A combination of Yoshi’s Island-style platforming with a gravity gun right out of Half-Life, BEEP is an amazing physics-platformer. Despite its friendly art style, this is a hardcore platformer in the truest sense.
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發售日: 2011 年 05 月 6 日




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包含 4 個項目: Polarity, BEEP, Camera Obscura, Out There Somewhere

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"A well-polished little puzzle platformer with good progression - giving you new guns and abilities throughout, with a nice mix of puzzle and platforming"


“Beep is a worthy new asset in the ever growing Steam indie scene.”

“Big Fat Alien’s BEEP Looks Simply Fantastic”
Dual Shockers


《BEEP》是一款2D橫向卷軸遊戲。您可以控制一個配有反重力裝置、噴氣發動機和一把槍的小型機器人。通過行駛、跳躍、飛行、游泳、射擊的方式通過分佈在 6 種獨特環境中的 24 個關卡。

使用 BEEP 的反重力裝置來直接操縱物理環境。反重力裝置既是工具又是武器。使用它粉碎敵人的機器人、建造高塔、解決難題。

BEEP 已經在太空深處遊歷數千年來探索銀河。BEEP 飛船將橫越外太空星系,把機器人發送至行星表面。


  • 控制一隻非常精密的小型機器人。
  • 直接操縱一個物理引擎環境。
  • 遭遇的各種程式中的人工智慧對手。
  • 探索 6 種不同的環境,每個都具有獨特的挑戰。
  • 享受時尚的 16:9 寬螢幕解析度。
  • 功能豐富的聲光效果和 14 個自訂音樂配樂。
  • 利用 OpenGL 的引擎在 60 FPS下運行。
  • 使用帶有環境篩檢程式的特殊音效系統。


    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 2.2Ghz Dual-Core
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 512 MB
    • Video Card: OpenGL 2.0 drivers on GeForce 8 series or Radeon HD series (or better)
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張貼於:05 月 18 日
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張貼於:05 月 18 日
WALL-E meets Super Mario
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張貼於:05 月 19 日
Spent 30-45 minutes attempting to stack 4 dead robots from
the previous areas to get to an unreachable spot,
even read the hint that was given.
Stacked the lot, jumped on, then found out
that the block I was trying to get to was movable.

10/10 would waste my time gathering and stacking
dead robots again.

(it's actually a really cool game that I plan to play more, buy it!)
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張貼於:05 月 19 日
Not a bad game actually. Definitely worth playing.

At first I thought the whole game was going to be too easy, but when things started to get a bit harder...I was like..."oh". xD
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張貼於:05 月 18 日
A real gem of a game, I haven't finished it yet but what I have played so far was really enjoyable. Even if it seems there won't be hours and hours of gameplay, what I have played so far is still incredibly fun and since the game is cheap, well worth it.
I recommend this game!

(There was a slight bug at the start with screen size, but to fix this all you need to do is press ALT + Enter to go windowed)
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