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Det avlägsna hotellet är beläget på toppen av ett snötäckt berg, och död genomsyrar varje vrå av platsen. Uppenbart är att ett brott begåtts, och den avlägsna naturen hos retreatcentret innebär att den skyldige fortfarande vandrar i salarna. Vem av gästerna är kapabel till detta?
Utgivningsdatum: 27 Nov 2009
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Det avlägsna hotellet är beläget på toppen av ett snötäckt berg, och död genomsyrar varje vrå av platsen.

Uppenbart är att ett brott begåtts, och den avlägsna naturen hos retreatcentret innebär att den skyldige fortfarande vandrar i salarna.

Vem av gästerna är kapabel till detta? Vilkas förflutna döljer olycksbådande sanningar och vem har mest att vinna? Hemligheter kommer inte att avslöjas av sig själva och skelett kommer inte att förbli begravna.

Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel kommer att testa dina upptäckarfärdigheter samt din känsla för rätt och fel. De vackert detaljerade, förrenderade bakgrunderna lägger grunden för denna klassiska detektivhistoria med en twist.

Har du vad som krävs för att nysta upp trådarna bakom detta mystiska fall, och vilken sida står du på om dina egna känslor inte ligger i linje med lagen?


  • Fängslande handling, med en icke-linjär story.
  • Över 120 underbara, förrenderade platser.
  • Mer än 15 3D-modellerade karaktärer som kastar skugga i realtid, var och en med egna unika historier och personligheter.
  • AI simulation spårar alla av spelets invånares rörelser vid alla tidpunkter.
  • Patenterad motor särskilt utvecklad för äventyrsspel.
  • 15+ timmar av spännande gameplay.


    • Operativsystem: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Pentium IV 2.7 GHz
    • Minne: 1024 MB RAM
    • Hårddiskutrymme: 2.3 GB
    • Grafikkort: 256 MB DirectX 9-certificerat 3D-grafikkort (GeForce 6600 eller högre)
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Ljud: DirectX 9-certificerat ljudkort
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In short: boring, pointless and confusing.

Longer version: I'm a sucker for this kind of adventures and pride myself for having a very high tolerance. This one certainly looked nice when looking at the screenshots and reading the intro. But when you get in the game there's nothing happening. One wanders around the hotel, clicking through all the dialogs, picking up stuff, solving a few puzzles, yet still doesn't get any idea what this game is about.

And that's the main problem. I couldn't figure out what to do! The dialogs are stiff and boring and I got sick of seeing the same scenes over and over again as I had to constantly clicking my way through the hotel.

Summary: Spend your money on another game. This one is no fun and is one of the very few adventures I actually stopped playing. I didn't event want to consult a walkthrough. I just can't be bothered.
Upplagd: 15 Februari 2014
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Very mediocre and uninspiring game. Paying for it more then a couple quid is just waste of money. Only buy if it is on a massive sale and you are desperate for an adventure game.
Upplagd: 27 Juni 2014
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hey guys i payd for this rubiss game dont do that i forgot to save after a day game than it crashed for no reason than i did exactly what i should to get going forward but the game just frozen like i did not do something so i cannot get thru the part and be where i was in story. i had to download divx content cos i could not start the game otherwise. i feel like iam beeing not carried for my money running after links and links to get download what i need for the game to play it is funny for my money .
Upplagd: 15 Februari 2014
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Although the concept sounds good on paper, Dead Mountaineer's Hotel is by no means a good game.

The key hook, the murder, happens too late to really draw you in, and while the mountaintop hotel is pleasant to look at, it is filled with barely noticable items, and can rapidly become a nightmarish maze if you don't pick up the easily missable map at the start of the game.
Puzzle solutions are either esoteric or require scouring the entire hotel for a misplaced item, the best ending requires completing an infuriating mini-game of snooker, and the voice acting and character animations are shoddy (although if you consider the absurb plot twist at the end, these lacklustre performances are all perfectly explicable).
Peter Glebsky (your character) constantly sounds incredulous, although on the plus side, he does vaguely resemble Richard Armitage.

Don't climb this mountain.
Upplagd: 26 Juni 2014
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Worst. Game. Ever...

I continued to wait for the game to begin all the way until the credits rolled.

There is so much wrong with this game, i continued to play thinking surely it must get better, but honestly, trust every other review when they say this is the worst game ever.

• The voice acting is terrible, i've heard more heart felt believable conversations with my pet cat. Voice acting isnt a make or break for a game but still its a major minus.

• There is no story!!! Im on a holiday break, the hotel is named after a dead mountaineer, it has a museum room which was once his. Ok. Some one's been smoking in the room and there are some shoes which dont belong there. Hardly a case for Scooby Doo. Then thats kind of it, you spend the entire game following idle tasks with no story, no reason other than to advance the game. then when the end does come you simply dont care.

• It's really slow! You walk everywhere, there is no option to run, even in a hurry "Quick, we have to get guy on the roof here because his friend is badly injured, slowely walks to roof." there are some scenes where you can double click and fast travel through the room without having to actually walk the entire room, but yea this plays really slow and clunky.

• You will not care about anyone. I didnt even bother to learn their names, i really wanted this to be a good game, i thought from looking at it a steam sale that it could be good, but no, coupled with the bad voice acting you find yourself unable to connect with any of the characters.

There is a plot twist at the end. at least if there was a plot, there would be the twist but for me and my experiance, it was the beginning of the story, which then ended some 2 paragraphs later. And while im on it, as a plot twist its utterly wank.

Buy this game only if you have played every other game on steam... and only if it comes on sale for £1... and only if you get that £1 from someone else.
Upplagd: 31 Mars 2014
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