Verso la fine del diciannovesimo secolo, forze oscure si abbattono nuovamente sul mondo. Un impavido agente, esperto in esorcismi e combattimenti, giunge per contrastare il male che avanza e lottare contro mostri sovrannaturali,ripugnanti e orripilanti manifestazioni di magia nera.
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Data di rilascio: 19 mar 2009
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Riguardo questo gioco

Verso la fine del diciannovesimo secolo, forze oscure si abbattono nuovamente sul mondo. Un impavido agente, esperto in esorcismi e combattimenti, giunge per contrastare il male che avanza e lottare contro mostri sovrannaturali,ripugnanti e orripilanti manifestazioni di magia nera. Vestirai i panni dell'agente e la tua missione sarà contrastare queste forze malefiche e affrontare un tenebroso stregone di tempi remoti per bloccare il suo piano di impossessarsi di potenti oggetti di magia nera.

Larva Mortus è un gioco d'orrore a svolgimento veloce che ti vede dare la caccia a mostri in un'atmosfera lugubre e sinistra popolata da mortiviventi e fatta di incubi demoniaci e terrificanti. Un'atmosfera spaventosa che si sposa con i contenuti cruenti. Il tutto corredato da un sottofondo da brivido!

  • 30 spaventosi mostri sovrannaturali da distruggere. Vampiri, licantropi, mortiviventi e tant'altro!

  • Un'atmosfera lugubre e terrificante piena di mistero e di imprese da compiere!

  • Un solido arsenale — che va dalle pistole classiche all'estrosa “Dynamo Gun”

  • Missioni generate a caso per garantire un'alta ri-giocabilità

  • Sviluppo del personaggio principale attraverso una serie di caratteristiche tipiche del RPG-

  • Molteplici ambientazioni— sinistri manieri, catacombe, oscure foreste e solitari deserti

  • Una fantastica e tenebrosa musica orchestrale

  • I contenuti cruenti possono essere disattivati a tuo piacimento

  • Sblocca 25 morbosi Raggiungimenti Steam per guadagnare bonuses e far progredire il tuo personaggio

Requisiti di sistema

    • Sistema Operativo: Windows XP/Vista

    • Processore: Processore da 1.5 GHz

    • Memoria: 256 MB RAM

    • Scheda Grafica: Scheda Grafica da 128MB compatibile con DirectX

    • DirectX®: 9.0c

    • Hard Drive: 55 MB di spazio disponibile sull'hard disk

    • Audio: Scheda Audio compatibile con DirectX
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2.9 ore in totale
I bought this game as part of a bundle. It was dirt cheap, so I wasn't expecting much.

Long story short: this game has a ton of atmosphere draped over a fun little action romp. You move from room to room, clearing out monsters, the undead, and cursed altars (monster generators) while switching between your different weapons and trying to stay alive. What makes this game unique is its dedication to its bizarre and weird story. There's lots of little touches - fog effects, spooky hallucinations, creepy music and sound effects, and a storyline that would feel right at home in a Weird Tales action story.

It's cheap, fun, and spooky. You can't go wrong.
Pubblicata: 16 ottobre
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13.7 ore in totale
It's pretty obvious at first glance that Larva Mortus isn't going to be a life-changing experience, and for most of us playing it won't even be a day-changing experience as what seems to be an addictive and fun game at first, will turn into a boring and repetitive experience in a matter of minutes. The story takes place in the 19th Century, following a young recruit of an agency responsible with concealing and exterminating all evil creatures and their sources of power, so it won't be long before you start travelling around the globe to find all the evil lords that hold the main pieces of an artefact that allows evil to exist and expand throughout the lands, but as cool as that sounds, the way in which the game tells that story makes it boring and pointless as there is nothing else to fill in the blanks between missions and expand on the universe, instead the story turns into running from point A to point B only to then find out that you've been mislead and the thing you're looking for is at point C, kinda like a Mario game if he was looking for evil artefacts. There are also no cutscenes or voice-overs to add to the presentation of the story, so you'll be stuck with some lines of text that for most times are pointless since you can pretty much figure it out by yourself that after killing an entire castle of vampires, werewolves and bats, and still not finding the missing piece, the thing you're looking for is definitely not there.
Rating: 3.5

Larva Mortus had something good going on for a while and that was due to its focus on gameplay, which looks and plays great for a few minutes, as you use different weapons ranging from swords to machine guns and explosives to eliminate all sorts of enemies while you take on different objectives such as freeing lost souls, eliminating sources of power, clearing the entire area of evil presence or defeating a boss; and to make it even more appealing the game promises randomized map so no matter how many times you replay a stage, it will be different each time. The problem with all that is that once you get past the first 10 minutes, you start to realize that no matter which enemies you'll face and where you will still do the same thing over and over again; the best strategy to defeat almost any type of enemy is to run around in circles shooting forward or waving your sword around if you're out of bullets, because as long as you do that properly you'll be just fine and no matter the objective you're following, you will still have to do this over and over again just so you can eventually reach an area where you have to shoot or walk through an additional thing. As for the bosses, all of them are just versions of normal creatures with more HP, and the random maps don't really change the game at all since they just move the rooms around, so instead of taking a left, you'll take a right the next time, but end up in a similar area with similar enemies.
Rating: 4.5

You can't expect quite a lot from an indie game with a limited budget, but the biggest visual problem with Larva Mortus isn't even the engine it was built on, which is obviously old, but instead the repetitive design which makes the already boring game even more monotone, always using the same colours and textures, putting you in similar looking rooms with the same objects sitting around the same monsters coming at you every single time you play.
Rating: 3.5

The audio quality overall is just horrid, with missing tonality, sound effects that have no place there and even worse sounds that should've been there and they are not, and just that one song that keeps repeating again and again, and again with different effects added on the background when you enter a boss room or get overwhelmed by enemies, but even with that added, you still have to listen to the same tune that was bad to begin with.
Rating: 2

Finishing the main campaign takes less than two hours, and even though you can play the game for as long as you want to since it will constantly provide you with missions with various objectives, taking in consideration that no matter how many of those you'll complete, nothing will change probably no one will bother to play for longer than 8 hours, which is the time it takes to obtain all items that award you with achievements if you're into those.
Rating: 5

Larva Mortus is an indie title that had something going on in there for a while, starting with cool ideas that failed to entertain for more than a few minutes due to its poor execution that ultimately provide more boredom and dullness than entertainment, making this title become nothing more than another leftover in your collection. It does come with its fun, and for a few cents that fun is probably worth it, but then again, don't expect it to last.
Rating Overall: 3.7

Check out the full review and a lot more about Larva Mortus at
Pubblicata: 29 settembre
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This game plays like a 3 star reject from Newgrounds.
Pubblicata: 2 ottobre
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2.1 ore in totale
Told my girlfriend: "I will just look into it for a short moment and see if it is fun."

A few hours later she approached me: "Can we go shopping now? We really have to get some groceries."

Me: "Yeah, yeah. Let me just finish that one level here and I'm ready..."
Pubblicata: 2 ottobre
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1.5 ore in totale
Got this game on coupon AND sale for 50 cents. Not too bad of a game but I'm honestly not impressed. The game can be finished really in a few hours sitting for anyone who can play a top-down and dodge. And even on the hardest difficulty...the game doesn't seem HARD.

-Cheap game. Good for if you want a top-down adventurer and something to play on the side.
-Music is good. Relatively Castlevania-ish if you're into it.
-Weapons do a good punch.
-RPG-ish levelling system.
-Powerups really make for that OOMPH-room-clear feel.

-Sword is basically your meat and potatoes. Only time you really need a ranged weapon is when you need to break a flammable item, shotgun for large crowds. But hey, play your style.
-Powerups have no counter/expiration timer. They'll just run out at an unspecified time randomly. Had an ammo crate I picked up from one room expire in the other after firing barely ONE shot from it. Huge minus.
-Regen health kinda breaks the game. Clear a room, sit there, wait and regen and then move on. No sort of scare to fail or lose a level or actually play with some sort of score or dodging besides being instagibbed by monsters who just smack into/run faster than you.
-Enemies have no kind of AI. They literally just run at you or just move around you in a circle or just chuck something at you. Some of the Champion monsters are a legit challenge...for about 2 minutes, even with enemies splintering/getting decapitated and still moving/crawling on the floor.
-Yet to find a reason to use Dynamite beyond being overwhelmed by monsters. Was hoping for secret walls or doors...:(
-Level up system does not allow respec. You click that button by accident? Too bad.
-No real penalty for death besides just restarting at the Map screen, no penalty in exp/points. Just go repeat the stage.
-Buggy rooms. I've gone into rooms and enemies are stuck against walls, in/behind objects or invisible forcing me to run in and out of the room constantly to make them reset to the point where I CAN hit them anyway.
-The missions start feeling...samey...after about the 10th mission. Textured walls and floor and recolored enemies. The game starts feeling boring about 10-12 levels in.
-You still pick up weapons when you walk over them even if you're full on ammo for them, leading to you practically wasting ammo sometimes-the few times you really feel the need to shoot at something. Ammo isn't scarce by any means but it's a personal peeve really. And you already carry such a limited amount of ammo as is and the ability to leave a room with 1 monster in it and come back in to farm it up for medpacks and ammo is pretty...meh.
-Speaking of which: being able to run back to a cleared room and sit in it and regen HP when you get overwhelmed is pretty snoreworthy.

Overall the game IS fun somewhat but I honestly wasn't impressed overall. It's an indie game and well made but otherwise, don't expect something long and involving. You can throw in a few hours with the game but it's nothing to call home about.
Pubblicata: 23 settembre
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You are a hunter of supernatural creatures in the 19th century, sent to performed exorcisms on the demons and hellspawn that litter the land. Five men stumble across an evil artifact and split it between them, now for some reason evil wants the five pieces back. It’s up to you to reunite the five pieces before the evil demons do.

Gameplay is of the top-down variety, movement is done with WASD and aiming is done with the mouse. Your weapon selection is pretty generic and grows as you find new weapons. Monsters are also pretty generic, running the gambit of skeletons, spiders, bats and zombies. The graphics are decent and the story is told via static images, done in a comic book style. The game is terribly average and doesn't try anything new, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, however that isn't the part that makes the game boring to play. It’s how the developer setup advancing the story that bores me to tears.

The game starts off by showing a mission that will start the story, but you cannot start the mission without leveling up first. You level up by selecting other non-story missions that will appear randomly after every level you beat. Each non-story mission can have a different flavor: save X amount of people (which you don’t even have to save technically, you just get a higher score if you do save all of them), clear all rooms of monsters, defeat X boss monsters, or remove X ritual circles from the area.

Here is the crux of the problem. The game requires you to be X level before continuing the story, you level up by repeatedly playing randomly generated dungeons with a very limited amount of goals for each dungeon, with a very limited variety of enemies, on levels that use a very limited number of tile sets. After the first few playthroughs of the levels just to start the storyline line I saw every level and enemy type. I played through the story mission only to find out the next story mission was yet again locked, and I had to be a certain level to play it. Which meant more grinding through randomly generated dungeons with little variety to advance the story again.

See the rest of the review here:
Pubblicata: 7 ottobre
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Pubblicata: 19 giugno
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This game has enough fun factor to justify dropping 49 cents on it. That's not a slam on the game by any means. I've paid more for worse. I've read other reviews about how buggy the game is, but I haven't run into any game breaking bugs as of yet. Haven't played it to completion, but the game has enough ambiance to it's dark setting and artwork, that I believe I will see this one through.
Pubblicata: 22 maggio
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5.0 ore in totale
This game gave me flashbacks to a Haunted House I visited once as a child.

There were no witnesses, so keep this between us, Steam. Don't snitch on me. I'll make you pay for it.

As far as top down shooter goes, this game does what it needs to do. It's not a masterpiece, nor does it try to be. Just have fun with it. Shoot some zombies. Shoot down some floating, screaming ghosts. I didn't know it was a lady in a costume on ropes, okay? I didn't know.


It was an accident.
Pubblicata: 2 settembre
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Cheap? Yes. Bad gameplay? No. Larva Mortus I bought in an Indie Pack that constantly goes on sale. I didn't expect this game to be so much good and be under 2 quarters (When on sale) So next time it goes on sale, grab it for the cheap price and have fun in this arcade game.
Pubblicata: 13 giugno
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Not one of the best PCgames out, but... Well, its better than many of the games that were coming out for the Atari 400 back in the early '80's. In the '90's it would have been shareware or freeware. But due to inflation over the last twenty years what used to be free now costs money. Well, maybe that's not exactly why, but it's the best lie I could come up with on short notice.

The game isn't all that bad if you come home from work or school brain dead and need something really nit-witted to unwind with, or if you happen to be an anacephalic gammer, in which case you probably aren't reading this review. For those of you who are off to uni and have to work your way through, this is the game equivilent of ramen noodles for supper every night. You put up with it for a few years so thatyou can get a better job and the better standard of living that goes with it. Or so the schools' admissions propaganda would have you believe. The fact is that you can get an Ox-Cam education and still end up eating dry cat food, living under a bridge, and playing the solo version of tic-tac-toe in the dust. That's when ramen and Larva Mortus start looking really good.

The game does have its place,even in the library of a power gamer. Just make sure you get it when its on sale, and preferably when its under 75p (1 dollar for those of you in the US.
Pubblicata: 8 agosto
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3.6 ore in totale
It looks like some cheesy top down game about killing monsters, but don't be fooled. Larva Mortus has a plot, good story telling, monsters that you shoot up, lots of different weapons, acheivements, and a whole lot of fun!

Buy this game!
Definately worth it.
Pubblicata: 20 maggio
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1.1 ore in totale
10 of 10! This is the best game ever! If you didn't play this game yet you must do it!
If you're tinny kid don't play it! If you will I find you and eat you!
This is my favourite game! (After TF2 of course)

Skiffy Jr.
Pubblicata: 24 maggio
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very cool game to play when your ♥♥♥♥♥♥ friends ditch u to watch some gay animés
Pubblicata: 19 maggio
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1.6 ore in totale
I would say this game is a hidden gold nugget, not a gem, but a nugget. Its a fun top down twin stick shooter that often makes me think that SAS Zombie assult and Rouge Legacy (vaguely) had a secret affair and this was their offspring the that they hid well. As weird as that last sentence was this is a really good game. Although there is short commings that are budget and story realted it doesn't take too much away from the overall game. It keeps me coming back and I can quickly load it up for a quick five minute game or spend a chunk of time just having a ton of fun. I'm not sure if it gets repetative yet but if you can get this game for a good price it is very fun and worth it. I bought the action Indie pack for $1.49 not expecting much but was joyfully suprised to find this hidden, unapperciatied game. Also I thought I might as well bring this up but it can be occationally be scary, not enough to send the weak hearted away but enough to be creepy. The creepy music, the horrific groans and screeches given off by some monsters, the glowing red eyes in the darkness every now and then, there is also disturbing faces that show up on the screen every now and then. Not fast enough to qualify as a jump scare but they get me (or at least gives me an usettling feeling) every time.
Pubblicata: 31 maggio
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6.4 ore in totale
I really like this Monster hunter RPG. Tons of action and fun for a top-down shooter. Only regret is I wish I had the soundtrack! Both game and music is highly gothic and dramatic. Worked best for me in lower resolution window, which I like games like this as well, then I can play them while waiting for rare spawns late at night on Everquest.
Pubblicata: 7 settembre
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10.6 ore in totale
Larva Mortus is a top-down shooter in which you kill various type of enemies inside a dungeon. You can follow the main storyline or just complete side quests as many times as you like! You can level-up your agent as you gather experience and spend your points in Observation, Constitution, Regeneration, Resistance, Luck, Walk Speed or Melee Combat.

The game is cheap and quite fun, it's biggest downside are animations and small bugs. The graphics are fine for an indie game, the music is good and the game is quite addictive. I'd say it's worth purchasing this game if you are into indie Top-down shooters!


-6 hours+ of gameplay.
-No level cap.
-The difficulty is just right.


-After a few hours, it gets repetitive.
-The animations aren't very good.
-There are multiple small bugs, such as items spawning in the "void" part of a room, getting stuck in moving spikes...
-The achievements are purely based on luck.
Pubblicata: 21 luglio
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3.9 ore in totale
This game is pretty good. I spend a couple of hours playing this game and i can say that i liked it. I bought this game for 1$ and I believe that it's good price for such game.

If you want just relax or maybe you have a bad computer, you can try to play this game.

Pubblicata: 28 aprile
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10.7 ore in totale
Lörva Mörtis FTW!
Pubblicata: 10 maggio
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Just love this game :D
Pubblicata: 23 maggio
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