Enter the fast shooting world of INSECTICIDE as hot shot rookie Detective Chrys Liszt and help solve a crime of epic proportions. Lead your team on a bug hunt, collecting clues and solving puzzles. Use old-fashioned street smarts, unique insect abilities and an arsenal of ingenious bug weapons to confront your suspects.
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发行日期: 2008年6月27日


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Enter the fast shooting world of INSECTICIDE as hot shot rookie Detective Chrys Liszt and help solve a crime of epic proportions. Lead your team on a bug hunt, collecting clues and solving puzzles. Use old-fashioned street smarts, unique insect abilities and an arsenal of ingenious bug weapons to confront your suspects. Explore a futuristic world of mutant insects and uncover the truth in a city infested with corruption.

It won’t be easy solving this mystery, but some buggy’s got to do it!

    Action Detective Shooter

  • Real-time 3D third-person view combines action-based platforming with weapons-based combat.
  • Use specialized bug weaponry and unique insect abilities.
  • Adventure Detective Puzzles and Crime Solving

  • Put your detective skills to the test and lead a crime investigation in a futuristic world of mutant insects and film noir locations.
  • Collect clues to solving a gripping mystery brimming with twists, turns, and double-crossings. Interrogate suspects, interview witnesses, and play good cop/bad cop to get the info you need.
  • An immersive story worthy of the best detective flicks

  • A cast of nearly 30 unique characters woven into an addictive plotline where each clue reveals a deeper part of the mystery.


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista
    • Processor: 1.5GHz processor or better
    • Memory: 256 MB
    • Graphics: 16-bit Graphics, DirectX 9 (shader 2.0) compatible video card, 64 MB minimum video memory
    • DirectX Version: 9.0c
    • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Hard Drive: 600 MB
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Background: Picked up during the summer sale for pennies. Apparently it's an upgrade of a 2008 DS game with improved visuals and audio, part 2 was never released but you can complete the story on youtube via officially released cinematics.

The Good:
* Great story and plotting that mix things up
* Characters and voice acting are fantastic
* Self-aware quips make the characters stand-out
* Fun mix of gameplay styles show depth right from the start

The Bad:
* Looks dated, the pixelated cut-scenes especially
* Awkward controls for interacting with characters but you get used to it
* Mismatched lipsync is distracting
* Combat is simplistic and weapons lack impact
* Half a game that stops just as things are moving

Impressions: Looks dated with low-rez cutscenes, awkward controls and mismatches mouth to voice work.. but in the first 10 minutes I was impressed by the story-telling, characters and gameplay. Reminds me of the first time i played Sam & Max.

Recommended for: Noire detective fans who don't mind some run n gun n puns.

7/10. Shines through its limitations to be memorable and a lot of fun.
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Come on guys all of these bug puns ant gonna fly 'round here; you moth do better.
Seriously wasp's the point of hating this game? It's un-beelievable.
The bee character kept droning on and on at some points.
Driving the Volkswagen Beetle was fun.
Great soundtrack including Bee-toven and Sting.
The bugs got into great anticks.
And such a great game? Long time no flea.
It's pretty great.
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I would recommend then game, it is cute, fun and interesting.
But as a warning there is no other parts
ask the wiki stats
"The PC version was to be released as two downloadable episodes with a retail version following soon afterward, but the second episode never materialized due to Gamecock being acquired by SouthPeak Games in 2008 and the latter deciding to cancel the inherited title"
it was later released on the DS as a full game, heavily scaled down.
"In order to complete the story for PC gamers, Crackpot expressed a desire to upload the cinematics for Part 2 (as well as Part 1) on their official YouTube page, "
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It's like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare... but much better. would pre-order Insecticide - season pass.

I'm not kidding

10/10 - IGN
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A film noir homage in the vein of Pixar and Dreamworks 3D animated movies that combines platforms, action and point & click mechanics with uneven results. It plays as a Nintendo Gamecube title featuring: a colorful and charming art style; a jazzy soundtrack and better voice acting than some triple A titles. Unfortunately, Insecticide Part 2 was never released; so you're left with an incomplete story and an unfinished game.
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It is the best game in the world. Everyone should play this game because it is awesome and makes me feel like I'm at home, eating my watermelon on a summer's evening
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This is Bugs Life meets Call Of Duty
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So the game itself is pretty decent and VERY much reminds me of the amazing Psychonauts BUT sadly this is only the first half of the game, meaning it has no conclusion. Because the game HAS no ending i really can not recommend, also the combat is rather bland, sadly this game will never be finished :(, it had a lot of potential to.
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Terrible just terrible how other detective games comapre to this game. With its super realistic and relatable characters I dont understand why they arent charging full price for this game. At the low price of 3 dollars you get a great storyline, Interesting potaganist, hot fast action, hillarious jokes and great puns. With its compelling storyline you become compleetely emerged into the story and actually feel like you are a bug and you want to rome the streets fighting crime for great power comes great responsibility. I have to say there will never be as good as game as Insecticide except part two of course, I wonder if they will ever release it on PC.

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Reminds me of a low budget classic Xbox game. Meh. 5/10 is ok
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The Detective parts was so ♥♥♥♥ that it made the shity shooting part amazing

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I've never played a more perfect game this is a 100% buy
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Best game ever 8/8 m8
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not bad, the game play is pretty good, the story is laughably bad enough, the only real problem i have with the game is the horrible bug puns, i feel like i'm playing a cheap animated kids film. all in all i say its pretty good........for the price tag. (and btw i got this thing for 30 cents on sale so i would wait to buy till then.
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Let's Play

Overall: 6
Gameplay: 7
Addictiveness: 4
Play Time: 4
Plot: 8
Characters: 7
Graphics: 5
Audio: 6
Music: 7

Insecticide combines the Sleuthing side of a point and click mystery with the action of a third person, 3d shooter/platformer. While it excels at the former, it falls a little short in the latter. That being said, the game plays very well and is very entertaining. The plot and characters are engaging and well written, but, unfortunately cut short, as this is the first half of an incomplete series.
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1.good game to pass the time
2.a very interesting little game
1.stupid AI
2.bad picture.
3.bad character models

The total is still a relatively good game
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It has about 3 bug puns which the character cycles through every minute.
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Went into this game with low expectations
-Amazing and extremely funny bug puns
-Engaging fetch quests where you look for items
-Amazing gunplay
-Fantastic story
-Well developed characters

Final Verdict
I went into the game without autism, but do not know if i received it after the worst fetch quest.
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This game is like Dora the Explorer
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