Sci-fi TPS with detailed action-packed underwater gameplay, suggests using both environments for combats: land and underwater.
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Дата выхода: 18 апр, 2012
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Об этой игре

The Deep Black : Reloaded is a video game in the “Action” genre (third person shooter). Deep Black features extensive gameplay (40 single player missions in 4 different environments) that offers a mix of terrestrial and underwater battles, which so far has no direct analogues in this genre in the global video games market.

The sci-fi project with detailed action-packed underwater combats will feature a new trend in TPS genre. Exciting gameplay suggests using both environments for combats: land and underwater.

The unique setting of Deep Black comprises an immersive story line, complex science-fiction mystery, espionage and bio-terror. The story line runs up in the nearest future in the world of unsteadiness, chaos, espionage, terrorism, desperate fight for world supremacy and possession of sophisticated biological weapon.

Usage of realistic physical effects in the underwater environment enforces players to feel all the deepness of fear and unpredictability of combats in Deep Black.

Players will take to the murky depths armed with a wrath of underwater equipment from specialized underwater suit with jet pack and integrated harpoon and other high tech equipment in pursuit of enemies. With the majority of the game play taking place below the water’s surface, action-adventure fans will need to master new skills to fight hostile enemies and infiltrate enemy bases.

Key features

  • Cover shooter with 40 missions and 4 different environments
  • More than 8 hours of gameplay
  • Underwater combat
  • Free 3D underwater movement
  • Immersive storyline with expressive characters
  • Huge choice of tactical equipment including jetpack suits and weapon, with special traits for underwater combat
  • Support of Razer Hydra controller
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready title
  • NVIDIA PhysX support
  • Optimized for Intel Sandy & Ivy Bridge, working well on Ultrabooks

Системные требования

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Althon X2 2.7 GHz
    • Memory: 1GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 6 GB free hard drive space
    • Video Card: DirectX 9, 10 or 11 compatible NVidia or AMD ATI card. NVidia GeForce 8800 or higher. ATI equivalent. Intel Sandy Bridge and higher
    • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Utilizes Sixense technology and supports Hydra Razor
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1.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 2 октября
-Вопервых, это симулятор окопов. Основную часть игры играешь за чувака в акваланге с гарпуном, хотя бронька и выглядит наадёжной, но на деле 5-ть выстрелов могут вас убить, поэтому перекаты ваши друзья (для непрерывных перекатов достаточно зажать клавишу, спасибо разрабом хоть за это).

-Вовторых, игра ОДНОРАЗОВАЯ в прямом смысле слова. Запустил, поиграл, вышел, снова запустил, нажал продолжить и...

Ошибка сохранения с вылетом на рабочий стол

Ну я решил что и вправду ошибка и хотел начать новую игру, запустил ярлык игры и.. чёрный экран. Решил удалить игру и скачать снова (с удалением тоже были проблемы). Скачал игру, запустил и опять чёрный экран с ошибкой сохранения.

Про гарпун и говорить не буду, он жалкая пародия.

P.S. НЕ ПОКУПАЙТЕ ЭТО G@V№ ДАЖЕ СО СКИДКОЙ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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0.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 9 июля
У это игры п**дец "а♥♥♥♥♥♥нный" геймплей.....С*** открываешь ярлык и видишь чёрный экран, после чего идёшь и бьёшься об стену головой! И понимаешь что профукал ДЕНЮШКИ! Разработчики даже не потрудятся исправить её (Им бы денег) . Компания создавшая её говорит, что они не виноваты! В общем моя оценка 0.0001/10. ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶
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7.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 5 июля
This game is absolute trash. If you were to look in the forums the only thing you will see are posts on how this game it will not even load, and to fix it you must block the game in your firewall or unplug your computer from the internet. This game has been out for 2 years and that issue has yet to be fixed.

Once you are in the game you will be presented with a laughable 3rd person cover shooter. I say it is laughable because the enemy AI is dumber than a toddler. The enemies will sometimes "take cover" outside of actual cover. They will run straight at you one-by-one until you melee them all to death in a pile. While they aren't smart they are perfect shots and will hit you 95% of the time.

The next terrible thing is the voice acting. Every death presents you with a death cry 1000 times more cheesy than the Wilhelm scream. Every enemy will have this terrible selection of death cries, and you will hear them even if they get shot in the head.

The main characters are straight out of the generic action handbook with your grizzly sounding general and your Michele Rodriguez tough chick commander. I can't tell if the written dialouge is supposed to be bad on purpose, but every sentence is cringe worthy.

The story is non-existant and it is your typical solider gets betrayed by his commanding officers, but manages to save the day trope. Chatacters will often forget and act surpised about something that they just said last cutscene.

The only positive thing I can say about this game is that it has some decent visuals, but unfortunately not a great art direction. You will make your way through some generic factories/plants and although each act is distinct it is all just lackluster.

I have expereinced a couple of annoying bugs in the game. The first is when an enmy tried to melee me underwater and since they got the jump on me they win the attack, but I am able to get free. As soon as I am free though I am immdiately put back into the melee cutscene, and this happens until I end up dying, with no way for me to win that fight. The second is that you will constantly be randomly kicked out of cover, which will result in your death.

Currently I am on a part of the game that is very difficult, even on the easiest difficulty. You can watch the walkthoughs on youtube to verify that other people have a problem in this same part. I am not sure I even want to continue trying to beat the game.

I have no idea why anyone would pay 30 dollars for this game. I regret paying the 5 dollars I did.


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1.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 1 декабря
It's not working and there is no sign the developer will fix it.

If you want to play it anyway, check this:
But well, even so, you won't be able to unlock the achievements.
(Don't ask me why some people can unlock the achievements, I also wanna know. Tell me if you know how.)

Don't accept this challenge.
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0.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 26 сентября
The game does not work. By UK Law, they are required to give a refund.
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17.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 5 сентября
It's not very good.

The underwater sections are quite pretty.
Sometimes there is innovation in the underwater maps.
The maps are generally fairly big and are mostly single maps that sometimes wrap around themselves nicely.
There is some variety in the enemies but they're mostly reserved for special encounters, which is maybe good because many of them are irritating.
Headshots do high damage.

Cons: (many)
Headshots do high damage. Stepping out from cover to go down to one lucky shot, really gets old.
It's a generic over-the-shoulder shooter.
Supposedly it's a PC native but it sure feels like a half-hearted console port.
Controls are poorly chosen and can't be remapped, examples: mellee and grenade are next to each other, alt-fire and change weapon are on the same button (mouse scroll button). These lead to all sorts of accidents under pressure where you change to your pistol instead of using a powerful attack, or drop grenades at point blank when melleeing enemies.
Many enemies have stun-lock and you just get to watch for a few seconds before you die.
Some of the battles are very. very hard. I repeated one fight for about ten hours in total. I think most people would have given up. It's usually worth using glitches.
Hacking enemy drones is a thing but it can be very hard to pull off sometimes as it randomly fails without reason. Sometimes this happens many times in a row and you die.
The surface maps are things you've seen before many times.
The armour's glowing health meter is a fairly direct rip of Dead Space, maybe that doesn't matter though.
You move very slowly when leaving cover or changing direction, there is no run button and the 'roll' mechanic is pretty useless. This leads to you slowly taking small steps in combat when you try to retreat. Retreating is generally suicidal.
Mellee is a one-button kill, assuming you didn't fumble and hit grenade. This makes the mellee enemies (one human, one drone) more or less harmless. Enemy mellee attacks do light damage and you have maybe ten seconds to hit 'f' when they attack you before they might succeed in killing you.
The various unlocks that you get in the game (infinte ammo, golden gun) can't be used. They literally do not do anything when activated.

The game isn't exciting and doesn't really have anything new. Hydrophobia did water better, there are dozens of shooters that do combat better. Being second-best to Hydrophobia isn't harsh criticism though the surface game isn't exciting so really, I should have just played Hydrophobia again.

The biggest con of all is that getting the game working in the first place requires some non-trivial research. I'll save you the time, this game will not run unless you implement a firewall rule in Windows to prevent it dialing home to the original developer's website. They do not support the game anymore (sold it to some third party that put it on steam) so the steam version will not run in its released form. You must make a firewall rule to block the game's .exe from internet. This also cancels multiplayer but since no one is playing it in MP anwyay, that's no big deal.
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1.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 19 августа
this game is a part of the worst side of steam the side with early access bad ports and buggy games do not buy this this is not me saying that i just didnt like the game it wont even run without a crack i bought it on sale for 2.50 and i still feel cheated
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2 из 4 пользователей (50%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
1.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 8 сентября
Doesn't actually work unless you use cracks, and then still crashes constantly.

There is no support for this title either.

Avoid it.
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0.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 18 января
Это не игра, а не рабочая хренъ!!! Разработчик Biart от неё открещивается и говорит, что это не они виноваты в том что игра не запускается, а издателю Strategy First так же плевать работает игра или нет им главное её продавать и поэтому они постоянно делают на неё скидки, чтобы эта "игра" хоть как-то продавалась. Вот и я повёлся на одну из скидок. О чём теперь очень жалею. На сайте Strategy First в разделе support нет даже поддержки по этой "игре" и вобще на их сайте отсутствует любая информациия по этой "игре". Обращался в службу поддержки Steam, но ответа так и не получил. Вот и получается, что всем ответственным за эту "игру" плевать на проблемы купивших её. Не покупайте эту "игру", не тратьте свои деньги на не рабочую хренъ!

This is not a game, not working crap!!! Developer Biart trying to distance itself from it and says it's not their fault that the game does not start, and the publisher Strategy First as well spit the game works or not for them it is important to sell it and therefore they constantly make her discounts to this "game" somehow sold. I've been seduced by one of discounts. What now I regret. On the website Strategy First section of the support does not even support of this "game" and markups on their website lacks a back details of this "game". Contacted customer support Steam, but received no response. It turns out that all those responsible for this "game" spit on issues bought it. Don't buy this "game", do not waste your money on not working crap!
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0.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 28 ноября, 2013
Игра плохая, не проработана, в добавок после первого запуска слетела и даже переустановка не помогает. Не покупайте, она того не стоит.
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8.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 5 марта
Действительно сложная игра, она заставляет попотень каждые 2-3 минуты. Каждая схватка дается с трудом, а боссы страшнее сатаны. Довольно разнообразные задания и драйв в них зашкаливает. А вот сюжет подвел, но на него некогда и смотреть. Советую любителям бросать вызов играм.
Изначально ждал иного, но игра удивила с обратной стороны. У многих Deep Black вылетает, лагает, но у меня игра летала гладо и без проблем, так что если вы следите за своим пк и у вас стоят последние драйвера, на пк нет вирусов, то покупайте без страха. Советую.
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0.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 9 июня
Долго думал какой же обзор написать про эту игру.....
Потому что эта ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ не работает!!!
Возможно игра должна быть у нас в голове.
Так как место для нашего воображения в данном продукте целая куча!

Играбельность такая :
"Запускаем ярлык, бах и у нас чёрный экран дальше берём бутылку водки выпивааем залпом закрываем глаза и играем!"
Не тратьте свои деньги купите лучше что то другое.
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0.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 14 января
Ни в коем случае не покупайте эту игру она не работает!!!!!
Напрасная трата денег!!!!

ps сам купил теперь жалею(((
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0.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 19 мая
Что за Х... купил игру а она не работает!!! развод на бабос!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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0.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 1 апреля
ребят игра реально не работает
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6.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 20 сентября, 2013
Купите лучше какой-нибудь поляцкий шутер...
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0.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 12 августа, 2012
бюджетный трэшак-долгострой, отвратительно
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0.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 11 марта
игра даже не включается(((((
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0.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 4 апреля
Ребят игра классная я в ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥у играл,но блин щас посмотрел 79 рублей стоит всего,а ноутбук теперь ее не тянет)
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0.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 14 мая
ИГРА ОТСТОЙ, не рабочий ШЛАК
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