Anna - Extended Edition has been given an overhaul based on the feedback of the thousands of players of the original Anna.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 12 de Abr, 2013

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"Moody, melancholic, and disturbingly scary. Developed by Dreampainters."
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“Puedes estar seguro de esto: Anna es un cautivadora historia de terror, íntima y con una fuerte personalidad. El mejor debut posible para Dreampainters”.
8.0 –

“Si quieres conocer los secretos de Anna, solamente tendrás que ir a encontrarte con ella en el aserradero”.
9.0 –

Acerca de este juego

Anna se ambienta en un aserradero abandonado que descansa en lo alto de las montañas de Italia. Este juego te desafía a descubrir pistas espeluznantes y a utilizarlas para resolver puzles relacionados con el oscuro pasado de tu personaje. Tu comportamiento no solo incide en la salud mental del personaje principal, sino que además puede cambiar las ubicaciones y desvelar nuevos secretos que te conducirán hasta uno de los ocho posibles finales.
Anna - Extended Edition se ha revisado teniendo en cuenta los comentarios de los miles de jugadores del título original. Presenta más entornos, más horas de juego, más puzles y funciones de juego adicionales, así como una interfaz y gráficos mejorados. Anna - Extended Edition complacerá sin duda a los fans de los juegos de terror psicológico, pues sus nuevas características ofrecen una experiencia de juego aún más aterradora.

Características principales

  • Un inquietante relato de terror psicológico
  • Tres posibles finales en función de las decisiones del personaje durante la historia
  • Rompecabezas del entorno basados en la física
  • Una fiel recreación en 3D de la campiña italiana y un siniestro aserradero te aguardan
  • Banda sonora evocadora
  • Intrincados rompecabezas que resolver y terroríficas pistas que descubrir

Extras incluidos

  • Fotografías de la ubicación del aserradero en la vida real
  • Banda sonora completa (Las canciones se almacenarán en la carpeta Anna dentro de tu carpeta de Steam: ...Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Anna\\Extras\\Soundtrack)
  • Libro de notas del personaje principal en inglés e italiano

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader model 3 graphic card
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 850 MB HD space
    • Sound: Stereo sound card
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Quad Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia series 3/4/5 or ATI HD series
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 850 MB HD space
    • Sound: 5.1/7.1 sound card
    • OS: OSX 10.8.2
    • Processor: iMac Intel i5 2.7 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.10.x
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 3 GB
    • Additional: 32 bit systems only
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Anna is the game which gives you much more than a standart horror game. First thing if you like Dear Esther than you'll like this game too. Anna's story reminded me usually Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly because of twin sacrifices and the mask puzzles from the first Fatal Frame. Soundtrack is great but it's too soft for the horror game or mystery game. one of the main soundtrack is very similar with first Risen game. It makes me feel like wandering around and cutting chickens in the Risen :D I seriously recommend this game. I'm sure it's story will catch you.
Publicado: 9 de Octubre
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This review will be about Anna - Extended Edition. I also played the original version tho im not going to say anything about it. I mean why play the old version when you can play the updated and polished one?

Story 8/10

The story revolves around a man with amnesia who dreams about an old sawmill in the mountains and a woman he can't forgot - Anna. To find his lost memories, the reason why he lost them and the true identity of Anna, he finds himself at this place again. In order to do so, he's got to solve misterys/puzzles and keep his sanity while witnessing a lot of supernatural phenomena to get his way through all the rooms in the sawmill to eventually find out the truth.

Everything will be told to you through voices you hear throughout the game, books you'll find and read, notes the protagonist will make about certain things and with your own intuition. The Extended Edition has 8 different endings which i'll not put on display here so don't worry about spoilers.
I enjoyed playing this game while discovering all the different endings and making conclusions on what exactly happend there. The story is not made that easy so you don't get bored after the first time playing it because you already know whats going to happen, but also not that difficult that you can#t understand everything. You will have a great time playing this gem if you pay attention and take your time to read certain books/notes you find throughout the game, because this game is certainly not something you can rush through and expect to understand everything. I enjoyed the story and everything around it and can only recommend it.

Gameplay 9/10

You see everything from the 1st person view, you have to explore the area and find clues and objects to solve puzzles/riddles in order to progress in the story(If you played something like Amnesia you will have a better image of what i mean). Theres no healthbar in the game so you basically can't die, but theres a bar that shows you your sanity.
Meaning if you witness to many harmfull events, the game will end with a rather unsatisfying ending, depending on how far you got.

the gameplay is easy to understand so nothing really there to confuse you. The only thing i would have to mention is that in the beginning the controls might feel a bit off when you are trying to use the objects you found and when you are trying to interact with your enviroment, but that will go away after playing for a bit so no serious problem. Only bad thing i would have to mention is that sometimes the phenomena you witness are bugged. Well leaving the 2 buggs i witnessed aside the game has a solid, simple gameplay.

Sound 6/10

Dialogs are voiced really good, everything is easy understandable and just fits the situations. Backgroundmusic and sound effects are not especially good or bad. The game also features different background music while exploring the sawmill.

Overall the music,dialogs sound effects are good. Nothing special that will be stuck in your head but im not going to use that as a negative point for the game. What i really didn't like is that you can easily notice when something is going to happen, because most of the time theres a change in music slightly before something happens. Personally i think that is the worst thing about this game since it takes away the fear, which..well.. should be in a horror game

Conclusion 7/10

Taking everything into account im giving this game a 7 out of 10. The story is enjoyable and interesting enough to make you feel like you want to know everything and get all the different endings to find the real truth. Gameplaywise there isn't much innovation but also nothing really bad to say about it.
All in all i had a great time playing this game, playing it multiple times to learn more about Anna and her story. Some of the phenomena scared me for good the first time and some of them even for the second and third time :D. I can really recommend this game for people who like horror point&click adventure games. But don't expect the great horror, if you do, choose something else because this game is focused more on revealing the good story with some nice scare-jumps to push up the mood of the game a bit.

Publicado: 14 de Octubre
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I keep seeing reviews putting this game down over the DRM that goes out of its way to be non intrusive. Would it be better if it wasn't there? Sure, but it doesn't really detract from the experience much if at all.

As far people claiming how difficult the puzzles are, they must be pretty dull. The puzzles are just challenging enough and they're even spelled out for you in-game. Almost all of the longer more complex puzzles are laid out for you in various books and notes, complete with pictures if you're not much into reading.

This game does a good job of maintaining a spooky atmosphere with a variety of events along with an always present AI that pops up unexpectedly. It has some tasteful jump scares as well as creepy audio that keeps you on edge.

Story isn't bad and it's fun to piece things together to get the true ending. It's not grandiose story, but it's short and sweet.

I don't regret picking this up and I honestly found this much creepier than Outlast, Slender, or Amnesia ever were.
Publicado: 19 de Octubre
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I have no idea what this is.
Nice scenery though.
Publicado: 27 de Septiembre
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8.8 h registradas
Did not enjoy it so I will not recommend it. Enough said.
Publicado: 1 de Octubre
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A dull mess of a game
Publicado: 29 de Septiembre
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This is a really boring game.
Publicado: 4 de Octubre
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Requires you to sign up for an account on some unknown web service and give them your e-mail address to play. Just an e-mail fishing scam.
Publicado: 17 de Octubre
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Además del cariño especial que le tengo por ser el juego con el que hice mi primer gameplay, Anna Extended Edition me ha intrigado y asustado a partes iguales. Siendo el primer juego de la compañía el resultado es muy bueno. Misterio, puzles y sustos asegurados.
Publicado: 12 de Octubre
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Valoración : 7/10

Aventura con puzzles que va de menos a mas, al principio no te enteras de mucho pero conforme vas avanzando la historia te engancha. Todos los escenarios son espectaculares y con mucho mimo al detalle así como hay 8 finales diferentes (aunque algunos son muy simples :)).
Publicado: 4 de Octubre
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After playing Amnesia, this was recommended to me.
I liked it a lot. For all the fans of Ego-Horror-Games (real horror games, not shooters), it's worth the money.
Publicado: 25 de Septiembre
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Too scary for me I tried to but I am far too much of a scaredy bear to do this.

I got the ending for getting the hell out of dodge I "beat" the game at least HA!

If you like scary games go right ahead and check this out!
Publicado: 25 de Septiembre
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8.5 h registradas
Really enjoyed the atmosphere and story.
Publicado: 25 de Septiembre
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I'm a little torn with this game. When I saw the preview I said, "YES! This looks like some really freaky horror s***!" But when I played it, My first reaction was one of "... Huh... That was a thing, that happened..."

To be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely dissapointed with the game, but I feel like during the development somebody forgot to ask, "Hey, I get that we're working on a horror game but... where exactly is the conciquence?" Don't get me wrong, some legitimately freaky stuff goes on but, it felt more like I was in one of those Haunted House attractions more than playing an actual game. Now I can defend something like Dear Esther utilizing a minimalistic game approach because there was an interesting story woven into the visuals being presented to the player, but this game doesn't seem to really have a story minus "Demons in a shack... maybe?"

I guess it's supposed to be like a 1st person 3D Point-and-click Puzzle adventure, but even then there is a lot of context missing from the puzzles, hell I spent almost an hour trying to figure out how to get into the cottege. If it's on sale and you want a short-lived horror experience then sure, pick it up. Otherwise, it's just kind of "blah" as far as horror games go.
Publicado: 4 de Octubre
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2.9 h registradas
I like the atmosphere - a bit scarier than I thought, which I'm happy for. The puzzles make me feel sort of dumb - not many games have done that. You really have to think for a few of them...and others just seem like guess work as the clues provided are not always the best. I believe I'm about half way through so the game on a normal play speed probably would take about 4 hours.

If Steam has this for $5 or less, pick it up.

Comparison: Dear Esther with more "gameplay."
Publicado: 5 de Octubre
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4.7 h registradas
this is a game worth playing once. but only once also its not worth more than 9.99$ evan 10$ is to much but if you have a chance to play this game for a good prize go play it
Publicado: 11 de Octubre
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Anna, from start to finish she is all A's.
The atmosphere of the game is very inviting and insidious at once. Just the exterior of the Sawmill is enough to make you curious about what is inside, and once inside, the door back out is always an option.
Publicado: 23 de Octubre
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Probablemente uno de los mejores juegos de terror que he probado nunca.

-Objetos que se mueven cuando no miras hacia ellos. Don't blink :D
-Varios posibles finales. Salir de la casa porque el juego te da mal rollito cuenta como final XD

-El inventario es un poco incómodo, especialmente cuando acumulas muchos objetos.
Publicado: 24 de Julio
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Anna es una aventura gráfica en primera persona de terror, aunque más que sustos lo que da es una ambientación tétrica y lúgubre y algo de tensión. La ambientación está muy lograda, y la historia de sectas y ritos antiguos resulta creíble y bien construida, centrada en el misterioso molino que debemos investigar y que va cambiando a medida que el protagonista se acerca a la verdad. A nivel de jugabilidad se trata sobretodo de puzzles de combinar objetos o de usar unos objetos en sitios concretos, aunque algunos de ellos son, cuando menos, bastante crípticos. No hay PNJs como tales, sino que el desarrollo de la trama se hace por medio de la investigación y los numerosos textos que vale la pena pararse a leer tanto por ambientación como porque dan pistas muy útiles sobre los puzzles.

A nivel gráfico Anna tiene un muy buen nivel, aunque una cierta escasez de localizaciones (por mucho que cambien, siguen siendo básicamente las mismas), y estas son además muy estáticas. El sonido tiene muy buen nivel, con numerosos efectos sonoros que capturan el molino a la perfección y una buena voz narradora; la música tiene poca presencia, pero cuando aparece si que cumple bien su papel.

Como crítica habría que señalar su brevedad (y es que los diferentes "finales" son, en realidad, fracasos a la hora de llegar al final) así como la posibilidad de llegar al final y que falte una pista que ya no es alcanzable (a mi me ha pasado), dejándote atascado inevitablemente. Con todo eso dicho, sin embargo, sigue siendo una aventura gráfica muy interesante, que aborda una ambientación poco frecuente en el género. Un 7,5.
Publicado: 30 de Agosto
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Fa poooooor! (Da miedo)
Lo recomiendo al 100%
Publicado: 8 de Junio
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