Gunpoint is a stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people. You play a freelance spy who takes jobs from his clients to break into high security buildings and steal sensitive data.
User reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (5,038 reviews)
Release Date: Jun 3, 2013

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Includes the game, the soundtrack, in-game developer commentary, Making Of Gunpoint video feature, exclusive tracks by Gunpoint's composers, and the Prototype Pack (Windows only): 9 playable versions of the game from each stage of its development


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""So if you wanted to climb up fantastically high, than lob yourself of of a roof WITH your hypertrousers.. that is completely reasonable!""
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June 17

Gunpoint patch adds Steam Workshop support, new game engine, other things

Our big Gunpoint patch has just gone live for everyone! It converts Gunpoint to a whole new engine and adds Steam Workshop, so you can see all the awesome new missions people have been making in the level editor. They are nuts. Here are the major changes:

  • New engine, implemented by Abstraction Games. Should fix many technical issues and make the game run faster for everyone, and it'll enable us to develop Mac and Linux versions next.

  • Steam Workshop added, for browsing and sharing user-made levels. Yes, we listened to the 1,779 post petition you guys started even after we'd already announced we would do it.

  • Option to turn off swearing. Up to you whether this makes "Grow a ####ing #### and shove it up your ###" kid-safe.

  • Reconfigurable keyboard controls.

  • Vertical sync option. I didn't know we needed this, but the folks at Abstraction added it and now the animation is at least 23% more beautiful.

  • Level editor. The level editor has been in there since launch, but some people still ask for one so I'm just going to keep announcing I've added it until everyone knows it's there.

  • You can now place multiple elevators in a level without it crashing. That's more than I could do when I was making the game, so I expect your levels to be at least twice as good as mine.

  • If you have any technical troubles with the new version, you can still use the old one by going to Properties > Betas and selecting 'oldversion'. Post your issue on the forums too, so we can fix it.

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"Every aspect of its clever design, laugh-out-loud noir story, tiny but expressive art, and moody music work harmoniously with one another."
9.0 - IGN

"The joy of Gunpoint comes from the clever ways you can make all the obstacles work to your advantage."
9.5 - Destructoid

"Gunpoint is a bracing reminder of how lovely simplicity, when exquisitely executed, can be."
9.0 - Polygon

"Good ideas, brilliantly executed, this is one of the year's best games."
9.0 - VideoGamer

"Simple but challenging, easily learned but deep and rewarding."
90% - GameFront

"An outstanding puzzle game with sharp writing, beautiful music and clever mechanics."

"Gunpoint is smart, creative, responsive, surprising, and possessed of an uncommon respect for the player."

Steam Exclusive Offer

Purchase Gunpoint from Steam and receive an exclusive Team Fortress 2 item:
The Crosslinker's Coil
Did you know: before the mercenary fashion world discovered the obvious style and mental health benefits of wearing 22 feet of powered electrical cable around your head, people once wore hatbands made from 'silk' or other barely-lethal textiles! Strange but true.

Special Edition

The Special Edition of Gunpoint includes:

  • The Soundtrack: Includes all of the game's noir-inspired spy music in high quality MP3 format.
  • Developer Commentary: When enabled, you'll find little sprites of Gunpoint's developers on every mission. Talk to us to hear a little about our thinking behind the design (Tom), the art (John), and the music (Ryan).
Caution: shooting a developer while he's talking ends his current commentary track. This kills the developer.

Exclusive Edition

The Exclusive Edition includes all of the items in the Special Edition plus:

  • The Making Of Gunpoint: a 40-minute video feature taking you through how Gunpoint developed from a one-room test game to what you play today. Featuring Gunpoint's designer playing his earliest prototypes for the first time since they were made, to great personal embarrassment and shame.
  • The Prototype Pack (Windows only): Play snapshots of Gunpoint's development at 9 different stages, including cartoony programmer art, the first conception of the hacking system, many scrapped levels, and overpowered gadgets we later cut. For hopefully obvious reasons, we can't give technical support for these.
  • Exclusive Tracks: Bonus pieces produced specially by Gunpoint's composers for this edition, mixing the game's noir style with electronic influences. Since they're not used as background music in the game, our composers took the chance to be more adventurous with these tracks.
  • The Secret Beta Access List (betas may be Windows only): adds an option in the game menu to sign up to our Secret Beta Access List. If and when future Suspicious Developments games are developed, we'll sometimes give secret beta versions only to the members of this list.

About This Game

Gunpoint is a stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people. You play a freelance spy who takes jobs from his clients to break into high security buildings and steal sensitive data.

To get past security, you'll need to make creative use of your main gadget: the Crosslink. It lets you see how all the security devices in a level are wired up, and then you can just click and drag with the mouse to wire them differently. So you can connect a lightswitch to a trapdoor, then flick it when a guard walks across to make him fall through.

Key Features

  • Rewire levels to work however you want
  • Trick guards into trapping themselves or shooting each other
  • Throw yourself - and others - through plate glass windows
  • Investigate a noir-inspired story of murder and espionage over 20 missions
  • Choose what to tell your clients, including lying to trick them
  • Choose your own playstyle: quick, quiet, non-violent, no living witnesses, or any combination
  • Discover new solutions to levels that no-one else has thought of
  • Buy specialist gadgets to suit how you want to play
  • All story stuff is skippable
  • Hardest puzzles are optional
  • No bosses - everyone dies in one shot, including you

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP, Visa, 7 or 8
    • Processor: 2GHz
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Video card: 512MB
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 700MB HD space
    • OS: OS X 10.7 or later
    • Processor: 2GHz
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Video card: 512MB
    • Hard Drive: 700MB HD space
    • Processor: 2GHz
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Video card: 512MB
    • Hard Drive: 700MB HD space
Helpful customer reviews
17 of 18 people (94%) found this review helpful
3.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 24
+ Unique gameplay
+ Nice Soundtrack
+ Fun to play
+ Challenging yet easy. i.e the perfect difficulty a game should have to be both fun and non-grinding.
+ Can play it in different ways
+ Multiple choices

- Quite short (but that's okay because I got it for cheap too)

Rating: 8/10
Was this review helpful? Yes No
15 of 15 people (100%) found this review helpful
10.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 31
Very different game but really fun. It took me a while to buy this game. It had been on sale before, but I looked at it and thought 'Nope, won't like it... probably waste of money'. Damn, I was so wrong. I wish I had bought it sooner. Gunpoint really surprised me. Never played a game like this one before. Very simple and easy to play but very difficult sometimes. You really have to think and pay attention in order to solve each stage. Really entertaining. You just can't stop playing it until the end. Found the game a little bit short. Finished it twice and got all achievements in about 10 hours. Wanted more. Hope they do Gunpoint 2. Bought it on sale but I believe it's worth the full price. I recommend! And I still want more...
Was this review helpful? Yes No
27 of 37 people (73%) found this review helpful
13.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 24
Better than Watch_Dogs.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
15 of 20 people (75%) found this review helpful
4.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 25
I love Indie-Games like this. Creative, very fun and cool options at a resonable price! Awesome developer!
Was this review helpful? Yes No
7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
10.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 31
Clever game that combines a cheesy detective story (think ♥♥♥♥ Tracy), with puzzles. The game isn’t difficult at face value, but each building gives you choices on how to complete your mission that can include violence, stealth, and “hacks”. I found myself making up my own challenges to make it through each building. In the end a very satisfying experience.

Cannot wait for Heat Signature!
Was this review helpful? Yes No
5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 28
9/10 and that's amazing for an indie game.
- Amazing gameplay
- Cool but short story
- Comic relief
- Funny dialogue
- Awesome upgrades
Overall, you'll have an amazing experience with the game. Must have, trust me.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 18
It's a great game where you can choose to be an avenger, a justice-man, or a whatthe♥♥♥♥amIdoing-guy.

Really enjoyable, though, it's a really short story with multiple endings.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
25.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 24
Who knows, maybe breaking glass silently and pouncing on a guard isn't so bad.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 30
While it wasn't really a long game, Gunpoint is a memorable game with some interesting and fun gameplay. Playing as a private contractor with some pants that make you jump really high, you're at the wrong place at the wrong time and you have to prove your innocence and deal with the aftermath of what you did to prove your innocence. There's some light RPG elements that change things up, namely different upgrade paths, dialogue choices, and, towards the end, choosing one of two paths that help resolve the story in their own way.

Toss in a level editor with maps you can get on the workshop, a customizable blog post at the very end, and some funny dialogue here and there, Gunpoint has some replayability after you finish the story, whether it's major or minor, however, I cannot say. 8/10, you should get this game eventually, whether you get it right now or during a sale, that's up to you.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
1.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 1
Gunpoint is fun, innovative, simple, engaging and a whole host of adjectives that would take far too much time to write out. So I will say this instead: Play this game because you won’t regret it.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
5.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 8
Gunpoint is a stealthy 2D puzzle game that will have you hacking circuits to open doors and turn off equipment to evade or take down guards and to obtain your objectives. The simple 2D art looks great coupled with nice smooth jazz music makes the levels very enjoyable. The game is pretty short (~3 hours) but can be replayed again to try different approaches to completing a level.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 31

I got this game as part of a humble bundle a while ago and I had no idea what it was so naturally I went in fairly opinionless. As soon as I started the game there is a small cutscene that welcomes you to the game and I loved it imediatley from then. This game is one of the few games i can say that is nearly totally original being a weird platformer hack-them-up stealth game.

Gunpoint is a game about breaking into buildings with the aim of stealing data from computers, simple enough. But the way you must make your way through these levels is by rewireing circuits to activate doors, alarms and even enemy guns. The whole game can be made slghtly easier and arguably more fun by buying addons like the ability to use your own pistol or smash glass silently. Also... its 2D so like, platformerstalgia.

As you can probably tell I don't have many hours on gunpoint and thats probably because it isnt a very big game. The actual game took me about 2 hours to complete and I just needed to play more, thank god there is the workshop. I appologise that i can't comment on the storyline as I gave up following it after about mission 2, however from what I did read, the game gives you a lot of opportunities to choose your own path and it has a great sense of humour.

All in all the only downside I have about this game is the length of it, I do feel however that this can be overlooked with the addition of the workshop. The gameplay is original, the graphics are awesome, the soundtrack is seriously amazing and it has one of the best checkpoint systems in a game ever. Is it worth the £6 ($9.60ish)? Totally, I couldn't recommend this game more to any kind of gamer... seriously, get it now!

I would have to give this game a strong 9/10
Was this review helpful? Yes No
2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 18
I wish i had played this before.
Seriously, this game was a fantastic surprise, one of those indie games you should really get and represents the kind of stuff we expect from... indie games.
It's different, innovative, fun.
It might look like just any other 8-bit platformer from the store page, but it's really 45% stealth, 45% puzzler, 10% action/plataforming. You're supposed to analyze the level so that you can make your way arround the guards by the usual means or with a clever use of the electronics in the game. And here's where the puzzle aspects come in. You can connect any 2 electronics that run on the same circuit. FOr instance, you can connect a camera to a door so that the door opens/closes when the camera detects movement, a light switch to a power outlet so that you can shock anyone walking by it when you use said switch, etc, etc... It's a very fun and intuitive system to work with and experiment and what sets the game apart from other platformers.
You also have acess to some special clothing that lets you do super jumps and hold onto walls or climb them. You can also jump onto guards to knock them out or kill them if stealth is not an option.

So, yeah. Get it. Very lovable game, a real pleasure to play.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
11.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 19
Very nice little game. It's a stealth/platformer mix (which is kinda rare) and a good one. Oldschool grahics, clever level design and nice music. Oh and humour is there alright. It's short, so I coudn't get enough of it and got all of the achievements. Highly recommended. Hell, where else can you get Bullfrog Hypertrousers, which allow you jump up to 3rd floor? Seriously.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 28
Gunpoint is an outstanding little puzzle game.

+ Great gameplay
+ Creative puzzles
+ Extremely funny
- Very short ( 3 hours but lots of replay with level editor )

Was this review helpful? Yes No
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 24
I love this game. Puzzles are fun to solve and levels are enjoyable to play. Everything seems so simple, but adds the extra punch to it when you do it all for the first time. It's also got great charm with some ideals taken from everyday society. The dialogue is rather enjoyable to read and makes for a fun experience throughout the whole game.

Strongly recommended, give this guy your money.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 23
Very fun game. Kicking down doors is more useful than guns in this game...

+You get a snazzy, GENUINE, spy hat in TF2

Spent an hour of gameplay beating the last level. Word of advice,
Felt so good to pop the boss...RIGHT IN THE NOGGIN
Was this review helpful? Yes No
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 24
Gunpoint isn't the hardest of action puzzle-games, but it is certainly one of the very best.

There's a certain kind of humour running through the entire game, the game looks great visually, it has a coherent art style (the music, theme and graphics all fit together) and the puzzles are interesting - often giving an out-of-box feeling when you manage to solve them in that perfect way.

In short: it is very polished and great at what it is trying to be. Just get it.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 24
Gunpoint is a stealth and puzzle game with minimal platforming. It follows the story of a freelance spy who gets caught up in some dirty dealings. One of the main mechanics of the game is that you have this trenchcoat that grants you the ability to perform incredibly high jumps and fall from great distances. You can use it to your advantage at any time. On the main menu of the game, you can choose what missions you do, it's not super straight forward but it kind of ends up going along one path as far as I can tell. And during each mission briefing you can choose what your character says back, this creates some interesting conversations. Along with mission choice, there are several upgrades that you can take which can help you throughout the levels.

The level design is pretty well thought out. Some took me a few tries to get the path down and figure out appropriate timing. If things don't go the way you want them to, you have the option to rewind time in small intervals to try again.
This game also includes steam workshop, so there are custom maps to download and some to make for yourself. While the story is roughly 2 - 3 hours long, the custom levels should keep you going if you just want to keep playing.

All in all, I'd say it's a fairly fun game. I played it while watching some streams. It doesn't require a huge amount of focus but it is still fun and engaging.
Was this review helpful? Yes No
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
7.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 25
It's a pretty short game. You can bum rush through the story mode in a couple of hours and unlock all the achievements pretty easily. Thanks to the level editor and the Steam Workshop support, though, the replay value is infinite.
The autosave feature is pretty much essential, since, at least on my system, the game crashes every now and then. You can play the game with a certain degree of freedom, and at the end you'll be judged for your performance: the grades and titles you'll receive have no repercussion on the game's mechanics and development, they are just for show.
If you enjoy puzzle games with a bit of action and the opportunity to make your own levels and share them, this game is for you.
Was this review helpful? Yes No