Immerse yourself in massive fleet battles where your dog-fighting skills will directly affect the fate of the cosmos.
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Release Date: Jan 23, 2013

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"Strike Suit Zero is proof that there’s life in the space combat genre yet."
8/10 – NowGamer

“Strike Suit Zero nails the balance between simulation and arcade shooter, creating an excellent combat experience”

"Just about everything you want in a space combat game."
Penny Arcade

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About This Game

In the year 2299, an interstellar war rages on. In a bid to save Earth from destruction, you must take control of the Strike Suit – a revolutionary fighter craft with the ability to transform into a lethal suit of space armor. Immerse yourself in massive fleet battles where your dog-fighting skills will directly affect the fate of the cosmos.

Discover a colorful and vibrant universe, with an epic story where the fate of Earth hangs in the balance and your actions will determine the outcome: preventing Earth’s destruction is your immediate concern but preserving its future is your ultimate goal.

Engage intelligent enemy fighters and take on colossal capital ships, exploiting weak points in their super-structure to blow them apart. Upgrade your ships and customize your weapon load-outs to tailor combat to your tastes. Take advantage of four unique craft, including the Strike Suit, to experience dogfighting action as you’ve never seen it before.

This Is Space Combat Reborn.

Key Features

  • Fast, frantic space combat: freely engage multiple enemies, dogfight other pilots, fight massive fleet battles and defend vast structures.
  • The Strike Suit: strategically switch from Pursuit Mode (speed and power) to Strike Mode (a powerful, highly maneuverable combat mode)
  • Capital Ship Destruction: take capital ships apart piece by piece – take out their turrets or target weak-points to blow out entire sections of their superstructure.
  • Multiple endings: your choices in game directly affect the state of Earth at the end of the game.
  • Vibrant and vivid universe: space is far from the dark, featureless void it’s supposed to be. Discover the color and vibrancy of the Strike Suit universe across 13 unique locations.
  • Ship Designs from renowned Mechanical Design engineer Junji Okubo (Appleseed: Ex Machina, Steel Battalion.)
  • Music from award-winning composer Paul Ruskay (Homeworld) including a collaboration with Japanese singer/songwriter Kokia (Tales of Innocence, Gunslinger Girl: II Teatrino)
  • Joystick compatible: as well as being fully optimized for mouse and keyboard, and gamepads, Strike Suit Zero is compatible with a range of joysticks for full immersion.
  • Multi-screen support: play the game across three monitors, and discover the Strike Suit universe in all its widescreen glory.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows Vista
    • Processor:Dual core 2.4Ghz
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA 250 GTS / ATI Radeon 4800 series
    • DirectX®:11
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:Any stereo sound card
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Quad Core
    • Memory:8 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD5850
    • DirectX®:11
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:Any 5.1 sound card
    • OS:MacOS X 10.8.3 or higher
    • Processor:Intel 2GHz Dual Core or better
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA 250 GTS, ATI Radeon 4800 series, Intel HD3000. Older cards known to work, but not officially supported.
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:Any stereo sound card
    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - Known to work on many others.
    • Processor:Intel 2GHz Dual Core or better
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA 250 GTS, ATI Radeon 4800 series, Intel HD3000. OpenGL 3.0. Older cards known to work, but not officially supported.
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:Any stereo sound card
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Mostly Positive (1,359 reviews)
Recently Posted
4.0 hrs
Posted: August 20
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6.1 hrs
Posted: August 19
If you love escort missions then you'll love the ♥♥♥♥ out of this so hard.
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11.8 hrs
Posted: August 10
I can't say exactly what is wrong with this game but due to some reason it couldn't grab me. I've finished the rather short campaign (13 missions 10-15 minutes each). The story was unremarkable. The charcter you play is unremarkable. In short - the whole game is unremarkable. It does have a remarkable number of DLC's though.
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1.6 hrs
Posted: August 7
Fun little game. Enjoy on a sale.
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GabeN Churchill
0.7 hrs
Posted: August 7
I couldn't bring myself to get past the 3rd mission - everything about this game is forgettable and not for me. The combat feels floaty / imprecise and the story/setting is cheesy.
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26.7 hrs
Posted: July 31
It's a fun arcade space shooter. The backgrounds of the levels you fly in are gorgeous, I found myself just admiring them often times during the levels. There's a decent story, with some decent voice acting to go with the campaign. The space battles reminded me of Star Wars in scale, particularly the Battle of Endor, with lots of ships firing on each other from different directions. It was pretty neat.

The gameplay does get repetitive, which is my main criticism of the game. It's just shoot this group of fighters, now this group of fighters, now this frigate, now this cruiser, now these fighters again, etc. There's only 1 level in the campaign that has significant variation.

Overall it was a fun game and worth your time. The DLC Heroes of the Fleet is decent, I'd only grab it if it's on sale as it's pretty short, but it adds some decent scenarios and mechanics to the game.
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0.6 hrs
Posted: July 20
This game has screen flickering that is not mitigated by Vsync or Nvidia Gsync.
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1.6 hrs
Posted: July 17
Strike Suit Zero takes the space flight genre and injects some great arcade action into its veins. Imagine if Descent: Freespace actually played like a mix between Descent and Feespace. Big open space battles with lots of ships and dogfighting but fast-paced and sensible to control action.
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6.6 hrs
Posted: July 15
Another day, another Kickstarter. This time it’s Born Ready Games and their first foray into the space combat genre with single-player-fighter-turns-into-mech game: Strike Suit Zero. Raising $174,804 with the goal of $100,000 and achieving the stretch goal of mod tools, Strike Suit Zero is another shining example of what crowd funding can do for small time developers. Strike Suit Zero—or SSZ—is a space combat game similar to classics like Tie Fighter and the Wing Commander series, but with one big caveat: you can turn your fighter into an anime styled mech.

You take on the role of Adams, a faceless, voiceless pilot who has apparently fallen out of favor with his superiors. You have to earn the trust of your commanders and comrades in order to be allowed to take the helm of a fighter again. You know, a real rebel story, where you’re Starbuck and everyone else is completely incompetent. The story hinges on some cliché elements, like a woman fused with an AI construct, a commander searching for his white whale, and Adams being the chosen one, all of which are totally mismanaged and telegraphed from the get-go.

You spend most of the game with your wingman and commanding officer, Reynolds. She’s a fiery, but effective, leader who will deliver such witty monotone one-liners as, “You know the drill, Adams” and “I’ve got your back.” It’s unfortunate that the voice actor seems as if she’s taken twelve Ambien and just wanted to go sleep instead of offering a moderately appealing performance. That seems par for the course when it comes to all the voice acting in the game. There was plenty of opportunity to use the voice work tactfully, but for some reason the best mechanical use is, “They’re going after Adams.” This line is repeated constantly with no context and sometimes no real reason other than to fill quiet time. It’s unfortunate that Born Ready Games didn’t seize more opportunities to use voice chatter as a mechanic rather than ambiance that breaks immersion and falls flat.

Mechanically, the game is pretty simple: cycle targets, shoot targets, win the game. It’s fun for a while, but becomes repetitive. Missions are long and don’t vary much. You’ve got the typical escort, kill, bombing run, and capital ship battles that are tried and true tropes of the genre. You can unlock new weapons by earning medals and special objectives, but you really don’t need to grind in order to progress. There’s nothing really new or earth shattering, either. The controls work well, but you’ll likely find a flight stick or gamepad better-suited to gameplay than a mouse and keyboard.

The defining disappointment though, is the very thing that separates the game from the rest of the genre. The mech—also known as Strike Suit—is incredibly underwhelming and mostly boring to use. You gain a resource called Flux, which powers the fighter’s Strike Suit mode by dealing damage to enemies, thrusting, or taking damage. Think of it as a rage meter from World of Warcraft. You use Flux each time you shoot or fire rockets from Strike Suit mode. You can gain Flux while meched out, but the amount is reduced greatly in order to get you to use it more strategically. It just feels like the mech could use more unique abilities beyond shooting and firing rockets to make it more appealing.

If there is one thing SSZ does well, it’s visuals. The space-boxes are beautiful and do a great job of immersing you in the universe. You really feel like you’re in space, dog fighting, looping, and bombing. The ships are all nicely rendered and have a distinct visual style inspired by countless space operas and animes.

If you’re into future-tech animes and flight combat games, you should have plenty of fun playing SSZ. If you like the idea of a fighter that transforms into a mech and expect to get something out of that, you’ll be disappointed. Only around one third of the thirteen missions feature the Strike Suit, which you don’t even use in the first couple of hours. There’s about 5-6 hours of content though, so you will get decent bang for your buck. If that’s not enough for you, there’s always Freespace 2 and the mass of mods being made to this very day.

This review was based on a day one retail copy of the PC version of Strike Suit Zero developed by Born Ready Games
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7.8 hrs
Posted: July 15
♥♥♥♥ game cause I suck at it.
I don't feel new type in this game. I aim better on a Ki-10.

The story makes no sense.
I can't tell how fast im travelling.
The final mission makes you fly through a tunnel with no enemies for 8 minutes.
Strike suit transformation mechanic is disappointing. Like seriously. It should be just called '5 second shoot bunch of missiles transam mode'.
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Not Recommended
6.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 19
If you love escort missions then you'll love the ♥♥♥♥ out of this so hard.
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8.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
A colorful space shooter hampered by mediocre controls, it's a step above its arcade cousin by having a storyline and a more gradual difficulty curve. It proved impossible to play with mouse, keyboard or even joystick, requiring me to plug in a gamepad, much to my disgust. Its flashy graphics are often overwhelming, to the point I more than once had difficulty actually seeing the enemies past all the explosions. A lack of variety in enemy ships and tactics and too much reliance on timed missions (especially the absolutely terrible final mission) hampered my involvement with the title. Still, it frenetic combat had its moments and - especially given the desert of space-sims these days - I could hardly turn my nose up at any offering. Flawed it may have been, but still fun.
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138 of 156 people (88%) found this review helpful
10.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
If you like taking part in large space battles as a one man fighter (or bomber or 'strike suit') this game is competent at delivering that experience. You get to do strafing runs on Cruisers or Frigates, and taking out their turrets or weak points is very satisfying. Using the strike suit is a blast once you get the hang of it. At rapid pace you can lock and then launch about 40 missiles at varying targets, either severely crippling a smaller capital ship or thinning out a fighter formation.

The story is somewhat interesting, but mostly only serves to tie together the levels. Checkpoints are plentiful towards the beginning of the game but become non-existant at the end of the game when you need them most to save yourself from having to redo sections that are cakewalks leading up to some very challenging sections.

Unfortunately for me personally the frustrating checkpoint system really hampered my enjoyment during key moments of the game. For instance in mission 13 of the standard campaign a character essentially just monologues a bunch of story explanation at you while you navigate some incredibly tight tunnels for about 7 minutes before reaching your destination. There are two major problems with this. First of all the game up until this point does not in any way prepare you for precision flying, with every other level taking place in a wide open space battle. Secondly there are absolutely no checkpoints on this mission and this means when you inevitably die on this level, you must hear the explanation monlogue again... and again... and keep redoing the same simple manuevers.

At it's best the game is a well put together space combat game. At it's worst it is an exercise in frustration. Overall I would say that it is slightly above average, and recommend it only to fans of the genre.
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325 of 436 people (75%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
4.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 2, 2013
I was really having a great time at first, and it felt like X-Wing or Wing Commander had jumped forward in time a couple decades. Then I got the Strike Suit, and the game started to feel like it had a weird split personality, and half the time I was playing one of those games, and the other half I transformed into a giant robot in space and played Zone of the Enders instead. It did not seem like they fit together at first, but after playing a little more, things started to work out. However, with the ability to only save between missions and the very, very sparse checkpoints, I rapidly got very tired of having to repeat the long, easy parts of levels just to get another chance at the hard bit at the end. It got frustrating enough that I wished I had a physical copy of it so I could throw it at something. Then I uninstalled the game, even though it's otherwise fun, because I have better things to do with my time than play the boring parts of a game over and over again.

Edit: Just for the record, Strike Suit Infinity addressed my main complaint with this game, and I found myself enjoying that a lot more because of the faster pace and ability to jump right into the heavier action. Ironically, I probably wouldn't've been able to get into that as easily and have as much fun with it if I hadn't spent some time playing this one first.
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79 of 100 people (79%) found this review helpful
13.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 1, 2013
Strike Suit Zero is a space flight combat game and takes its inspiration from numerous different franchises, most notably Homeworld, Freelancer, Colony Wars, Star Wars, Gundam, Macross and Freespace. As a huge fan of Mecha animes and space combat in general i just have to love this game.
Just finished it and sadly its not that long, but maybe there will be some cool dlcs. Pick it up if it goes on sale, right now its not worth its full money, sadly.
Its a good game, but they could have done better, for example entering huge ships and destroy them from the inside would have been awesome.
Lets hope for good DLCs or other devs that grab that idea.
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Not Recommended
7.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 5, 2014
This is the sort of game you -want- to like: an indie Kickstarter darling that wants to bring back the space-shooter with style. Unfortunately, it's just not very good, in many different ways.

A quick overview of SSZ: obviously it's a space-"sim", or what I call a space-shooter. It is not, as you might expect, a game based on the old X-Wing/Wing Commander/Freespace style of games, but rather a 50/50 blend of Japanese space shooters and Freespace. Your aiming reticule is not fixed in the middle of the screen, but floating around, and some missile weapons allow you to 'multi-lock' by sweeping over multiple targets while holding down the missile button. Aesthetically, the anime influences the music (think Ghost in the Shell, not anime schoolgirls). and your transforming ship/suit . Wing Commander/Freespace influences everything else, with capital ships that use both torpedoes from Wing Commander and Beam Weapons from Freespace.

To begin with, even starting the game leaves a bad impression. The game's menus are very poorly optimized for mouse control, and its design suggests the devs at some point were trying very hard to prepare to the game for a console release that never happened. In addition, the game defaults to 720P, and inexplicably will change to 720P if you alt-tab to a different window, regardless of what setting you had it on before. The control rebinding is also very clunky, needlessly splitting up the keys into multiple categories based on the state your ship is in. It allows you to have the same key bound to multiple actions without warning you, and this is exacerbated by that fact that some actions will not conflict with each other (e.g. movement keys in the different ship modes) but others will. Which is which is up to you to experience and be frustrated by.

Second, the writing is a complete throwaway. The space-dogfighting genre for whatever reason, has a history of having good writing, or at least interesting plots. From Wing Commander to Tie Fighter to the eternally classic Freespace, they all had writing to keep you interested. Not so here. The devs had exactly two ideas: to create a space shooter, and that it should involve a Macross-style transforming space-jet-fighter. There is no interesting dialogue; only one of the characters are even given the barest of characterizations (and he disappears after three missions). Even the backstory to the war in the game is vague and illogical, and contradicts itself in some of the loading screen expository background information texts.

Third you get to problems with the gameplay- to put it succinctly, it's simply not fun. The game bounces between far too easy dogfight sections and extremely tedious destroy-the-torpedoes capital ship protection sections. The console heritage is noticeable here, with none of the weapons/shield energy systems management from classic space shooters. There's even a lack of targetting buttons to cycle through targetting enemy ship subsystems. It's all much simpler than fully Western-influence space shooters. Unfortunately, the Japanese influence on the game doesn't add much either. The transforming jet that is so poorly justified in the writing is also poorly justified in the gameplay. You need build up 'flux energy' to even be able to transform into 'mech mode', but the power of it isn't even so impressive. Essentially you use it to be able to spam infinite missiles at Capital Ship hardpoints while you have the transform meter, and to allow yourself the ability to turn much faster than in jet mode. It's not at all exhilarating, which is pretty damn disappointing for a game's central gimmick.

A note on the game's Freespace 2 inspirations: when Freespace 2 was released, it was highly praised for how exciting the capital ships made combat, with flak shells exploding around you and massively powerful beam cannons being traded between capital ships. SSZ superficially copies all of this, but completely fails to capture any of the emotion. The sound design is completely lacking, so you barely notice any of the capital chips around. Flak Shells make feeble buzzing on your shield. Completely missing is any of massive weapons rocking your small fighter around in the battlefield. Capital Ship Beam Weapons also lack both a sound effect punch and the actually gameplay punch. They may light up between capital ships, but the damage is actually still done with lots and lots of torpedoes. In essence, all of the aesthetic are 'cargo-cult' ish: capturing the appearance but none of the essence.

Lastly, something so terrible it deserves a section it's own, the game's final mission. The developers responsible for creating the final mission should never be allow to design anything again. They should not even be able to voice opinions about other games. The very existing of this game's final mission is a crime against gaming itself. The final mission unfolds as follows: instead of the gameplay from the previous 95% of the game, you find yourself suddenly just flying in a narrow tunnel. Your only objective is to avoid hitting the walls, which will drain your shields and armor, eventually killing you if you scrape the walls too often. The tunnel makes frequent 90 degree turns just so it's not too easy. In addition, all the tunnels look alike, and it is very easy to bounce off a wall, and get turned around without realizing it. This goes on for a minumum of 6 minutes, even if you're holding the thrust button down the whole time, and this is =all without checkpoints=. At the end, you get to make a choice about whether to destroy something for 1 briefly narrated ending, or to flying through more tunnels (timed!) to destroy something else for a different briefly narrated ending that isn't any better.

If you are a decent human being, the last mission of the game alone should be reason enough not to pay even one cent for this game. Seriously. Go play something else.
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60.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 10, 2014
9/10 Game Play -
I like transform-fighting machine such as VF series in Macross. This game have mostly suited me, the process of fierce battle is extremely fun. But the game could be better.

7/10 Graphics -
The backgrounds universe is beautiful, but the screen is still somewhat simple and crude.

9/10 Sound -
The game has its distinctive music, I enjoy myself when flying and fighting. People who have bought the mega bundle can download them.

6/10 Difficulty -
People may find it hard to control the plane well, omni-directional flight can also make someone dizzy.

7/10 Lasting Appeal -
Just singleplayer mod with 3 level of difficulty, you can play over and over again to reach a high score, but times you must find it boring.

Total Score - 38/50 Sehr Gut
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70 of 91 people (77%) found this review helpful
27.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 8, 2013
This game is a fantastic shooter/sim. It doesn't have all the controls of a proper sim, but the handling and vastness make if feel more than just a shooter. The best I can compare this game to is a PS1 series called Colony Wars, which I felt was also a really good game. The controls are very easy to learn, and quite solid and responsive. Your HUD is simple and tells you everything you need to know. Definately recommend playing with keyboard and mouse if you're not using a flight stick, controller seems a little lacking when trying to execute tight maneuvers.
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17.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 13, 2015
Strike Suit Zero
Rating: 7/10
Overview: Solid Space Combat with some questionable design decisions.

The Good:

+ Graphics are fantastic, fighting ships in space with explosions everywhere, capital ships firing laser beams and seeing a beautiful planet in the background all look amazing and does a great job of immersing you into the game.

+ Multiple ships and weapons that you can select before each mission, some missions however force you to use the pre-selected ship.

+ The main ship and the premise of the game is that one of the ships can transform into a mech that can easily dispatch enemies. Knowing when and how to use your mech is key to winning a lot of missions.

+ Bonus objectives within each mission allows you to unlock upgrades. You are also awarded medals at the end of each mission depending on how well you did although completing the mission under target time usually gets you the highest medal. These provide good incentives to replay the level.

+ The controls may take a little time getting use to but once you get good you will be tearing apart ships very easily

+ Achievements are not too hard to get and may take a little time, a found them to be the right mix of fun and challenging.

+ Good soundtrack

The Average:

Each mission has a checkpoint system and although its fine in the earlier missions, some of the longer missions could have used a few more checkpoints.

There is a involves you and a ship and other people and things start happening...and.....there are explosions...To be quite honest although I'm sure the overall plot is decent the story just isn't presented all that well. It's so difficult to care about any of the characters or the plot.

The Bad:

- One reason why it's so hard to care about the story is that each mission is very repetitive. Every missions involves the exact same thing....blow up enemy ships..over and over and over again. The only difference between missions is the amount of enemies you have to fight.

- The game has some really odd difficulty spikes. Some missions you will beat very easily only to be stuck in the next mission.


This is a game that has such strong core mechanics that work well but is held back by some very poor design decisions. I would love to see a sequel that really adds diversity to the levels. You don't have to be a fan of space combat games to enjoy this as I found it to be pretty easy to learn all the mechanics but it does have difficulty holding interest for long periods of time.
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