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Compete across land, water and air in incredible transforming vehicles that change from cars to boats to planes mid-race.
Release Date: Jan 31, 2013
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About the Game

Sonic and the All-Stars cast line up on the starting grid once again to battle for supremacy in the ultimate race. Compete across land, water and air in incredible transforming vehicles that change from cars to boats to planes mid-race. It’s Not Just Racing. It’s Racing Transformed!

Key Features:

  • Play as over 20 legendary All-Stars each with their own transforming vehicle.
  • Race across 25 tracks and arenas.
  • World Tour, Grand Prix, Battle Arenas, and more.
  • Unleash ingenious weapons or utilise your character’s unique All-Star Move.
  • 4 Player split screen and up to 10 player online events. Plus even take split screen gaming online.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
    • Memory: 1GB Ram (Windows XP), 2GB Ram (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
    • Graphics: 256MB with Shader Model 3.0 support
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 6.7GB free hard drive space
    • Sound: DirectX 9 Compatible
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: 2.4GHz Intel i5 or equivalent
    • Memory: 2GB Ram (Windows XP), 4GB Ram (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
    • Graphics: 512MB with Shader Model 3.0 support
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 6.7GB free hard drive space
    • Sound: DirectX 9 Compatible
Helpful customer reviews
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"What defines Sonic? What sets him apart from other major franchises?"

"Well, he runs very fast."

"So how can we improve on that?"

"Put him in a car?"
Posted: July 7th, 2013
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457 of 491 people (93%) found this review helpful
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You won't believe it... but, this is the best arcade racing game in the recent years.

The transformation mechanics looks gimmicky, but it really matters and makes the game more interesting. You must not only learn handling the cars: boats and planes control extremely differently each, other making the game more deep and enjoyable.

The tracks are extremely well designed, both visually and technically. There are some noob friendly courses like Carrier Zone and some strongly skill indexing ones like Burning Depths or Adder's Lair. Tracks are also changing lap after lap, which is very refreshing to the standard racing formula.

For many people this game may be very hard to complete on 100%. The AI isn't messing around - you WILL get hurt. But, you need to know - winning in this game is SO satisfying. You must fight all the time and even is you lose 9 times, then the 10th winning attempt will greatly repay you above your former investment. This is highly skillful game - the difficulty curve ends EXTREMELY high unlike other new racing games.

NO BLUE SHELL. Automatic positive. Weapons are very well balanced for the kart racing. There is still bit of luck, however is less emphasized than in the other games from this genre.

The main draw of this game is an online mode. When it works fine it is extremely enjoyable. Unfortunely there are many disconnection and lag problems that may make you Rage Quit for a while. That's not good by any means, but there is a high chance that you will get over it. The community is handling some bi-weekly tournaments, so drop on by!

Fun and refreshing mechanics that you will love to explore and use for your advantage. I highly recommend this game, especially for non-Sega fans, because this game is far FAR more than a simple fanservice.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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157 of 184 people (85%) found this review helpful
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In a time of despair, betrayal and greed within the video game industry, a holy beacon of light appeared out of nowhere, summoned by SEGA.
This light was called Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, a game built upon skill, experience and nimbleness. Following the template of ´95 games, this game is the proof of gaming culture reborn. With fantastic music, levels with incredible contrast, and gameplay so amazingly well built, you would be missing out one of the greatest and most fun multiplayer port one could think of. For your own sake, and the sake of realising that high quality games still exists, you need this game more than you think.

This game is seriously good. Ever play Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing, or Burnout? Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed basically combines all of the good elements of these games, and does a great job of having characters you actually want to see from both in the Sega universe and not in the Sega universe.

Most of the item weapons are counterable, INCLUDING the 1st place screw you item: THE BEES THE BEEEESS. I think everyone has a deep loathing of Mario Karts Blue Shell aka “bend over and prepare your ♥♥♥♥” or get into 2nd place for 90% of the race dammit. I am giving the Hot Rod item the screw you award though, it can be extremely cheap. The transform theme also bleeds into the tracks. The tracks actually change shape and even switch up when you transform, and it does it in very creative ways. For example, the one track gets blown to bits by an invading force, making you transform to plane for the last lap. This game easily ranks up there as one of the best goofy kart racers of all time!

I mean, really, when this game has Team Fortress 2 characters and Wreck-It Ralph as kart racer options, how can you hate this game? HOW?!
Posted: August 30th, 2013
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88 of 96 people (92%) found this review helpful
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I've played this game with a couple of friends a bunch over the last couple of days, and have played a ton of it on a different console, and I can simply say that this might be the best Kart Racer ever made. It takes everything good about Mario Kart, gives you more ways to increase your speed based on your skill, and has many different ways to play any character allowing you to play with anyone you like and have your optimal stats.

The course design, give or take a level or two, is always on the point. There's nothing more satisfying than learning a course and being able to flip and drift constantly. The ways the courses are laid out and change really allows you to visually tell how much better you're getting at playing, and it's always a nice feeling.

The graphics of the game also manage to shine quite well. With a well optimized engine allowing for nearly anyone to play, it's almost a surprise how good this game manages to look. The small details in everything from the Casino Park level to the Jet Set Radio level pop out quite nicely, and manage to look good even at top speeds.

The gameplay of the game is fun, simply put. I really can't think of another way to put it. The items are fun to launch at your friends or enemies, and they can all be avoided with other items or skill. If you dislike Mario Kart simply because of the blue shell, this might be your game. All three of the vehicle types are also perfectly balanced, and feel great to play with. It's just fun watching your car swiftly turn into a plane and then continue flying against your opponents.

If you're looking for a game to sit around and play with a bunch of friends online, I would highly recommend this one. It just never gets old.
Posted: December 4th, 2013
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Likely the best kart racer on PC. Sonic Racing Transformed's gimmick, the changing tracks & vehicle transformations is well executed, with each of the 3 vehicle types (car, boat, plane) feeling different, although the water driving feels a bit iffy. The tracks themselves are also generally very well made, with all of them very closing resembling the stages from the games they take inspiration from.
The game also has a pretty good roster of characters from the sega stable, including characters from sonic, Jet Set Radio, Skyes of Arcadia, and even PC exclusives like Football Manager and Heavy/Pyro/Spy from TF2, and while not that different from eachother, they still have small differences.
Lastly, perfomance wise, it's one of the better ports I've seen. PC's from 2008 will run this game just fine @ 60FPS or nearly that with most eyecandy on max.
Posted: July 14th, 2013
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