Command a team of 5 elite soldiers against an alien horde of 100,000. Surrounded on all sides, you must outmaneuver and outsmart the enemy.
User reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive (1,082 reviews) - 95% of the 1,082 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Mar 6, 2014

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"Alex Vostrov has created the most fiendishly clever, creatively generous, and cinematically thrilling facing-down-the-alien-hordes real time strategy game this side of the original Starcraft! Who says a great RTS has to be a big budget studio endeavor?"
--Tom Chick, Quarter To Three

"Infested Planet is a game I’m excited to see evolve, as it has the potential to be a unique and engaging RTS unlike any I have played before."
--Nightmare Mode

"Infested Planet is already quite fun, and the current beta is being very actively expanded, refined and tuned. If you’re into strategy, this might well be worth keeping an eye on. After all, who knows what it could mutate into?" --DIY Gamer

"The mutations are an ingenious way to mix each game up and keep the experience fresh."

About This Game

Command a team of 5 elite soldiers against an alien horde of 100,000. Surrounded on all sides, you must outmaneuver and outsmart the enemy.

The enemy is closing in around you. Your soldiers are being flanked and the perimeter is slowly collapsing under a vicious alien assault. Robotic turrets will not last much longer. Just a little more and the bugs will swarm into your unprotected base. What are your orders?

You order your soldiers to fall back to a defensive chokepoint and rebuild your defenses. Sacrifice the forward squads to gain some extra time. Gather your team while equipping them with flamethrowers and laser guns. Start building a siege cannon for fire support. Then, while the aliens are busy, flank their main hives to destroy and capture them.

You have just pulled off a tactical victory - but there's no time to rest.

The aliens are constantly mutating. One moment your shotguns are ripping through the horde, the next the aliens grow hard, bullet-proof armour. You must adapt as well. Equip your team with stealth suits, miniguns, grenade launchers - your commands will decide the battle's outcome.


  • Real time tactical combat
  • A lengthy campaign where you develop new weapons
  • Procedural maps and random mutation system keep the game fresh
  • 21 Human weapons and buildings for you to wield
  • 33 Alien mutations to keep you on your toes
  • Fight thousands of enemies at once

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS:Windows XP or later
    • Processor:2.2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256MB OpenGL 2.1 Compartible
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space
    • Processor:2.4 GHz Quad Core
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:1024MB OpenGL 2.1 Compartible
    • OS:Mac OS X 10.7 or above
    • Processor:2.2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256MB OpenGL 2.1 Compartible
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD space
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Posted: September 28, 2015
I've been playing games for 30 years now.

This is easily in my Top Five of games spanning those years. No question.

Extremely tactical (work up to the hardest battles with the most unforgiving mutations and you'll need tactics just to hold ground let alone advance...).

Zoom in close or out to the full battlefield.

Don't be afraid to experiment!!! Reach for those skills you've never tried. Mix and match different units and abilities, everything is potentially useful or even necessary to win.

True tactical genius.

Please buy so the dev (who is always floating around on the forums answering questions) can feed his family (cats or human) and hopefully keep making games.

P.S. My first review ever! After 30 years!


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Posted: August 31, 2015
I really should play this more often. Nothing quite like battling against swarms of alien bugs with increasingly murderous weaponry. The at times seemingly unstoppable swarms- depending on which mutations the enemy happens upon- provides very tense gameplay requiring quick decisive movements lest you be fought to a standstill and trust me, you want to be on the defensive for as little time as possible. Alien mutations will punish slow playstyles. This fine balance between hold and push has the momentum shifting constantly particularly at the higher levels/difficulties. The fast paced gameplay coupled with charming visuals means Infested Planet is a great strategy game for those looking for that quick adrenaline fix.
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17.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 8
I am sure this is really an Atari 2600 game with SNES powered grafix.

It's absolutely brilliant in short or long bursts. You wont regret buying this.

Light RTS Heavy Starship Troopers.

Meaty campaign and with branching optional missions funding a tech upgrade system. Which you'll need to take on more advanced aliens and mutations (well over 20 random buffs) that make tactics vital. Difficulty curve is also handled extremely well.

After that it's on to skirmish and randomly generated and endlessly tweakable alien settings. You can even turn of mutations you find too OP (if you're a noob. that is).

Developer is still active in a 2 year long thread on the forum asking what he should add next. There's just no negatives here. Buy it.
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Posted: December 24, 2015
Infested Planet is a good RTS with taste of tower defense, made by Rocket Bear Games in 2014!

+ Really nice graphics
+ A lot of soldiers (Snipers,officers,etc)
+ Achievements
+ Some good modes to play with
+ Steam trading cards!
+ Amazing music
+ Fantastic tactics
+ Upgrades to your soldiers
+ Lots of aliens!

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Posted: September 19, 2015
This turned out to be deeper and more fun than I expected. Instead of just another indie title, it's a full, polished and compelling single-player campaign with some nice little extras like weekly challenges. While it's great in terms of gameplay and campaign, it's also fairly shallow overall, and can get repetitive after you've explored all the tech and research, but it's still very much worth at least a single campaign play-through, which clocks in at a minimum of around 6 hours, and a great game overall.


Where this shines above similar titles is the simple, refined and fun gameplay. It's not the deepest strategy game around, and the focus is on units here, rather than structures as in traditional RTSs'. Rocket Bear have cleverly added the strategy elements here, and worked on the mechanics like quick queueing of unit orders, quickly selecting and switching between units, intelligent prioritization based on weapons, and plenty of little things that make strategy and micro-control matter more as the game gets harder and fuller and you progress through the campaign. It's a nice switch of focus from traditional RTS, and it's done very well.

The difficulty has been optimized well too, and this game can generally be played very casually, with a focus on brute force and repetition for those who don't want to think or micro too hard, but at the same time it doesn't take away anything from those who do, and even encourages faster times for completion which means getting smart, fast and learning to hot key and micro really well will be rewarding for you in a way many other titles don't offer.

* The soundtrack too, is pretty under stated and very good at keeping pace and mood while also being fun tracks. I found myself humming along with the title screen and in game a few times. The artist and a couple of demo tracks can be found here. It's just a shame there are so few tracks.

Mistakes and Annoyances

There are a few annoyances and perhaps mis-steps here, but they're mostly unnoticeable and overall don't harm the game in any big way. The most encompassing problem I kept running into was the lack of solid tutorial/guide elements which meant that I'd continually reach a stage in latter maps where I didn't know what to do to get further, and only by experimenting over and over with new strategies til I found something that worked on different parts of the map could I move forward. This isn't necessarily a bad thing in most strategy games, since the player is expected to learn to progress, but even with the few intro missions, there are so many aspects of this game that you often don't have any clue on possible strategies as a new player and may simply hit a brick wall over and over.

The other thing worth mentioning is that the menu system is somewhat discombobulated and annoying. Units, for example, are listed on the top left in a bar, the unit buy/sell select at the opposing side, and the structure/research menu trees and further option/triggers to the bottom right. This means that unless you're 100% familiar with the hot keys then you'll continually find yourself staring at opposite corners of the screen to view information and select options. Add in the game options being in a middle menu, the progress buttons being further down on title screens, the screen swap selections being in another location on different menus and other strange placements and things get even more erratic. It's a strange albeit minor issue that could easily be refined.


Priced at £10.99/14.99€/$14.99 and £13.59/17.99€/$17.99 for the Deluxe Version (which includes the DLC) at the time of review, Infested Planet does seem a little steep on price, especially when compared to competitors. Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal, for example, is cheaper and offers near countless re-playability and content. However, clocking in at around 6-8 hours for the campaign and at least double that for completionists and when considering the harder difficulties and skirmish mode and weekly challenges, it's still good value for money if you're likely to sink a lot of time into it. For everyone else I'd recommend waiting for a sale of -50% or lower to make this a fantastic deal.

* The Trickster's Arsenal DLC is priced at £3.99/4.99€/$4.99 and a worthwhile addition, adding a level of difficulty with new enemies and mutators, and new weapons and abilities that mix up gameplay. However it's also quite small in terms of content and since the price of the base game is already a contention issue, I feel the content should have been included in the game, or reduced in price. If you've played through the campaign and want to sink more time into Infested Planet, it's a great buy, for anyone else, it's worth waiting.

Unedited review notes 19/09/2015 for Infested Planet:

-Annoying menu system, and no way to start a new campaign?
-Lack of on-point tutorial elements
+Under stated and fairly good soundtrack
+First time I've seen an option to select amount of CPU cores in a small game
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