Ambientado en un mundo mágico donde los dioses caminan entre los mortales, Demigod combina elementos de acción, estrategia y rol para crear una nueva y emocionante experiencia.
Análisis de usuarios: Mayormente positivos (427 análisis)
Fecha de lanzamiento: 14 dic. 2011

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"A really deep, intense, fast-paced real-time strategy game."
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Acerca de este juego

The all father has vanished, creating an opening in the pantheon. To fill the void, Demigods from across from the mortal world must wage war against one another in a bid to ascend to true godhood.

Set in a magical world where gods walk among mortals, Demigod blends action, strategy and role-playing elements into a thrilling new experience. Select the Demigod that will lead your minions into battle and unleash the dogs of war against your rivals. Your Demigod will do whatever it takes in order to ascend to true godhood.

Once in the Arena, each Demigod will be joined by support troops that fight to the death as you struggle to seize key control points and slowly turn the tide of war in your favor. And your Demigod will level up during the course of each battle, becoming even more powerful as you unlock new abilities and powers. It's a brutal conflict of Demigod versus Demigod, where the very ground beneath their feet will tremble and quake.

Demigod is a real-time, tactical strategy game that includes extensive role-playing elements. Choose from several Demigods, each poised for battle with their own unique capabilities and awe-inspiring powers. Vanquish other would-be gods as you gain levels, increase in power, unlock the power of mystic artifacts and slowly battle your way closer to joining the Pantheon.

Key features:

Revolutionary strategy/action game that combines tactical prowess with role-playing depth.
  • Your Demigod is the focus of your power in the arena. Each of the 8 included Demigods has unique powers and abilities.
  • Like a role-playing game, players can purchase equipment for their Demigod, add new powers to their Demigod as it gains experience, acquire artifacts that remain persistent between games. Each Demigod plays differently enough that it provides a diverse gaming experience.
  • Like a strategy game, players have strategic objectives in each arena that, when captured, provide resources that give access to better units and some Demigods have the ability to summon their own minions that they can individually control. There are gold mines that can be captured to give more resources, artifact shops that, if captured, make their resources available to your team.
Battle in a persistent online world in multiplayer or play single player either in a skirmish or in the virtual tournament.
  • The on-line pantheon allows players to "skirmish" against other players of similar skill or take part in the on-line Pantheon tournament where players choose the path of light or darkness and earn favor points to help their faction win the tournament. Players can also play on the LAN or play custom games with friends on the Internet.
  • Players earn favor points through victory with different awards given for different achievements during the game. These favor points can be used to purchase special items that exist from game to game.
Increase your Demigod's powers and abilities by leveling up during each battle.
  • In each game, your Demigod will start at level 1. As you kill enemy grunts and Demigods and capture flags, you gain experience which will cause your Demigod to gain experience levels. When a new experience level is gained, the player can add new skills and abilities to their Demigod to make him or her more powerful.
Wage massive, earth-shattering battles across a series of awe-inspiring Arenas.
  • Demigod makes use of the same awesome technology as Supreme Commander. However, it has been greatly enhanced with Gas Powered Games' new "mesh" technology that allows the game to have incredible visuals even on older video cards. The arenas in Demigod are not your typical "maps". Instead, they have each been crafted as a full blown 3D model unto itself in which players battle on the surface of them.
Seize key, strategic positions on the map and turn the tide against your enemy. Push deep into their base and destroy them once and for all.
  • Key resources in an arena are controlled by capturing the flag associated to that resource. When a player controls that resource, the entire team benefits. Controlling flags also generates war points which are added to your team's war score. When enough war points are collected, new upgrades in the team's Citadel become available for purchase.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7
    • Procesador: 2.4 GHz
    • Memoria: 512 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Gráfica 3D con 128 MB de VRAM y compatible con DirectX 9.0c
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 8 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con DirectX 9.0c
    • Otros Requisitos: Conexión a Internet de banda ancha. Para activar este juego, también es necesaria la creación de una cuenta de Stardock mientras inicias el juego en Steam
    • SO: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7
    • Procesador: 3 GHz
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Gráfica 3D con 256 de VRAM y compatible con DirectX 9.0c
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Disco Duro: 8 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con DirectX 9.0c
    • Otros Requisitos: Conexión a Internet de banda ancha
Análisis útiles de usuarios
A 2 de 3 personas (67%) les ha sido útil este análisis
11.6 h registradas
Publicado: 9 de mayo
Demigod es un MOBA, que tiene buenos personajes y mapas interesantes, pero tiene MUY POCO DE TODO, solo 10 personajes, 6 mapas y no tiene workshop alguno para que la comunidad lo mejore.

Quizás lo que más me molesta es que después de tantos años no han añadido contenido adicional alguno como para mantenerlo actualizado. De mas esta decir que el multiplayer es nulo (ya que nadie lo juega), por lo que solo te queda jugar contra la IA, la cual no tiene muchas luces.
Hay que mencionar que no tiene tutorial ni nada, apenas uno ingresa es derecho a los bifes, y a aprender sobre la marcha (aca la pobre IA nos juega a favor porque nos da todo el tiempo del mundo para probar y equivocarnos).

Adquirí este juego por un boundle de stradock en oferta y que contenía otros juegos que me interesaban, si no no lo hubiera comprado. Jugarle, nos e cuanto más podre jugarle, probar algún personaje más, pero sabiendo que voy a ganarle sin duda a la IA… no se que tan entretenido puede ser eso.
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A 9 de 12 personas (75%) les ha sido útil este análisis
188.4 h registradas
Publicado: 16 de marzo
This is a game that you cannot just start green and expect to have a short easy game, average time for each map is 1 hour.
The combinations of friendlies and enemies that can give you some interesting games makes it always fun.
This game is better played with a few people as the AI can be very frustrating sometimes.
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A 4 de 4 personas (100%) les ha sido útil este análisis
15.4 h registradas
Publicado: 29 de junio
Best MOBA I've seen so far. It's got everything and actually requires you to think your next move and also empowers you as player to contribute to victory other than "win teamfight -> game over" base destroyed before enemy respawns back. Some players in your team can push lanes, others can capture towers, others can upgrade your own towers or units or citadel or even spawn multiple types of minions/archers/balistas/angels/giants etc. You could go capture some mines or that all round wanted +20% Experience Flag or the infamous +15% HP and EVEN upgrade yourself with multiple spawn-able units that you directly control yourself and that can be purchased from the shop. There's a lot of diversity in maps as there are many of them and unlike other mobas this one actually has mods! You know things that upgrade your UI, bot AI, Extra items etc.

I'm having a blast playing this game and would recommend it to anyone who likes MOBA games because it is unique in this genre.
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A 4 de 5 personas (80%) les ha sido útil este análisis
17.0 h registradas
Publicado: 17 de enero
Demigod is a really enjoyable game. Like real time RPG chess. You can find mods online, the one I recommend highly is a bug fix mod called "Uberfix", It's well worth the price of $9,99
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A 6 de 9 personas (67%) les ha sido útil este análisis
40.7 h registradas
Publicado: 13 de marzo
Dont pay any attention to the number of hours I have played it on steam. I have owned this game from the first time it came out. And I have hundreds of hours on this game.

This is one game that does not get the respect it deserves. It is a complicated MOBA and it requires you to think on how your strategy is to be played out. And it is not as fast as games like DOTA2, so it gives you a little time to think (not much though).
It is not a MOBA like Dota games. In this game you do not destroy towers, except for the citadel which will end the game. In Demigod you control flags and each flag has different buffs and the control of the object they are near. (I.E. Portals,) When you control a flag that is next to a portal you team gets that portal and the minions that come out of that portal belong to your team as long as you control the flag. Plus there are character upgrades and Citadel upgrades and you can buy artifacts from the store or a special store that requires the capture of a flag. Also there are artifact upgrades that you can purchase with Favor points that stay with you from game to game. And the characters have a lot of spells that completely identify to their character type.
Pretty much everyone agrees that the graphics and animation is stunning, and they are. And for a 2009 game they hold up to any game. And the strategy is deep and you will learn to hate your friends all over again. This game is brutal and non-forgiving.
The main complaints from people are
1. No tutorial. And it doesn’t. This was a bad mistake by GPG. The game does have a strong learning curve. This causes people not to understand the game, and go on to something else.
2. The internet lobby is bad. And it is. The Internet Lobby is limited.
But my friends mostly play among ourselves. It works over internet and Local LAN Hosting.

For me it is good to have a MOBA that is not like DOTA, Not that I have complaints about DOTA and I also play DOTA2, but there are just so many DOTA like games out there. And most of them seem to have the same map, and the interfaces seem to close to the same. If not an outright copy.
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