Create your anime life in Mabinogi, an MMO that emphasizes friendship and freedom over combat and quests. With the unique Rebirth system, you can live forever in the magical paradise of Erinn. Bring along your friends or make new ones in a world of possibility.
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Release Date: Dec 6, 2012

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“Mabinogi sets itself apart and proves that there is still room for original ideas in the MMORPG field. With it’s calm graphics and emphasis on socializing, Mabinogi is not the game for the hardcore grinder looking to clear the hardest content or get the rarest gear. Instead, its a game that can be played by all age groups and appreciated on multiple levels.”
4 out of 5 – MMOHuts

“There is always something to do in Mabinogi and best of all you get to choose. It’s a game that everyone should try.”
8 out of 10 – MMORPG

Chapter 6: Divine Knights

A powerful threat has come to Erinn, and it's up to you to stop it. Experience the return to classic chapter-based content and face epic new challenges in Mabinogi's most anticipated content update. For more information visit

Winternogi Events!

Log in and participate in festive Winternogi events by Wednesday, Dec. 31 to receive the exclusive Shining Hero 2nd Title. Check in every day to mark your Advent Calendar and earn rewards! For more information visit

About This Game

Welcome to the world of Erinn, a magical paradise where all your fantasies come true, and your life never ends. In Mabinogi, you can create your perfect fantasy life in a game world inspired by classic anime and manga. Unlike traditional MMOs, Mabinogi isn't class-based. Instead, choose from over 18 Talents such as Cooking or Carpentry, and specialize your abilities with 30 unique Life Skills.

There's something for everyone in Erinn. Arm yourself with epic weapons and embark on exciting adventures, or build a homestead and tend a farm. Mabinogi is all about socializing and player interaction, and there are so many activities to take part in. Join a band, cook a feast, walk the runway in a fashion show, or simply explore the natural majesty of this hidden utopia. You can even play as your pet, including dogs, bears, alpacas, even elephants!

Key Features:

  • Meet dozens of colorful characters in a beautiful world inspired by classic anime.

  • Thousands of character customization options, including clothing, hair styles and color, facial features and expressions, and much more.

  • Choose from over 18 Talents including Puppetry, Archery, Music, Tailoring and Cooking.

  • Live forever with the unique Rebirth system. Your character ages as you play, and can be reborn so you can pursue a different path.

  • Mabinogi offers an ever-evolving game world thanks to frequent content updates, weekly events, and more.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 or newer
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.5Ghz or better
    • Memory: 2GB or higher
    • Graphics: GeForce 7600GS/Radeon X1300 or better
    • DirectX®: Direct 9.0c or newer
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB or more
    • Additional: Web Browser: IE8 / Firefox / Chrome

    Note: Windows XP will no longer receive security updates after April 8, 2014. However, Mabinogi should not experience issues on XP so long as reliable anti-virus software is installed and up to date.
Helpful customer reviews
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425.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 30, 2014
although it says i have only 425 hours in this game that is far from the truth, i found this game on its website and then i went and found it on steam. Now although i love this game i will try to not be bias. so to begin, i will start the pros and then go to the cons
1.this game is massive, as of Thursday October 30, 2014. there is 16 generation story lines . then there is two episodic story lines , saga and iria, with iria on its 4th episode.
2. you can do almost anything in this game. I always ask people " tell me what you'd like to do in the game." and I normally get stuff like "trading, clothing crafting, black-smithing " and those exist , probably one of the only things you cant do is open pvp. you have to invite the person to a pvp battle and they have to accept it.
3. the graphic style, now this is both a pro and a con, i will talk about the pro part here, the good thing about the graphics is that they are rather simple. now not to say the game looks boring. the areas you can go are diverse and interesting. a winter mountain range full of giants, or a desert in a constant sandstorm with elves. or do you go to the lands of tera and tailliann, the front of the fight in g9
4. skill "tree". this game offer a interesting system for skills. it is free flowing. everything if offered to you at the start, there are a few that you have to unlock( like meteor, blizzard, and hydra transformation) or you have to be good in one skill set to unlock hidden skills. the beauty of the system is that you can always be doing stuff. i have one character that is level 2500 total and i have barely mastered any skill sets.
5. Combat, now combat is interesting because it truly matters on what skill set you choose to adopt. a battle mage or spell sword are going to fight completely differently from an archer or puppeteer. but the most basic combat is like a real time rock paper scissors where some skills trump others but are trumped by others. this makes you require a bit of strategy but also quick moves
6. events, there are always really fun and entertaining events, just last summer their was a big staged event that ended with an SAO event
1. camera control, now this is the biggest complaint I've gotten from people, the camera is not the easiest to control. you ether have to right click, or move you mouse to the side of the screen. now yes in combat it can be a bit annoying. but it just takes a getting used to, it takes a bit of pre-planning, like i said this is a pro and a con, now if you like the style and since its low in the graphics you can easily play it on low end pcs, but if you have a better one or don't like the art style, it will definitely be a turn off.
3. the openness, now i know a lot of people like the openness but most likely as a newbie will get so caught up will all the possible skills he will want to try to use all of them and be weaker than they need to fight enemies of there level. it takes a bit of discipline to focus on just one class.
4. pay-to-winness, now this may not be noticed by most people but since it is a free to play, there has to be some form of transactions. some of those include cool pets (like dragons) or gachapon that hold special items. these are used to get special items, these items can then be sold for gold to other players to make a profit. yes this does happen, yes there are people who have a whole quick slot full of dragons. but because of those people, everything can be acquired in game for gold. now it might annoy people that this is true but pay to win is not entirely true. it just depends what your term for "winning" i can honestly say I've probably spent 500+ on this game and that might sound crazy but for how many hours I've clocked i think its worth it
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11,983.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 3
It's alright.
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Posted: December 14, 2014
I can only begin to try to describe the countless good and bad things about this game, but the bad far outweigh any of the good. Detailed other reasons are noted after the 3 short lists of key factors. Note: I have clocked in several thousand hours over the 5+ years I have played this; before it was available on steam naturally.) Looking back, it was not worth any of the time or money invested.

The Good:
  • Unique and interesting way of "leveling up" as your power is based on skill levels rather than actual levels (a unique system known as rebirthing is the fastest way to gain the points to rank up skills).
  • Combat system Is complex and strategic, with MANY skills to choose from, you can even mix "skill classes" such as melee with supplemental magic attacks
  • An interesting story and lore with several hundred of hours of quests (not including non-story questing).
  • They now offer 2 basic pets (with no inventory), a thoroughbred and an eagle (flying pet)
The Bad:
  • Traveling can be a pain, pets can only be used a limited time per day, and are still needed to truly get around in longer dungeons and the map
  • To be effective at solo play you need SEVERAL pets, a mount, several combat pets (like dragons or nine-tailed fox), a cloud to heal your HP and wounds (they are also useful fighters; and with their healing nature can save you alot of inventory)
  • Inventory is a seroius pain to deal with, even carrying basic things you always want on you will need a pet or two (ex. basic tools for most "life skills"; tradeskills)
The Worst:
  • Has had major hacker issues, (characters being corrupted beyond restoration, deletion, etc.)
  • The game is horribly optimized, even with the highest end of computers you can and will experience issues with the frames per second in some areas.
  • The community is atrocious, you can find it difficult to even get people to help you with basic dailies (easiest difficulty), yet you will be surrounded with 30+ people just sitting in the area idling around and walking about.
  • Inventory is such a hassle to deal with in general; you will find yourself using up all your bank space, inventory bags, equipment bags (if/when you can afford them), and many pets to hold the things you need for dungeons and crafting.
  • Over time your favorite items will be damaged from even the best blacksmith/tailor, and when that happens it loses some of its max durability (naturally they make you fork over $6 USD for each "save" per item).
  • Everything you do and will want will be heavily directing you to the cash shop
  • Customer Support is deplorable

Addition of the new "free" pets: Thanks to some feedback I remembered those existed. However do not think its that great you now get some basic free pets for travel. The choices they picked for these "beginner" pets are among the worst in combat, they do not have access to their pet inventory feature (so they cannot hold anything, not even things to heal/mend you; mending is EXTREMELY important, as when you are alone, since pets can mend you as you sit down for full effectiveness of each bandage.

The Atrocity of the cash shop: I can only begin to try to explain why the cash shop is just among the worst. To save your item's max durability you must repeatedly spend ~$6 USD each time (each item i believe.) This is just unacceptable because you should not be influenced to spend money for something that is such a basic need of the game.

Pets cost between $2.90 and ~$18 ... naturally the more expensive ones are among the only really useful ones, as their cost seems to go hand in hand with how useful they will be in both function, and combat. These are important because of any combination combat, travel, healing, gathering, and inventory functions.

They just go too far tying the cash shop directly into the game,enchantments are among the worst. Want a good enchantment? Well enchantments themselves ... when they fail it destroys the item (at higher enchant ranks) lower ranks cost you max durability, and to even get to using higher level enchantments you not only have to do a series of enchantments (going from low ranking to higher ranking enchantment scrolls; you also need the enchantment skill level high enough to be able to do them and up your % of success ... to save an item from a failed enchantment you must purchase an absurdly expensive $$ thing to stop that from happenning.

Character slot availability also suffers, you only have 1 character per account ... luckily they have "assistant" cards given to those humans who choose a race (elves or giants) to ally with (not sure if this still holds true). After that you have to spend $10+ per character for new "character cards."). But this is a problem as it limits the different combat playstyles you can try (as levling up different skills do not always compliment eachother, and they all add to "CP" Combat Power, which makes leveling up skills substantially harder in the long run. There is also the fact that for some end game skills you will have to buy a special "ace" card of ~$6 to !$20 just to keep your progression going. One example being the Merlin talent. Depending how much you spend is how much it gives you to start with.

Problem with "Life skills" (crafting): You will find that it has lots of chances of failure, as if to pad and drag out the experience, some may argue its part of the joy, but I find no join in having an A rank herbalism and struggling to pick even base herbs (the most basic, literally), or blood herbs (for HP potions). Why it costs mana and having to rank up how much mana you have just to batch make potions is stupid (especially for warriors). tailoring and blacksmithing can also feel like a game of chance. And mining is only done within certain dungeons! (only 1 of which being good), There is also of course the obvious fact that Life skills take INSANE amounts of time, grinding, and effort to rank up (literally many hundreds of hours.) Enchanting (although in the magic tab) is the worst of life skill (because of pading and cash-shop tie ins), as you use it to enchant armors/weapons, and of course when those fail ... it destroys the item ... worse yet those scrolls EXPIRE after just a mere 24~48 hours. Basically in laymans terms enchanting is one of the hardest and most drawn out skills to rank up. And the most costly to items, as depending on the enchantment rank (the scroll imbued with the enchantment), you will lose 0~8 max durability to your item ... most have about 10 to 14. Why is this such a big deal? because you will be needing those good enchantments for good gear, especially for later in the game, you will quickly find that the risks for going up only get higher and higher too.

Imbalneces between races: You will notice that humans are the only race that can effectively use pretty much any combat style or skill sets ... yet they are also the slowest movement speeds (which has both travel and combat implications).

Races are all different, they rank up skills at different rates and costs, but also have different stats per rank. For example a giant has better melee skills (costs less to rank up too), than humans, and elves are the weakest at melee (to a point where investing into it is a bad idea for a playstyle.) Giving each race a lean is good, but making them drastic as it is, is terrible. Especially since finding gear for any race other than humans is VERY difficult (gear outside of starting and basic gear.)

The combat and story itself are interesting and wonderful (respectively), but Nexon has just butchered the game into something to milk money from, and the sad part is that its been that way for as long as I remember. So this game is definitely not worth your time, or your money.
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2,343.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 27, 2014
Played it a little. Swords, magic, guns, ladles. This game has everything

Only took support 3 years to respond to my ticket 15/10 would submit again
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 28, 2014
As a veteran who has played this game for 6-years, I would recommend this; however, this game has really reached its end-point and it has lost its luster. Why? There are various reasons and it's the reasons why I have left this game permanently, with some very few exceptions of coming back for the story content.

NOTE: I have played more than 2000+ hours of this game; however, I have never kept it attached to my current Nexon Account, because the one attached to this is my banned account.

Gameplay / Game Compatibility - The game engine runs on a pretty old engine from 2003 and it has hardly been tweaked for newer contents. While that might not be the problem, the reason why this game has issues here is because of the "security programs" and constant "bug fixes" that Nexon does. This game literally burnt out my previous computer, because it couldn't handle Nexon's new "security programs" and "fixes" between year 4 and 5, and had to buy an Alienware M14xR2 to keep playing at 30+ FPS a second. I can play Tera Online and Archeage and sustain better FPS at high graphics (which has a newer engine and better graphics) than what Mabinogi can do.

Game Management - Horrible. DO NOT HAVE HIGH STANDARDS FOR THIS COMPANY AT ALL OR YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. This company has went back on many of its promises to the player base in the past few years and literally doesn't investigate problems appropriately. There are hackers still playing who has been in major incidents for several years, while there has been countless innocent players banned because Nexon found them for "illegal third-party clients." Even I was one of these victims in year 4 of my gameplay, but I just remade my character after months of trying to dispute the claim with their e-mail and ticket system.

Game Community - You can say this has the equalivency to Gaia Online. Dramatic, horrible, and down-right vile. While there might be a small group of players who actually are nice and look out for each other, the grand majority of the community is compiled of either: elitists, drama wh*res, fashion addicts, merchants, Nexon / Sabina whiteknights (people who solely defend Nexon with complete disregard of what wrong they've done), PvP addicts, pr*stitutes/womanizers, and/or trolls. I've played on three of the four servers and I can safely assume this is on all the servers.

Game Events - Hallowed out and barely worth it. Out of the all events in two years, there is about 5~10% of the events that we actually get rewarded with decent stuff. Otherwise, all the events that get transferred from the Korean/Chinese/Japanese Servers get their rewards hallowed out and replaced into the gachapon / boxes. This is the only way how they can actually sustain their game services, because they literally advertise the hell out of gachapons and any event that requires you to spend money. (Basically, Pay2Win) So, you're basically feeding the company money for decent-quality events in the game. While they might've removed rebirth cards and such, they still ♥♥♥♥♥ out the gachapons and other services like crazy. And before I jump to the next part, Nexon loves putting those AFK events into the game.

Teamwork vs. Solo - In the beginning, the game was heavily relied on Teamwork in the dungeons. You had to be a high level with some good gear to even sustain Solo capabilities (which also involed Pay2Win back then) in all dungeons. After several years, a level 100 with heavily overpowered gear can do about the same as some overpowered 2k+ player did back in the first 2 years of the game. I can understand if you're making a new character to restart, but the game has went overboard on how broken a newbie can be now.

Overall - The game is actually good and such, but the company and community has ruined it to the core. I enjoyed the game over the past six years, but I had to finally put this game down in June and call it quits. The game wasn't really fun anymore, the community has been getting progressively worse overall, the game was starting to eat up more resources on my Alienware labtop, and the company kept forcing Pay2Win-events down everyone's throats. Why play a game that gear is heavily backed by Pay2Win options, a company that hardly takes care of the game and players and breaks it consistently, events that hardly has any value to them, and requires you to buy a new computer every year to keep up with the stability of the client? I wouldn't.
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Posted: November 29, 2014
Mabinogi is not your typical rpg, with the class-less character customization and clothing color system, it's practically impossible to be "just like" another player. The game can get very challenging at times, and also has multiple storylines for you to follow. Overall, your experience in this very old anime-style game will be like no other.

6 years and $4,300.00 later, I am sadly an addict to this game. I can't seem to quit. My money just keeps turning into NX Credit.

Quit while you can, it's too late for me.
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68.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 30, 2014
Okay, I'm gonna go straight to the point here. I love the concept that this game has. I think the fact that you can rebirth and master multiple skills instead of being restricted to one class is really cool. Being a music teacher, I also love how you can compose music on here using actual music theory. The in-game music is pretty awesome as well. One thing I don't like is how buggy the game is. The pathwaying for the game seems pretty sloppy, as I occasionally find myself glitching in the same spot when I try to talk forward (especially through the narrow hallways in the dungeons). I also invited some friends to play the game, and it seems like most of them have problems when they try to launch it (these people also have very capable computers, so I wouldn't call it a systematic problem). Another thing that really bothers me is the pop-up tip windows. I try disabling them, but it doesn't seem to work. It's tediously annoying to have to deal with that appearing in the middle of my screen during a fight.

Overall, I like this game. I think you'll enjoy it too, if you can work around the little annoying bugs and pop-up windows.
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1,440.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 23, 2014
I Would recommend this game to anyone looking for a mmo that really is like nothing else. I no longer play this on steam, but from the website, and my steam hours is about the first month I played, and my hours haven't dwindled on it per month. I've met some people i plan to keep around for the rest of my life on it. but remember, it's called a "fantasy life" for a reason (sometimes drama and all). it can consume ALOT of time.


Litterally no level cap,

Interesting combat (can be complicated),

Many classes, each with completely different play styles,

MANY MANY skills, (want to be a master of milking? how about hoeing? you can do that.)

almost always 1 or more events happening,

new stuff all the time,

friendly crowd (depending on server, but over all amazing and you can usually find someone willing to help you at any time, the game is better when your friendly and make friends, just a tip.)

more clothes and styles then you can shake a stick at, (all of which can be gotten with out spending a dime, though.. sometimes the dime would be "cheaper")

great customization options (sometimes at the cost of money),

interesting lore and story (if you can read)

regular updates



You can find yourself spending quite a bit of money for anything from pets, pon (for character features and homesteads), limited time clothes, character cards, and such

the nice clothes, aren't cheap with ingame money. get use to it.

combat can be complicated if your coming from the typical mindless button mashing mmo.

with out spending money, there is only 2 free pets you get on start, a horse (without inventory), and a eagle mount (with out inventory). later you can get a Pegaus mount (with inventory) per character, but you have to go through a story line that can kick your butt with out the skill lvl for it. There is a biannual event where you can (after alot of work) get free pets with an sizable inventory, other then that, events where you get pets.. are rare.

With out spending money, your basic character will look pretty bland and dull. (with one or two dollars though, it can be vastly improved.)

Gachapons, can turn in to an addiction if u don't watch out.

Lag, glitches and such happen, but are completely bareable.


Overall, it's an mmo i don't plan on leaving for a while, and i've hopped from most other mmo's out there, this one, is different and i love it. For me, the best part of the game, might not be the game, alot of it is the comunity.
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142.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 20
Mabinogi is a fun game with some anime content events installed (such as Sword Art Online) and the collaboration of the Hatsune Miku event.

Advantages: Fun with friends, a large variety of clothes to wear for fashion, MMORPG, very interesting and enjoyable storylines, more updates coming soon and fun events, less hackers, community is very social and friendly, make tons of friends from 4 populated servers.

Disadvantages: Massive lag with your computer and internet connection is horrible, very bad servers (tends to dc a lot if hot time is announced), a lot of rubberbanding (you tend to move back to your spot), tends to get boring at the start of the game (requires some active friends to keep you playing), if all storyline is completed it tends to get very very boring and making friend from different time zones tends to make it impossible to meet up and chat.
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Posted: October 29, 2014
I cannot recommend this game with a clear conscience. I simply can't.

I've spent a lot of time on this game. 2+ years on it. I don't even know how many hours. I lately came back to it after some odd months of not playing anymore, and was interested in some of the patches. And then I looked on the wiki about some of the new "character cards".

Ice Spear is a pain. Literally the worst. I've spent along time trying to get it. Ive spent every dollar to my name in game trying to get it, maintaining my character, working so long just to get this thing. And when I turn around, I realize that you can simply buy a character at 2000 total level with Ice spear level 3, AND Thunder level 3, AND Fireball level 3. All skills are a pain to get. A horrible pain. Like, I have spent WEEKS trying to get just one of these skills. Just one. Not even counting all the other skills that you get on this card for absolutely nothing, other than the base price of a simple 24 dollars.

I realize Nexon doesn't give a ♥♥♥♥. Everyone in game knows it. We all know they don't care. But I guess it wasn't until I realized how little they cared that it really hit me: I am worth 24 dollars to these people. Less, even; the amount of time needed to get everything on this card is almost double what I've done in 2 years. My entire investment in this game, worth 2+ years and well over 200 dollars on luxuries and stupid other stuff, is worth 24 dollars at the most. 24 real dollars for me, myself. Me. This is my price to Nexon, in exact change. 23 dollars and 90 cents.

I was speechless for a long time. And then the anger set in. That knife between my shoulders really smarts.

I am going to continue to play this game, because I feel like I have to. I enjoy the game and I've already put so much into it that stopping would be a horrible waste. But for the love of everything good that you hold dear to you, please do not spend money on this game, and please do not start to put time into it. Nexon does not value you and never will. The worst I can do to them for this betrayal against me and all the other customers that have been sinking time and real dollars into them is to write this review and never spend another dime on these capitalist scumbags ever again.

Don't play this game. If you haven't already, just don't. Won't take my word for it? Play for free for a while, and just ask around. Play their game; see for yourself how little Nexon cares, and ask yourself if these are the values that you want to support.
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Posted: November 12, 2014
A once great game now nothing more than a black hole for your wallets bordom. Maginogi, coming on 9 years live, has seen better days with more activity. What can be said? Nexon, the publishing company for the devcat studio based in Souel, South Korea, has watch its hit game run into the ground.

Nexon is no better, letting employees abuse the job by ban hammering anyone they please or creating chaos without due consequence or respect. Before Danel Kim showed up with KNoxxr, the infamious CFO, VP to PR; Mabinogi held on to the top 5 list in IGNs best free to play, letting player customize thier "Fantasy Life" and giving them room to follow a path of their own choosing without talent trees to follow. Mabi once held a hybrid subscription, where you could play as much a you want but things like mainstream storylines and talking with your egos, was not premitted unless you paid the 15$ a month. Rebirths weren't free either.

So whats changed and does it get my seal?

First off lets look at events.
Events have always had something to remember them by in terms of unquieness. Now every three months there is a fishing event. Events now do not reward the player justly as it did 2-3 years ago. Events are also tuned a step above in terms of difficulty. So no matter what your doing some event that you just can't solo, and if you do; the reward never fits, ever.

RNG, or random number generator, is heavly used in Mabinogi, mainly with life skills. If you ever enchanted something, you know what I mean, if not this is how it works, mabi never has a 100% garuntee unless it involves quest items. Now normally 100% meant 100%. From experence, 100% isnt 100%. At times the RNG feels more broken then working within the bounds it was meant for. Even Will Saves don't always roll and check. That being said it doesn't seem like the game likes playing fair.

Lately Content seems exhusted from being crapped out every 6 months for huge lore updates. The latest Saga season feels rushed and doesn't even explain anything past the re washed Ruairi hates everyone and no one live a hapy life. Old content has now been nerfed. Honestly, I hate how g1-12 have been reduced, even noobs can take Glas on alone and win. Although I do get bragging rights for about 90% of my toons passing g3 before nerfdom, the nerf given is a bit extreme. Without a level cap, or an end game result, nerfing kinda felt pointless.

Leveling no longer require grinding. Before g17, players were capped at 100, requiring more exp to be gained between times. Level 30 for most was the start of grindy. Now players can level to 100 with no problem. With Mobs that carry the Ancient title, exp is increased greatly for those not label weak against you.

Combat, Loot and game Mechanics.
Ok, here I'll start with combat.
Starting off in G2, you could use the skills you obtained from vairous parts of Ulhaid, and make combos or useful ideas to down a somewhat OP mob. Now the combat engine features a no load, post-use cooldown. Effectivly making me feel weaker and using my skill with way more cumbersome use. Before you could use stradegy or have a unquie fighting style, where now is more number crunching to one hit everything.
Loot is for the most part off and on when it comes to getting that one thing. For one, Ancients used to drop items that normally you would find in Advance dungeons, Theater Missions, Shadow Missions, or quest items like Fireball shockwave thunder or Ice Spear. They now drop nothing. Mabinogi also has annoying times where the loot given for very hard mobs dont fit what so ever. Where trash drops better than average stuff where the boss drops trash.(Yes some do). And if your looking to farm gold from Mobs, do not bother. Your better off playing the market.
Game Mechaincs are the only thing that do make sense. If someone has a shield and is defending, no matter the skill the cannot be knocked back unless being charged. SOme mobs have certain restrictions when it comes to fighting them. However limited, mechanics still exist.

Community is dead.

Customer Support is really a bad joke now. Submit a ticket and get a response in a week, if your graced with good fortune. Everyone who answer a ticket is cryptic, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ like, ♥♥♥♥♥♥ bag, or plain ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and lazy. They treat you like ♥♥♥♥ and still expect you to be ok with it. GMs are now not allowed to make them selves public due to a bad day in Dunbarton. PR is not something Nexon is fond of assocating themselves with. Modders have even moved on, not to the 5 anti cheating systems now in place, but merely because Nexon will ban anyone for any reason no questions or refunds.

Cash shop.
It has its sales, it has good things. Mainly more for people who have nothing else to blow money on.

The same when it launched. Mabi uses an anime style of CGI. But no improvements have been made since. Same with Sound.

This is a game for those who once played it, I will never recommend a Nexon game, ever. Mabinogi is more for those who want nostagla. Otherwise, your in for a night of swearing.
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Posted: August 24, 2014
Mabinogi... is a thing. It has soo much content that you simply cannot do everything unless you dedicate all your time to playing. You can easily get lost in the game so much that you are planning and checking the Wiki constantly for how to do something.

Graphics - While not the best graphics, the graphics themselves are fairly good. They fit in very well with the game's style. However, the Physical (collision, movement) portion of the graphics are complete crap. This is likely to do with the engine or bad net coding as a result of the poor engine. But the displacement lag among other things make this game something to yearn for.

Content - You are not prepared. I do not know of any game that has the level of content that Mabinogi that is actually useful at all times. Unlike games like WoW, Mabinogi quests stay useful and do not go obsolete. The 'Generations' keep moving forward and new players start right from the begining. None of that "Oh hey, you can do quests... but you will really only get to experience the current xpac and everything else is a faceroll" kind of deal. There is also a very interesting and very long story to be told if you are interested in the RP aspect.

Combat - Combat, as stated in the Graphics, is kind of meh. I think it could Vastly be improved if DevCat/Nexon took the time to upgrade the engine and fix the problems plauging the game. But, that will take time. I just hope it is in the pipeline soon. I actually think the combat style itself is very tactical and interesting, but suffers harshly because of the engine issues and terrible net coding.

The game can be a bit hard on new players and players seeking to do the generations may find themselves struggling. Vetrans think the generations are too easy while new players think they are too hard. The game does have scaling built in, where it gives harder monsters based upon your combat power, but it has not been properly updated in some time.

Overall, I would recommend the game if you like anime MMO's. Mabinogi has something not seen in other games so it is worth trying out (it is free after all). I think Mabinogi could have a very bright future if DevCat/Nexon start focusing on the ever-present problems with the game. But, you do learn to live with them and find quite a bit of joy playing the game. Whether you like to fight with magic, range, or close combat, you like to craft, make stuff, or trade, mabinogi has it.

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Posted: November 22, 2014
i have like almost 4k hours of course it's amazing
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Posted: November 25, 2014
Good game. Bad Devs. It is fun with friends, It isnt very grind heavy except for skill leveling. Being a bard type character is great since you can make your own music scores, or find your favorite boss theme .midi files and making your very own music scores. This isnt a game for graphic ♥♥♥♥♥s, but if you want a game you can be casual or hardcore with friends this is a good game for that.

Comparing the cash shop to other games, Nexon is a little better in a 1:1,000 ratio as in 1 USD is 1,000 Nx. The gachapon system is complete ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ though, it may seem tempting but the chances of getting something truly good is all based on RNG or simply how lucky you are. Though costumes and dyes are fair enough prices. a full costume that is on sale for the month of event comes in a all in one package, usually no more than 15 USD. and pets never going over 18 USD as far as i have seen in my years of playing. Best still is they are all unlimited, and never disappear. Pets however do only stay summoned for a set amount of time until the daily renewal.

I'm not going to say don't spend money cause thats the players choice. When i first starte dplaying when i spent money i didn't feel regret, now in the past year or so i hate spending money on somehting i want for my character. Unlike other games i play like Warframe and Elsword.

All in all i would give this game a 8/10, since i still do come back to play it, and make music scores often.
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Posted: January 17
Although it is advertised as a free to play game, sometimes I feel like I can't afford to play this game if I did not have the incentive of playing for such a long time. I would recommend this game as an exploration tour of how different and open-ended this MMORPG compared to others, with its unique leveling system. I however advise not to get too attached to it as a long-term game, due to getting and creating great equipment relies heavily on the cash shop rather then skill and labor (via fine reforges and prenchanted gachapon items.)

+ Very Open-Ended Character Customization; you'll be sticking to one character and he'll eventually have every skill.
+ Unique Leveling System; Although it follows traditional leveling; your relative power is based on what skills you invested in. Combined with the ability to reset your level AND keep your skills that you have ranked over time, you will continue to grow and grow.
+ Unique Combat System; This is a not a turn-based combat where your stats and gear can save you, but rather skill-based.
+ Consistent Flow of Events; Rarely you will never see a day in Mabinogi without an in-game event going on, so you can find yourself occupied with something new every week. Great goodies for everybody.
+ Aesthethics; You find more then 1000+ types of clothing to decorate how your character will look, and the ability to dye them to the color of what you want.

- P2W Cash Shop; The introduction of fine reforges and gachapon (enchanted gear, titles that increase your stats, buff potions, etc) tend to drive competitive PvE'ers away. Maintaining good gear is extremely expensive, but these are fortunately tradable from other players.
- Server-sided Issues; This game is very prone to rubberbanding and lagging at times during peak hours.
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Posted: December 13, 2014
I love it, if your not sure, try it. When I started I was a bit Eeeeeh, But that intro, that starting area filled me with awe and adventure and I set off, I barley scratched the suface with my 400 or so hours from just having fun and exploring, theres so much to do, and classes? Pfffft no more, do what you want, be free.
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Posted: January 23
Needs new controls. The training quest is a timed thing and being timed means mistakes. You're rushed, you make mistakes.
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Posted: January 15
It's an amazing game! If you watched Sword Art Online, then you've basicly seen only a small taste of this game. It has magic and many, many types of weapons, ranging from swords and claymores, all the way to using simple puppets to fight for you. It's more of a different world then a game, if you ask me.
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Posted: September 28, 2014
If you're looking for a good fantasy life MMO, look no further. Combat, crafting, social, this game has all of it. It's easy to get into, it's easy to play, and I easily recommend any fan of MMOs give it a try.
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Posted: October 30, 2014
A very enjoyable game if you have a lot of time on your hands. Not as easy when you only have a couple of hours every week but still fun. I would like it better if it wasn't mostly focused on fighting, but it makes sense that it is in some ways. It's mostly a game to play if you have friends who play it however because most people tend to stick to groups they know but occasionally you find other people who are pretty cool and you become friends. Overall though it's a good game that has an interesting story and i won't forget about it for a long time to come.
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