Deep in the underworld of Ardania, a threat of the most evil nature grows and multiplies with an appetite for destruction that is unsurpassed. Summoned from the depths of the Bottomless Pit, the (once) mighty Báal-Abaddon has been torn from his throne of skulls and imprisoned in an earthly body of less-than-imposing stature (he's an Imp,...
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Release Date: Feb 14, 2013
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About This Game

Deep in the underworld of Ardania, a threat of the most evil nature grows and multiplies with an appetite for destruction that is unsurpassed. Summoned from the depths of the Bottomless Pit, the (once) mighty Báal-Abaddon has been torn from his throne of skulls and imprisoned in an earthly body of less-than-imposing stature (he's an Imp, OK?) to serve the none-too-competent sorcerer Oscar van Fairweather. But unfortunately for Fairweather, the luck of the damned is on Báal's side and he soon breaks free to build his own dark and majestic... Impire.

Take control the of demon Báal-Abaddon as he attempts to rebuild his mighty hell spawn form. With the aid of dozens of evil creatures big and small as well as an arsenal of spells, you will help him construct a dungeon underworld of limitless evil and nastiness to stop all those pesky Heroes of Ardania from ruining his return to greatness!

Key Features

  • Incarnate a demon of the abyss; make him evolve into a powerful dungeon lord and customize him through weapon and armor upgrades
  • Dig your own dungeon, build different room types, and craft wicked traps to stop your enemies
  • Beat up the heroes who attempt to thwart your plans, or even better, crush their souls and use them as resources to build up your dungeon
  • Recruit a vast array of creatures, level them up, and upgrade their equipment
  • Terrorize the surface of Ardania by raiding different locations, collecting treasures and riches along the way
  • Unlock unique magical item cards and mix and match them to build a deck that suits your playing style
  • Play the campaign in solo or in coop mode; or confront friends in different multiplayer game modes

System Requirements

    • OS:Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor:Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8400 3.0GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+,
    • Memory:3 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon® HD3000 video card with 512MB of dedicated memory
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX Compatible Soundcard
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Additional:3-button mouse, keyboard, speakers, Internet connection for multiplayer
    • Additional:3-button mouse, keyboard, speakers, Internet connection for multiplayer
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Posted: December 28, 2014
Humorous Dungeon Keeper like game.

- Good beginning story - lord of the pit to sidekick of a loser
- I love stories from the perspective of the bad guys
- The demon, your champion, really does grow to be a bad ♥♥♥. You get served very easily towards the beginning, but at the end you've reclaimed your lord of the pit status
- Session skill tree. Points are earned through almost every action (i.e. killing heroes, crafting items, raiding, etc.) You unlock new branches of the skill tree mostly through exploration/side quests that can be interesting
- Squad combinations can lead to good bonuses (plus to crit, defense, etc.) encouraging the player to mix and match

- Storyline grows weaker throughout the game
- Clunky controls (i.e. assign worker to repair room, but game doesn't auto assign him to then work it). Launch Game vs. Load Game between stages - if you hit load instead of launch it takes you to your last saved slot instead of the next level - why is this even on the page?
- Camera - cut scenes frequently have you looking in a different direction super zoomed in
- Ladders - the attempt to keep you on your toes while you accomplish main and side quests. Decent concept, but they happen at regular intervals and with your ability to teleport yourself or squads directly most any where, this becomes zoom out, find ladders, teleport squads, and go back to what you were doing
- Traps play almost no role
- Almost necessary to play with Priests and Overlords
- Runes disappearing? Played the entire game through and still had some empty rune slots. Some would show unlocked at the end of a successful mission, but not appear on the next mission. Not sure if they were meant to be passive, but could not find a way to view them
- Demon upgrades - no way to preview before selecting so be warned!
- Session skill tree. Mentioned above as a plus. Unfortunately, if you want to build a ton of traps, summon a horde, equip your squads to the teeth, etc. you'll only get so many points for each route. What this means is that you're going to build x number of rooms, build x number of traps, equip x number of minions, craft x number of items, dig x number of tiles, etc. I really felt like this was the major failing of the game. I picked the exact same skill tree items for about 3/4 of the game. This pigeon holes you into the same rooms, same units, and same path to victory again and again.
- Difficulty. I play most games on normal expecting to have some challenges, but not pull my hair out. If your demon dies, he respawns about five seconds later and you can teleport him right back in. The only way you die is if they destroy a treasure room? It is strange. My demon died quite a bit in the beginning, but I was never in danger of losing a stage. This makes the game a total grind. I'd recommend bumping it up if you expect any challenge.
- For a humorous game, the jokes were really hit and miss and mostly miss.
- Voice for the demon is good when you're still a little imp, but really needed to change after you reclaim your stature.
- Ending was just strange

Overall, if you like the genre then you might give it a whirl, but I wouldn't pay more than $5 for it.
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Posted: February 16
Impire is a poorly executed amalgamation of some of my favorite franchises. It could have been oh-so-much more.

The Good
* Its like a MOBA-Squad based Dungeon Keeper
* Its Ardania (I'm a big fan of the Majesty franchise)
* Characters are pretty awesome
* Dialog is great... although the demon's voice is slightly annoying
* Pretty nice graphics overall

The Bad
* Dungeon Keeper clone is not Dungeon Keeper
* Pre-Fab rooms cut down on customization. Training room, for example is a fixed size. Can't be expanded or made into a different shape
* MOBA-style RTS is a poor replacement for the Simulated Life (individual monster AI) of Dungeon Keeper
* Squad-based RTS is tactically uninteresting. Its mostly "Oh A go attack B"
* Pretty-much the same strategy can be used over and over again endlessly with no variation. This becomes grind-tastic quickly because this game has a billion levels.
* Decent graphics, and humorous dialog seem lost on ingame movies with game assets close-up (no high-poly models) who's mouths don't even move. They took the time to do good writing, and make a great engine, but didn't consider high-poly models for close-up briefings and cinematics? WTF.
* Controls feel sluggish and dull
* Hero ladders are extremely annoying and grindy.
* The need for constant teleportation should have informed the game-makers that something was wrong with their gameplay. Perhaps they should have made it so you didn't have to ninja over to hero ladders and perhaps make garrisoning better so you don't have to constantly shift frontline troops back for hero invasions.

I give this a 6.5/10, which is barely a passing grade, but is still a passing grade. I had fun, even though there's really very shallow in terms of tactics or strategy. The same things work over and over again. Most units don't even need to be used. But the Dungeon Keeper nostalgia and cute dialog put it over the top for me.
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Posted: March 26
Got this thinking it would be a variation on Dungeon Keeper, was super wrong. The story is fairly bland and the gameplay gets repetitive. Been meaning to finish the game, but it's become more of an obligation to complete it rather than a desire.
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Posted: May 17
This game says it is not supposed to be the next dungeon keeper, but you can tell they wanted it to be. The problem is they ♥♥♥♥ed up so bad that it makes me think that is the only reason why they put it in the description.
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Posted: December 28, 2014
Impire is probably the best dungeon management game that has come out in a long time. While the story is nothing special and almost linear, it is commendable that this is done flawlessly. The voice acting is on the spot, at least for the main cast. Micro- management has never been this much fun, since well… ages (in my opinion). Impire keeps you busy and interested from start to finish. Complaints about repetitiveness of the game might be founded, but I think it is more of a matter of preference. It is true that there are a couple of imperfections that should (and could be easily) addressed. The lack of grunt noises and the inability to be able to re-check the mission goals, are flaws that can be frustrating at times. The biggest imperfection is perhaps the lack of information when it comes to upgrading units. A micro-management oriented game is not as pleasant to play when the necessary information is missing.

But in the end Impire is a captivating game, unique characters and funny dialogues are more than enough to recommend it to everybody. A herd of (almost) impervious, impertinent, imps are waiting to serve their overlord. So what are you waiting for? You’re supposed to be on a highway to hell!
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Posted: December 10, 2013
It looks fun, it starts out ok, then the micro-managment makes it feel like work. Work at a boring, mundane desk job. All the rooms have a preset lay-out and size taking away some of the dungeon building creativity.

Then you go adventure, but your minions are hungry so you have to send them back to the dungeon to feed them, by the time they arrive back at the battle they are half-way to hungry again.

Then the ladders apprear. The annoying ladders they say are needed for "balance". Maybe to balance out the boring micromanagement between ladders and hungry minions, but adds little to nothing to gameplay.

The game has received almost no updates or attempt at fixing the game-play at all. Paradox has our money and gave up on the game, don't give them your money too, just move on.
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Posted: October 17, 2013
I spent a lot of time trying to like this game and clear it from my backlog...19 hours in and my conclusion is.... do not spend any amount of time or money on this game.

The first levels in the game start out rather slow and it never really improved beyond that.
Even after getting to the point of full upgrades/squads
Resource collection was primarily through sending out squads on missions and felt like a more annoying way than say telling a worker to cut trees in a standard RTS.
Enemy Heroes were kinda trivial since you could instantly teleport around the map and destroy the ladders before they started spawning.
Fell into the routine of deathballing since it was either that or suiciding smaller groups into you cleared out the area and against certain bosses even then they would wipe.
The story was rather bland, evil guy doing evil stuff.
The dialogue/voice acting was cringe worthy, enough that the game becomes unplayable unless you mute it.

TLDR: There's a premise here that could be an interesting game but it falls short in every way. Not worth your time or money.
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Posted: December 11, 2013
To make it very clear at the beginning, this game is no Dungeon Keeper III and looks more like an underground based RTS. The campaigne has 4 chapters with 5 mission each and takes all together ~20hours. Sometimes the jokes during the missions are too bad but if you like the kind of humor used in Grotesque you should also like this one. At least there are two ends of the game, so playing again isn't a bad choice. Your main character, the demon Baal-Abbadon, has three specs (Support/Melee/Caster) and all three are play- and enjoyable.

The grafic isn't up-to-date but there are many lovely details if you look at the little demons or the underground rooms. The whole game can be played in coop and has also some mulitplayer parts. There you have to protect NPCs, raid some enemy camps or to fight of endless hordes of heroes.

Some negative aspects are the low variation of missions and the missed chance to improve the experience outside of the dungeon. But I had many hours of fun in Coop with this game, so anyone interested in RTS should have a look at it.

Last hint, it plays like a mix of Majesty II and classic RTS games.
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Posted: November 26, 2013
This is one of the games I wish I didn't have in my steam account. There is nothing fun to do in this game. All you be doing is micro manage your minions to the kitchen so they can feed.
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3.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 4, 2014
First off - THIS IS NOT DUNGEON KEEPER! Do NOT buy it if you're looking for a DK fix. Go play Dungeon Keeper instead :P

The story line isn't really that great, and the animations and voice acting that follows it, are below par.

However, if you last long enough to get past that, the game play is quite enjoyable. A sorta dungoen building/ dungeon crawling combo. Build up your squads so you can have them zapping over whenever those pesky heroes come a-knocking, while you were out exploring yourself. Just don't have all your squads out raiding at the same time... <.<

Being still in the beginning of the game myself, I haven't seen the highend units yet, but the lowend are versatile enough to make some good combinations in your squads.

So far, though, I'd recommend it to anybody who enjoys dungeon building/ dungeon crawling kind of games.
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Posted: February 22, 2014
From what I can tell, public opinion on this game was heavily tarnished by the fact that the game made the fatal sin of NOT being Dungeon Keeper. Regardless of its lukewarm to cold reception, I found the game to be fun to play as a squad based RTS with some light base building. Essentially, this game was what Dungeons was shooting for and missed. So if you felt like Dungeons was terrible, but found the ideas intriguing I'd definitely recommend you load up Impire and give it a spin. It's not a flawless game by any means, but still manages to be a humorous, challenging, and moderately fresh way to kill a Sunday afternoon.
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Posted: June 29, 2014
As you would probly guess it's like dungeon keeper with some gameplay changes while trying to keep the same brand of humour. That being said it's take on the humour, in my opinion, feels childish and drab while the gameplay leaves me struggling to keep my attention in order to finish. Not to say it's a bad game, you should know that if you want to play a dungeon keeper type game then you could do better.
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Posted: November 25, 2013
Impire never promised to take the place of Dungeon Keeper 3, but it sure as hell lingered around the idea long enough to secure pre-orders. This title should have been Early Access, because my first (and likely last) experience was one of bitter disappointment.

Paradox is a hit-or-miss publisher and this was certainly a miss.

The Good:
- nice quirky graphics
- beautiful room and minion design
- interesting premise

The Bad:
- mutliplayer lobby cluttering up the main menu
- limited control over dungeon
- boring gameplay

The Ugly:
- lifeless minions without personality that just stand around or patrol
- horribly annoying voice acting
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Posted: October 2, 2014
I do think this game is enjoyable, if even just to waste time. There are certainly better games out there, and this is not one of those eye-popping good games. However its a good game to play when your bored or just want to be evil. I am dissapointed with the lack of a good skirmish game.

If your looking for a game you can easilly spend 100+ hours on, dont buy this game. If your not strapped for cash and you just wanna experiment and dabble around with different types of games this is a good one to check out.
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Posted: December 19, 2013
Went into this expecting a nice reboot of Dungeon Keeper with some changes and additional features. Although the game itself seemed okay, a clunky GUI, the unit micromanagement and the lack of flexibility that Dungeon Keeper had with placing dungeon rooms ruined it for me.
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Posted: April 18, 2013
Impire was always going to face a tough reception, being the first in a wave of very familiar looking dungeon sims that’ll be popping up throughout the year, but rather than take that challenge and run with it, Cyanide have instead made a game that is slightly worse than its inspiration in pretty much all aspects. If you’re pining after Dungeon Keeper, your money would be far better spent grabbing the originals on GOG. While you’re there, do yourself a favour and pick up Evil Genius and Startopia. By the time you’ve worked your way through all those, the next contender for the Dungeon Keeper throne will no doubt be nearly ready, and we can go through this whole merry dance once again.
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Posted: April 18, 2013
If you loved the old Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2 games then you'll find this to your liking. Its pretty much the same game but with a few twists and features to make it stand out. Try the demo out first mind, :-)
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Posted: February 16, 2013
Well I have pretty mixed emotions about this game so far. I would not recommend my friends buy this game just yet. Its release has some pretty annoying bugs, balance issues and micromanagement/interface problems. But I do see a lot of potential and I think the problems are very easy to address IF the devs see it the way see it and are going to change it.

The game is not a Dungeon Keeper clone, though it will spark up some fond memories of that game. You are indeed the manager of an evil dungeon and you summon a healthy variety of units which can level up and be upgraded and you can place traps and so on. But the strategy layer is very shallow. You have one room to grow muchrooms, and you can send your units on these simple raids to acquire materials and treasure, which comprise the 3 commodities for building units, upgrading and building rooms.

The rooms are fixed size and shape which is a bit sade, you cant just build a giant storage room for example, but add more of the fixed size storage rooms instead. Digging tunnels is really just for connecting rooms, you dont mine anything.

The dialogue and story in the game is really fun though, which is what you can expect from the guys who made Magicka.

I do find it fun to play and I myself do not regret buying it but I am pretty hard core on these kind of games, I can tolerate a lot to get this sort of gameplay :)

Keep in mind the game only saves your progress on Steam Cloud, so make sure you have that enabled!
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Posted: February 24, 2013
It is not DK3, but it is a lot of fun :) Then again, I feel that way with any game I can command minions!
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Posted: February 17, 2013
Great game!An easy to use Interface,very fun gameplay will keep you addicted.A big variation of traps,units,abilities and many more geat features and for a low price :D.Buy it!
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