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Az Obulis, az azonos című díjnyertes mobil játékot emeli a következő szintre, a lenyűgöző játékélményt kiemelkedő grafikával, zenével és modern fizikai effektekkel ötvözve. Az Obulisban a cél, hogy minden színes gömböt vele azonos színű edénybe dobj.
Megjelenés dátuma: 19 Márc 2009
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Az Obulis, az azonos című díjnyertes mobil játékot emeli a következő szintre, a lenyűgöző játékélményt kiemelkedő grafikával, zenével és modern fizikai effektekkel ötvözve.

Az Obulisban a cél, hogy minden színes gömböt vele azonos színű edénybe dobj. A gömbök láncokkal és a kötelekkel vannak a pályához erősítve, és a játékosnak el kell vágnia ezeket, hogy a gravitáció és a fizikai kölcsönhatások erejével mozgásba hozza a gömböket és a pályát. Az irányítás rendkívül egyszerű és intuitív. Az Obulist szó szerint másodpercek alatt meg lehet tanulni, de a rejtvényeken órákig fogsz gondolkodni.

  • Több mint 150 szint.
  • Több mint egy tucat érdekes téma.
  • Lélegzetelállító grafika és zene.
  • Látványos fizika és a speciális effektek.
  • 17 elérhető teljesítmény a játékban.


    • Operációs rendszer: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
    • Processzor: 1.0 GHz-es processzor
    • Memória: 128 MB RAM
    • Grafika: DirectX kompatibilis 64 MB-os videokártya
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Merevlemez: 50 MB szabad merevlemez-terület
    • Hang: DirectX kompatibilis hangkártya
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blablajátsz vele
Közzétéve: 25 március 2014
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23 emberből 22 (96%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
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9.9 óra a nyilvántartásban
This is a long review so if you just want a summary of why I recommend this game skip to Results and read from there.

IonFX makes a fun little puzzle game that produces a special world that combines Newtons three laws with gravity pushing your puzzle solving to the test. With sweet music and pleasant level design Obulis offers a deceivingly peaceful play through.

After nine fearless hours I have completed Obulis. Obulis is an interesting game, but surely isn’t for everyone. In the category of puzzle games Obulis tests you by using a version of physics without friction to propel, roll, jump, shoot, catapult, and bounce spheres into containers. The levels vary and there are about 152 levels. The level difficulties go from Simple to Master with everything in-between. There is no difficulty setting for the campaign so in a single play-through you will play through a various difficulty settings, which pushes you through a rather smooth difficulty curve. Each section of Obulis has an ULTRA level which unlock after completing challenges throughout the “entire” campaign. These levels push you to the test and completing them unlocks achievements.

One of my favorite aspects of Obulis is that there is no rating for the puzzles. You either solve a puzzle or fail a puzzle, there is no score. I like this concept, but it essentially means there is no replay value to Obulis as there is nothing to do after you complete the game. The puzzles keep you on your toes, and the slowly getting more difficult challenges keep pushing you to new levels. As you progress through the chapters of the game the not only are the levels changing, but they introduce new concepts: cannons, catapults, ballista, trebuchet, gears, horizontal moving floors, vertical moving floors, and more. These concepts differentiate the puzzles and make each of the levels seem unique rather than repetitive.

Game Issues:
I write a lot about this, but if you love puzzles and like precise timing you will probably get past this quiet easily. My major gripe about this game is that the puzzles are really more based on precise timing rather than finding a solution. You may find the solution on your first attempt, but because you have to time each click perfectly you’ll be sitting there for hours. When I was playing Obulis there were actually times where I went online to look at guides to see if I was solving the puzzle correct only to find out I was, but my clicks were not timed exactly perfect. On some puzzles it gets to the point where it stops being a puzzle game and it becomes more like “Sports Arena” the arcade game made by Sammy USA Corporation where there are lights circling the border and to win prizes you must push a button right as the light next to the prize goes on. If you have never heard of this Arcade Machine you may be able to assume that it’s essentially impossible to win because of how difficult it is to time when to push the button. Obulis presents similar annoyances as “Sports Arena”. Essentially you are just sitting there clicking a button at slightly different times to solve a puzzle you figured out the answer too quite some time ago. One of the other annoyances was that Obulis didn’t always give the same result to the same physical interaction. Sometimes the ball would move slightly differently even though the same exact event was occurring. This “glitch” sometimes resulted in me having to restart even when all the clicks were correct. Luckily if you are worrying during gameplay about whether you solved a puzzle correct and are just timing the clicks wrong there is a way to ease the pain. Go on YouTube and all the puzzles have been solved and made into videos, this can allow you to view if you’re making the mistake or not.

The tedious timing issues and the minor glitches in the physics engine didn’t take away from Obulis; Obulis is actually a good play through. It offers about seven hours of puzzle solving (about two of the hours I played was with the game on pause while I was out doing other things). I recommend this game if you can get it in the Indie Puzzle Pack for a discount. I would not recommend paying full price for this game as it is essentially something you’d be able to find free elsewhere.

+Over 152 different puzzles
+Fun simple puzzles with nice serene music
+Comes in the Indie Puzzle Pack with a few other games
+Puzzles of varying difficulty, not all puzzles have to be solved to complete the game (some of the hardest puzzles can be skipped)
+Very easy controls, only requires a mouse
+Puzzles vary, add new challenges, and increase in variation as you get further in the game.

-All the achievements are for completing the Ultra Puzzles
-The game has some flaws in the physics engine
-Most of the puzzles have obvious solutions but require tedious work to correctly time to collisions
Közzétéve: 25 február 2014
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9.8 óra a nyilvántartásban
Do you like snooker or pool billard? Then you're right with this game. It felt to me like a endless bunch of billiard trickshots mixed with well timed cut-the-rope actions. There are ca. 150 levels which need to be solved. Each level is lovely designed with hi-res graphics, view of depth and a nice soundtrack for the different worlds. My favourite is Desert (somekind of mexican style).
First it starts easy: colored balls lay around or hang on chains, which you can cut. Then the balls are rolling, colliding and repelling. The aim is to get all balls in the same colored pots. Once a ball falls into the wrong pot, the level is failed. You have to find your strategy. In higher levels there is also essentially the timing important when you shoot a ball out of a cannon to hit another ball in the air. The game prooves to me that easy made but good software can entertain you a lot.
Közzétéve: 28 január 2014
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14 emberből 14 (100%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
47 termék a fiókon
12 értékelés
2.7 óra a nyilvántartásban
Simple yet awesome indie game. I'ts like Cut the rope but with physics.
Közzétéve: 7 április 2014
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5 emberből 5 (100%) találta hasznosnak ezt az értékelést
90 termék a fiókon
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8.6 óra a nyilvántartásban
ooo man,,this game is awesome,,,one of the best puzzle games ever.If you can complete this game i will shake your hand.Recommend
Közzétéve: 25 április 2014
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