Team Fortress Classic är ett av de mest populära actionspelen online någonsin. Det innehåller över nio spelfigursgrupper, från läkare till spion till sprängämnesexpert, i en unik sorts lagkrigföring online. Varje spelfigursgrupp har unika vapen, föremål och förmågor. Lagen tävlar mot varandra online i en rad olika spellägen.
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Utgivningsdatum: 1 apr, 1999

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Team Fortress Classic är ett av de mest populära actionspelen online någonsin. Det innehåller över nio spelfigursgrupper, från läkare till spion till sprängämnesexpert, i en unik sorts lagkrigföring online. Varje spelfigursgrupp har unika vapen, föremål och förmågor. Lagen tävlar mot varandra online i en rad olika spellägen.



    Minst: Processor på 500 MHz, 96 MB arbetsminne, 16 MB grafikkort, Windows XP, mus, tangentbord, Internetanslutning

    Rekommenderas: Processor på 800 MHz, 128 MB arbetsminne, 32 MB+ grafikkort, Windows XP, mus, tangentbord, Internetanslutning

    Minimum: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3, 1GB RAM, 4GB Hard Drive Space,NVIDIA GeForce 8 or higher, ATI X1600 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection
    Minimum: Linux Ubuntu 12.04, Dual-core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz, 1GB Memory, nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2600/3600 (Graphic Drivers: nVidia 310, AMD 12.11), OpenGL 2.1, 4GB Hard Drive Space, OpenAL Compatible Sound Card
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You can pee into the urinal.

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this game is alot faster paced then tf2 and more hardcore.
the classes are really fun to use.
no conga.

too many elitists play this game.
sniper rifle is underpowered.
its old look might turn off some players.

overall its a really good game and it holds up in time
Upplagd: 28 september
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You must try this game, who knows, maybe you will like it.

The game mechanics are somewhat different from the ones used by TF2, and I could explain most of them:
And yes, I will try to compare this game's features with TF2's, assuming that most players are now coming from it.

Control point maps
In control point maps, instead of staying on a capture point until it gets claimed, you have to bring a flag on it. While this doesn't support much the teamwork strategy because everyone is like "The flag is now mine, I am going to cap", some people play the right way and let the scout do the job while they offer covering fire.

However, some maps like Dustbowl on the first stage are messed up, the RED team camping near the grenade backpack and spamming all the way until the round ends.

Capture the flag
Same as you can see in TF2, that's how CTF acted in all team fortress stages, excepting that, unlike TF2, the place where you have to bring the flag is different from the place the enemy can find your flag, making this a bit confusing for new players.

Even in this moment I bring the enemy flag to my team's flag in 2fort.

A great gamemode, that in TF2 got brutally converted into payload. (there where alot of reasons I will explain later)
In this gamemode you will have to escort (AKA help a a guy reach a place alive) a class called "Civillian" (yes, TFC has 10 classes).
The civillian features low stats, having only 50 health points, no armor, grenades or weapons other than an umbrella, which is a crowbar reskin.

There are 3 teams:
The escort- only the civillian available. Only 1 can play as the civilian in a game.
The bodyguards - the people who must escort the civillian to the destination. Only soldier, heavy and medics available.
The assasins - must prevent the civillian to reach the destination. Only playable as snipers.

In TF2, the escort mode was scrapped for multiple reasons, such as the fact it had too many limits.
You had class limits, being forced to play as medic, heavy and soldier as bodyguards and as sniper on the assasins.
Also, certain civillians were trolls, refusing to get out from the spawn or jumping in front of the enemy.
No more saying there could only be 1 civillian, releasing many flamewars between players.

Then Valve made a similar gamemode, where you have to 'escort' a bomb cart by staying near it so you can 'push' it, while the other team prevents you for doing that.


The scout:
Unlike in TF2, the scout was NOT made for agressive combat, not even for combat itself. It has a 'syringegun' called nailgun and a single-barrel shotgun.
Players use the scout's speed and the conc-jump technique to quickly complete the objectives.
Unfortunatelly, the scout has low health, being able to be killed by a single rocket, and lacks double jumping.

The soldier:
The soldier from TF2 seems to not have changed much.
The only differences between them is that the TFC soldier has 2 types of shotguns equipped at once and also has hand grenades.

The pyro:
Oh pyro... poor pyro, the class valve forgot to buff.
You basically have a flamethrower that shoots rapid-fire 'bubbles' of fire, that will never hit someone.
Also, the afterburn is only like 2 seconds and deals like 4 damage/tick.
The pyro also has a rocket launcher that does not need to be realoaded, but deals no damage at all and ignites the enemies that stay in range, but again, the aferburn is weak.
You also have a single barrel shotgun...

The demoman:
A class you will rarely see played, same as in TF2.
People don't know the air detonation technique, which is deadly in TFC.

As the demoman, you have a grenade launcher with a clip of 6 and a sticky launcher with also a clip of 6. They use the same ammo and clip, tough.
The demoamn also has a single-barrel shotgun, and the unique abbility to set a bomb that is able to open new routes on a map by removing certain walls.

Heavy weapons guy:
The heavy is more decent to play that in TF2, you have a plenty of health and armor, and a powerful MIRV granade that creates explosions similar to the Sentry buster from TF2.

You also have 2 shotguns types: The one-barrel and 2-barrel.
You cannot deploy your minigun without firing, so you will stay more in combat rather than camping near corners, like people do in TF2.

The engineer is quite weak compared to the TF2 one. I mean, you have a double barrel shotgun, which is very good, and a railgun, which is the worst weapon in the game due to the slow projectile and low damage.

The sentry upgrades instantly if you have enough 'metal' (called 'cells' in TFC) and is the only upgradable building.
The sentrygun cannot rotate, the engineer being forced to place the sentrygun in corners, or to rotate it manually.

The dispenser is not upgradable and does NOT generate ammo, health and metal, as it does in TF2, so the engineer has to fill it manually.
Also, the enemy can use your dispenser.
You will rarely see an engineer building a dispenser, unless they are really bored, because it does not heal, does not provide ammo unless filled with, and does not give metal, so players preffer to collect backpacks filled with goods at every corner.
The only good thing about dispensers is that they can repair armor (if filled).

The teleporter is not upgradable, but efficient.

The lack of hauling buildings and the addition of grenades in TFC makes it hard to be an engineer, trust me.

The medic is actually an upgraded version of the scout, but not worth playing.
The lack of 'assist' in the kill feed and the fact that you don't get points for healing, will end up with you having 0 points even if you were an efficient medic that deserved #1 in TF2.

What do I mean by upgraded scout?
Remind scout's weapons? Nailgun and single barrel shotgun, also a crowbar.
Medic's loadout? SUPER Nailgun, DOUBLE barrel shotgun and the medkit (as melee).

The medkit is the most overpowered weapon.
Why? once hitting an enemy with it, it will become infected, causing his health to drain constantly until dies or healed by a medic. Also, the infection can be spread trough teammates... darn it valve.

Also, the medic is designed more for combat, and healing teammates that are hiding, because you cannot heal while you or your teammate move.

The sniper:
Remember the sniper rifle in TF2 called "the Classic"?
Use it to see how being a sniper is like in TFC.

The spy:
The spy, a kinda broken class, has a tranquilizer gun that slows down enemies, a double barrel shotgun and a knife.
The stupid thing about the spy is that the disguise takes about 5 bloody seconds (while just like 2 in TF2) and you have no cloak feature.
However, the lack of spychecking weapons other than the medic's medkit, may do the job.
You can feign death, but you have to stay down, as a random dead body, and if you move, you actually spin like a drunk hobo and suspicious players will shoot.

The backstab seems to be broken most of the time, resuting in failed facestabs.
Additionally, if an enemy scout or spy runs into you, your disguise is removed.

Only things I don't like on this game (along with the broken classes) are these:
-Lack of resupply cabinets: If someone spawn camps you and you are hurt badly (or infected) you are forced to die.
-Solid hitboxes: You cannot get past teammates as in TF2 and you cannot do the bump-spycheck.
-All classes use the same voice, the only lines you will hear being "Medic!" and "Excuse me, I'm in need of medical attention." thus making it hard to see which class is approaching.

On short, totally worth playing, and if you are bored you can try the FUN servers (which are better than the TF2 ones because the civillian class is used alot in them), and if you totally suck like me, you can enjoy playing singleplayer with bots.

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Still fun, I love the gernades and chaotic violence. It truly is a classic, I have spent many hours of good fun here. So many great memories.
Upplagd: 21 juni
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