Experience an exciting single player storyline where you thwart Loki and his minions from bringing Ragnarok to Midgard.
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Velmi kladné (369 recenzí) - 94% z 369 uživatelů ohodnotilo tuto hru kladně.
Datum vydání: 18. lis. 2001

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“If there was ever a civilization screaming for a game, it's the Vikings.”
8/10 – IGN

“...fun is really the best way to describe Rune.”
"A-" – Game Revolution

“A nice title that offers at least 20 hours of solid game-play.”
8.9/10 – Gamershell.com

Informace o hře

The classic Viking third-person hack-and-slash melee action game is now available on Steam. This release, known as Rune Classic, contains the original Rune content, plus the multiplayer expansion pack Halls of Valhalla. Experience an exciting single player storyline where you thwart Loki and his minions from bringing Ragnarok to Midgard that will keep you entertained for hours. Eat meat and lizards, drink mead, as survival food. Call upon the power of the gods to enchant your weapon with Rune powers.

Key Features

  • New enemies added
  • Some levels have been redesigned for more enjoyable play
  • Experience multiplayer in vicious, fun "up close and personal" melee action with swords, maces, hammers and axes (or your opponent's head or arm)
  • Includes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Arena and Headball
  • Over 35 multiplayer and singleplayer levels
  • All the music tracks from the game and the original audio CD will be available as part of this release in OGG format

Systémové požadavky


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 7.0 capable card
    • DirectX®: 7.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space


    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 7.0 capable card
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection
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1 z 1 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
12.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 8. prosince 2015
14 rokov... 14 rokov mi trvalo, kym som si Rune skutocne zahral!

Tuto Vikingsku rubacku som hrozne chcel uz od jej uvedenia na trh (2001). No nakoniec sa k nej dostal az dnes, v roku 2015. Komplikacie, preco som sa k nej nedostal skor a neuzil si ju tak v case jej najvacsej slavy, boli rozne. Nemal som dostatocne vykonny PC. Nedostal som sa k plnej verzii hry. Casom som na Rune pozabudol v zavale inych hier, atd.
Nicmenej dnes som tento svoj maly herny rest z minulosti napravil. A aj ked uz ten zazitok samozrejme nie je taky, aky by bol v roku 2001, tak stale klobuk dolu predtym, ako ma dokazala zaujat a zabavit aj dnes.

Subojovy system by Rune mohli zavidiet aj dnesne hry. Je jednoduchy, ovladate ho prakticky jednym tlacitkom mysi a aj napriek tomu posobi sofistikovane a neuveritelne zabavne. Neprisiel mi nijak otravny ani nudny za celu hru. Prave naopak! To iste plati pri ovladani postavy, resp. celkovom ovladani hry. Rune tak posobi prijemne plynulo. Nikde nic nezadrhava, nic neni oneskorene.
Priznam sa, ze toto ma asi najviac na celej hre prekvapilo. Tak prijemne plynulo som na klavesnici a mysi uz dlho ziadnu hru nehral. Nepotrebujete ziadny gamepad, ktory vam slubuje pohodlnejsie ovladanie! Nelimituje vas ziadna vertikalna osa na ukor tej horizontalnej. Konzolovi hraci by vedeli rozpravat. Zaujimave ale na tom vsetkom je, ze toto islo spravit pred 14timi rokmi a dnes to zrazu nejde. Nutia nas pre "lepsi" zazitok pouzivat gamepady. Nic proti nim, len mi to pride ako dost chabe odovodnenie a vyhovaranie sa na neschopnost (nechcenost) vyvojarov vyladit ovladanie na mieru PC hracom.

Tak ci onak. Rune je uzasna zalezitost este aj dnes. A ak pri hrani na chvilu prestanete vnimat audio/vizualne spracovanie, tak zistite, ze v mnohych inych veciach stale predci dnesne podobne ladene hry. Namiesto vyhovoriek, to totiz vtedy nejak skusili! Nehovoriac o dostupnosti technologii vtedy a dnes. Takze, ak ste na tom s touto hrou boli podobne, ako ja a este ste ju hehrali, tak to okamzite napravte! Jedine co budete lutovat je, ze ste Rune nehrali uz vtedy.

... a ziadna ina hra vam nedovoli jest jasterice!
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18 z 20 osob (90%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
3 osob ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako vtipnou
10.5 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 13. listopadu 2015
I can't believe I missed this game back in 2000. It may have taken me 15yrs but I have finally played it. So, what did I think?

I freaking LOVE this game! It reminds me of Severance: Blade of Darkness/Enclave, which I enjoyed in my youth. Graphically it holds up all right and you can still make out what is what. The story is good and works to motivate you to continue, even if it is rather simple. The Norse setting and theme is good even if certain structures and characters don't always portray that. When facing other Vikings you get taunted with things like, 'I'm going to drink mead from your skull' and 'Look, a troll has wandered in from the cold', which adds to the immersion and causes me to smile.
There is much plat-forming in this game, with ledge climbing/jumping and rope/chain climbing. Some can be tricky but enjoyable.

Combat is, well ok. Not brilliant but it gets the job done; satisfying when you hack/slice limbs and heads off. Enemy AI is quite shocking and sometimes they just stand still and let you kill them. This just makes me laugh, it was made in 2000 after all.

Overall a great plat-forming, hack 'n' slash action-adventure game. It has its flaws yet I cannot get enough of it. Make sure to grab the mod that adds back the missing levels that were cut from the Gold version. Makes sense to play the full game.

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12 z 14 osob (86%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
9.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 29. listopadu 2015
Rune Classic is tpp action game based on Norse mythology, released in 2000 and powered by first Unreal Engine.

The story is showing the conflict between the gods Odin and Loki and the preparations to Ragnarok, the end of the world. Depending on player actions at the end of the game it offers two possible endings.

Graphical it's dated game but some locations still have nice design. Audio is done ok with average voice acting and some good backround music that is played in key moments of the game.

Combat is probably the best part of the game with quite demanding skirmishes, often with multiple enemies. Even on normal mode you can easily and literally lost your head.
Ragnar the main hero of the game can use four types of weapons: swords,axes,hammers and maces.He can also use shields and rune power that each weapon has. But if you are bored of fighting with normal gear you can always grab a limb or head that your dead opponent have lost in the duel and use it against other enemies!

There's also multiplayer mode where you can prove your skills in the combat against other players. It's challenging but at the same time quite fun to play.

If you are a fan of tpp action games and like Norse mythogy then it's in my opinion a must have in your Steam library.
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2 z 2 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
3.8 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 3. listopadu 2015
This game brings back nostalgia and has plenty of blood. Great mechanics for the time. Awesome story. Would recommend if you like classic games.
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2 z 2 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
1 osoba ohodnotila tuto recenzi jako vtipnou
5.1 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 30. listopadu 2015
head ball. what more can you say?
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