its challenges. Just don't go into it thinking it's as friendly as it looks.
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0.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 5
Beautiful little puzzle platformer that is controller enabled. Scenery really pulls you in.
Nice, relaxing and rewarding gameplay. Not too difficult. Not irritating after you die.
Fitting music and story.


(I had to launch the game via big picture mode to get my wireless Xbox 360 controller to work)
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 180 days
16 of 26 people (62%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
23.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 8
Pid is a game with a lot of great ideas, but poor execution makes it frustrating to play.

Being a platform/puzzle game, Pid demands precision jumps and skilful use of the central game mechanic - the ability to lay beams that propel Kurt, the player character, away from the surface they are fixed on. Unfortunately, poor controls let the game down in this department. Kurt routinely 'sticks' to the end of the beams, making it difficult to jump off the end of them. Poor design of several puzzles exacerbates the problem, as many puzzles and boss battles are timed, and leave no margin for error. The result is controlling-smashing levels of frustrating in many of the puzzles.

This is all the more disappointing because of the excellent game concept, graphic design, animation, sound and music, which help bring the simple but engaging story to life. Each area has a unique aesthetic and introduces new game mechanics, which ensure that the game never becomes routine or old. Each new challenge requires skilful use of the skills and abilities you have accrued so far.

I can only recommend Pid if you have considerable patience to look past its flawed controls. Be prepared to spend 30% of the time enjoying the calm ambience of the game's better-designed areas, 10% of your time working out the solutions to the more challenging puzzles and areas, and 60% of your time wrestling with the terrible controls and dying over and over again as you try to get past a challenge once you have identified the solution. If you are willing to take on this frustration, then the game is definitely beautiful, original and occasionally offers some thought-provoking puzzles.
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4.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 30, 2015
Pid is a game about a small child who is unable to get his bus so he goes around stealing constellations to buy bombs.
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1.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 6
Funny little platformer with good story and nice controls
Recommend:Play with Controller
Also it has 2 player mode so you can play with your kids/gf/bf/family
Pros:Lots of Fun
Cons:60fps cap
PricePerDollar: From 3$ and below (Steal Price)
Music:It reminded me of Sly The Cooper,very nice with lots of SFX
Graphics:Awesome with a unique theme but care as they are very dark.Those that have a monitor with IPS/OLED panel will enjoy it more
Room:Livingroom on TV
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11.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 6, 2015
A quaint puzzle platformer that spikes with some infuriating sections
Nice Visuals
New Mechanics unlock at a steady pace

Diffuculty Spikes
Those bloody boss fights

Ive enjoyed my time with this, even though Ive almost pulled my hair out on several ocassions. Completing the game unlocked hard mode, that can sod right off.

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6 of 11 people (55%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
11.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 2
really pretty, aesthetically pleasing, and the music is good. but the game mechanics are really frustrating
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
190 of 208 people (91%) found this review helpful
32.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
If there's one game that completely failed to find its audience, it's Pid. On the outside, Pid looks another artsy puzzle platformer, with its gentle, softly rendered backgrounds, and relaxing acoustic soundtrack. Upon playing it though, the game honestly has more in common with Super Meat Boy than any puzzle platformer. The distance between checkpoints is tiny, you have infinite lives, and enemies, traps, and spikes are everywhere. I personally love the game to death, but I can see why the huge dissonance between how the game looks and feels, vs how it plays, turned a lot of people off. It's really too bad though, because I think Pid is one of the best games around.

The main gimmick here is the ability to place down beams of light that can carry you around. The way this changes how you navigate through the game world is dramatic, and a bit reminiscent of Bionic Commando Rearmed, which some of the Pid team also worked on. The game thoroughly explores this mechanic, with every area in the game having a slight twist to how the game plays. Most of the time you use the beam to carry yourself, but other locations have you using it to carry bombs towards enemies, carry enemies themselves, or even push around light sources needed to light the way for you. The other great thing about the beam mechanic is how the solution is always right there in front of you, but you have to figure out where to place the beams, adding a bit of a puzzle aspect.

Overall though, I really can't stress enough how much I like this game. The scenery, music, atmosphere, and gameplay all combine to form this truly unique experience. The game is pretty long as well, but has a great flow and variety to the areas. If you like hard platformers, you should check this game out.
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53 of 61 people (87%) found this review helpful
18.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 15, 2013
No game has frustrated me and entertainmed at the same time so much than Pid.
Underneath the beautiful aesthics (it honestly had a pixar vibe going on) and the ♥♥♥♥ing amazing sound track lies a game so god damn hard it made me want to burn my computer.
The game starts out friendly enough. You learn the basic mechanics of using the game's gravity gems to float to high unreachable platsforms. Then you are introduced to bombs, music boxes, smoke bombs, lazer beams, and so on to assist you. Then approaching the first boss there is a sudden difficulty spike. Platforms got smaller, enemies became faster, and oh god the ♥♥♥♥ing spiked walls. EVERYWHERE.
Even at the easiest difficulty setting if you don't have the patience to retry a level again again you will be ♥♥♥♥♥♥.
Unlike other precision platoformers like Super Meat Boy the game has a larger focus of utilizing the gravity gems/timing. For instance you'll teach yourself how to wall jump even if there isn't a wall sticking mechanic, which will help you find the collectables throughout the game.
The collectables are what almost ruined this game for me. There are 12 "souviners" and 17 "secret constellations". Finding them are almost impossible without guides and even when you reach them you will have to try. try. try and try again to get them. one of the souviners took me at least 40 mins to get. Collecting all of them doesn't give you an alternate ending or anything, but it certainly makes you feel good knowing that you challenged yourself to the MAX. Also an achievement.

BUT, the game is gorgeous. Even when i was frustrated i couldn't get over how amazing the game looked. The soundtrack is definately up there with hotline miami in terms of quality. The timing of when the tunes started playing according to where you are in the game is pitch perfect also. One moment you're hearing gusty fast paced drum, when suddenly you reach a calm zero gravity zone and a calm piano track kicks in. Perfect. These two factors kept me pushing through the more unforgiving parts of the game.
The levels also very greatly from robot sweat shops, to an opera stage with flying airplanes. ♥♥♥♥ gets creative, and you will grin ear to ear everytime a new set piece is opening.
The story is also starts out simple, and gets pretty interesting by the end. It's pretty cliche, but it's like a reallly good children's picture book.

If you like platformers that are challenging you might want to pick this up. It's pretty cheap, and it's been in like 3 bundles this year alone. While it has an extremly unforgiving diffuiculty spike, it also has alot of excellent redeeming qualities. Reccomended if you have time.

it's also the 3rd game I 100%. Why do i do this to myself.
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11.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 12, 2015
Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's a real pain in the ♥♥♥, but the story is quite interesting. It has a great soundtrack and audio. Pid is very atmospheric and graphics are smooth. It asked me a while to complete the game, because there are many secret areas and some puzzle parts are kinda tricky. Co-op mode is intense, because you need to collab with your pal a lot. You won't get far if you play alone in co-op mode. Also some levels gets boring after a while aaand challenges are really challenging. I recommend this game to everyone who likes unique platformer puzzles. Oh, and I also recommend to play with a controller.
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Not Recommended
2.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 17, 2014
I really wanted to like this game. On first blush, it should really satisfy: interesting art direction, unique music, and a nifty little gameplay mechanic. The difficulty seemed on par with my meager skills: not super-frenetic, but needing a little thought to keep it from being a cakewalk.

The trouble is, it all just seems too sluggish. Character control is incredibly slow. Just try "running" (loping?) one way, and then quickly change direction: young master Pid does an excruciatingly tardy about-face.

Worse yet, this sluggishness extends to jumping, as well. Platormers live and die by their jump-physics, and Pid sadly comes across as clumsy in this department. I think the benchmark for controllability in a character is to stand on a ledge, jump out into space, and then reverse direction to land on the edge again. The distance that you can get from the ledge safely tells you how "in control" you will feel with the gameplay. Pid does not fare well here.

I suppose it can be reasoned that everything *else* in the game is slow as well (animations, enemies, dialog, checkpoint restarts) so perhaps a slow character fits in with the dream-like feel. Or perhaps you could say that the emphasis is on the force beams instead of jumping, and you'd have a point. And there are plenty of people that loved Pid, so I won't begrudge them that.

However, for my own taste, the poor character control turned gameplay into a chore for me due to being unnecessarily challenging for comparatively trivial tasks. Life is short, and I have more games in my library than time to play them all, so I'll move my attention to more rewarding fare!
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1.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 7, 2014
Pid is a delightfully pleasant and challenging platformer / puzzle game. It is striking in every sense and plays a lot like that of LIMBO, you are a small boy who is lost and trying to find a way home. Using a strange power where you are able to create traction fields on any surface for a limited time, you use them to navigate your way through the alternative, artistic world. I don’t see there being too much length to the game and it’s a but short on achievements but it’s a well-crafted game and piece of art.
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18.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 17, 2015
Pid is a super atmosperic, dreamy and hard game. Really Freakin' hard.
I died 888 times (I swear I'm not making that up).

This is a punishing game, and were I using a controller, there would have been numerous holes in the wall by the time I finished Pid.

If it wasn't already clear - I'm not talking about "hard" difficulty.

I picked this up for cheap, but if you like platformers that are a little "different", then always look for games coming out of Scandinavia ;)

The main mechanic is quite uniqe (kind of a tractor beam) and this is what differentiates pid from most other games of the genre.

Definitely worth picking up if you're into unforgiving platformers!
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5.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 4, 2015
Puzzles are sometime frustating but the game mechanic makes me enjoy the game. Pid has a unique graphic and art, the character control is actually enough for me ;)

As a fan of indie platformer, I recommend this game :)
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6.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 20, 2015

Overall, I would recommend this game except if too difficult puzzles and situations can cause anxiety or too much problem for you.


- Interesting and different kind of gameplay.
- Nice idea and story.
- Levels are designed beautifully.
- Some levels are absolutely gorgeous.
- Perfectuly suiting audio and music.
- Great artwork.
- Great character design.
- Some very nice puzzles.

- Too difficult sometimes. It feels unnecessary. Some boss battles are frustratingly difficult. Same goes with the speed run levels. Makes you sometimes want to ragequit forever. lol.
- Repetitive to some extent.
- Too long. I my opinion, it should've been at least 25% shorter than the current length.
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43.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 21, 2013
Kind of game that brings you back to childhood (SNES era) when many games was like this. This is puzzle-platformer where you have to get your way through levels by jumping, evading and fighting enemies. At the end of each "world", there're boss battles, which are fun and challenging. Levels are well designed and fun to explore. Colors are beautiful, everything in this game is painted with eye pleasing color. Soundtrack is awesome, it is written for this game and, compared to similar indie games, it really stands out. As for the difficulty, this is hard game, it starts slow but gets really hard towards the end. Aside from single player campaign (which can be played solo or co-op), there're plenty of short "challenge" levels which reminds of Super Meat Boy kind of levels.

All in all, fun little game. If you like platformers, you shouldn't miss this.
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22.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 24, 2014
PID.. possibly one of the best platformers I've played... ever, definitely one of my all time favourites. This game is very original in its gameplay design, its just gorgeous to look at and faultless in its programming from the controls to the collision detection. The music and sound effects also are top quality and extremely well chosen for the various levels, suiting each situation perfectly.

Don't get me wrong, you will spend many a time shouting at your monitor/tv screen lol, its frustratingly difficult at parts but acheives being awesome at the exact same time lol.. not many games can do that. It also gets the brain working as you try to find the best way through some of the levels.

I was lucky enough to get this game for free as a giveaway one time but after playing through I kind of wish I had paid for it and hence given something to the developers.. so this is why I am going to make sure I buy this for at least 1 other friend as a gift, my way of giving something to the developers for such an amazing game, as a thank you to them.

If you haven't given this game a go yet then I urge you to get it now.. you won't regret it.
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0.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 5, 2014
Very nice storyline. The gameplay gets a little annoying at times, but overall it's a great game.
Philosophical ideas behind some dialogues, too.
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24 of 33 people (73%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
3.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 12, 2014
It's not a bad game, it's just... kinda boring, you know? Like, this game has a very "boring" tone, not necessarily in a bad way, but it does make the game not very exciting to play. And it doesn't really get more fun or more varied as you progress. It just stays boring all the way through. Still, I played this game for about 3 hours, so that probably means I kinda liked it, but... when I think back, I don't really remember having fun playing it. It's like it wasn't bad enough for me to quit playing right away, but it wasn't fun enough for me to finish it and recommend it.

6 / 10, good if you like platformers that feel slow and calm. I personally don't.
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29 of 42 people (69%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
11.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 3, 2014
It's not bad, per se, just aggressively tedious and mediocre, while vastly overstaying it's welcome. There's also some goofball mistakes like the incredible lack of invincibility frames on being hit, the varying frequency of checkpoints (sometimes they'll be near constant, sometimes they're rare as heck) and the fact that several of the tools are pointless or incredibly niche.
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