Maid Delight - Dharker
Our own Kickstarter campaign has just a week remaining before it ends. Thanks to its success so far, the game will now include ten characters to have a romance with, including the primary five and five other girls, plus a variety of other bonus and sexy content too.

The campaign is live still, so check it out and join in to get access to exclusive artworks, rewards and items that will not be available later and in so doing helping to raise funds to add even more content to the game.
Maid Delight - Dharker
We here at Maid Games have made the decision to self-publish our game, rather than work with a publisher after all, for the past 18 months we have been considering working with several publishers such as Dharker Studios. But in the end thanks to our successful Kickstarter campaign are now going to self-publish the game here.

More details on the game, release schedule and more will be coming soon.
Maid Delight - Dharker
We are happy to announce that our upcoming game Bounce Paradise has completed its design, it already includes over 50 illustration sets, seven different romantic endings and now we have opened the game up to our community to help us fund additional content that will be created before the game releases in Summer this year.

The campaign is live right now on Kickstarter and has already funded a brand new multi-character style Harem ending. And there is plenty of time to fund even more content. Checkout the campaign now to see what kind of content might be added next via the link below:

We will even be giving Backers a chance to suggest more content if the campaign continues to grow over the remaining time of the campaign.

Please also wishlist and follow the game to be notified of its release:
Maid Delight - Dharker
The release of our first kinetic adult novel is now available on Steam.

Check it out to enjoy 16 adult graphic stores.
Maid Delight - Dharker
The next game in the Paradise Cove series is now live on Kickstarter, having already reached its first stretch goal unlocking a fourth main character romance route for the game.

With more stretch goals to unlock more content, I hope you will consider checking the campaign out to see if you would like to join in and help build a bigger game to enjoy.
Maid Delight - Dharker
Greetings players,

Today we have a little cross-promotion announcement for those who might be interested, as part of the series of games set in Paradise Cove, we are now looking to create a Volleyball Inspired card game featuring characters from the series, including from games such as Negligee, Love in the Limelight and others.

The card game is funding through kickstarter and is live right now, and we hope that if you like the art of our games and fancy enjoying a new fun pick up and play card game you will consider checking it out and supporting it however you can.

Thank you all, and we hope to see you on the campaign.
Maid Delight - Dharker
Our latest game release, a fun adult game about Yuuki on a night out at a costume party, is out now and available on Steam.

Check it out now:
Jan 29, 2020
Maid Delight - Dharker
Coming in March is our next Paradise series game.

Add the game to your wishlist to be notified on release, so you can enjoy it at discount.
Dec 27, 2019
Maid Delight - Dharker
For those interested in the games and content we make, we are happy to announce a fun adult graphic novel is live on Kickstarter for a limited production run, it is doing extremely well and unlocking lots of amazing content for the book.

You can checkout the campaign for the book now:

Alternatively if you would like to consider supporting us another way, we are offering copies of our future games and loads of other cool content via our Patreon in 2020, which can be found on this link for those interested.

Maid Delight - Dharker
I am happy to announce our massive Christmas Sale, which I have launched as it is our fifth christmas since I started making games. And because I love Christmas so much.

As such every game in our catalogue has been put on an amazing discount allowing you to get your most wanted games at our best possibly prices. And with our new Dharker Studio complete Bundle, you can get additional discounts on top ensuring you have every game for a great price.

Checkout the bundle for the best deal whilst the Christmas Sale is live:


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