American Conquest: Fight Back is the sequel to American Conquest. The most significant events of that glorious time have found their way into this title.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (89 reviews) - 70% of the 89 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Sep 30, 2003

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Includes 8 items: American Conquest, American Conquest: Fight Back, Cossacks II: Battle for Europe, Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars, Cossacks: Art of War, Cossacks: Back to War, Cossacks: Campaign Expansion, Cossacks: European Wars


About This Game

Three centuries of war continue - with even more frantic combat and more desperate power struggles raging across the American continent. The Spanish sound the attack on Yucatan amidst fierce Maya and Aztec resistance. The Germans put all their efforts into finding the legendary Eldorado. The Pontiac Uprising ends in a terrifying bloodbath between Native Americans and the British. And the Russians will do anything to conquer Alaska at the cost of the Haida.
There is a fantastic bonus for shrewd strategists: the great new "battlefield" mode in single-player and multiplayer modes! Tactical skill alone will determine victory or defeat in single-player and multiplayer games. So, plunge into battle!

Key features:

  • Epic real-time strategy covering the era between 1517 and 1804
  • New mode of gameplay: 10 battlefield missions in single and multiplayer modes for hard-core strategists
  • 5 new nations: Germany, Russia, Haida (coastal Alaskan natives), Netherlands, Portugal
  • Stand alone, original American Conquest not required to play
  • 26 new missions in 8 thrilling campaigns, including the Search for El Dorado, Pontiac's War and the Conquest of Alaska
  • New single player missions
  • Captivating real-time battles with up to 16,000 units
  • Tactical formations for infantry, cavalry and artillery
  • Morale influenced by victories, defeats, food supplies, equipment and mercenary pay
  • More than 50 new units
  • Several multiplayer modes for up to 7 players via LAN or the Internet

System Requirements

    • Operating system:Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7
    • Processor: 1.4 GHz CPU
    • Memory: 512 MB
    • Hard disk space: 3.5GB
    • Video:Video Card with 64MB dedicated memory and DirectX 9 Compatible
    • Sound:Sound card with DirectX 9.0 support
    • DirectX®:9.0 or higher
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: June 17
Have you ever wanted to play a strategy game? If yes then this is perfect game for you. American Conquest series are one of the classic RTS games. I am huge fan of this series and I can recommend this game to anyone.

Technical stuff:
Well you can say that this is one old game. It is 2D, but do not be fooled. Graphics in this game are quite good and it is timeless. Due to its requirements it is quite easy load game and thanks to steam you can play it on newer systems with no glitches. There can be thousands of units on the battleground and you will not experience any lags. Engine is based on cossacks series with little improvements, and that engine I have to say is quite good. Sounds are nice too and will not affect you in anyway. When you first time run the game, you should adjust the game speed since on newer computers game will run on insane speed.

It is classic RTS game but unique. There are different civilizations with their unique gameplay. Common ground is: every building which has units placed inside it will fire something (bullets, arrows, cannonballs). To produce soldiers you have to put some peasants into production building and turn them into soldiers. Workers can be captured if there are no units guarding them (you can't steal civilization like in cossacks), although some nations are exception (indian mostly). You can storm buildings (send your units into enemies building, and if you overpower garrisoned ones you overtake the building and it becomes yours. Mines can be captured same as workers. There is morale mechanics where soldiers can become frightened when too many die, from gunshots, cavalry, etc. Units have basic stats: slash/pierce attack, base armor, HP, morale. storm force. If they are armored they will have resistance to gunshot, arrow, scatter shot, pierce/slash attacks etc. There are various unit upgrades and economic upgrades. There is famine mechanics where workers and soldiers will die if there is no food. Food is farmed using Mills which automatically plant squares of wheat or corn. There are 2 gatherable resources: food and wood, while stone, gold, iron and coal are mined in mines. Buildings when dmg for example with fire arrows will start burning and if not repaired with workers will easily be destroyed. Also when shooting arrows or bullets into garrisoned building, the ones inside will die.

You can categorize nations into 2 factions: European nations and Indians. Europeans start with peasants building a fort. Fort is like 1st tier barracks which produces 3 types of units: Heavy armor pikemen, harquebusier (heavy armor rifleman), musketeer and 3 officers types: drummer, flagbearer and officer for making formations. Once you build 3 officers and enough single type soldiers (15,36,72,120,196) you can make formation which provides base armor and dmg (one flaw would be that while in formations soldiers get dumb and won't move as you command them, they will stop at certain points). Workers are built using houses T1 and T2, and main upgrades are placed in town center. There is church to build priests who act as healers only. Shipyard builds epic ships and gunboats as ferries as transports. After than using mines mine stone and gold and build fortress which is stronger barracks. It can train musketeers too. officers, and fusiliers from infantry. Fortress is also place where you upgrade it with stables to produce cavalry and artillery depot to produce single type cannons. Regarding firepower Fortress is impregnable and is hard point to capture/destroy with indian nations. Cannons are game finishers produces slow and expensive, move slow (kinda ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ movement) but they pack quite a punch and can have range even half the map. True epitome of artillery.

Indian vary much, from mayans, delawares, iroquois, sioux each with unique gameplay. Indians rely on quantity and arrows, build buildings much faster since most require only wood. Some indians do not use mines (sioux). Indian can also build formations using chief and shaman which are produced ridiculously slow. Some indians have fortresses (like aztec, maya, incas), while others use barracks to make soldiers. Indians soldiers are pikemen, archers and single type cavalry and each indian nations is quite unique but in raw firepower and armor none can reach european nations. Shipyard plays better role for indians since it can produce fishing ships and war canoes which are good siege artillery unit.

So gameplay starts with nothing but few buildings, ends up with big town which produces massive armies whom you use to peel your enemy off (hit mines, hit mills, hit storehouses, basically pick off his economy). There is campaign, single players maps which are autogenerated, battle simulations. Maximum number of players on one map is 7. Map sizes go from small to epic (and epic is quite the distance). I have not played multiplayer since I find AI quite strong and challenging and when you finally overpower him it takes ages to finish him. And he can recover fast.

All in all game is fun and relaxing and if you enjoy playing RTS games, you should buy this game. I will continue updating this review with more details as time goes.

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Posted: August 15
After feeling the old times again, I thought i help the interested people with this review, a bit out.

Alright let's begin with the basic informations about this game.
American Conquest: Fight Back is the standalone add-on for the "American Conquest" the RTS succesor in year 2002. (Fight Back was published one year later [2003]). The Ukrain developer "GSC Game World" (Who also developed the famous Cossacks games) set a great step towards the massive fights in RTS games, we currently play. With a limit of around 16.000 Units on the map, a big step was made.
To cut it short. American Conquest (in addition: "Fight Back and Divided Nation") has made it's place up to one of the greatest RTS games ever made so far.

Moving on to the Pros and Cons section:


- 2D Graphics (But don't let yourself get ♥♥♥♥♥♥ by that, for a 2003 game, the graphics do look smooth and pretty)
- No running problems on 2003 compared systems (Currently used: Windows 7 Home)
- I only experienced 2 crashes so far after a long play time.
- RTS game.
- Tutorials are existent
- A huge variety of campaigns (Europe site and Native American site)
- A huge variety of civilizations (Europe site and Native American site)
- The units for example the fusilier does never look the same, each civilization has it's unique units
- The AI is challenging even on "Easy" Mode
- Balanced play
(Europe units are mostly based on gunpowder but cost more and take longer to built, while the natives mostly rely on arrows and a minimum of gunpowder, but are cheaper and faster to built)
- Morale and defenses are pretty well built in the game
- Mechanic of people dying when there is no food left is within the game
- Mechanic of archers not shooting arrows when there is no wood left is within the game
- Same goes for units with the use of iron and coal for gunpowder (KEEP YOUR RESOURCES UP!)
- The price of 4.99€ is worth every cent

The neutral section here is a section where i simply can not tell whether it would be good for you people or not.

- The music, does fit, but it can get annoying i guess


- You need to be fast to built up your defenses (depends on the peacetime you set in the menu)
- The AI how easy they might be, can always find a way around your guarding troops. So be careful and guard well.
- I do experience lag at somepoint in the game if a number of units is produced, but this can be because my computer has to run multiple things in the background
- The game sure can be frustrating if you look more for the economic state of the game (Example: Research everything before you actually produce units/an army) and the AI smashes your efforts with one offensive strike
- Sometimes (atleast if the enemy is the civilization: "Pueblos" (which i assume are the mexicans) it can happen that the enemy is not attacking at all, but patrolling their city. (To fix this you simply need to attack them)


I played this game around 2005 or so and i loved it. Since steam brought it back into the store, I do play it often.
I can only say that every player who likes good old RTS gaming experience, should buy this game. I did not tryout the multiplayer matches, since i do feel like i'm not that good but that's an other story.
Still though. Buy it if you feel like it, or feel like you should try out the RTS gaming.

I do hope that i helped with this review, if anyone still feels unsure, feel free to contact me, I'll try to sort things out and answer your questions you might have, as good as possible.



The Körnäl
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Posted: June 21
Awesome game. Played this a lot years back decided to pick it up again. Random map is probably the most fun (skirmish mode).

+ Nice graphics, nice sounds, great gameplay
+ Learning curve, your first play will likely result in defeat, even on easy
+ Loads of nations, 17 in total including 8 European nations
+ Realistic fighting: reload/aiming times

- Unbalanced nations, for example Sioux are able to create strong cavalry units in no time in fast, large amounts
- Sound missing, FIX: press enter, type qwe hit enter again (will reveal whole map though)
- Sometimes the game switches back to fast mode, even if it was set on slow mode, but can easily be changed in options

Random map tips:

1 Don't forget to put strong melee units in your buildings, or you might have your base taken over
2 You can stop large fast enemy groups by forming a defensive line around your base, forcing the enemy to battle with you (instead of them going around your army to your base)
3 Scroll down the top right menu in random map menu for more options such as peace time (really handy if you want to build up large armies/prepare defenses)
4 The more you construct of the same buildings, the more expensive they will get. So build more storehouses, churches, town centers instead of fortresses to increase population cap
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Posted: August 3
Extremeley fun game that has alot of strategy put into it. Much more realistic than other rts games, however this game on its easiest setting is EXTREMELY difficult to win.
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Posted: September 13
Nice classic RTS game.

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