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Data wydania: 3 Paź, 2008
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Kup Project Aftermath


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Project Aftermath isn't the most beautiful game out there, but it does hold its own for a strategy game. While it's nothing like command and conquer or other RTS games, in the fact that you do not need to build up a base, but instead control several "heroes" which have a few units of their own. So you control these groups, giving them each orders.

Even though the units are simple, just single groups, there is an extra strategy element that makes this game unique. There are 4 different type of weapons and shields. Red, blue, green, and yellow. Each group can have a melee weapon and ranged weapon of a certain color. So a red gun with a blue melee, or whatever combination you'd like. The enemy and yourself have a shield of a certain color. That means that they are shielded to a certain extent to that weapon. So if a person has a blue shield, hit him with a green, red, or yellow weapon.

Heroes have special abilities too. These can either attack the enemy, make them more vulnerable, increase a group skill, or heal the group.

It's not the most polished game, but it is fun. I would characterize it somewhere around a simplified XCOM (original) thats real time instead of turn based.
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Zamieszczono: 22 lutego
This is a C&C game (Command and Conquer), not too polished, but it still has the charm, Definitely not worth the $10 price tag, if you want a good C&C game, get red alert 3, I did, and I found it a much more polished game, with better graphics, and better music. Only problem is that it's on origin, though I think it is also on Steam too. I got it during a humble bundle hosted by EA.
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Zamieszczono: 21 listopada, 2010
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Zamieszczono: 6 grudnia, 2013
awsome game !
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