When all the villains in Arkham Asylum team up and break loose, only the dynamic duo is bold enough to take them on to save Gotham City. The fun of LEGO, the drama of Batman and the uniqueness of the combination makes for a comical and exciting adventure in LEGO Batman: The Videogame.
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Release Date: Sep 29, 2008

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About This Game

When all the villains in Arkham Asylum team up and break loose, only the dynamic duo is bold enough to take them on to save Gotham City. The fun of LEGO, the drama of Batman and the uniqueness of the combination makes for a comical and exciting adventure in LEGO Batman: The Videogame. Play as Batman and his sidekick Robin as you build, drive, swing and fight your way through Gotham City capturing escaped villains including The Joker, Penguin, Scarecrow and more. Then, jump into the story from the other side and play as Batmans foes! Enjoy the power you wield and battle Batman while spreading chaos throughout the city. There is no rest for the good (or evil!).

System Requirements

    • Supported OS: Windows Vista®/XP
    • Processor: Intel® P3 1.5 GHz or AMD Athlon™ XP
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM, 512 MB RAM required for Windows Vista®
    • Graphics: 128 MB with Shader Model 2.0 capability (Shader Model 3.0 recommended)
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Posted: September 24
7.8 too much water
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Posted: October 7, 2015
38 hours and a 100% completion rate later, I found myself looking for the red power bricks hidden around my house.

Five studs, I mean, five stars.....
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29.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 25, 2014
When I first played this a few years ago, I didn't know too much about Batman. I didn't have to. This game serves as an excellent introduction to both the licensed LEGO titles by Traveler's Tales and the various interpretations of the Batman mythos from DC Comics, and if you're a fan of either, I'd be rather stunned if you didn't enjoy this.

It's your standard Batman plot. This one is not ripped from any existing film or comic, but is instead a new situation made to send you through as much of LEGO Gotham as it can, as both the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin shutting down the evil plans of Arkham Asylum's escaped supervillain denizens, and those iconic villains themselves going out to cause trouble. It's a very bright and colorful Gotham, though still quite dark. I guess it'd be more accurate to say it's a high contrast Gotham, and this leads to a rather gorgeous visual design heavily influenced by the Tim Burton films, a place that's beautiful when it's not being creepy as all heck.

It's much more the campy, silly kind of Batman than the darker Dark Knight of late (Arkham Asylum totally nailed that shortly after), though like I said, a few places are still certainly creepy. There are some changes for gameplay's sake, such as all of the villains being shipped off to Arkham Asylum (instead of some going to Blackgate Penitentiary, as Arkham is a hub level). Instead of constantly changing characters, the Hero missions have our heroes constantly changing Suits found within the level. Some are really cool, like the Glide Suit allowing you to soar or the Attract Suit allowing you to vacuum things (it's oddly entertaining), while others are just kind of a hassle or quickly forgotten about, like the Heat Protection Suit (good luck remembering it's a thing) or the Magnet Suit (have fun walking up walls very, very slowly every other level). You're able to switch between these as though they were separate characters in Free Play, and the villains don't have such gimmicks, so it kinda evens out in the end. You're able to unlock suit upgrades, and many of them, like speeding up the intolerably slow Magnet Suit to tolerable speeds, feel like they should've been available from the start.

The levels are very distinct, and for the most part, I would say very fun. This was, however, just before they started handling vehicles properly again in the LEGO games, so there are some completely infuriating moments where you have to tether your vehicle to mines and slam those mines into things, but they don't and they just slide around wildly until enemies blow them up and you have to start all over. When this is not the case, they are entertaining and explosive action sequences, but dang are they a pain to 100%. (Admittedly, I still boot up the game exclusively to play the Batmobile level, because you get to drive the Batmobile and just tear through the streets of Gotham.)

So, fans of the LEGO games, this was the game that set the par for the course, bringing in targeting mechanics, 32 levels, and a long list of increasingly obscure characters (Batman fans probably won't believe "Joker (Tropical)" made it into a "kid's game"). Fans of the Batman series, you'll find that much as the game takes liberties for the sake of humor or gameplay, they did really do their research first before intentionally making these choices. And you can play as Bane, Alfred, Batgirl, Nightwing, Hush, and one extra at 100% you're bound to geek out a bit over. Bios for each of the villains appear in the levels where the heroes fight them, so if you're new to the series and know very little about it, you'll come out quite well-learned.

All in all, it's fun. Campy, creepy, and stuffed to the gills with little nostalgic nods, atmospheric combat, and iconic characters. For once, it's exactly what it says on the tin. LEGO. Batman. There you have it. If that sounds good, go for it.
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Posted: December 21, 2013

Two good things. What could go wrong?

This is another fun game in the LEGO series. You play as batman and robin as you travel through different chapters to capture the criminals of Gotham City. The Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman.... With out spoiling too much you also

Game is worth playing whether you have a fun child side to you or you have kids of your own. You can easily play this game by yourself or with a friend or a family member.

A good game - I highly recommend
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1.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 6, 2014
Beware: 30 minute levels without savepoints.

Good game, but why add a feature that makes it so inflexible to play?
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27 of 28 people (96%) found this review helpful
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16.8 hrs on record
Posted: April 24, 2014
This is a very typical Lego game, with the same gameplay featured in all the other Lego titles. So simply put, if you like the other Lego games, you'll like this. Being one of the older titles, the cut scenes don't feature any dialogue and personally i think this suits the Lego games much better than the likes of Lord of the Rings, Marvel Super Heroes and The Hobbit which DO feature dialogue. It doesn't suit the game. This means Lego Batman is up there with the Lego Star Wars games as being the best of the Lego series and the ones i recommend the most.
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32.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 6, 2014
Wow, I really must recommend this game! This first Lego Batman game is a little bit more closed doors that the second since its more level based instead of being open world. Much like the Star Wars Trilogy by Lego. But its still awesome! Full of content from the Batman movies and universe. This game has all the villans we see in Arkam Asylum and City. The game uses Music by Danny Elfman, so we instantly get the Tim Burton Movie feel of the 90's. Its set up into 3 episodes. The Riddler, Pinguin and Joker. Over the course of all these levels we fight Two Face, Poison Ivy, Bane, Scarecrow etc. First I thought the game was fairly short but then realized that after unlocking Episode 1 you can go over to Arkam and play the game from the villans point of view. Changing the game completely. The set pieces lock beautiful and are very gritty and dark. Sound and Music are just perfect. I recommend this game to kids but also grown ups will have a blast with this game. Specially when you play with a friend or girl.
Its great that these Lego games have a certain charm girls dig, so if you think your too macho to play this at least do it for some game time with the Girlfriend.
Overall this game is amazing. Cant wait to play Lego Batman 2 with all the DC characters.

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55.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 11, 2014
Before I pick this up, I always assume Lego games are for kids. The reasons I picked this up are because of The Lego Movie and a Batman fans. After I played this, my assumptions are never correct.

Ok, this game is amazing. It has good level design, great game mechanics, characters ability, and decent of puzzle solving. There's one thing I'm not satisfied is the A.I. Their inteligence meter is like them bots in Payday : The Heist. Sadly, there's only local co-op. Control wise, I'd recommend a controller. If you're going to enjoy the story and atmosphere as an adult, you're going to have a bad time. (Not much cutscene and voice acting).

High replay value, you cannot retrieve all the hidden stuff on your first attempt. There's this free mode which you can control all sets of Batman and Robin suits along with other villians with exclusive abilities. There's a lot of stuff you can unlock as well. Characters, Fun Facts about Batman and vehicles.

Performance wise, I keep getting 30 fps on my GT650M. Occasionally random 60 fps for few seconds. The PC port is damn good. There is no bug. I never got the crash to desktop or any not responding stuff. There's are glitches though. (Spoiler Alert) :
This one may happen if you leave Robin too far away during Story mode.
On the Zoo level, do not attemp to jump to a stair while riding an elephant. The animal will block your exit.
On the 1st level pursuing Joker, do not return and use the last 25 parts on the first machine.
So far I've encountered those 2.

10/10 would recommend. A good buy during sales.
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24 of 30 people (80%) found this review helpful
14.9 hrs on record
Posted: September 27, 2015
Lego Batman is a cute Lego-ish take on the Batman franchise. Unlike other Lego Games, where a universe and story was created in lego-fashion, Lego Batman has it's own original story. You play from a third-person perspective, and can play as one of a number of different characters once you unlock them. You can also control the Batmobile, Batwing and a boat, which is pretty cool. As with previous Lego games you can play in two-player co-op mode.

In Lego Batman, you face off against The Riddler, Clayface, Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, Two Face, Penguin, Bane, Killer Croc, Man, Bat, Catwoman, Scarecrow, The Mad Hatter, Killer Moth, as well as Joker and Harley Quinn. All of these foes have escaped Arkham Asylum and will need to be rounded up to make Gotham City safe once more.
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12.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 23, 2014
LEGO Batman is a good game is you liek batman, the gameplay is solid and the story is good.
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Recently Posted
32.6 hrs
Posted: October 8
This is the first game in the LEGO Batman series and features the gameplay which caracterized the first games in the LEGO series, so its gameplay might feel somewhat dull or repetitive in comparison to the other LEGO Batman videogames, it is still worth playing.

The game features:

-Three campaigns to play as our heroes Batman and Robin.
-Three campaigns to play as the main villains in the game.
-Many unlockable extras and characters you can swap while playing.
-Two hub worlds being the BatCave for our heroes and Arkham Asylum for our villains.

Each campaign features five levels, which sums up to a total of 30 levels if you count both campaigns (32 if you want to complete the bonus levels) and the fun collectible hunt for which the LEGO games are so well-known.

Would I recommend this game? I would definitely do.
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15.9 hrs
Posted: October 2
An old classic, whether you love it or hate it, its still fun.
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18.8 hrs
Posted: October 2
Best lego game (in my opinion). works great on computer. love it I reccemend it.
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6.1 hrs
Posted: September 18
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0.2 hrs
Posted: September 17
Crashes roughly every 5-10 minutes
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Lt. Judy Hopps
0.1 hrs
Posted: September 16
The game is completely broken on windows 10. It either doesn't want to start, or it will crash 5 minutes into the first level without failure.

I'm kinda disappointed because I wanted to 100% all of the LEGO games, but it seems like I'll have to let this one go.
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17.6 hrs
Posted: September 15
The first LEGO game I owned and still one of those good, old LEGO games, among the best I've played for sure!

It sadly has a few game-breaking bugs, BUT those can be fixed! Be sure to "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" on Steam and set the in-game Options>Video Settings>Vertical Sync: On. Those two things will save you a lot of time and stress.

I definitely recommend this game for all ages. I really enjoyed playing this for the first time 8 years ago, and couldn't stop playing when I got it again last week!
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1.3 hrs
Posted: September 15
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0.7 hrs
Posted: September 12
Some kids movies are super boring. This kids game was actually quite fun! I give the game a 7.8 - GOOD.
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