Due to a chemical known as pharGONe, the world has been turned upside down. Battle your way through multiple levels, earning upgrades, competing against your friends and more, and find the truth about what has happened to the world.Use a variety of weapons to stop the mutated population, and save yourself from being another victim.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 8 ene. 2013

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"Es la clase de terror que te hacer sentir inquieto por lo que pueda haber al doblar la esquina...".

8.5/10 - http://www.examiner.com/review/primal-fears-review
"Primal Fears hace un gran trabajo con su atmósfera apocalíptica".

8/10 - http://leviathyn.com/review/primal-fears/

Acerca de este juego

Due to a chemical known as pharGONe, the world has been turned upside down. Battle your way through multiple levels, earning upgrades, competing against your friends and more, and find the truth about what has happened to the world.

Use a variety of weapons to stop the mutated population, and save yourself from being another victim.

Not sure exactly what you are facing, Primal Fears harkens to the depths of the human psyche as you fight monstrous foes alone or with friends. Nothing is more scary than the unknown and it is your goal to reveal the truth...

Key Features:

  • Co-op game play with you and your friends up to four players.
  • A plethora of weapons including primary, secondary and other items of use like RC-cars, turrets, drones...
  • Buy and upgrade over 15 weapons to make each play through of a level unique.
  • Play the story missions or arenas that are both re-playable to challenge your skill.
  • A variety of enemy types, ranging from small to hulking.
  • Steam leaderboards, achievements, and cloud saving enabled.

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP Sp3, Windows Vista Sp2, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 duo 2.4Ghz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Shader 3.0 or better, NVIDIA 9800 GT 512MB RAM or better, ATI 4850HD 512MB RAM or better
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB Space Free
    • Sound: 100% DirectX 9 Compatible
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet Connection
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Publicado el 27 de junio
Buen juego, muy entretenido para disfrutar con amigos, pero a mi preferencia me gusta mas el Alien Swarm, ya que es gratuito y tiene mejores graficas, recomiendo comprar este solo cuando este en rebaja.
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Publicado el 23 de mayo
Producto recibido de forma gratuita
you may in the begining love it while watching the videos thinking it is like alien shoter
but then you discover the bad controler also some strange lags while moving
not recomended at all
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Obey the Fist!
( 0.1 h registradas )
Publicado el 3 de mayo
This one is confusing - it's indy, but the developers put in enough effort to make an FPS for PC - or a TPS for console... but they made a top down game because, I dunno, they thought the target audience was Atari 2600 owners on Steam? Not sure.

Anyway, a lot of effort went into producing mediocrity here. The game runs technically flawlessly - lovely 3D top down graphics, could have passed in any 3D format, so the effort was totally there. But there's nothing to do - if you go into the single player game, all they do is insist you invite other players to suffer as well, which is a bit weird because I'm pretty sure they would realise the majority of players they attract are people who got the game in a bundle and tried it out, and would never inflict it on others. You don't get enough points to start the game without making others suffer first. Wow. That's pretty goth, I guess?

Think before you spend so much effort on writing a quality game for nobody, guys!
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( 19.5 h registradas )
Publicado el 12 de marzo
EDIT 1: See below for updated review
EDIT 2: See below that for final review

Original Review:
There's a lot here that could make this a great game but, sadly, it just doesn't fulfill its potential. The environments look cool but the level design is poor. The variety of weapons seems great but the ones I've tried so far are severely underpowered, even with some upgrades applied, not to mention you have to buy ammo at shops throughout the levels or at base camp - there are no pickups besides health and money.

I had to lower some graphics settings but gameplay seems fairly smooth with those changes. You can rotate the camera, which is important since there is no dithering allowing you to see your character behind obstacles. The addition of moveable objects seems cool at first until you get stuck by these items when trying to escape a fight.

There's no map of any kind and no indication of where you're supposed to go or what you're supposed to do to progress. This can be very frustrating, especially given the aforementioned poor level design. The story is beyond basic, told through a series of newspapers you find throughout. Important to note that reading a newspaper, as well as using the shop, doesn't pause the game and leaves you vulnerable to attack.

Overall, I really want to like this game because it has a huge amount of potential but the truth is there are a ton of games that do this genre better. At this point, I'm not sure I'll bother trying to finish the game, though I may come back to it at some point to give it another try. Sorry DnS Development - not recommended.

Update 1:
So, I decided to give this game another shot and now I've played a bit over 11 hours total. Sadly, my initial assessment stands and I still cannot give it a thumbs up.

I've tried every weapon and all of them have some problem limiting their effectiveness. Not enough ammo (e.g. Nailgun, Flamethrower, Shotgun), too long to wind up (e.g. Minigun), too slow (e.g. Shotgun), etc. Even with most/all available upgrades, none of the weapons are particularly effective. In the end, I keep falling back on the Assault Rifle - the first weapon you start with - which, in many situations, is simply not powerful enough. Also of note is the totally useless melee attack which is very slow and your endurance bar only allows three swings before having to rest for it to refill.

The level design is often frustrating, forcing you to (very slowly) rotate the camera to be able to see. There are a number of places - locks, switches, etc. - where you have to hold down "F" and wait for a progress bar while you inevitably get attacked and have to start over. The same endurance bar that affects melee combat also limits your ability to run to about 2-3 seconds before having to wait for it to refill. This makes it difficult if not impossible to escape a hoard of enemies while you reload your weapon.

I had really hoped I was being overly negative with my earlier review but I quickly became frustrated by all of the same issues I had before. I just can't recmmend this game when there are so many better games in the top-down shooter genre.

Update 2: Final Review
Yeah, so something made me decide to come back to this game yet again and, while there's still a great deal about this game that I think could easily have been done better, I'm cautiously changing my review to a thumbs up. For some reason, I really felt the need to come back and finish this game, whether simple completionism or what, I'm not sure but I just don't like leaving games unfinished. I will now say that this game is not absolutely terrible. Yes, there are many games that do the genre better and yes, if you haven't played a lot of them, there are others you should buy first.

However, some of my problems diminished as I continued through the game. For one, the level design improves to some extent in later levels. Also, getting used to rotating the camera as well as avoiding moveable objects makes levels easier to navigate, though it can still be frustrating to get stuck on objects when trying to flee from the center of a battle. As for my complaints about the weapons, as I learned to more effectively use some of them and switch between various weapons, it definitely made combat easier. I was still unable to ever effectively use melee combat and I believe that ability could just as well have been left out as made so useless. The admittedly sparse plotline is fleshed out just enough by the scattered newspapers to drive the game to the end, just don't expect anything too engrossing.

While this game suffers from many issues that prevent it from filling its potential, I still found it worth playing through to the end. There are certainly better games out there in this genre but, if you've played most of them and are looking for something different, you may find enough here to keep you interested for a short time. It's not a long game and doesn't really have any replayability (short of higher difficulties) so pick it up for a couple bucks on sale if you can - it's simply not worth $10. I'll give it a cautious thumbs up but read through the whole review if you'd like to know some of the issues the game has.
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Publicado el 19 de diciembre de 2015
A very average top down/isometric shooter, pretty fun in coop, bland on your own. Its also pretty easy, even the difficulty insane is doable alone for some people. Guns can be upgraded, as can your secondary weapons such as grenades, drones and even remote controlled cars. Story consists of insect numbers growing out of control due to global warming, a pesticide is used which makes things worse in more ways than one. Its upto you to save the planet..... are you upto it?? 5.5/10
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Mr.RedPanda The 2nd
( 0.4 h registradas )
Publicado el 29 de noviembre de 2015
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( 10.6 h registradas )
Publicado el 18 de noviembre de 2015
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!GameRegion [ArTivon]
( 0.4 h registradas )
Publicado el 24 de octubre de 2015
This Game is So boring when you play alone :((
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♥ Voragia ♥
( 9.3 h registradas )
Publicado el 20 de octubre de 2015
Primal Fears is a Helicopter view (Not sure if that's the right name) action shooter. The best way I can describe it is like Alien Swarm, longer, but perhaps more monotonous.

It's kinda like Dead Frontier, if you've played that one, except without it's RPG elements, gear hunting, exploring, tons of different weapons, and all in all, way more linear. It's impossible to get lost while playing this game, because the challenge doesn't come from exploring, it comes from fighting waves of enemies while you try to complete objectives.

Bits and pieces of backstory: Summer has been rather hot this year, and the bug population in the country is growing out of control. Scientists start working on a pesticide, named Phargone, and they release it in urban areas without testing it first. You can imagine what's going to happen next. Mutants......And Mutant bugs.

The music is so so, the graphics are standard for games like this. You can move the camera using the Q and E keys, which is a huge plus. That way, nothing is ever stuck behind a building or some kind of object, and you can keep a clear sight of your enemies.

The weapons are pretty basic, assault rifle, shotgun, RPG, saw blade thrower, nail gun, flamethrower and a chaingun, among a few others. You can buy them using cash that you get from killing enemies or collecting cash bundles on the ground. You can also upgrade them, so they can fire faster, hit harder, or carry more ammo.

This game, even on insane difficulty, wasn't that hard for me. Easy and normal are quite, well....Easy, you can beat them without any kind of problem. I can't really talk about the multiplayer experience, because it seems like nobody else plays this game at the moment. I can't describe if it lags or not. Gonna dissapoint you on that one.

Length? I was able to finish this game in 2 hours and half or so EVEN if I was trying to collect all the newspapers for an achievement. Said newspapers give you a bits and pieces of what's going on here.

This game is rather monotonous, shooting enemies gets kinda old after a while, then again, the game doesn't last long, so it kiiiinda solves that problem? I don't know, depends on what kind of gamer you are. I would recommend this if it's on sale, but it's not worth paying the full price, definitely not.
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( 6.7 h registradas )
Publicado el 16 de octubre de 2015
it decent enough on a sale.
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Publicado el 27 de junio
Buen juego, muy entretenido para disfrutar con amigos, pero a mi preferencia me gusta mas el Alien Swarm, ya que es gratuito y tiene mejores graficas, recomiendo comprar este solo cuando este en rebaja.
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Publicado el 30 de julio de 2015
A top down shotter. The graphics are decent but with collision bugs: the foes can pass and to attack through walls and doors. No zoom camera. The mechanics is optimized to cooperation and solo mode is frustrating: ammo recharge and the melee attack are too slow and the sprint too short. There are few types of monsters and ever make ambushes in the same places. In highs difficulty levels the success depends on reserves of turrets and mines, weapons do an exagerated lesser damage and the explosives are very dangerous at close range. The inventory space is not logical: you can carry really big guns but few of other items more needed as ammo and no portable medkits. With a turn based system and skills or perks would be better. The campaign is short, with few maps and arenas; buy only with a huge discount.
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Publicado el 1 de enero de 2014
No en tiendo la nota de 39, el juego esta bastante entretenido, tiene cooperativo, te mantiene en tension y en general es mucho mejor juego que ese 39 que duele la vista.
Me he encontrado con muchisimos juegos mas malos y tenian notas muy superiores.
En resumen, juego divertido y con nota injustamente baja.
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Publicado el 5 de abril de 2014
Un survival coop entretenido y con buena dificultad
Por los 0.99 es buena compra lo recomiendo
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No recomendado
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Publicado el 12 de diciembre de 2013
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Publicado el 9 de octubre de 2013
Primal Fears

Primal Fears is a top down shooter that has you fighting mutants of various types and sizes. Your travels will take you through 7 different levels and can be played on 4 different difficulties. It can also be played with up to 4 friends which makes it even better. After you go through the campaign mode you can't keep racking up your score by playing the arena matches they have.

Now I know this game got horrible reviews and the metacritic rating sits at 39 but you know after playing it for a good 10hrs, I've come to believe the critics don't know crap. Yes the game has some flaws but I didn't find anything that made this game unplayable. It's action packed, has many weapons to buy and upgrade, 4 levels of difficulty, and is just fun as hell to play with friends.

There are about 9 different enemies types in the game. They range between regular enemies, mini bosses, and big bosses. Further in the game you will get a mixture of them all at any time. Design and graphics are subpar and don't really seemed polished but this doesn't break you away from the gameplay. I used a controller playing it as it was a little easier for me but you can use mouse and keyboard. Every once and a while when I hit reload it would make the sound but wouldn't actually do it. This really didn't bother me to much when playing.

There isn't a story to follow so if that's what you're looking for you won't find it here. It has a few glitches I've seen like characters weapons floating behind or next to them, It froze up on me once and I had to restart my PC because it wouldn't close. It also dropped to like 1 fps on me at the end of one level which I just restarted at the checkpoint and it never did it again. These minor issues never made me want to stop playing and never ruined the fun for me.

If you own this game or have been thinking about getting it don't believe the metacritic avg. score and play it. It has it's flaws but overall a great game for you and some friends to burn some time on.

Bear rating 7.5/10
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25.6 h registradas
Publicado el 24 de agosto de 2014
Time Bought: Can not recall
Money Spent: Bought it in a 'bundle'
Worth The Price?: YES, and then some
Position In Game At Time Of Review: Finished story on Normal, doing hardest difficulty now, retrieved all weapon power ups and almost all achievments

I was quite surprised at how much fun I had playing this game!!! It kind of reminds me of Killing Floor a little but with a different gaming style. It didn't take to long for me to be obsessed with finishing the story mode and maxing out all my weps. Don't believe most of these 'below 1 hr playing' reviews that clearly are written by mo rons who didn't even give the game a chance. Like most games, you have to get used to the mechanics of the game to fully enjoy it, but that doesn't take too long. There are NOT that many glitches, and the few that I came across were more fun than disruptive. Playing co op was fun as well, but a voice chat and experience would definitely come in handy. Most of these reviews forgot to mention that there is a Survival Mode where you fend off waves until a certain time runs out for cash rewards to be used at the weapons store :) I'm going to move on to another game in my inventory, but if anyone wants/needs a co op partner then I'll be more than happy to join you!!!

Rating: 7/10
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Publicado el 21 de enero de 2014
Another sadly overlooked action game by eternal underdog DnS.
Much like other top-downs, the average knuckle-dragging ape will spend roughly five minutes playing this title before ragequitting. (The genre is not known to have a gentle learning curve and requires considerable patience)

Primal Fears can be especially frustrating to new-comers as it utilises a weapon upgrade system that does not initially seem intuituive. Your weapons also begin the game stupidly underpowered. (Think Killing Floor)

However, as one progresses through the difficulties, the weapons DO get better.
It is at this time one can then observe the real game; and it is pretty sick.

At it's best, primal Fears recalls classic custom Alien Swarm campaigns such as Tears for Tarnor, The Beginning, and Paranoia.
Never did I feel the game suffered from locked door syndrome nor did the objectives ever feel forced, pointless, or otherwise stupid.

...and the misunderstood manual camera rotation allows the player to faithfully recreate the experience of asw_elevator on any level, which is of course a great thing.

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13.4 h registradas
Publicado el 21 de abril de 2014
It’s nearly the same like the game „Dead Horde“. So everyone who loved the Game Dead Horde should buy Primal Fears too. You have other maps but the weapons and upgrates are the same.

For all those who don’t know „Dead Horde“ or „Primal Fears“:

Both games are Horror-Action-Shootergames. The view is third person like but with a little bit practise also first person shooter players will love it. You can play those games alone or with a coop-mate. If you have the possibility to use teamspeak, skype or steam-voicechat together it’s really fun (yeah sadly there is no voice communication in the game).

You can choose your weapon and with making money (from killing monsters or collecting) you can buy new weapons or you upgrate the once you have.

The enemies have different healthpoints and make different demage. You also never know how many enemies will spawn in the next moment. So you better take care of your own health and of course if you play coop also of your teammate!

Good luck and have fun!
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4.6 h registradas
Publicado el 27 de noviembre de 2013
Primal Fears is a top down survival shooter you can either play alone or in co-op.

Storywise it's like your everyday zombie shooter except this time with insects. The story is told by nothing but reading newspapers you can find and isn't deep at all. When you start the game you are thrown into your base camp and the tutorial consists of "Go to a red circle and press F."

The graphics are pretty nice on max settings, unfortunately I had a lot of stutters even though my computer was running at not more than 50% workload.

The sound could be good if it was implemented properly. The sound effects are okay and the music creates suspension but most of the time you will be playing without any music at all. It will only start when a larger group of enemies is about to appear and might stop while you are still in fight or continue long after the last enemy is dead.

The core of every game is it's gameplay and Primal Fears offers several neat features which could set it apart. When running backwards to evade enemies you are slower which strongly shapes your combat. You have a collection of several weapons, some as unique as the disk saw thrower, and every weapon has multiple options to upgrade it. Another feature is a physics system which lets you kick around parts of the environment. All this is outnumbered by the downsides. There are just a few different enemies and bosses appear just as unspectacular as common creeps. Your biggest enemy is getting stuck, either in a crowd of creeps or in the previously mentioned kickable stuff. Maybe even at the edge of a sidewalk. There are many more flaws like enemies running through walls, not being able to turn your flashlight back on or being attacked while reading a newspaper (because the game does not stop meanwhile) but the list would just be too long.

All in all this game wastes a lot potencial and isn't worth buying unless you love the genre and get the game for a buck or less.

Presentation: 20%
Gameplay: 30%
Visuals: 60%
Sound: 10%
Total: 30%
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