"This is some of the most fun I've had with a game so far this year, and it will go down as one of the best side-scrolling shooters of all time.
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Very Positive (16 reviews) - 93% of the 16 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
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Release Date: Sep 11, 2012

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“It is a meeting point between old game design and new, with every other moment punctuated with some of the most thrilling level and boss design to grace the genre. As improbable as it may sound, this game made by one guy not only stands up to the classics, it is every bit as good as Gunstar Heroes and Contra.”
9/10 – Destructoid

“If you’re a fan of the genre, then this one is a no-brainer, and a wholehearted recommendation.”
87/100 – IndieGameMag

“I have to tell you about Intrusion 2, because it’s like a game from my stupid dreams about games that couldn’t exist.”

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About This Game

Intrusion 2 is an action platformer set in a sci-fi environment on a reserve planet occupied by a hostile military corporation conducting forbidden weapon research. Intrusion 2 is inspired by classic 16bit era sidescrollers and focuses on classic fast-paced action combined with modern physics and animation.

Key features:

  • 9 huge action-packed levels
  • Enemy behavior based on physics and procedural animation
  • High interactive environment
  • 3 multistage boss battles
  • 3 difficulty modes, with more enemies and dangers on hard mode

System Requirements

SteamOS + Linux


    • OS:Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
    • Processor:2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirecX 9 compatible
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Additional:supports XBox Controller


    • Processor:2.4 GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Additional:supports XBox Controller


    • Processor:2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Additional:supports XBox Controller
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Very Positive (16 reviews)
Very Positive (919 reviews)
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Posted: July 30
Product received for free
Intrusion 2, developed by Aleksey Abramenko, is a shining example of what is possible when you harness the past with the technological capabilities of the present - doing so in an innovative way which builds upon that rock solid foundation with exciting new ideas and concepts in order to produce a winner. This single-player side-scrolling platform shooter clearly takes a generous helping of inspiration from the Metal Slug franchise at first glance, both in gameplay & art style, yet does so in a creative manner which makes the whole experience feel so much more impressive than merely being yet another modern-day clone of a popular retro-game, which so many other developers are more than satisfied with doing. But in this particular one, you have an entire physics system in place which tremendously adds to the gameplay dynamic in ways that I never even dreamed possible for a 2D game...in effect unlocking a whole new dimension of limitless possibilities.

Clearly, much thought and consideration was wisely invested in the level design here, because at no point did it feel repetitive nor monotonous to me. Each & every segment of its several carefully crafted levels offered something compelling and unique as far as gameplay goes...and I soon found myself dangling from ropes, grappling, tumbling, nudging giant snowballs over my foes to crush them mercilessly, prancing around in powerful mech suits, riding atop a big bad wolf who also attacks nearby enemies on his very own...and it just goes on and on from there!

Essentially, the genius of it all is that the highly interactive environment is much like a character unto itself here in many ways, because you will be both battling against as well as manipulating it to your advantage while using all of your wits - and doing so in the midst of the traditional slew of both human & robotically enhanced type enemies you'll face (of which there are countless different types to engage with). And they come in dramatically varying sizes as well...including truly massive and epic boss battles that will leave you utterly breathless afterward.

Moving onto its storyline now, not surprisingly it is fairly basic for this type of retro side-scroller: a hostile military corporation conducting forbidden weapon research has taken over a reserve planet and it is your sole duty to conquer this threat. Not exactly deep, but then again you aren't playing this for any other reason than to cause maximum destruction, carnage, and mayhem with the vast assortment of weaponry at your disposal. Speaking of which, I was quite impressed by the gradual introduction of new weapon types as you progressed further into it...and mostly they are seized from your fallen enemies to be used against them. Now that's some sweet justice if you ask me.

One caveat to note here however: this is by no means an easy casual game...in fact it is quite challenging & hardcore in scope...and you'll invariably need to repeat many checkpoints again...and again...and again. This admittedly may frustrate some. But on the flipside of the coin, the sense of accomplishment to be had is equally as intense when you are finally able to properly memorize the enemy patterns and movements...as well as formulate the most optimal strategy for success. In fact, it's downright gratifying once you are able to overcome whatever it may be that is hellishly impeding your progress further into this game. Fortunately there exists 3 difficulty settings present to help you along.

Graphics are fairly on par with 90's arcade games from this genre, and are quite adequate overall. Not hugely impressive by any stretch, but they certainly get the job done, and are pretty much what you'd expect from an idie developer. Although I do feel that they could have had a slightly higher contrast with more vibrant & saturated colours. And on a related note, the character movements & animations could have been a bit faster, as well as being snappier with the controls, where sometimes it felt just a tad sluggish. These certainly aren't major issues, but for the sake of balancing my review I did wish to mention it.

Thankfully Intrusion 2 does include Steam achievements (but no trading cards) which will enhance its replayability to a nice degree, but even without them I could definitely see myself going back and testing out different strategies and approaches for certain situations. Its robust physics system allows for quite a lot of experimentation indeed!

Finally, there is no online co-op present, but fortunately the single-player campaign itself offers several hours of nitty gritty entertainment which will surely be enjoyed by those who are up for its challenge.


It's great to see games reinvent themselves in ways which lift them even higher in the modern era, and this is why I was so enthused about Intrusion 2. It brilliantly captures every single ounce of what made these classics so much darn fun, yet in a way which feels fresh and exciting since more magical ingredients were added in to the recipe...resulting in an even tastier experience. At its very reasonable price-point, I would recommend this gem in a heartbeat to those who are looking for a bit of nostalgia with a modern twist, because make no mistake about it, this one is heaps of fun all around. And from my vantage point, that is always the number one yardstick by which to measure how good a game truly is. So saddle up your inner wolf and go on a prowl for what this one has to offer with your guns'a'blazin!

I'll rate this one: 8/10


- Environment is both highly interactive & destructible
- Superb physics & animation system
- Non-monotonous and varied gameplay with innovative ideas
- 9 expansive well-designed levels + multi-stage bosses
- Multiple difficulty settings to suit all skill levels
- Glitch-free & plays very optimized
- Steam Achievements
- Leaderboards
- Configurable controls
- Partial controller support


- Many sections will need to be replayed several times, possibly frustrating
- Colours could be more vibrant, slightly dull
- Character movement could be faster/snappier
- No Steam trading cards
- No online co-op play
- Macromedia Flash required

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( 0.8 hrs on record )
Posted: July 29
Fun game with a heavy contra feel.

Will be playing more of this
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( 5.8 hrs on record )
Posted: July 25
final boss is too difficult.
add more checkpoints to the fight or something because this fight is just driving me crazy
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( 0.9 hrs on record )
Posted: July 23
very good, plz make a third game
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( 20.3 hrs on record )
Posted: July 17

I've never played a more polished and well-crafted, well-done, well-made platformer in my entire life. The art is good to look at, the designs of everything down to the dirt are freakin' badass, the bossfights are creative, intelligent, and require skill, and everything about this game is so full of lit dynamite and momentum I think my heart is going to explode out of my chest. Buy this at full price just for the sake of praising these developers, it's only ten dollars anyway.
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( 21.2 hrs on record )
Posted: July 16
Short albeit good game.
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( 34.8 hrs on record )
Posted: July 10
Intrustion 2 is a 2D shoot-em up platformer bundle of testorone and awesomeness courtesy of vapgames. While it's not strictly a retro game, it takes obvious influence from games like metal slug and contra and it's not ashamed of it. And thankfully, intrusion 2 is not afraid of going over the top with it's action. Riding giant wolves into battle? Check. Fighting flying helicopters with giant arms? Check. Hijacking missle launching robots with huge machine guns? Check. I can not stress how freaking awesome you feel playing this game. You feel like John Rambo and Dwayne Johnson had a kid who only ate muscle milk and watched Arnold Schwarzenegger movies every day. You feel like the physical manifestion of all the coolest things all the coolest people have ever said, with a sprinkle of grenade launchers and rifles from the future. It starts off simply enough, parachuting onto a snowy mountain fightining little robots with a pistol; but soon enough you'll be taking out giant robo snakes, fighting soldiers with jetpacks and dodging piranhas. This game is difficult, but it's so much fun who cares? Just get it and revel in your own badassery.
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( 11.6 hrs on record )
Posted: July 9
ah yes, the intrusion games were always a blast to play when i was a kid. Now that the 2nd game has come to steam. Its time to relive some moments from my childhood. If you're lucky to grow up in the early 2000's and play the first game off of newgrounds. you know that the intrusion series is a throw back to 2d run and guns such as metal slug but with physics! The 2nd game continunes that while having much more to do. You'll be taking on giant mechs, Ninjas, and much more. I recommend this game for any fellow newgrounder or fans of any run and gun game from the 80s and 90s. 10/10, will get my ♥♥♥ kicked by maku again!
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( 4.9 hrs on record )
Posted: July 6
One of the best and purest action-platformer games out there, it's filled with intense combat and exhilarating encounters. Every once in a while I'll still boot it up, and even after all this time it still gives me the same adrenaline rush it used to with one of the best and most creative bosses I've ever encountered in a game.

If you're looking for a quick and condensed game reminiscent of the original Contra with awesome boss battles I wholeheartedly recommend Intrusion 2.
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( 1.8 hrs on record )
Posted: July 5
A very entertaining 2D shooter that makes use of destructible terrain that can then be used to harm your enemies. It plays really nicely and the bosses are extremely fun and quite difficult as well.
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Posted: July 1
First point of note. This appears to be programmed in macromedia flash. That's a bad thing. :(

HOWEVER, it is the only bad thing I can find so far. Whoever made this game is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ genius. It's gorgeous, the pixel art is amazing, the animations are incredible, the enemies, weapons, effects, the gameplay, the physics calculations, the environments, everything is awesome. Even the music is fantastic!

Imagine you took Contra - no... no wait. stop. Not contra. Imagine you took METAL SLUG. Imagine you took Metal Slug, toned down the silly, but made everything out of sprite pieces and had them animate like ragdolls and through procedural animations, meaning that everyrhing moves fluidly. Now imagine you added ABUSE's control scheme (WASD to move about and jump, mouse to aim and fire for example), and imagine you also added A GIANT ♥♥♥♥ING WOLF YOU CAN RIDE ON IN THE FIRST FEW LEVELS and GIANT ROBOTS TO EXPLODE.

You pretty much get Intrusion 2. Part of me is going "man what was Intrusion 1 like??" but I'm sorry, I can't even bring myself to care because I'M RIDING A ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ GIANT WOLF AND EATING PEOPLE AND SHOOTING THEM TOO HOLY HELL YES.

If there's a plot, honestly, I couldn't give two hoots because A) GIANT WOLF, B) AWESOME GUNS, and C) HELL YES this is good ♥♥♥♥.
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13.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 21, 2013
There's a section of the game where you're snowboarding down an avalanche on part of a dropship which you just destroyed fighting cyborg ninjas with rocket launchers who also fire ballistic missiles with giant mecha-snakes inside of them at you.

10/10 game would recommend
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38 of 43 people (88%) found this review helpful
3.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 29, 2014
Rating: 9/10
Status: Fantastic 2d Action game

The Good:

+ Great sense of action especially the first few levels. Game holds nothing back.
+Great variety of weapons
+ 3 different mechs to pilot
+ AMAZING Last Boss fight. Really surprised me how good it was. Definitly the highlight of the game for me
+ Nice length, does not wear itself out
+ Interesting physics however it can get annoying at times (objects get in your way)

The Bad:

-Controls may be a slight issue, one of the few 2d games where k/m was better than the controller.
-Because of the physics some boss battles may be more reliant on luck than skill
-Can be a bit frustrating at times.

If your looking for a solid 2d action game than this is for you.
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34 of 40 people (85%) found this review helpful
9.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 4, 2013
I got this game with a Humble Bundle a while ago and thought it was pretty mediocre after playing the first level. I must've seen some spark of greatness in it though, because I kept it in my "Currently Playing" folder instead of moving it to my Steam Graveyard of games I am finished with or don't care about. Boy am I glad I did. I booted it up and after another slightly less mediocre first part to the second level, I got to ride on a wolf mount. It was a little awkward to control, but I felt powerful and had a lot of fun.

From there it only got better. Epic boss fights, a few fun guns (laser and grenade launcher), three different pilotable mech suits, and non-stop action. If you like Metal Slug, Contra, and sometimes frustrating physics, this game is for you! And for any achievement hunters out there, it's not too difficult to 100%.
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0.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 2, 2015
What are you doing right now?

Are you:
-Riding a Wolf?
-Killing Everything?
-Fighting Giant Robots?
-Shooting a Laser Gun?
-Wearing a Badass Red Scarf and Goggles?

Buy this game.
You will not regret it.

10/10 butt-clenching levels of action at all times
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28 of 36 people (78%) found this review helpful
2.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 30, 2013
INTRUSION 2 is a 2D run n' gun action platformer along the lines of Metal Slug or more vaguely Contra. This is one badass, fun game, with epic, memorable bosses and creative elements like some pretty basic physics and destruction. You can destroy log bridges to send everyone falling to their doom, blow up the supports of watchtowers. Crush enemies under boulders you push over. Physics like that, which add to the fun. The enemies can take a beating and the weapons feel good, but even if there is a variety of weapons, not many feel different from one another. The levels seem like a marathon. They are so long you might find yourself wondering when they end. This is probably good.

Earlier I mentioned epic bosses. I don't use that term lightly. It makes me feel weird, but let me tell you about the first boss, a helicopter or hovercraft with arms with multiple phases. If its not shooting at you, its dropping soldiers out. If its not trying to hand pound you into the ground, its literally crawling after you. Its insane and awesome. It is very memorable and covers a lot of ground.

To keep things fresh, you can pilot mech suits... if not grab the gun off of a destroyed mech and use it on your enemies. Oh and if that's too normal for you, in the first level, you can ride a giant Arctic wolf. Its pretty nice.

The game is challenging, you do have a health bar, and ammo depletes, and you can die more from the controls than you do anything else, BUT the game is very forgiving, with plenty of checkpoints.

The controls take a bit of getting use to. You have your standard jump, duck and weapon switch keys, but then to aim you use your mouse. This allows for more precise aim, but I'm more used to the Contra controls of having 8 direction shooting instead of precision. If you're used to Teraria, you'll be used to this. There is floaty jumping that can take some getting used to and the physics seem really light and springy. The boxes will bounce around if lightly nudged. Some of the animation is springy like old cartoon characters. That is probably Flash animation for you.

It took a while to get over it, but when I did, I found this game to be really fun to play. There are crazy Holy ♥♥♥♥ moments, and moments where the physics can have some unique experiences for a 2D run n gun game, such as seeing a mech jump onto a floating box. The box bounced the mech up and kinda floated away just enough for a giant fish to eat the mech. That wasn't supposed to happen, but it did, and it was cool.

Well worth $10.
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12.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 15, 2013
Great game. Enemy&boss designs are awesome(and I actually mean it!), physics effects are actually useful, music fits the gameplay. Most of the problems come from the fact that it was made with Flash. Controls are somewhat laggy, framerate seems to be capped at 30, but still doesn't feel smooth, bad gamepad support, etc. None of these problems are game-breaking though, just a minor irritation, for me at least.
Update. I see that many reviewers compare it with Contra/Metal Slug and don't like the added physics effects. Well, this is NOT Contra. To me, its more like Abuse, which also was slower, controlled with mouse and involved slightly more thinking than average platform shooter. Physics, in my opinion, adds to the game, making every playthrough slightly unique, creating unexpected opportunities as well as irritations. I heard, this is called "emergent gameplay", but Nintendo kids seem to prefer games they can memorize and play by reflexes alone, instead of improvising, even a little.
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11.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 15, 2015
Intrusion 2 is a modern take on Contra/Metal Slug. And when I say modern, it is not an empty word!

However, let's start with what is familiar: Intrusion 2 is a 2D side-scroller with action and platforming, shooting soldiers and robots (some of which can be piloted) while occasionally negotiating some jumps. A lot of games have tried to ape the aforementioned classical games, but very few have come close to touch their greatness. Usually, they are dull with scarce enemies, repetitive levels and clunky controls.

The controls of Intrusion 2 are not beyond any criticism. There is some floatiness to the main character, but it does not make it clunky. It just feels weird, but it is still reactive and shooting is instant. One of the reasons for this feeling is that the characters are not sprites with all their animation frames pre-rendered. Every limb, every object in the game is actually controlled like a puppet by the physics engine. A modern spin that sets this game apart from its ancestors, in addition to the ability to shoot at 360°. The physics make the game feel both awkward and awesome at the same time, as robot legs fly around and kill soldiers in their fall. And there are mechas with grappling hooks battling by throwing rocks at each other when they are not flying around pulled by their ropes before a sword finish.

Sounds cool? Wait until you see the boss fights. I have rarely seen such amazing boss fights. They have tons of different stages and are hard while still being easy to learn, making them an entertaining challenge. They also look good, which helps making those fights memorable.

However, if the game keeps things fresh and cool during the first hour, once the novelty factor wears off the levels feel too lengthy and look-alike. There is very little variation in the settings and formula despite the promising snowboard chase at the start. The music is not especially interesting and too repetitive/annoying rather quickly. The robots have terrific art and animation, but the backgrounds look oddly photo-realistic and not very awe-inspiring. Since I am tackling the negative points, the difficulty associated with whimsical physics might frustrate quite a number of players. If you are not a good player, set the game on easy and enjoy the awesome beginning. If you like a good challenge with still more leeway than a very demanding game like Contra, you will no doubt pull through the short campaign and have a good time despite the less entertaining later levels.

A concession to make to the physics engine is that the game runs slowly. The framerate does not go higher than 30 frames per second, and some slow-downs can be experienced even on a good machine. This is most likely due to the fact that the game was coded in Flash, just like the original Binding of Isaac. Surprisingly, despite the intensive use of physics, there are very few bugs and issues. The controls are well tuned so that the player can instinctively achieve any action without pestering, such as grabbing cords or moving over physics-bound objects.

As a conclusion, this game is not perfect but an impressive example of what a modern Metal Slug/Contra would be. There are a lot of very cool stuff in here, so I definitively recommend trying out this game. Especially for the battles against larger enemies and the boss fights. The game feels like it is great and could almost be placed up there with Metal Slug/Contra, but it is dragged down by a few negative aspects and lack of variety once the beginning is behind.

Good news, most if not all of my gripes appear to have been corrected in the next game from the same developer: Jetpack Squad. This is something very promising that I am definitively looking forward to, and hopefully Intrusion 2 was the stepping stone to a masterpiece!
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3.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 24, 2014
Intrusion 2 is basically Metal Slug with physics. Objects get thrown around, trees bend and wobble, and enemies wave their mechanical tentacles around.

I didn’t really care much for the physics, but I guess that’s what made the gameplay a bit different from similar games. The mech designs were cool and the boss battles were epic. The final battle in particular was one of the most insane boss battles I’ve ever played in a game.

My main criticism about Intrusion 2 is that the levels just dragged on for a bit too long. Enemies and scenery just repeated a few times too many. It took me over two hours to play through the game, while Metal Slug fits the same amount of content into a much shorter game with more replay-value.
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7.8 hrs on record
Posted: February 12, 2014
I can't believe how absolutely awesome this game is! Also the fact that this was only made by one guy over the course of three years makes it even beter!
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