Big Score is based around a classic story of police vs. criminals in a fight for a big score. The fantastic action will leave you breathless and will pump-up your adrenaline while you are rescuing your ball, trying to hit that last glowing target.
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Utgivningsdatum: 23 feb, 2009
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Big Score is based around a classic story of police vs. criminals in a fight for a big score. The fantastic action will leave you breathless and will pump-up your adrenaline while you are rescuing your ball, trying to hit that last glowing target.

Big Score can be played by four players, where you will be able to steal points and achievements from your playing partners.

You will have to: risk a lot, airball a lot, save balls from jail, rush them across the bridge, break the safe code, play video modes, be precise and be quick if you plan to reach the final score.

12 modes and 8 mini-modes will guide you through the intense story where you will prepare, practice, steal, fight, chase, break-in, arrest, run and finally try to make your one chance for a Big Score.

  • Big Score extra features - cover game elements not present in regular modes and mini-modes.
  • Multiball - a 3 ball play where your goal is to score Jackpot and Super Jackpot. These tasks are not easy as you need to hit the safe with an airball over the small ramp.
  • Two Ball - a 2 ball play where your goal is to gather jackpots and superjackpots.
  • BigScore letters - you are collecting letters which lead to special Big Score bonus and special bonus play mode.
  • Wheel - by rotating the wheel in the requested direction you are progressing to special awards.
  • Bank awards - when you insert the ball into the bank you receive random bank awards.
  • Skill shots -when launching the ball you can make multiple skill shots.
  • Combos - Hitting special targets a few times in a row brings extra combo points.
  • Secret features - Yes, there are many secret features!


    • Supported OS: Microsoft Windows® XP/Vista
    • Processor: Pentium 4
    • System Memory: 512MB
    • Video Card: GeForceFX5900
    • Sound Card: Direct X compatible sound card
    • DirectX Version: DirectX 9
    • Hard Disk: 200MB
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21 av 24 personer (88%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.3 timmar totalt
This game is broken and has been for years. If you have a controller plugged in to your USB port the game will likely crash on launch. If you play without a controller plugged in the game will work for a while THEN crash. A patch was released years ago which purported to fix these problems but didn't. Not that it matters, since the Steam version isn't patched anyway. The game is a ripoff at any price, save your money for something better like tables for Pinball FX2 or Pinball Arcade.
Upplagd: 25 maj
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8 av 8 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
4.1 timmar totalt
This is a definitive "DO NOT BUY". You can harangue this game into working, but even on modern hardware produced years after this game was released, it will still run at a terrible frame-rate. That is unfortunate, because the table layout and game itself are actually interesting.

If you want to play pinball, there are thankfully more options on Steam now. Pinball FX2, Pinball Arcade, and Worms Pinball are all more worthy of your time.
Upplagd: 22 juni
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6.2 timmar totalt
this table has some clever features, but it also has myriad problems that never got fixed. among them:
- each of the camera positions are junk
-the flippers are short as hell, making shots hard to aim for
- the bumpers never hold the ball long enough to get anywhere close to Super Jets
- the Bank random feature tends to not work
- the safe kickout often sends your ball straight down into the drain, and
- there is no physical "glass", so the ball can potentially fly off the playfield with no chance of recovering it (along with some other game-ending bugs).

the rules of the game are completely confusing. sometimes you hear the announcer shout "calls activity!" and you're expected to make a shot, but the shot never seems to be lit up in a way that you can identify it. other times you see a letter scroll across the display (covering up all other information, natch) and sometimes you manage to add it to "Big $core" in the middle of the playfield, but it's unclear how or why that happens.
and, most of the main modes add their score to your bonus, so combining them with a decent bonus multiplier basically makes anything else you can do to score irrelevant.

but, the table's layout is actually very cool! the artwork is decent, and there is a good mix of standard and gimmicky shots. the u-turn / dial in the center is neat, but underutilized. also, the hidden ramp that rises and leads the opened safe makes for a cool jackpot shot.

with some work, and a ruleset that actually made sense, this could have been a wicked game, which is a shame.

other high points: the game is actually pretty good looking (the flasher effects are very well-done), the sound is alright overall, and the voice acting is so hilariously bad that you think about it days later and smile.
Upplagd: 7 juli
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1 av 1 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1.7 timmar totalt
When you get it to work... it's a pretty decent pinball experience!
As it's only one table, it got old on me pretty fast!
Upplagd: 25 augusti
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0.2 timmar totalt

1) Crashes every single time I turn off V-sync. The moment I turn it off. CRASH.

2) Crashes on "character select". Again, every.single.time.

3) Resets resolution to default 720 on every.single.restart.

4) The final straw was a crash. I opened up task manager. Quit application. Cool, going to review this POS. Oh wait... my desktop is frozen. It ****ing crashed windows guys. Had to restart PC to clear it.
Upplagd: 3 september
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0.5 timmar totalt
SlamIt Pinball offers just one single table, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, and at this point I would have liked to tell you something about how it plays.

But the game gave me a challenge I wasn't up to: Some moments into a match the game crashed... every time. Rarely I've experienced such a bug-ridden, broken piece of software. The fact that its release dates back to 2007 and its still in an unplayable state today is a clear hint that the devs abandoned their game. There are even options in the main menu, for example the controller settings, that make the game crash when you click on them.

Yes, apparently the game was supposed to have the option to be played with a Xbox 360 controller. But the main feature SlamIt Pinball owes its name to involves the keyboard. Slamming your keyboard in different regions nudges the table in a corresponding direction. This innovative mechanism posed one problem: In Windows some keys and key combinations are assigned to specific functions and by slamming wildly onto your keyboard you are bound to hit one of them. And this is the solution the devs came up with: Starting the game adds an entry to your Windows registry that disables all the functions that could get in the way of playing the game. Closing the game removes that entry. This would actually work if the game wouldn't crash regularly but if the game isn't properly closed through the main menu the registry entry stays. I didn't know about that and after I finally gave up on SlamIt Pinball and uninstalled it I noticed that none of the keys were working, Windows key for the start menu, Ctrl+Alt+Del for the task manager, etc... nothing. Took me quite some time to figure out the cause.

Stay away from this utterly broken game and satisfy your pinball needs with Pinball Arcade (if you prefer authentic recreations of real-life tables) or Pinball FX2 (for a diverse selection of fantasy tables) instead.
Upplagd: 14 december, 2013
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