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EEvol - sityak
The most important takeaway from the Steam release was that I need to improve the GUI. I improved it a lot, more improvements to come.

  • Reworked the new world generation dialogs and user interaction
  • Added warning that the window may stop responding at startup/world creation
  • Moved autodelete preferences to the "Perf" tab where they belog
  • Autodelete preferences are now based on world circle memory size
  • "Stop at 95% memory usage" is now default false
  • Evolution is now default happening
  • Automatic organelle generation at startup
  • Possibility to create an empty new world
  • If you create a new species it will be selected by the "Add blob" tool
  • Fixed DNA edit window first "+" button placement
  • Warn user if a species with an already existing name is being saved
  • Fixed species selector dropdown menu where species with the same name could not be selected
  • Added a workaround so user created species won't get deleted during evolution species tree cleanup step
  • Added a warning if memory is full
  • Added a notification if game is stopped because the "Stop game at 95% memory usage" checkbox was checked in
Anarchy: Wolf's law : Prologue - Digital Anarchist
Hello friends!

Catch the moment! 38% discount! Buy Anarchy: Supporter Pack DLC and activate the gift key to the full version of the game.

Good luck and good game to everyone
Sincerely, Street's Game!
This Land Is My Land - Natalino
Attention Chiefs!

Exciting news! This Land is My Land is going on sale for 30% off until October 3rd!

Grab your copy, and join our camp, here:
TypeOut Playtest - NK_Wendel
  • Added game mode: Duel. This is a 1v1 match. Opponent's theme, powerups, and score will be displayed in their player card.
  • Added Game Mode: Warm Up. Warm Up is a singleplayer game mode allowing players to practice and customize the game text source and effects.
  • Renamed Game Mode Quick Match to FFA (Free For All).
  • Quick Match will attempt to find a lobby of any game mode with active players. If it is unsuccessful, it'll default to hosting FFA.
  • Bot's levels are now capped to the highest level player in the lobby. They will no longer have access to all powerups. They can still display all themes.
  • Added Ron Theme.
  • Added Game Settings in Options. Players can now adjust master volume, set fps limit, resolution, and toggle fullscreen.
  • Updated powerup icons.
BARK - vano
  • Displayed all 3 stars when completing the game instead of revealing them upon completing each ending. Now, each star will become opaque upon completing each ending to make the fact that there are multiple endings more clear.
  • Added a hint that explains what classifies as a toy in Chapter 2.
  • Lessened the amount of locations your owner will navigate to when agitated.
  • Lessened the amount of time your owner will stop to listen for you when you make noise.
  • Removed the ability to agitate your owner when hallucinating during Chapter 5.
  • Fixed checkpoints not showing objective in Chapter 6.
  • Lessened the length of the hide sequences in chapters 3, 5, 6, and 7.
  • Toggled chase music after the neighboring dog gives up a chase in Chapter 7.
Death or Glory - lady_turkiz

Greetings, Champions! 👊

Determined and with your head held high, you march towards the Arena. You hear the rumbling from the crowd and feel the tension in the air as you approach its gates.

They stare at you, as you close your eyes and take a deep breath. You hear a creaking sound: the gates are opening. It's now or never, future Champion!

Welcome to Death or Glory's Open Beta Test!

Features 💥

  • 5 playable characters: enter Redeye, the Monster; Crystal, the Spellslinger; A.T.A.C.R, the Techie; and Tori, the Evangelist! Alongside the Warrior Lee, they make the roster of characters that you can choose from to join your fight. Which one will be the first?
  • Character progression: upgrade your characters to the max! Each one of them has 5 levels to advance, and best of all: rewards upon leveling up! Including bonus cards, character objectives (that once completed will help you unlock new characters), and character-specific cosmetic upgrades.
  • Unlock Tokens: it’s our gift for you when your first log in! Use them to unlock more characters, and get more by completing objectives. The more you play, the easier it gets to try out more characters!
  • Character Missions: 5 characters, 5 stories to explore. Unravel their lore under special rules and gameplay elements that flash out the many possibilities Death or Glory has in store!
  • Arena game mode: no easy mode! Engage in battles with increasing difficulties, complete Arena Objectives, and earn Honor Tokens! A set of 15 opponents are ready to challenge you, and each won round takes you closer to the final boss.

Which one will you choose?

And a bonus to the most determined Champions: rewards at launch for the players that succeed in the Arena challenge!

Save The Date 📅

September 26th, 9 AM CST

How To Join ⚠️

  1. Join our Discord server
  2. Fill out the form available on #beta-sign-up
  3. And keep an eye on your inbox! We will be handing out keys on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

We are eagerly looking for your feedback and improvement suggestions. Beta testers will be able to voice their insights in the channel #beta-bugs-feedback, which will be closely followed by the devs.

Help us create the best fighting card game experience for you! Make sure to join our server here.

Catch you in the arena! 👊
Distilled Gaming
Mars Base - keking26
Attention botanists!

We are postponing our October 3rd rocket launch after issues emerged during countdown, delaying the debut of our towering rocket and its long-awaited mission to Mars.

Despite our rocket delays, we will be ready for takeoff on October 17th. We also wanted to announce that your experience on Mars will now be localized! The languages currently supported is English, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

We appreciate your support and look forward to taking this interstellar journey together. Now let’s prepare to science the crop out of everything!

Please stay tuned for further announcements on our Discord and Twitter.

Thank you!
Tyrant's Blessing - keking26
Hey everyone!
We're back again with another patch for you all! We've been listening to the feedback that you all have been providing and making changes accordingly. As always, if you experience any issues, please report them in our Discord through our ticketing system. Also, please consider leaving us a review if you haven't already as it really helps us out

  • Map becomes less linear and allows players to play a shorter adventure.
  • Controller support is improved .
  • Players can continue to play when there are up to 3 units down in an encounter, and these units will be back in the next encounter. The game is over if all the 4 units are down in an encounter.
  • Guardians will purge all Shades of a unit once activated.
  • Hero upgrades can be reset throughout the adventure.
  • Darby is invisible only when every party member is in full health.
  • Mobezi’s passive produces smoke in the adjacent tile opposite to her baby-launch direction.
  • Enemy resurrection shield in Hard mode is removed. Enemy shield option is still available in Nightmare mode.
  • Steam cloud saves are now enabled
  • Enabled abandon adventure in the camp.
  • Added Hex/Cripple effect info on the tooltip of the items and enemies.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Cursed Dagger description.
  • Fixed Kalar’s Sword Control causes a non-attacking enemy to attack.
  • Fixed hotkeys get reset in the next encounter.
  • Other fixes.
Her Name Was Fire - Tissue Inu
Hi everyone! Thanks for playing the demo and providing your feedback. We have just released a major demo update with some exciting additions. See below for the full changelog:

- New sorcery: Gatling Twig
- Redraw mechanic + Penalization Cards
- Skip card selection mechanic
- New default firing mechanism: Hold to Fire (can be set back in Options)
- UI overhaul
- Balancing changes
- Improved boss/enemy attack signaling
- Added bosses SFX
- Boss card events

New Cards:
- The Hierophant
- The Slowcooker
- The Static
- The Drift

New essences available for Demo Version:
- Luck
- Rush

Additional Language Support for Demo Version:
- Spanish/Latin Spanish
- French
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Catalan
Monkey Barrels - m0n1baby
It’s finally the day we’ve all been waiting for—MONKEY BARRELS is NOW AVAILABLE!
To celebrate the game’s release, here’s a fun video we made previously to highlight the amazing developer behind MONKEY BARRELS and the Switch physical version of the game (which happens to support cross-platform play with the Steam versions online mode, by the way).

If you’ve been watching a certain talent show on TV, you may recognize the host as well ;)

We hope you enjoy the game!

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