Dive into stylish, bloody combat with Vindictus, one of the most brutal action RPGs.
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Release Date: Jun 22, 2012

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August 17

The Ein Lacher Challenge Update

Battle bosses one-on-one in Ein Lacher, take part in a new Royal Army Raid with numerous improvements and battle your fellow mercenaries in the improved Siege PvP Match. Vindictus' latest update has arrived with plenty of toys and fun things to do for everyone, check out all of the details below!

Take the Ein Lacher Challenge
Ein Lacher is a new way to test your mastery of Vindictus. You'll have no party to carry you, no teammates to distract the enemy boss and no lesser foes to work your way through. Just you and one of the bosses of Vindictus, battling it out.

Each day, you'll have a choice of 10 Ein Lacher battles to complete, selectable from the Exploration Departure map. You have to go it alone, but you'll have a few advantages of your own. You'll be sent right to the boss, with no other foes standing in your way. If you do fall in combat, you can revive yourself for free and continue the fight.

You'll even get EXP, AP and Gold upon defeating your foe, albeit with an increasing penalty to your EXP, AP and Gold rewards after the 4th free revive. Evil Cores will also drop, however limited to the number of Evil Cores per day you can normally claim from those foes.

Defeating bosses in Ein Lacher will also reward you with up to 20 Honor Medals per day that can be exchanged for Emblems, AP and EXP potions and Seals of Bravery from the Royal Army Recruit in town, based on how commanding a performance you gave:
  • Bronze Medal: Defeat the boss while falling 3 times or less and earn an Honor Medal
  • Silver Medal: Defeat the boss without being incapacitated to earn two Honor Medals
  • Gold Medal: Defeat the boss without ever taking damage for three Honor Medals!
  • Each Medal is only awarded once for each challenge
There's even a special set of titles you can claim to show absolute proof of your abilities, for clearing the Ein Lacher battles with Bronze, Silver or Gold medals. Just don't expect these awards to come easy: The bosses of Vindictus are in no mood for games.

Improved Royal Army Raids
Group based battles aren't being left out, though. We've gone back to the Royal Army Raids and given them a series of enhancements to make them more engaging, better balanced and ultimately more fun. Two improvements are the most obvious: First, you will now be able to see the health bar for all bosses in Royal Army Raids. Second, all lower-level raid members will no longer be a handicap. All characters below level 90 will have their Health, Attack and Defense boosted to give them a fighting chance.

We've also added new rewards for completing the Royal Army Raids. Defeating the boss will reward you with one of three different Mysterious Glass Bottles. These bottles contain powerful rewards: 50 AP and a Seal of Bravery, top-tier crafting materials or even an orange-quality Weapon Essence that can be used to craft the most powerful weapons available!

Those aren't the only changes, however. In order to make it easier to find a party, only one Royal Army Raid will be available, changing each day. These raids will also start with a minimum of 10 players, at least four of whom are level 90, and up to 16 characters can take part. You also will no longer be able to use Ultimate attacks in Royal Army Raids. Oh, and there's one other little change...

The Peerless One is back for the Royal Army Raids! The Serpent King Lakoria has a powerful array of poisonous attacks, and a massive appetite. Whether swallowed whole, flung into the air to come crashing down or infected by a lethal toxin, you'll need your wits about you to stand a chance against this most massive of monsters.

Improved Siege Rewards
We've also boosted the rewards for each PvP Siege Match! With this update, everyone on the winning team will receive 12 Seals of Triumph, a 200 AP Capsule and 30,000 Gold each, while the losing team will earn 8 Seals of Triumph, a 100 AP Capsule and 20,000 Gold each.

In order to make Siege Matches more of an event, we've restricted their availability. As such, Siege matches will only occur every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday between 3:00 AM and 10:00 PM PDT (6:00 AM - 1:00 AM EDT, 8:00 PM - 3:00 PM AEST). The UI will let you know when a new match is available, so be ready to storm the castle!

Screenshot Mode

We've also added a special Screenshot mode to help you get images of your characters in the best light possible. You now have access to three independent cameras that can be positioned to follow your character around at a variety of angles and distances. While Screenshot Mode is active, every time you take a screenshot, an image will be taken from both your main camera angle and any active Screenshot Cameras.

Adjust a Screenshot Camera with the mouse: Left-Click to rotate the camera, Right-Click to strafe around with the camera and hold the Scroll Wheel to zoom in and out. These cameras will move and turn with your character, so get some great camera angles and show off your skills in style!

Mad Psycho and Manic Jester Sets

This month's update brings two new sets, the return of a classic Limited set, an array of hair, inner armor and tattoos, the triumphant return of the Premium Weapon Fusion Rune and more!

Check out the full details in the Mad Psycho and Manic Jester Sets post.

Exquisite Chest Events

It's been a year since our last Treasure Chest event, and even longer since the Fruit Fight event has been around. We're bringing both back around this month to give you a wealth of rewards no matter what you want to play. We're also easing you into the new normal for Royal Army Raids by giving you three Royal Army Raids each day for the next two weeks.

Check out the full details in the Exquisite Chest Events post.

Known Issues
  • Serpent King Lakoria (Royal Army Raid): After Lakoria transforms into his primary form, his health bar will go from 25x to 20x. His total health is unchanged, this is only a visual issue
Bug Fixes and Additional Game Improvements

  • Fixed issue of client shutting down when player attempted to use the Marketplace with a character under the Marketplace level requirement
  • Fixed a mail issue of items binding once returned to the sender, if the intended recipient had no space in the inventory
  • Fixed a progression issue with the storyline “A Different Kind of Friend”, due to Tristan’s absence
  • Fixed an issue of being able to open the Storage Chest in PvP by pressing the Shared Storage hotkey
  • Fixed an issue where the Hot Spring soap user panel wouldn't update
  • Fixed an issue of players colliding with each other after the Succubus Queen Nightmare
  • Fixed an issue with Goddess Grace (Gift) being disabled, even the player has one
  • Fixed the memory leakage when the window is minimized or the screen is locked
  • Fixed an issue which allowed players to move in the Avatar Shop
  • Fixed a crash issue while running scaleform-related games
  • Fixed an issue with items disappearing when failing to register the items from an expired Storage Chest to the Marketplace
  • Fixed an issue with abnormal camera when returning to the character selection screen from in-game
  • Fixed an issue where certain boss range attacks applied 4x critical damage
  • Fixed an issue where party members could not obtain Secondary Weapons in Labyrinth
  • Fixed an issue with not accelerating when touching the Charles Race item
  • Fixed an issue where Lakoria gets stuck in a never-ending cycle of Clashes when Karok gets killed while attacking with Clash
  • Minor balance changes were made to Ben Chenner Summit battles and enemies
  • Fixed issue with the Daily Mission Rewards icon not disappearing once the reward was claimed
  • Guild Storage History Time is now in Local Time
  • Fixed the issue of the damage dealt by a party member's pet being displayed even when 'Party Related', 'Display Damage Dealt By Others' in the 'Turn Off UI During Battle' section of the UI setting was checked off
  • Fixed an issue of status effect icons disappearing upon changing equipment while waiting for departure
  • Fixed an issue where Incinerate gauge does not get updated in real-time
  • Fixed the issue where the Inventory Tab Tooltip did not disappear
  • Added a confirmation prompt when attempting to destroy Event items
  • Fixed an issue with the Story window overlapping
  • Fixed an issue with Stamina gauge not functioning properly in Season 2 battles
  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Result UI was moved to the bottom of the screen when the game window was minimized
  • Fixed an issue where the Revival UI is unavailable while a confirmation window appeared
  • Fixed an issue where the speed of UI animation is affected when the frame speed gets slower
  • Fixed an issue with basic difficulty not being set when moving to another region and creating a room after selecting easy mode
  • Fixed an issue with Story UI not becoming transparent among the NPC UI
  • Fixed an issue where UI location changes were not saving properly
  • Characters are now immobile while creating an item with Expertise
  • Fixed an issue with crafter's name not appearing when crafting with Expertise
  • Fixed various clipping issues with the Zecallion armor gloves and legs
  • Fixed an issue where Kai’s Arrow was displayed in the Outfitter Shop
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Dark Rev Outfit and Fantasy Inner armor was equipped on Evie or Lynn
  • Fixed an issue with Kai's arrows not disappearing
  • Fixed an issue with the Twin Swords’ weapon trail displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with Lynn Divine Spear’s charging sound not playing properly
  • Fixed an issue with Evie’s Bloody Thread Drain sound
  • Fixed the issue of in-progress sound and completion sound being played in place of each other when doing a power fusion
  • Fixed an issue where the Focus UI Cooldown does not sync with Skill Awakening Cooldown when moving between sectors
  • Fixed issue of 2-hit link attack not working after Delia guards
  • Fixed an issue with Delia’s "I Have Fury" title
  • Fixed an issue with the sound and effect not appearing when Delia blocks projectiles with Eclipse
  • Fixed an issue of not being able to obtain the title Coronated even upon using Healing Corona
  • Fixed Evie's Rage Conductor having incorrect direction control
  • Fixed an issue where Fire Shock's Wide Area Attack occurred in incorrect locations on certain maps
  • Fixed an issue of Fiona dealing 2 attacks when Focal Point is used after Shield Dash
  • Fixed an issue where certain monster attacks would hit while guarding
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed Bow Kai to use some skills without expending SP
  • Fixed an issue with Bow Kai’s torso freezing when using Prey Dive while charging a normal Longbow attack
  • Fixed an issue where Gun Kai could use Revolving Skills without learning the skills
  • Fixed an issue where Bow Kai Sudden Critical damage didn’t apply properly
  • Fixed an issue where Bow Kai Sudden Critical disappeared
  • Improve Revolving UI response according to Gun Kai's ATT SPD
  • Fixed an issue where Bow Kai and a character with an aim skill could use the skill for free via a specific command
  • Fixed an issue where only one of Kai's Longbow Shot moving charging arrow hit
  • Fixing an issue with Headshot not appearing for Bow Kai's arrow attacks
  • Fixed an issue where using Dropkick to defeat the Blood Lord Champion did not award progress toward The Blood Lord Champion title
  • Fixed an issue with Karok's Standby Clash not working
  • Fixed issue of detonation only applying 1 Swift Assassin damage in PVP
  • Swift Assassin
    • Fixed an issue where detonating Swift Assassin wasn’t visible to others
    • Attacks which grant Zhen Swift Assassin strikes will now replace existing Swift Assassin strikes on enemies who already have 10 Swift Assassin strikes
    • Swift Assassin strike will now apply 50% additional damage is to targets which cannot have Swift Assassin strike placed on them
  • Golden Arm
    • No longer applies Swift Assassin
    • Damage has been increased
  • Fixed an issue where invincibility sometimes was not being applied for Lynn's skill Wind Step
  • Fixed an animation issue after using Divine Spear
  • Fixed an issue where Double Cross cut didn’t activate if smash was pressed before the tumble
  • Fixed the issue of Heart of Ice activating if a normal hit is used after Biting Cold is used during Hailstorm
  • Fixed an issue with Vella’s transformation motion
  • The title "Perilous Ruins Conquerer", earned after defeating 1000 gnolls with objects, was renamed to "Perilous Ruins Caretaker"
  • Fixed the item descriptions for the Awakening Runes to be more accurate to their function
  • The description text for Fiona’s skill Active: Shield Charge now displays the proper SP cost of 750 SP
  • The description text for Vella’s skill Active: Wind Rider now correctly references Twin Swords

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July 14

Delia: Nobility's Finest Update

Trained by the finest in the world. Enchanted by the chaos of the battlefield. Captivated by the deaths of her foes. The wait is finally over, as the lovely lady of the land has arrives to the battlefield, Bastard Sword in hand. Face the Fomor horde with Vindictus' newest mercenary, Delia!

Delia, Nobility's Finest Daughter

Delia wields a two-handed Bastard Sword, a heavy blade whose size is only exceeded by Hurk's massive Greatsword. The young princess has been trained to use the full length of the blade with each swing, using her momentum to plow through her foes. But don't think all she can do is hack and slash her way to victory; Delia has a wealth of special moves and powerful combos to leave her enemies in pieces.

Combos and Standard Attacks

Vindictus' classic Combo style forms the backbone to Delia's offense, using a series of Normal strikes and Smash attacks to devastate her foes.

More info here: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/14804/delia-nobility-s-finest-update

Special Attacks

After building up SP by bisecting a few Fomors, Delia can unleash powerful attacks bound to the quick slots or through the SP Skill button. Each ability has its own use, and taking advantage of every one will be a key towards victory.

More info here: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/14804/delia-nobility-s-finest-update

New Character Creation Menu

Now that we have a new mercenary in the mix, we've unloaded a few improvements to the Character Creation process. Instead of having to complete the tutorial before customizing your character, you'll be able to tweak your character's appearance to your satisfaction first. We've also added a few different forms of lighting to the Character Creation screen and Avatar Shop, to give you a better idea of how your mercenary will look in different environments.

Pet Name Change Coupon

You asked for it, it's here: The Royal Army Recruit now has a cache of Pet Name Change Coupons that you can purchase for 5,000,000 gold each.

Radiant Princess Set, Bloody Night Set and More!

Delia brings new outfits to Vindictus as well, with two gorgeous ensembles linked to the stars themselves. Karok's even gotten into the act with his own unique addition to the shop. With new packages, new hairstyles and inner armors and a special leveling package for nobility's finest daughter herself, there's going to be something for everyone!

Check out the Radiant Night Sets and More post for the full details.

Noble Princess Events

With Princess Delia's arrival to Vindictus, two new events are here to reward you for your time with this powerhouse warrior. Play every day for a wealth of prizes with the Delia Attendance Check Event and fight your way up to 90 for a pair of new, Delia specific titles with the Noble Princess Event!

Check out the
Noble Princess Events post
for the full details.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements
  • Corrected the AP Limit Warning message to warn player to use their AP before entering a battle
  • Corrected the item description for Raonne’s Enhancement Pouch to no longer refer to increasing the stats of a player’s items
  • Jump Event Items: Crescent Moonlight Ring (Permanent) and Thunder Ring (Permanent) will accept the Twilight, Crescent Moonlight's, and The Dead enchants
  • Jump Event items: Emerald Belt (Permanent) and Ruby Belt (Permanent) will now accept the Subdued enchant
  • Jump Event items will now have proper enhancement level stats
  • Fixed an issue where expired items could not be removed from Guild Storage
  • Added several features to Advance Search on the Marketplace which will allow players to search for and sort specific scrolls

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Delia - Nobility's Finest Daughter

Trained by the finest in the world. Enchanted by the chaos of the battlefield. Captivated by the deaths of her foes. The wait is finally over, as the lovely lady of the land has arrives to the battlefield, Bastard Sword in hand. Face the Fomor horde with Vindictus' newest mercenary, Delia!

Delia wields a two-handed Bastard Sword, a heavy blade whose size is only exceeded by Hurk's massive Greatsword. The young princess has been trained to use the full length of the blade with each swing, using her momentum to plow through her foes. But don't think all she can do is hack and slash her way to victory; Delia has a wealth of special moves and powerful combos to leave her enemies in pieces.

Learn more about Delia read the full patch notes here: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/14804/delia-nobility-s-finest-update

About This Game

A malevolent force shrouds the land and monsters terrorize the last bastions of humanity. All seems lost and yet one hope remains: you.

Take control of a mighty mercenary and leap into the heart of one of the most action-packed MMORPG experiences available. Master the art of combat as you utilize brutal combos, devastating magic and the environment itself to wreak destruction on your foes.

This is unlike any MMORPG you've experienced before. This is Vindictus.

Key features:

  • Brutal Combat – Experience a complex and fast-paced combat system that raises the bar for the MMO genre. There are dozens of combos to learn and spells to cast, and mastering them is the key to survival.
  • Avatar of War – Choose from nine distinct characters, including hulking behemoth Karok and exiled princess Lynn. Each has their own set of skills, exclusive armor and a unique personality. Learn their strengths and weaknesses to conquer your foes.
  • Forged in Blood – The monsters of Vindictus are some of the most fearsome you will ever face, so massive they blot out the sun. The greater the beast, the tougher the challenge, and the greater the rewards.
  • Brothers in Arms – Some horrors are too terrible to be faced alone. Team up with friends, form a clan, and take on Vindictus’ mighty raid bosses. Coordination is key, and only the strongest will survive…
  • Visual Assault – With higher fidelity than nearly every other MMO on the market, Vindictus boasts highly-detailed characters and monsters, explosive particle effects and massive battle arenas.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista or later
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-530, 2.93 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 945, 3.0GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: At least 10 GB of free space
    • Video Card: GeForce 9800 GTX+ / Radeon HD 4870
    • DirectX®: Version 9.0c
    • Sound: 16-bit sound card
    • Network: Broadband internet connection
    • Supported Regions:
    • United States
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2300, 2.80GHz / AMD Phenom II 1055T X6, 2.8GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: At least 10 GB of free space
    • Video Card: GeForce GTX 460 / Radeon HD 5850
    • DirectX®: Version 9.0c or higher
    • Sound: 16-bit sound card
    • Network: Broadband internet connection
Customer reviews
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Mixed (58 reviews)
Mostly Positive (3,763 reviews)
Recently Posted
ユーフー YUFU
80.0 hrs
Posted: August 25
Very fun raids. The story is easy to ignore and action feels great. Not all the classes are very unique and they are gender-locked, but fun. Also, standard armor is never skimpy, only the cash-shop items. Only problem is too much high-heels.
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美学 i o n i c h o t e l
21.6 hrs
Posted: August 25
Pretty fun game. Not particularly far right now (my main is only level 19), so I don't know if this becomes a P2W microtransactionfest closer to the endgame or not, but I do know that this game has a nice atmosphere, decent enemy designs, and an amazing combat system.

Seriously, if you like hack-n-slashes, action RPGs, beat-em-ups, third-person shooters, or even Street Fighter-style fighting games, I recommend giving this game a try.

The only gripe I have with it is that even after I exit out, Steam still thinks I'm playing, so I have to reset Steam every time I play this game.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.1 hrs
Posted: August 24
Best Archer in an MMO ever!
Helpful? Yes No Funny
3.2 hrs
Posted: August 23
If youre looking for a new take on the Action MMORPG. well go somewhere else. Generic gender locked classes. Single player game that's begrudgingly MMO it seems. meh controls. gameplay that offers no challenge. this may just be the first 10-20 levels as i'm currently level 9, though they didn't make me work at all for it. overall, just a generic MMO with not really any redeaming value aside it feels like a jrpg with how you interact with NPC's. so if that will sell it for you, then it will. for me, i'm going to keep playing and hope it gets less boring
Helpful? Yes No Funny
186.9 hrs
Posted: August 22
After 100 hours of playing this game i decided the experience was so ecstatically exquisite that i simply had to enjoy the premiere season once more. now that the deuxieme (second in french) season has been released i am enthusiastic for a plethora of hours spent in pure and unadulterated entertainment.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
i like men <#TeamPositivity>
11.4 hrs
Posted: August 22
its like not that bad but pretty boring, friends like it but are also dumb dont get this. also cha cha goes ham
Helpful? Yes No Funny
153.0 hrs
Posted: August 22
My friend decided to choose sword Lann, up until we got to the finale of season 1, at which point, he decided he didn't like sword Lann, so we replayed the whole game up until which point he decided sword Lann wasn't actually that bad. 120 hours of gameplay for Season 1 #Worth
Helpful? Yes No Funny
0.4 hrs
Posted: August 22
Idk what's going on, but I can't recommend this game just based on the problems I am having with it. Im running an i7 w windows 10, a 16gb ram and a 960m graphics card. I am way, waaaaayyyy above the recommended specs for this game. Despite that, my first experience with the game is continuous audio glitches, poor framerates that dont change no matter what setting I put it at, rediculously long loading times, and then the game grashing without warning. Ill play with it a bit more as it looks like the game itself is probably decent. But until this is fixed or I figure out whats going on I will have to avoid recommending this game just by the fact that this might happen to others as well.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
368.8 hrs
Posted: August 20
Lack of players at lower levels except when there is some kind of event.Decent story and level progression until higher levels.
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1.6 hrs
Posted: August 20
I really enjoy Vindictus. Nexon is constantly adding content and the game play is unique. With lots of characters to choose from now there is so much to do. You can hit raid partys with your freinds or just with random folks. Its a linear game not open world but I kinda like to beable to pick when I want to do a mission or just hang out in town. I have reccommend this game to freinds and would reccomend it for you to.
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130.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 10
Nice game, not necessarily pay2win as people constantly blaming it.

You sure have to pay some in order to get better game experience, yes, no reason to deny that. However, the game does require good skill and reaction to actually be the winner. A skilled gamer in this game can experience far better than money worrior, I guarantee you that.

Btw, install the game in a SSD instead of HDD, you'll find the game runs amazingly smooth.
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18 of 26 people (69%) found this review helpful
24 people found this review funny
2,846.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 9
Played a few hours

Not bad.

11/10 ferghus loves me.
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9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
1,804.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 13
TL;DR - Unmatched combat system in an MMO, pretty graphics with minor flaws, gender locked 'classes' where characters are more individual, plenty of outfits, pets, and great challenges. Free to play so give it a try if you like MMOs, you'll probably be hooked, especially if you enjoy games like DMC or GoW.


If you're an MMO player and you haven't tried Vindictus yet, you're seriously missing out. The combat mechanics of Vindictus are unrivaled, no other MMO can even come close. There is no targetting, no locking on, you have to keep the enemy in your sights, gauge your distance, know when to block, when to counter, what skills to use and when, and when to dodge to survive; and you can never stay in one place too long with enemies around. Bosses can range from easy (on easy mode obviously), or absolutely relentless on hero difficulty. Honestly I have rage quit a few times XD but always cooled off and came back to it ten minutes later.

'Classes' ARE gender locked, but it isn't so much different classes as they are different characters. When you choose a character, they are who they are; Hurk and Karok are big and burly, Evie is a mage, Kai is an archer, etc, there is no, create a Kai and train him to be a mage. To some, this may be a drawback, but to me, this gives the characters more individuality, more personality, they're unique in a sense of having their own back story, and they've had one life to live, this is what they've chose to train in. I have one of each character all mid-high level, and if you're just starting, personally, I recommended Evie, she's very versatile and becomes seriously OP in late game. Opinion of course, since OP also depends on skill.

The graphics are beautiful, with some minor flaws. Certain outfits will have pieces that clip through other pieces, or hair can clip through collars, wings, shirts etc. Nexon does do a good job of keeping up with patches and listening to the community, as things do get fixed, upgraded, tweaked, nerfed or buffed. There's a wide variety of outfits either paid for or 'free' (using in game gold not real money) that you can customize your character's look; add in hair styles, body and face tattoos, and minor body adjusting like height/weight, and you can make yourself a unique character, I've seen some great cosplaying within the game like Super Mario, Rinoa from FF8, just to name a couple off the top of my head. Or, don't wear an outfit and choose one of the many 'inner' armors to exploit your characters' sex appeal.

You may hear people complain about the game 'dying', with servers being too quiet, too few boats to join, things like that. I can honestly say that these claims seem incorrect, they just may not be playing during 'prime time'. On the East server (where I play), the server wide chat is constantly booming of people wanting to trade, form parties, joking, etc, and for the most part, nobody ♥♥♥♥ talks, flames or trolls anyone. You'll see an occasional character advertising one of those 'buy Vindictus gold' websites, but that isn't too common, and it's never spammed so you can't see the more important chat issues.

There are some lag issues yes, if you play solo with a decent computer though, no. What most people don't understand is that, when someone hosts a party, it is dependent on the party leader's computer, connection speed (including traffic in between), and distance from you and other party members, NOT Nexon. Chances are if you're lagging, it's going to be one of these issues, so either play solo or party with someone closer to your locale. Also, when starting a new character, you default to channel 1, I advise you switch to a higher channel since 1 is highly populated; try any channel between 100-200 to avoid lagging in town.

Vindictus is highly recommended if you're an avid MMO player, or even if you enjoy hack'n'slash games like DMC or GoW
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10 of 15 people (67%) found this review helpful
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1,183.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 9
i made my own waifu

pretty good
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5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
186.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 22
After 100 hours of playing this game i decided the experience was so ecstatically exquisite that i simply had to enjoy the premiere season once more. now that the deuxieme (second in french) season has been released i am enthusiastic for a plethora of hours spent in pure and unadulterated entertainment.
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9 of 14 people (64%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
36.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 12
Repetative korean MMo, with a spectacularlly run-of-the-mill grind. Bored me to tears...
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9 of 14 people (64%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
243.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 29
I love this game but there are problems that hinder this game. Warframe does a better job at handling farmable items, where in Vindictus it's next to impossible.

1. By the time you hit level 60 you will start to feel that the game is a freaking grindfest. GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND. But even if you do grind you're still not going to get the items you need to have in order to even do anything. Might as well waste your in game money on a weapon or armor piece in the maarkeplace for like 990,000,000 gold. ( I literally saw an item like this on the marketplace).

2. Farming is so damn tedious you will feel so bored just doing the same stuff over and over again for hours on end. and then when you finally get the damn item you need, GUESS WHAT!? You need 10 more of them because screw you. This seriously feels like farming for Proof of Concords from the silver knights at Anor Londo.

3. Your weapons blow the hell up or have a decrease in durability when you upgrade them over +3. Oh but even worse is when it resets the enhancement level back to 0. making all of your hard work for nothing. Wasting your damn time trying to enhance the weapon.

4. Booses are rediculous. They have terrible hitboxes, you can't move out of there way unless you're 50 million miles away from them because there whole damn body becomes a hitbox. early on this gets really annoying. Especially when your facing the Kobolds, Yetis, or even worse the Goblins and Gremlins at the Formorian base. You will be so annoyed when they hit you a million times over and die over and over. Having to restart the mission over because of some stupid hit.

5. the items in the game are wayyyyyyyy to expensive. 990,000,000 for a single item. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Nobody has that type of money unless you're a botter, or you buy dye ampoules all day and selling them on the marketplace.

6. you can get kicked out of raid if you dont have good damage. if youre not over 16k in damage you're getting kicked the hell out of the boat because you didn't spend enough money enhancing your weapon or armor. and trying to get the best gear so you can have fun.

7. Costumes in the cash shop costs 20 freaking dollars. and for limited ones which look exactly the same it will cost you double that. you can also buy runes to make sure your weapons don't break at all or reset, or buy enhcant runes so your weapon doesn't become a piece a crap.
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Posted: August 18
A cash shop with some game mixed in.
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Posted: August 13
I never got to play the game because of the poorly implemented authentication system.

Had to creat a separate Nexon account, which would not work because for some reason it required a 'second pin'. Followed the online process, got an email to reset the PIN, but it would not reset. Added my Facebook account for additonal verificaion, but that wasn't good enough. Spent over an hour just trying to get into the game and finally gave up in frustration because I figured that - if this is how they designed the gateway into the game, what in teh world is the actual game going to be like? Not worth any more of my time, so I uininstalled it.
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Posted: August 16
Good game but too bad it's published by Nexon.
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