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Only the Dead Survive. A massive deep-space mining ship goes dark after unearthing a strange artifact on a distant planet. Engineer Isaac Clarke embarks on the repair mission, only to uncover a nightmarish blood bath — the ship's crew horribly slaughtered and infected by alien scourge.
Release Date: Oct 20, 2008
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About the Game

Only the Dead Survive.
A massive deep-space mining ship goes dark after unearthing a strange artifact on a distant planet. Engineer Isaac Clarke embarks on the repair mission, only to uncover a nightmarish blood bath — the ship's crew horribly slaughtered and infected by alien scourge. Now Isaac is cut off, trapped, and engaged in a desperate fight for survival.
  • Strategically dismember the Necromorph enemies limb by bloody limb.
  • Zero gravity combat means terror can strike from anywhere.
  • Uncover the horrific truth of this shocking thriller.

System Requirements

    • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows® XP SP2 or Vista
    • Processor: 2.8 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM or more for Windows XP (2 GB for Vista)
    • Graphics: DirectX® 9.0c compatible video card, Shader Model 3.0 required, 256 MB or better, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better (7300, 7600 GS, and 8500 are below minimum system requirements), ATI X1600 Pro or better (X1300, X1300 Pro and HD2400 are below minimum system requirements)
    • Hard Drive: 7.5 GB free space
    • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card
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How to mess yourself:
1: Turn off the lights in the room.
2: Be the only person in your house.
3: Surround sound.
4: Play Dead Space.
5: Do laundry.
Posted: January 1st, 2014
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"Ch-check under the bed."
"All clear."
"O-ok n-now behind the curtains."
"Nothing here."
"And the c-closest?"

I love this game, but I don't think I can be considered a legally sane person anymore. Get this game if you: A. want to become insane or B. already are and need some relaxing to do. Either way check your corners, always.
Posted: November 11th, 2013
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It Moves? Kill It.
It Doesn't Move? Kill it.
WUT THE FU** IS THAT?! Kill it.
Posted: December 20th, 2013
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Rating: "Worth playing"
Traditional Rating: 7.5/10
Platform: PC
Genre: Survival Horror

After a couple of hours of play, it would appear Dead Space is setting itself up to be the Ridley Scott's Alien of gaming. It almost suceeds to a point. Tense and fraught with danger, the suspense (coupled with the awesome sound design which truly heightens the atmosphere to harrowing levels) is almost unbearable at times. Every corridor you traverse holds some nasty alien surprise lying in wait to decapitate or gut you to pieces. The game sets up a fantastically eerie environment from the get-go and it feels like you live the game as you play it.

Being a survival horror don't expect ammunition to be lying around every single corner so the player needs to make sure that every shot counts when trying to take down these monstrosities. You can easily stock up on ammunition at the various shops set up around the spaceship but money is in very short supply and the ammunition itself is not cheap so often the player will find themselves in a situation where choices need to be made. Does one sacrifice extra ammo in favour of buying a medi-pack for healing or a node for upgrading weapons? This is not a game where you can have your cake and eat it.

I enjoyed the fact that Visceral Games chose to go for the amputating of various body parts to bring enemies down rather than the usual stock standard shot to the head that is the common norm in shooters these days. Where Dead Space unfortunately falters is with its clichéd story (an alien hive mind and artefacts form the backbone of the story). From a pure storytelling experience there is nothing new here that hasn't been told before countless times in other mediums.

The gamer is left playing a mute protagonist, Isaac Clarke, who doesn't say a word throughout the game to the various characters he comes into contact with which ultimately leaves him as one of those personalityless heroes that I find difficult to rally around in the age of Commander Sheppard and Ezio Auditore.

Criticisms aside - the game is still a scarily good time with headphones cranked up to full and the lights turned off!
Posted: November 26th, 2013
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Welcome new recruit, hope you enjoy traveling through the emptiness and void of space as you traverse a deserted ship for signs of life that cried for help before their lives faded away.

Once again another game that is so horrific by the end of it I hope the main character just has common sense to ask for a pay increase.

Dead Space is a great atmosphereic game that has alot of variety in enemies. While I did not find this game to be much of a "horror" like how I think of Amensia I did find it to be a very good action-thriller.

:::::Tools as Weapons::::::

Being able to modify them and upgrade them as you please to get more firing power from them and several advantages over your enemy? Game has a good amount of weapon progression that allows you to feel like your building up some nice horse power in those mining tools.

:::::Role as Engineer:::::

Repairing things in the game is simple to do but also feels rewarding and like you are playing a actual role in trying to restore the ship back to its previous glory. Upgrading your suit throughout the game is pretty helpful... to avoid dieing brutally.


There is a good selection of enemies and bosses to blow apart in this game. Brought me back to the days when games like doom had alot of variety in monsters. Their weaknesses being their limbs is also very interesting and somehow at the same time disturbing to a degree. A shame you cannot make any snowmen out of their limbs would be a real good scare for the children.


For those who want to play a game where you play as a engineer who goes through a isolated spaceship and blast the limbs off your enemy I do not know why you are still reading this.

Disclaimer: You might get so used to using tools as weapons that you go into your shed and modify everything into weapons and walk out like a berserker in a RPG fully geared to rock and load.
Posted: December 5th, 2013
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