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Utgivelsesdato: 16. mar, 2012
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Publisert: 25. november
So I got this as part of an indie bundle of 8 other games for $1.50, and upon looking at the store page, I became worried.

Barely touched on steam for two and a half years and already had mixed reviews, I approached this game today with caution. The opening was cute. I liked the pop-art style intro. It reminded me of something like Little Big Planet.

Then I saw those things up close.
Those...creepy, soulless eyes...begging to die.

Space Ark is basically an Arkanoid game (hooray for puns), where you bounce your Little Big Planet knockoffs around and about hitting objects this game calls "DNA" and helping these creatures restore there planets to its (un)rightful glory.

I was very skeptical about how this game would be, especially with how the screenshots were kind of a turnoff. But honestly, this game wasn't too bad. In fact it got a little challenging, because not only are you controlling your yoga ball around the stage, but you also have control in navigating your sock puppets that you call "animals."

Granted, it's not as challenging as other arkanoid games that you can find here on steam, such as Ionball, but if you like to have color in your environment and like bouncing up and down cute...soulless...evil...creatures, then you'll enjoy this game.

Though at a price tag of $5, I say wait, look for a sale, or look somewhere else.
This game is worth no more than your typical dollar app, and shouldn't be priced any higher than that.

Other than that, I (personally) can't recommend this game to anyone I know that is into arkanoid but likes this type of theme.

p.s. This game cannot be played at full screen, so that's another thing to note about.
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Publisert: 29. juli
So no full screen?
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Publisert: 3. juli, 2012
Arkanoid where you control the 'ball'. And by 'ball' I mean creature. It has all the stuff you've come to expect from an Arkanoid title; powerups, bonuses, multipliers, everything. It's colorful and flashy. Casual gamers are definitely the target audience for this game.

[Rating: 64/100]
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Publisert: 5. januar, 2013
A colorful and fun arcade style game where you launch your Arkonaut from the bounce pad to collect DNA blocks. You not only control the bounce pad but also the Arkonaut as well which adds extra challenge. The avatars are cute and the music is catchy. This game is deffinitely worth giving a shot.
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Publisert: 16. mars, 2012
Space Ark is truly a gem. The game has handsome graphics, a fun soundtrack and is challenging enough to engage an adult and simple enough to be grasped by a child. The concept itself is unique, using anthropomorphized endagered animals to bounce of a trampoline to unlock seeds that terraform a barren piece of rock. While the gameplay itself is a familiar breakout arcade mechanic, Space Ark uses 3D to put a spin on the standard sidescrolling challenge. Both widescreen and controller enabled, Space Ark is a game that every indie fan should own.
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Publisert: 20. januar
The game has great graphics. While they are simple there sharp looking and the sound is fine. The gameplay is kind of where it starts to fall apart. I would have liked it more if they would have kept it simple but nope. You see its not enough you have to clear a level you need to clear it with enough points. Ugh.

I mean cmon really? Its a chore and slightly annoying to clear all the maps but one because you failed to play the game the way they wanted you to play it. Booooooooooooo. Bad idea developers. I would have loved it if I could have played the game just to clear and move on to the next map. I would not recommend this to anyone because of this. Nope. 4/10 for graphics and sound but gameplay is a little on the unforgiving side.

**Side note in the about game they compare this to other games Rainbow Island, Bubble Bobble and Arkanoid. You want to know what these all had in common? Once you got all the fruit or bubbles you moved on to the next level. This game is not like that at all.
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Publisert: 22. august, 2013
This is hard! Especially when you're trying to get Perfect with Gold Medal.
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