As Commander Shepard, you lead an elite squad on a heroic, action-packed adventure throughout the galaxy. Discover the imminent danger from an ancient threat and battle the traitorous Saren and his deadly army to save civilization. The fate of all life depends on your actions!
User reviews: Very Positive (4,330 reviews)
Release Date: 28 May, 2008

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"Easy SciFi Shooter with some role playing game elements. Good story and memorable NPCs. Nice game but a bit too streamlined for oldschool RPG fans."


"One of the best role-playing games in recent memory... Makes you feel like the badass warrior you were meant to be... The refined PC version is your best choice for experiencing this excellent game." - GameSpot: 9/10 | Editors’ Choice

"Raises the bar for the role-playing genre... Mass Effect's greatest strength is the quality of the narrative… Mass Effect takes interactive entertainment to new heights and is wholeheartedly recommended." - GameSpy: 5/5 | Editors’ Choice

About This Game

As Commander Shepard, you lead an elite squad on a heroic, action-packed adventure throughout the galaxy.

Discover the imminent danger from an ancient threat and battle the traitorous Saren and his deadly army to save civilization. The fate of all life depends on your actions!
  • 2007 New York Times Game of the Year
  • A Stunning universe with high resolution graphics and textures
  • Controls and interface optimized for PC gamers
  • Includes free additional content — face off against the horrific Batarians
  • Customize your character and embark on a pulse-pounding adventure in an immersive open-ended storyline
  • Incredible real-time character interaction
  • Thrilling, tactical combat as you lead an elite squad of three
  • Interplanetary exploration of an epic proportion

System Requirements

    • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows® XP with SP2 or Windows Vista*
    • Processor: Intel P4 2.4 Ghz or faster / AMD 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 1.0 GB RAM or more (2.0 GB for Vista)
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible, ATI X1300 XT or greater (ATI X1300, X1300 Pro, X1600 Pro, Radeon 2600 HD, and HD 2400 are below minimum system requirements); NVidia GeForce 6800 or greater (7300, 7600 GS, 8500 are below minimum system requirements)
    • Hard Drive: 12.0 GB or more free hard drive space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    * WINDOWS VISTA OR WINDOWS 7 USERS: Launching “Mass Effect” from Steam requires the setting “Run as Administrator”. If the User Account Control feature of Windows Vista is enabled, launching “Mass Effect” from Steam will result in failure. For users with User Account Control enabled, launch Steam using the “Run as Administrator” option or launch from the windows shortcut.
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Posted: 26 November, 2014
Punched a reporter.

10/10 would punch again.

In all seriousness, Mass Effect is a well-rounded game from BioWare, the people that defined my childhood with such classics as Neverwinter Nights, and my all-time favorite, Knights of the Old Republic.

This first step into the trilogy, puts you into the boots of Commander Shepard. He (or she) is given the task of stopping a rogue Spectre from... you guess it, taking over the galaxy (OF COURSE!) Along the way, you pick up a colorful cast of characters that help Shepard every step of the way.

One of the things I really like about Mass Effect is its approach to morality. It is not the standard good vs evil choice. To put this in Star Trek terms, Paragon Shepard is more like Jean-Luc Picard or Kathryn Janeway, always willing to go for diplomacy first. Conversely, Renegade Shepard is more analogous to Benjamin Sisko; doing whatever it takes to get the job done, and sometimes crossing the line. But even though ReneShep may cross that line, he or she, is willing to live with the decision regardless of the consequences.

Gameplay may seem a little archaic especially when compared to the later games in the trilogy, but there is something about it that I find charming in its design. Sure, inventory management can be a bit of a hassle, but let's face it, no game has ever really had a perfect inventory system. The shooting is solid enough, even though the guns sound like pea shooters (This only applies to the pistols. The shotguns, and sniper rifles have weight to their sound assets), and the variety of ammunition types, equipment and powers allow for a lot of replayability. Plus, you can take your completed Shepard, and import him or her into the next two games, taking your decisions with you.

So, what about Shepard? Take a seat, relax, and begin your journey to find out.
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Posted: 18 February
good story
not too easy
good battles

damn slow elevators

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Posted: 22 March
The story is deep, serious ♥♥♥♥. You like galactic, cyberpunk stuff that reminds you of swtor? Play this, it's so precise, voice acting for every moving thing, storyline has so much attention to detail, especially the characters, they DIFFER so much from each other, and it continues to develop and evolve as the series continues. Music is so nostalgic, everything is ace, the film-grain effect for that retro look... People don't pay respects to these little details that the bioware team throws in. They are aware of every aspect of good storytelling, and they exploit it well in this series.

Summarising stories is the worst way to fish someone into what you're selling, won't want to make them play it for ♥♥♥♥. If I summarized the storyline it would be; 'you are commander shepard, goal is to save the galaxy with a team' But the storyline isn't what it is about, otherwise there would be so much of the same ♥♥♥♥ in both the gaming and film industry, what really matters is how you execute it. Play this game, it will hook you in the first 3-4 hours, if it doesn't, then it isn't your thing. It's a game that isn't open-world yet offers so much freedom.


+ Definitely one of the most interesting, yet complex plots out there
+ Gameplay is dynamically shaped by your actions and dialogue selections
+ Can go around as a total ♥♥♥♥, or an ethical and universal role model
+ Epic protagonist
+ Great model designs
+ Fluid game mechanics
+ Does a decent job getting your emotions a little worked up
+ Viable for replayability
+ Most maps are impressively immersive
+ AI is actually pretty good
+ Different alien species can be fun to learn more about
+ Gives the player the option to play strategically with the eccentric specialties of each squad member
+ Fun side quests, with some being humorous
+ Even after understanding the plot 100%, there are still unresolvable mysteries that leave the players to assume for themselves
+ Awesome voice acting, but Shepard's can start to sound monotone after a while
+ Textures are a little meh, but are enough to keep you immersed
+ Lotsa lens flares
+ Optional and unintrusive romance

- Had a few issues with characters models dissappearing randomly
- Citadel is large and can be too confusing to navigate through
- Too many useless elevators
- Walking/jogging speed is kind of slow
- Inventory system is really annoying to use
- Sound sometimes, but rarely, started acting whacky for me
- Exploring ("landing on") planets that are extraneous to the main plot can sometimes be rewarding, but are mostly "cookie cutter'ed"
- Music is very sci-fi'y, but sometimes annoyed me due to the short loops
- Gun model variation is pretty unexciting (maybe 2 models per type, with about 3 colors per model)
- No free-roam after completing game, so make sure you do all the side-quests you're interested in and explore BEORE you begin the final quest

Leaves you thinking for nights after completion :D
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Posted: 7 December, 2014
Mass Effect has an atmosphere like no other in gaming. The experience of fighting for the universe in a world I would best describe as "surreal" is something every gamer needs to try.

+ Keith David
+ Very good AI (Both enemy and friends)
+ Graphics are pretty much perfect. And by perfect I mean the style fits everything else the game is trying to do exactly how it should
+ Controls are exactly how you'd want them (Except for the Mako)
+ Story has lots of depth and is plenty interesting
+ Leveling up is amazingly satisfying
+ Plenty of armor, weapon, and upgrade options
+ Mako roaming splits up the on foot action very, very well
+ Keith David
+ Plenty of side quests
+ Combat has tons of depth
+ Recharging weapons make for unique combat
+ You can be a total ♥♥♥♥ to everyone you don't like
+ Keith David is amazing
+ Music is amazing
+ Did I mention Keith David!?

Not so good:
- It's quite linear (Which isn't a big issue at all, for me at least)
- Some bugs here and there (You may end up having to reload a time or two)
- You're glued to the ground (Probably more a personal issue)
- The Mako could control more smoothly

My complaints are minor while my compliments are off the charts.

If you have any sense, buy this game.
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Posted: 12 January
General info

~Genre: Action game with roleplaying elements
~Number of players: 1
~Downloadable content: available
~First part of a trilogy
~Completion time: 20-45 hours

Strong points

+Rich story (explore the Milky Way occupied by many alien species, each with its own detailed history and culture)

+Memorable characters (customizable protagonist, ruthless villains, unforgettable companions)

+High replay value (6 classes that offer different play styles, variable companion combinations, etc.)

+Challenging (5 difficulty levels to choose from; including easy, veteran and hardcore)

+Battle tactics (command your team, distract the enemy, utilize your surroundings)

+From zero to hero (60 levels to master, 6 companions to recruit, numerous skills to learn)

+Devil or angel? (Two moral paths to choose from; your overall attitude affects the NPCs' behaviour towards you as well as your appearance)

+Pass the legacy (after finishing the game you can a)export your saved game to Mass effect 2 and keep your key-choices or b)start a New game plus with your skills/characteristics intact)

+Epic themes (for a great tale to be told, a music score of equivalent value is needed)

+Marvellous view (with your own spaceship land on imaginary planets, each with its own atmosphere, flora and fauna)

+Price (significantly low during sales)


-Games these days (old school gamers might find the health regeneration and cover system redundant)

-Choices ungiven (despite being abundant, only a few choices actually matter for the game's finale)

-And now what? (unless played as part of a trilogy, Mass effect 1 seems like an unresolved tale)

-KotOR clone (strong resemblances to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, mainly seen at the morale system and plot structure). It might not be an issue to some, nevertheless I have to point it out.

-Not so challenging after all (Mass effect targets a wide audience; experienced players may find its simplicity frustrating)

My rating4/5
Mass Effect has its flaws, mainly found in the battle system and narration pattern. Nevertheless, if you are tired of medieval cliché with dwarves and elves, try conquering the galaxy nebula by nebula while facing alien races with futuristic weaponry.
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Posted: 2 January
After doing 5 walkthroughs and reaching over 150 hours with Mass Effect I have to say this is one of the best games I have ever played.

Game mechanics are mediocre at best - the cover system is not the best and managing your inventory could have been much better. But this was released for consoles back in 2007. We have come a long way in this genre since that year so let's just accept these issues as well as the somewhat dated graphics and focus on the story instead.

Well, the story is all about a commander called Shepard who is tasked with capturing Saren who goes rogue and by doing so endangers the lives of many. He is from a race called Turian and is an agent of the notorious group called Spectre.

Along the way Shepard discovers Saren is just a pawn in this game. He continues to uncover who exactly is in the background and the findings are interesting enough to have two more sequels for this game.

The sequel focuses more on the action and the third and final episode tries to combine both. At this point you have probably heard of the controversy in connection with the ending of the trilogy. It is always nice to start with the first where there were no expectations and this is where you meet the Commander and the various races living in the galaxy.

There are tons of side missions and you have your own ship to control to be able to reach the planet you desire. You meet new characters who'll join you as during each mission you control a squad consisting of 3 people.

What makes Mass Effect really great is its depth! How the story unfolds and not just the main story but the story of each and every character important to Shepard's quest. From time to time you get to make decisions and these decisions can seriously affect the storyline.

The personality trait you have is also very important: going with the good choices makes you a paragon in the eyes of your comrades while sticking to the darker side (you see what I did there?) renders you a renegade. A 2nd walkthrough is the minimum just for the sake of seeing what could have happened if you'd gone the other way.

Mass Effect is a great game: Its storyline, music, voice acting (the female Shepard's voice is equally good), characters, art design are all top notch. You didn't like the casualness of the second part and the ending of the trilogy was a letdown for you? Grab the 1st where it all started. But this time, pick a different line in a conversation or a different class for Shepard at the beginning. Or a different background for him. Or simply complete some side missions in a totally different order. One thing is for certain: you'll find something new in your next walkthrough.
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Posted: 30 December, 2014
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Posted: 22 December, 2014
This is the game that made me into a serious gamer.

A wonderful first game to an amazing triology. Packed with detailed lore and great characters, a definate must-buy for any sci-fi enthusiasts, RPG-lovers or anyone who enjoys playing a game with a great story and world.
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Posted: 12 December, 2014
Amazing if you have any interest in space
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Posted: 15 November, 2014
Mass Effect is pretty cool, I guess.

You play as Shepard, who can be either male or female, but I played him as a man, so I will be addressing him as a he.
Sorry Anita.

The game takes place in the future where I somehow haven't conquered the world. Humanity, in its efforts to into space, exluding Poland, find a ancient alien relic called the Mass Relay at the edge of the solar system. They activate it, which is apparently a big no-no, and starts a interstellar war with a alien race called the Turians, it's okay though because you can bang one later. All greviances lost.

Depending on the backstory you picked for Shepard, there is a chance he can compete with Batman on the world's deadest parents competition. As part of the Earth military, Shepard is sent off to a planet called Eden Prime where he must find out what happened to the country bumpkins and their space farms. He finds corpses, oh no! After the death of a Spectre, this games version of the hall monitors, Shepard is brought to the forefront of the galactic community as the first human hall monitor. Gonna monitor those halls so good. Through his Star Wars journey, Shepard discovers new friends, bitter enemies, and discovers his infatuation for blue buttcheeks, you go Shepard, get that blue berry.

The combat is a mix between RPG elements and cover based shooting. You hide behind chest-high walls while popping out occasionally to shoot some fool or hit them with your Jedi mind powers. Like all older Bioware games, Mass Effect likes to tell you what's going on. There is a codex that covers aliens, places, alien places, weapons, alien weapons, goblin darts, and historical events, and alien historical events... Did I mention the aliens? They're kind of important. I appreciate the time they took into making the game feel like it has it's own world instead of just being a series of events.

The story isn't the greatest thing ever, but it does enough to get you lost in it and forgetting that you live on a raft going down the Mississippi because you won one too many hobo fights without throwing the match. Let's see you catch me now, Booker.

Should you play Mass Effect?

The characters are fun to be around and the story and gameplay is engaging enough to keep you interested. Your journey for blue butt cheeks should last you a few hours and it will probably keep you interested enough to play the sequel. Not the second sequel though, don't do that to yourself, you're beautiful and don't deserve that.

I give Mass Effect two butt cheeks out of ten. President Kennedy was the fastest random speaker in the world with upwards of 350 words per minute.

Also, I have a curator now, you should probably check that out if you like reading the stupid crap I type out on here. You can find it here.
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Posted: 23 December, 2014
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Posted: 30 December, 2014
Mass Effect games are always fun to talk about, never sure if I love or hate them more.

The 1st game in the series undoubtedly plays most like an RPG of the 3 games, though even then, it would stand as a rather odd RPG when compared to others.

For those that have played BioWare's best work: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, you'll notice some similar sub-stories, characters, and styles. I mention this only because the influence is strongest in the 1st game, when the series hasn't really defined itself completely.

Anyways, it stands as the black sheep of the trilogy for its odd mix of RPG and 3rd person shooter mechanics. It does, however, possess strengths the others lack. The Lovecraftian horror influence is pretty clear in some of the side quests that take you to remote planets -- the fear of the unknown, the ominous music all play into this.

The vehicular sections on the remote planets are a bit clunky, but they do a good job of establishing mystery -- you don't know quite what you're going to find. This works well in both reinforcing the trilogy's whole narrative and the general style the narrative embodies: the unknown, powerful threat, the dirty/dark sci-fi.

Of course, one has to forgive the incessantly repeated interiors and textures for the side quests, this game lacks polish. If one can get past it, one will find a series of stories that help add to and fill in Mass Effect's universe, even setting things up for the sequels well.

If one does everything, the game will take roughly 45-50 hours. If one moves through the narrative alone, you can complete it in 10-15 hours.

The main story narrative has the strongest KOTOR infuence. KOTOR was a campaign across a series of planets, not an entire galaxy. Mass Effect too, is composed of fairly long missions on a small handful of planets -- each a sort of individual story that connects to the larger narrative. Or there's the fact that in both KOTOR and ME1, the player follows the antagonist, or rather retraces their steps, to discover their motivations and goals, across different planets.

This is contrasted, then, with Mass Effect 2 and 3, where the meat of the games is composed of much more compact and exposition heavy missions with a lot of tight, polished shooting across many locations.

The shooting mechanics seem to, in principle, be based on what many call a Gears of War or GTAIV cover based system. Player pops in and out of cover. However, it's pretty clunky, the player doesn't stick too well to cover and cannot navigate it very well.

Add in the fact that weapons, armor, and upgrades are doled out in a traditional RPG manner, with damage stats being compared, unique drops, the skill point based system of character leveling. and a huge inventory to sort through, and one will begin to notice that things seem out of place.

It is not so much that these elements are bad in and of themselves, but more that they don't belong together. As if the developers were unsure of what kind of game they wanted Mass Effect to be.

After several replays, I've come to realize that they don't do a very good job of leading up to what is supposed to be the central twist of the narrative, the big reveal about the focus of the whole trilogy, the thing to make the games all connect. Avoiding spoilers, I mean the event with the 'virtual intelligence' on Virmire late in the game.

Anyone replaying will notice that the game will go so far as to basically tell, through other characters, the player directly what the narrative reveals later in a manner obviously meant to be climactic. It is again, odd, unpolished, and atypical of BioWare, much like the entirety of the game.


Besides feeling out of place and sometimes unpolished, the game has a lot of content, has mechanics that work even if feeling awkward, and manages to present an engaging narrative -- I still get rather excited when Joker commands the fleet upon Sovereign in one of the final scenes. Mass Effect's cinematic presentation is fantastic and never fails to make me feel invested in the story.

(If, again, one can forgive some of the cliches like checking the body of the villain to make sure he's dead only to discover him alive or thinking the hero is dead only to have him reemerge triumphantly. I think it is possible to view these little storytelling sins sympathetically, cute little mistakes of young Mass Effect)

I spent around 150 hours (100 on my Steam copy) on this game over several playthroughs. As I said at the beginning, I have a lot of issues with the series and it definitely isn't perfect. I can't deny though, that they do some things so well, and are so unique that they are games we can conclude are worth playing, worth discussing, worth evaluating.

Despite the game's flaws, odd qualities, and weird inability to define itself, I have to recommend it for all it does well, for starting a great trilogy and for leading into the best game of the series: Mass Effect 2.
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Posted: 17 February
Reviews for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Overall Rating: 9/10
Gameplay Rating: 9/10
Accessibility Rating: 7/10

Overall rating is a combination of the gameplay (mechanics and story) and accessibility (how the game includes deaf/hoh gamers). If you disagree with my take on the game or if something is factually incorrect, please leave a comment below!

General Gameplay
The first in a series from BioWare, Mass Effect was designed to be an open, choose-your-own-adventure type game within a relatively loose storyline.

You play as a Human Alliance Navy Commander named Shepard. You're quickly embroiled in a fight to save not only yourself and crew, but humanity and all races in the universe from extinction at the hands of the Reapers.

The story for Mass Effect and the effects between games that your decisions have makes playing the whole series on occasion quite enjoyable. The games can be long, so they can be daunting to try and replay. Make sure you have time!

General Accessibility

Accessibility Options
Mass Effect opens to the main menu, so you can set subtitles before the game begins. Sound controls let you adjust music, sound effects, and dialogue volumes independently. For gamers with mobility issues, you can rebind all keys to suit your needs.

In gameplay, there are few indicators that you are being shot at or that you were hit. The bullet animations are fast, and you may miss them until your shield is gone already. I often did not know I was being shot until my health was critically low, which is the first major visual indicator of damage. This can make the game frustrating at times.

Subtitles & Captions

- Subtitles are large and easy to read with light blue text and black border.
- In conversations, you see who is talking and subtitles at the same time.

- Most subtitles are shown because you trigger them, but some come from nearby people and they are not named, so you may not know who is talking.

Mass Effect is single player; no chatting available or required.

Visit Games Reviews for the Deaf/HoH
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Posted: 24 November, 2014
It's one of the best RPGTPS from 2008. This game has a great storyline, characters, detail & setting, and Mass Effect shows it. I would play this on PC/PS3 or Xbox 360 and never get tried of Mass Effect. It's out now on Standalone PC DVD, Steam, Origin, PlayStation Store, PS3 Disc (Mass Effect Trilogy Versions) or Xbox 360 Disc (Standalone & Mass Effect Trilogy Versions).
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Posted: 16 January
It's a shame Bioware doesn't make games like this anymore.
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Posted: 24 December, 2014
What can be said about Mass Effect that hasn't already been said?

Mechanically, it's a third-person shooter/RPG hybrid with interactive, choice-driven cinematics interspersed regularly.

There are certainly problems with that. The conversations and cinematics wind up taking up, quite literally, most of your time--except of course the endless backtracking on the Normandy and Mako portions--and making the game feel more like a visual novel than a Western action-RPG at times. It feels more like a story and less like a game, some of the time. Most of the time, really.

The RPG leveling is good, but nowhere near as good as, say, Skyrim's, or the original Deus Ex's. (I say the original because I have yet to play Human Revolution, not because I object to it in any way.) The levels you wind up focusing on are Charm and Intimidate, whose primary impact involves, you guessed it, the cinematic conversations. There's the electronics and decryption skill trees, sure (although they're more just lines than trees--for a game centered around choice-based narrative, there's not much choice-based gameplay) which allow you to access increasingly more advanced resources, but if you just bring one of your three tech-savvy squadmates and fully spec them to those trees, you can deal with any of those unlicks from about three hours in, which kind of renders the piont moot. That's good, though, because the alternative is yet more Mako scenes as you backtrack to planets you've already seen once you can access the resources on them.

The shooter portion, which is the part you actually play, has fewer concrete issues. You point and shoot. It's just lackluster. The sniper rifles are unsteady in a rather blatant nod to Deus Ex--they get better as you level them. Pistols are pretty much slightly slower assault rifles. Shotguns are bizzarely effective over long ranges. Assault Rifles, which only Soldier-class characters can train, are actually quite viable for non-soldier characters, to the point where on higher difficulties the game is almost impossible if you forget about them.

The biggest issues I have are with certain enemies and level design. The Geth units which jump around the area are almost impossible to hit, especially if you haven't got a controller mod installed. There is the occasional open level where sniper rifles are viable, but a lot of the game is played at close-quarters to the enemy, which renders snipers useless. Annoying, since I like the Infiltrator class's tech abilities combines with combat proficiency, since biotics are very hard to use in this first game.

But in spite of all that, Mass Effect works, mechanically speaking. Nothing is broken. I wouldn't come back to it for the gameplay, but it's not painful to play--unless you're in the Mako and trying to 100% every planet, in which case, you have my sympathies.

Where Mass Effect--and Bioware in general--shine is in narrative. Mass Effect--the first game, not the trilogy--does a fantastic job of creating a setting and telling a story in it. It's a bit bland compared to its two sequels, I'll be honest. It doesn't have the thematic subtext those games do. Mass Effect 1 is nothing more than it claims to be: a story which provides you a template--Shepard--and lets you play with him or her how you choose. But that much it does incredibly well.

There are few scenes in a video game that have aged as well as the first meeting with Sovereign on Virmire or the conversation with Vigil on Ilos. Despite the ridiculous texture glitch on Garrus' face, we start to get a real feel for one of the best characters in gaming in this game, and he is fun, especially when in an elevator with Tali or Wrex so they can yell at each other.

The less said about elevators, the better, of course.

The romances are a bit dull, I will admit. Your choices are Kaidan, Ashley, and Liara. Kaidan is bland, Ashley is xenophobic, and Liara never uses contractions because at this point Bioware still thought that was a cool way to make a character mysterious. I guess Liara's the best choice, but it's a bit like deciding which cheap shoe looks least cheap.

Wow, I'm really bashing the game aren't I? Yeah, it's flawed. Really flawed. But it works. The first playthrough can be incredibly immersive. Saren is a great villain, most of the time, and a good one overall. Sovereign is truly chilling. You feel like something is at stake, by the end of the game, although it never quite reaches the emotional peaks at the last levels of Mass Effect 2 and 3.

All in all, it's not a masterpiece, but it's a fun game, and one well worth a purchase, even when it's not on sale. When it is on sale, you'd be a fool not to get it.
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Posted: 26 December, 2014
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Posted: 1 May
Awesome Sci-fi RPG! A must buy!
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Posted: 10 December, 2014
That's the one game which presents the new era of the games where story has became importest part of games, since Half-Life 2's success. In some cases it's evolution (story, enviroment, graphics, level-design, characters, quests) of SW: KoTOR with it own plot and universe, but in level-up system and battles it's devolution. Back in mid 2000's it was popular to add vehicles to the games, but if you're going to play Mass Effect I'd recommend to you finish the side quests and main story first and then try land missions and DLCs when you'll play with another backstory/class/gender etc. Otherwise, land missions can just make you rage on that game with the same type of buildings what you visit, same missions, high mountaint and Mako's driving controls. If you play on Normal and you think that the game is ez pz, the end battle will change your mind and test what you learnt with that fight system.

P.S. Also, about DLCs. First DLC you can obtain for free from Origin site, but the other one is illegal to be installed with Steam-version. Anyway, you know what to do... :)
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Posted: 22 March
10/10 would bang Liara again.
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