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Critical Mass er et action-, puzzle-spill som tar tradisjonelle tre like, og bringer det inn i en verden av 3D.
Utgivelsesdato: 20 Jun 2011
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“Critical Mass is the type of game everyone can pick up and enjoy in seconds, and yet come back to time and time again and still be challenged.”
8.0 – IGN

“Critical Mass will be the next big casual PC game. If you thought that Peggle or Bejewelled was addictive, wait until you play Critical Mass”
8.0 – ImpulseGamer

Om spillet

Critical Mass er et action-, puzzle-spill som tar tradisjonelle tre like, og bringer det inn i en verden av 3D. Vi kombinerer raske, vanedannende spill med strategi for å skape en ny og innovativ erfaring.


  • Raskt og avhengighetsskapende gameplay
  • 4 unike spillmoduser
  • Topplister på nett & rangeringssystemer
  • Prestasjoner & skillpoint-belønninger
  • Tilgjengelig for alle
  • Spennende og fargerik kunststil
  • Flott musikk og lydeffekter.

Systemkrav (PC)

    • Operativsystem: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Prosessor: 1GHz
    • Minne: 512MB
    • Harddiskplass: 50MB
    • Skjermkort: 64MB skjermkort med de nyeste driverne
    • Ytterligere: Internett-tilkobling kreves for noen funksjoner
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A fun little game that I play when I don't want to have to think too hard, but still want to challenge myself. The controls are simple and easy to use even on a touch pad. This is one of my favorite mindless puzzle games to go to for relaxation. It is easy to get sucked in and just start a new game over and over again until you have spent hours on the game without realizing it.
Publisert: 7 Februar 2014
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A decent little puzzle game. Your goal is to eliminate the entire structure of cubes by matching those of the same color together, but you have to act fast, because the structure will keep growing in mass, to the point where it will explode (hence the title). It's a pretty cheap game ($1.99), and it should keep you occupied for a while. 7/10
Publisert: 3 Mai 2014
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Most action packed adventure ever!

Publisert: 30 Mars 2014
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As user [FOR]Mica aptly summarized, "Critical Mass can't decide if it wants to be frantic or strategic, and ends up being neither instead of both." If you go too long without making a combo, the block structure starts to rumble (go critical). You only have a few seconds then to make a combo, or only enough time to add a few blocks, but there's no timer or other useful indicator before the sudden explosion. There's also no indicator what the next block color will be, so you can't plan ahead much. If you were hoping to build up a bridge between two widely-spaced blocks for a big combo, well too bad, adding all those blocks in between could make the structure unstable. Even though planning for big combos is way more satisfying and yields a better score, it's like the game makes that awkward and instead pushes you for quick easy combos instead.

Worst of all IMO, the entire soundtrack is 8 measures that repeat over and over forever. It's a soothing trip-hop kind of beat, but ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ it wouldn't have killed the developer to include an actual song or three. Even Tetris had multiple tracks!

So while the basic match-4 premise of the game and the graphical polish are great (even has a colorblind mode), some of the design decisions need more time in the oven.
Publisert: 26 Juli 2014
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3D cube matching game where you must race to match colors before the whole structure gets too big and hits Critical Mass. You basically have two options: rotate or place and the gameplay doesn't get any more complex than that. There's 4 different game modes, but they really don't feel vastly different. The game doesn't even provide basic gameplay elements like a heads up about what the next color is so you can strategize accordingly. It's a different spin on the classic Tetris game, but it was unable to hold my interest for more than a couple hours.
Publisert: 24 Februar 2014
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Critical Mass is an action puzzle game where you match colored blocks to remove them. The more of a color you remove, the bigger the combo. This review is from a disabled gamer (I only play with a mouse).


Loading the game, you can easily access options and change the game to Windowed Mode. Windowed Mode is borderless so you can change windows without exiting the game. There's multiple resolutions you can set the window too. It also has Colorblind Mode which adds a symbol in addiction to the blocks color. Another option I was impressed with was the Mouse Button option that let's you swap each buttons role. There's also a single option for the mouse but it seemed to be picky on exactly where I cllicked which slowed me down. I opt'd to keep using the reversed option.

Actual game modes include Classic, Survival, Meditation and Rush. While most modes do require you to work within various time tables, Meditation is a completely untimed relaxing strategic gameplay. To play the game, rotate the mass with your left mouse button and place blocks with your right mouse button. Many games actually didn't require much rotation so I completed many levels using only 1 mouse button.

If you're a mouse user who can left & right click gameplay should be a breeze! Colorblind gamers should also be fine with colorblind option enabled. It's actually my favorite way to play.
Publisert: 25 November 2013
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