Critical Mass is an action puzzle game that takes traditional match 3 and brings it into the world of 3D.
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发行日期: 2011年6月20日


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"A fun game where you put cubes together to destroy them while racing aganst the clock. Very challenging, but very fun."


“Critical Mass is the type of game everyone can pick up and enjoy in seconds, and yet come back to time and time again and still be challenged.”
8.0 – IGN
“Critical Mass will be the next big casual PC game. If you thought that Peggle or Bejewelled was addictive, wait until you play Critical Mass”
8.0 – ImpulseGamer


Critical Mass 是一个动作冒险解密游戏,它采用传统的 Match 3 引擎将您带入 3D 世界。我们把紧凑的情节,创新的剧情组合起来,为您打造一个极易上手,容易上瘾的痛快游戏。


  • 游戏快速上瘾
  • 四种独特的游戏模式
  • 在线排名榜和军校系统
  • 成就和技能点奖励
  • 适用于男女老少
  • 绚烂的色彩艺术享受
  • 振奋人心的音乐和影响效果


    • 系统:Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • 处理器:1GHz
    • 内存:512MB
    • 硬盘所需空间:50MB
    • 显卡:64MB 及最新驱动程序
    • 附加项:某些应用需配备互联网连接
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I hate bashing on Ozzie companies. ;p And this isn't an evil, unplayable game. My first impression was good, I played it for a bit, expected to play more, had it installed forever, yet every time I fire it up, I close it after 5 minutes.

It's a match 3 game with some 3D tetris elements. The concept is good. The graphics are polished. The music isn't bad. The controls feel annoying at first, but they're actually mostly okay. The problem is, the gameplay doesn't feel satisfying. It expects (and rewards, scorewise) big combos and long term strategy. It also expects you to be fast and responsive. This should theoretically work, in that zen-like way games like this work, but it doesn't. The rythym and pacing feels all off, it feels like the speed jumps from 1,2,3,4,5 to 50 to 150. Once you get into the zone and start planning ahead for later big score combos, it feels like you blink and the game jumps speed, asking you to go for quick, "just don't make a mistake" placement. That may be totally subjective of course, or it could be that the feeling gets exacerbated by the clunky cube placement process. It simply isn't visually always obvious or easy to correctly target the location you want on a constantly rotating cube, which really hurts the game when it picks up speed. People misplace blocks on tetris too, but usually feel it's their fault, here it feels like the cube jumps place three times before you can be sure it's where it should be. By which time the game has jumped two speed gears and you're basically done with.

Again, not a bad game, in theory. I just never feel like playing it long, because it doesn't feel very enjoyable. The thumbs down is just trying to balance a "very positively" reviewed game, with an 80 something metacritic score that few people seem to actually play much (notice the curiously short play times of the majority of the positive reviewers?). So I'd suggest to approach with caution, and at least play the demo first.
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3.5 小时(记录在案的)
Critical Mass was a rather intuitive and cute game. The gameplay could get rather repetitive, but every once in the while when I boot up the game, I'm immersed in a rubik's cube elimination like world. Overall 7/10.
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I dont have much to say about this game... It's not bad.
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This Game Mixes a 3D word with puzzling much like our own world, as your cube grows larger so does you mind.
Fun, Puzzling, Visually pleasing and overall a great game

7.5 / 10
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Great little puzzle game. If you can get it on sale, even better! :D
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