Take control of the Seven Deadly Sins as you forge your destiny on a quest to troll humanity.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 13 dic. 2012

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"The subtle dark humor in Party of Sin is a charming detail"
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Acerca de este juego

Ever had that itching desire to break out of hell and into the highest reaches of heaven? In Party of Sin, you take control of the Seven Deadly Sins in a coopetitive puzzle-platformer for 1-4 players.

Master a large, dynamic team of anti-heroes -- the Seven Deadly Sins -- as you forge your destiny on a quest to troll humanity. Envy, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony are all multi-dimensional with special powers useful in many situations.

Swap characters on the fly as you change tactics based on the situation: ALL the Sins are useful in combat, ALL the Sins aid in puzzle solving, and ALL the Sins have coop interactions, both Good and Evil.

Adventure: A full 6 to 8 hours of gameplay is provided, in both solo and coop modes. Play over 20 levels on your adventure through Hell, Purgatory, Earth and Heaven. Upgrade your Sins in the shop by collecting God's forbidden apples. Five bosses like the Demon Narwhal and the Airship Captain stand in your way.

Solo: Being alone requires more thought and planning as you make your escape from hell. Challenging puzzles and battles that will force you to combine powers in creative ways await you.

Coop: You are not alone! Play with up to 3 of your friends and combine the sin powers in new and sinister ways. You will discover that all your powers that work on enemies also work on other sins. Use them to help the team or punish bad behaviour.

Inspired by known classics: Super Smash Bros, Zelda, Super Mario. Party of Sin takes the best games of your youth and melts them down into a sinful super-game. Powers are adapted from classic mechanics like grappling hooks and time-shifting.

Religious Theme: Explore four biblical worlds as you make your way from the depths of Hell to the vaults of Heaven, one angel at a time. Fight enemies based in Christian mythology like demons, angels, cherubs and templars. Take the final fight to Saint-Michael himself!

Join a party of epic proportions that tests your ability to think from the other side of morality… Which Sin are you?

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 10 compatible GPU
    • DirectX®:10
    • Hard Drive:250 MB HD space
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 10 compatible GPU
    • DirectX®:10
    • Hard Drive:250 MB HD space
Análisis útiles de usuarios
A 4 de 4 personas (100%) les ha sido útil este análisis
7.7 h registradas
Publicado el 3 de septiembre
Es un juego muy entretenido desde el vamos.

Tenemos a los 7 pecados capitales en nuestro control y tenemos la intención de escapar del infierno para destruir el Cielo.

Cosas buenas:
El arte y la gráfica es sencillo. Las animaciones son pobres, o es que quizás no me gusta el estilo de dibujo que se usó en los videos.
El sonido, decente.
Los controles, excelentes. El gameplay y el sistema de combate brilló por todas partes.
Los puzzles y enigmas, excelentes para saber que pecado va en cada lugar.

Cosas malas:
La pobreza de la IA. Ninguno representa gran dificultad a excepción de los bosses.
La corta durabilidad del juego una vez que se le toma la mano.
Que no me haya dicho "Thanks for playing" cuando terminé el juego ¬¬

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A 12 de 15 personas (80%) les ha sido útil este análisis
2.0 h registradas
Publicado el 21 de julio
The game is another of the side-scrolling dime-a-dozen platformer variety, where you swap out between multiple characters. In this case, the characters are the Seven Deadly Sins, with a very loose story making them relevant. There isn't anything that this game does that hasn't been done a million times before. Some puzzles require fast-swapping characters, so memorizing button commands is essential, as bringing up the character change wheel takes to long to allow you to switch in time to perform the necessary action. The button commands for swapping to various Sins don't go in order or correspond to the number of the sin, so this is more trial and error, and you'll find yourself memorizing certain buttons for segments of thirty seconds or so. This becomes tedious and repettitive, and there are many boss fights where one Sin will outshine the others, or where you'll need to swap Sins mid-battle. If you die at any point during a boss fight due to a botched jump or from one of the boss's attacks that has an incorrect hitbox, you have to start over from the beginning of the fight.
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A 7 de 9 personas (78%) les ha sido útil este análisis
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7.1 h registradas
Publicado el 13 de junio
Bit of an overlooked gem, though certainly in need of some polish. As actively role-swapping games go, this does everything right to make a good game and the puzzles are all pretty well designed. Its just not super interesting to play, is about the biggest criticism I can give it.

Probably better if you can play it with a friend! But its Local Coop only so... hope you have close friends. XP
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A 7 de 9 personas (78%) les ha sido útil este análisis
2.7 h registradas
Publicado el 25 de junio
Party of Sin is a puzzle platformer in which you play as the seven deadly sins battling demons to break out of hell. You can play single-player or 2-4 player local co-op.

Cool idea, poor execution. The game is a little too fast-paced for me (some of the puzzles I encountered gave only a very short window of time to perform a convoluted combination of maneuvers), some of the the enemies are way too overpowered (you're dead in 2 shots in almost entirely melee combat), and I found the bosses frustrating.
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A 4 de 6 personas (67%) les ha sido útil este análisis
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Publicado el 11 de septiembre
After playing just about an hour and a half before and after work, I can remark that Party of Sin is a largely enjoyable venture. It provides its antiheros (the seven deadly sins) with suitable interesting powers that work off each other well, it combines those in combat satisfyingly, and it breaks up the brawling with a few simple puzzles that apply the powers and skills of all the sins. The story is also pretty good, scrambling up elements of Christian dogma with a few new ideas to give everyone a sense of purpose.

It could definitely use polish. When the game's first boss is a lava narwhal, it's creative as hell but it feels like they're not recognizing how enjoyable the mythology and world building are for a game like this.

The controls, generally speaking, are tight, and I could see people having a lot of fun speed-running the crap out of this. They've already sort of set it up for exactly that, though blustering through isn't my style.

The one thing I wish is that we could rebind the keys. I never leave the jump key on space bar- I move it over to my mouse's side buttons as a holdover from the days I used a laptop to play Minecraft.
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