Community Announcements - Marilou
Dear Deathgarden Community,

They say all good things must come to an end. Over the past few weeks, our team has been rather quiet about the development of Deathgarden. Witnessing the decreasing player base, we’ve been working on finding solutions: we sought advice, considered many different scenarios, looked at various solutions, but unfortunately, none of them would change the fate of this project. Today, it is with a heavy heart that we’re announcing the end of Deathgarden’s development. To honour the production team’s work, we have decided to give the game a meaningful last breath by finalizing every feature we’ve been working on.

Two years ago, a handful of passionate game developers at Behaviour got together to develop a new game concept. This paved the way for great talents to join the team, and we want to acknowledge the work of every single person who took part in this soulful adventure. Deathgarden was, and still is today, a project of passion. A game that we wanted to make for ourselves, but also for players around the world to enjoy. 

This project made us go through a roller coaster of emotions, from the first version to the reboot, and we take pride in what we’ve accomplished. We grew a lot from the experience, as a team and as individuals, and we will keep on going, we will take risks and be innovative to meet our player’s expectations. As for the future, the Deathgarden team has been redeployed to other Behaviour projects, both live and unannounced.

All this work wouldn’t have been possible without you, the community. We want to thank you for your continuous support and contribution during the ride. We want to leave this adventure on a high note and make the work we’ve been doing these past weeks be worth it for you.

In the light of this news, we wanted to have one last moment to share with you. We will be hosting a Deathgarden’s sunset Play with the Devs livestream on December 12 at starting at 3 pm EST to share our love for the game with you.

We will keep Deathgarden’s servers up at least through the end of the year, and you will still be able to play the game as long as matchmaking is viable. We are also making the game free today, so more people can join you.

Thank you very much for your support these past two years and we will see you again soon,

The Deathgarden Dev Team

You can read the Patch Note and FAQ on your website
Community Announcements - Marilou_BHVR

Hotfix October 15th

- Fixed the animation bug where you could see a scavenger drop down a structure while he was climbing up, only to reappear at the top of the structure after, making the scavenger untargettable.
- Updated the version of BattleEye to be compatible with the next Windows version.

Known issue: The hunter challenge Merciless indicates 3 Executions to trigger Last Scavenger Standing mode. The requirements for Last Scavenger Standing have changed, but the challenge still works as intended.
Community Announcements - Marilou_BHVR

Hotfix October 10th: Last Man Standing

Bloodmode is now triggered when there is only one scavenger left and at least one exit completed.
Community Announcements - Marilou_BHVR

Hotfix October 9th: UI changes

  • Progression Indicators: Blood Deposit Progression Indicator numbers were removed. The red progression bar is still filling. The player can see the blood count from a distance, over the respective Blood Deposit Point. Marked Deposit Points will display the blood count more clearly.
  • Blood Deposit: once close enough to a Blood Deposit Objective, an indicator reveals how much blood remains to open the Exit.
  • Blood Deposit Progression: The amount of blood required to open the Exit now counts down. i.e. It requires 50 blood to open, if you deliver one, the UI will indicate 49.
  • Hunt with a Friend (2v10): Scavengers need to deposit 60 blood in each objective and the UI will also countdown.

  • Progression Indicators: Blood Deposit Progression Indicator numbers were removed. The red progression bar doesn't fill.
  • Blood Delivery: When scavengers are delivering, the Blood Deposit Point letter will pulse, and the icons at the top left of the screen will pulsate to indicate which objective is being delivered too. It will not reveal how much blood is left to be delivered.

  • When a Blood Deposit point reaches 5 (5 blood left to be deposit), both Hunters and Scavengers will be notified of its progression. The respective icon for the delivery point will rotate and show the remaining blood value to both parties. Hunters will also see the value appear over the Blood Deposit point.
Community Announcements - Marilou_BHVR

Hotfix October 7th:

- Fixed scavengers respawning under the map after being executed.
- Fixed a bug that prevented players of prestiging their characters.
Community Announcements - PierreBHVR

Visual & Cosmetics
[Ready Room][Scavenger] The ceiling pipe is misaligned with the wall panel.
[Garden] Some structures disappear during Blood Mode.

[Menu][Scavenger] In the “Loadout” and “Cosmetic Vendor” menus, the character model clips with the fern.
[Garden][Gold Rush] Wheelbarrows clip to the boxes beside them.

[Hunter][The Inquisitor] When reloading the “Snake Bite”, his claw shakes at the animation’s end.

[Upgrade Vendor] Players can get stuck on the screen if they press “ESC” quickly after opening the “Prestige” menu.
[Character Select][Controller] In the Character Select screen during matchmaking, “LB” and “RB” button icons are displayed.
[Settings] When in the Settings menu, the “enter” key doesn’t work after players select a drop-down option using the arrow keys.
[Spectate][Controller] Spectate mode displays two button prompts with “Y” when using a controller.

[Spectator Mode] Swapping between spectated players will reset the displayed amount of blood for each Blood Needle.

[Challenges] The amount of experience towards “Gain Experience in the Resources Category” challenge overlaps with the progress bar.
[Scavenger][Character Select] The scavenger’s stamina bar doesn’t refresh correctly when exiting the “Character Select” menu.
[Locker Room] When looking at a vendor while aiming down sight, an extra yellow exclamation mark will appear behind the character.
[Weekly Challenge] The “completed” banner on the weekly challenge overlaps with its countdown timer.
[Text][Scavenger] When players switch languages, the scavenger’s rank doesn’t update until they have entered a match or a menu.
[Hunter][Recycling] Upon initiating a recycle on a scavenger who has not been recycled yet, the execution UI text briefly shows that execution is enabled.
[Hunter] The Veteran’s “No Way to Hide” ability is shown as both a “Shock” and a passive ability.
[Hunter][Perk] The Veteran’s “About to Blow” perk fails to mention that the hacked blood piles explode as well.

[Locker Room][Scavenger] There’s an invisible platform above the Cosmetic Vendor in the scavengers’ Ready Room.
[Garden][Gold Rush] Some water towers miss projectile collision.

[Hunter] In rare instances, hunters are unable to hear their audio and hear the scavengers’ actions instead.
[Hunter][The Inquisitor] A chain chimes SFX play for The Inquisitor’s skins that do not have chains.
[Garden] The match ending countdown SFX is not sync with the visual text.
[SFX][Perk] When selecting a perk at its max level, the “equipping” SFX can be heard.

[Cosmetic Vendor] The “Cosmetic Vendor” name is not localized.
[Audio] The announcer voice line “Scavenger Death” stays in English in all other languages.
Community Announcements - PierreBHVR
Hello Deathgardeners,

Coming up in this week’s patch: new Origin Skins, a new map, the Harvest your Exit implementation as the “Default” mode and some balancing.

Important: Custom key bindings will be reset following some changes we made. Please make sure you remap them before hitting the garden!


Bloodshed has just begun in the Arctic circle! These desolate lands covered in everlasting snow are the final resting place of scavengers bold enough to go out in the open, as hunter may gun them down from icy cliffs.

Biome: Arctic

Weather: Bleak Winter

Garden Elements: Radar towers, wind turbines, living pods, snowcats, research station, generators, containers, icebergs.


With today’s patch, Harvest you Exit will now be Deathgarden’s default mode.

We gathered feedback on the game objectives, and we now feel confident in implementing it permanently. As we’re constantly looking to improve the experience, we’ll keep on balancing the game and address gameplay concerns.

We adjusted the delivery goal for each Blood Needle; to open an exit, scavengers now need to deliver 50 blood in 1v5 and 60 during the Hunt with a Friend events.

The “Last Man Standing” situation has been a recurring topic since the release of Harvest your Exit. We decided to change how the game ends when there’s only one scavenger left. When no Blood Needle has been filled, and only one scavenger remains, every exit delivery quota will be set to 1 blood. An exit will trigger as soon as another blood is delivered.

On Sunday, the Hunt with a Friend still occurs and will remain a Harvest your Exit experience.


The Origin skins collection will expand with the addition of the Ghost Origin “Prodigal Son” full set. This set shows Amini’s origins before he became Ghost.

You can check the lore and the concept arts that inspired us right here.

We’re also adding alternate versions of The Inquisitor and Ghost’s Origin skins. Grab your resources and be sure to pay the Cosmetic Vendor a visit.

With today’s update, we’d like to gradually address an issue frequently brought to our attention:

Players disconnecting during the game. Our intent is to give incentives for them to stay for the match’s duration.

The benefit system works as follows: Players now earn honour points by completing games and may earn resources as a result. On the Tally Screen at the end of each match, players can see their own honour dial with its five distinct bars, each corresponding to an honour point.

All players start with the dial full—with 5 honour points. If the number of honour points is higher than or equal to 5, players will earn 20 iron per match completed. Scavengers don’t have to spectate the whole match in order to earn honour points; they can leave after they died and reached the Tally Screen.

If they leave a match early—which means a situation that prevents the Tally Screen showing up such as leaving mid-game, disconnecting, etc.—they will be notified by a pop-up for their behaviour and how much it impacts other players’ games. First offenders are granted a second chance.

If a player leaves a match early again, they will lose all their honour points and won’t receive their rewards. They will have to regain their honour, one bar at a time. Please note that honour points don’t reset between game sessions and that the consecutive number of games played is displayed right above the honour dial.



 Balance: Drone Health Change
o    Drone health is reduced from (45) → (22).
o    Fog can destroy a drone with only (1) bolt; all other scavengers can do so with (2) bolts.
o    Vambraces can still destroy drones with (1) bolt.

Gameplay: Daily Challenges Adjusted
o    Both “Domination” challenges have been reviewed
      - Scavenger’s daily challenge is to open at least one exit.
      - Hunters’ daily challenge is to kill 4 scavengers in a match.

Gameplay:  Turrets and Drones
o    Both active drones and turrets are revealed to hunters and scavengers once deactivated.

Quality of Life: Game Controls Brought Together
o   Each control options, whether for controller or mouse, are now together under the “Control” section in “Settings”.
o   Controller and mouse options are now shown side by side.


Balance: “Deny, Deny, Deny” Power Reduced
o    The Inquisitor’s ability to regain stamina is reduced from (30)% → (15)% per Health Crate.
Design Goal: This change brings The Inquisitor perk’s balance in line with those of other hunters.

Balance: Auto Turrets Reviewed
o    Turrets now deactivate like Drones; when disabled, a timer bar appears over them.
o    Turrets health decreases from (75) → (60).
o    Turrets no longer disappear after (90)s.
o    Turrets’ range increase has been reviewed.
      - Level 1: (31)m → (28)m
      - Level 10: (40)m → (55)m and has been adjusted in between.
o    Turret cooldown increased from (45)s → (90)s.
o    Turrets regenerate health faster, from (8)s → (4)s.
Design Goal: The Turrets’ original intent is to restrict the access to certain areas. These changes will allow hunters to effectively use them as area denial tools.

Balance: Snakebite Assault Recoil Increased
o    The Inquisitor’s Snakebite assault gun has more recoil vertically and horizontally.

Balance: Trisyknt Burst Rifle Magazine Reviewed
o    The Trisyknt burst rifle magazine now collects (60) → (45) ammunition from Ammo crates.

Quality of life: Add Control Option for “Sprint” 
o   A default movement checkbox for “Sprint” added in the “Controls” menu.

Control: Add “Turn Around” Option
o   The “crouch” action is replaced by a new action: a 180° turn.
Design Goal: We want to increase the hunter’s mobility and a 180° turn will help them in tracking down scavengers. We’ve decided to remove the barely used “crouch” option to free an active key.


Balance: Fog’s “Heat of the Moment” and “Fleet Feet” Reviewed
o    Fog’s “Heat of the Moment” and “Fleet Feet” no longer stack. The highest value increase takes precedence over the lowest value.
Design Goal: We realized that the combination of these perks was unbalanced. With that change, we want to align the value of Fog’s perks with those of other scavengers.

Gameplay: Switch’s “Sudden Insight” and “Treasure Hunter” VFX change
o   Switch’s perks now use different VFXs.
Design Goal: This change allows identifying which perks is being used and removes confusion with “marked” objects.

Control: Add a Toggle Option for Crouch
o    A “crouch” toggle option is available in the “Controls” menu.

Challenge: “Destroy Constructs” Reviewed
o    The challenge “Destroy Constructs” now include both drones and turrets. 

[FIXED][HUD][Spectate] When spectating, all the information in the upper left corner isn’t displayed.
[FIXED][Animation][Hunter][The Stalker] The Stalker’s arms bend unnaturally when performing an emote.
[FIXED][Garden] Scavengers overs slightly above the ground in almost all maps.
[FIXED][Progression][Hunt with a Friend][Hunter][The Veteran] The Veteran receives a “Friendly Effect” XP if another hunter is hit by her “shock”.
[FIXED][Visual][Garden][Blowout] Some ground textures don’t appear correctly.
[FIXED][Audio][Hunter][The Veteran]The reveal SFX plays when The Veteran uses her shock ability near a crate.
[FIXED][Menu][Text] The Cerberus 3BC has two skins with the same name and lore text.
[FIXED][Visual][Scavenger][Fog] All of Fog’s coat interiors miss some texture.
[FIXED][VFX][Garden][Scavenger] While spectating, Dash’s “shimmer” VFX remains on the Exit platform after escaping with his “Speed Boost” active.
[FIXED][Hunt with a Friend][Hunter] The Veteran’s shock ability will reveal the second hunter.
[FIXED][VFX][Locker Room][Hunter] The “supercharge” VFX persists when opening a menu.
[FIXED][SFX][Garden][Hunter] When the hunter is out of bound, the scavenger’s SFX play.
[FIXED][Visual][Garden][Fire in the Sky] Blood splatters appear blue.
[FIXED][Animation] Clones run erratically and may float.
[FIXED][Animation][Hunter][The Poacher] The Poacher’s arm texture stretches when using a shotgun.
Community Announcements - PierreBHVR

Grab a blanket and get ready for a new frozen map! In the next patch, we’re bringing you a new arctic map: Desperate Expedition! 

Inspired by the North Pole, Desperate Expedition boasts three distinct areas: the living pods; the frozen sea; and, the snowy forest.  

Biome: Arctic 
“Far inside the Arctic Circle, the Tarkkaavainen Lepakko early warning station was a key part of the Unity missile defense system. It prevented attacks by Collective forces over the Barents Sea and so was a prime target at the start of the war.” 

The remains of an old Unity warning station stand frozen in the Arctic circle. During the war, snipers used the icy cliffs to bolster their visibility and defend the station from the Collective troops. They made their last stand near the living pods, where a fierce battle among the snowdrifts unfolded. The Collective’s hazardous mission ended in their favour, and the station was soon abandoned and forgotten. 

Weather: Bleak Winter 
“As the stars rose and the long darkness began, the soldiers would hunker down, afraid of something that stalked them from afar.” 

The Arctic white landscapes stretch beyond the horizon. The snow stacks over the research station, and the blizzard penetrates through bullet holes and fractures.   

Footfalls crunch the hard snow and break the white North’s chilling silence. Breathing becomes difficult as the temperature plummets below zero. Time and again, shots are heard somewhere in the distance. 

Garden Elements: radar towers, wind turbines, living pods, snowcats, research station, generators, containers, icebergs. 
The Tarkkaavainen Lepakko station used to be a key part in Unity’s missile defense system. The soldiers stationed there lived through an endless winter that slowly ate away at their patience and sanity. Now deserted, the missiles have been repurposed to be used in the Deathgarden.  

Scavengers should cleverly avoid the hunters’ gaze by hiding behind icebergs and snowdrifts. Hunters will enjoy a vantage point at the height of the cliff but should think twice before taking a stroll in the forest. 
Sep 17, 2019
Community Announcements - PierreBHVR

The Inquisitor always searched for a worthy cause. A cause worthy of his time, his skill, his life. He searched for a cause that would help him transcend his mortality and bring him closer to his destiny as a legendary hunter.

Tomás Guerra finally found his cause when he met Yeva Sushko, the enigmatic yet charismatic leader who assumed leadership of the Collective years ago. She promised to put humanity on a new, righteous path, and he was swayed by her ideas, their monk life-existence, and their aspirations to cleanse the world. When the Pure formed around her, Guerra had finally found his calling.

“Purity of mind, purity of intent, purity of body.” - The Inquisitor

Through their scarification rituals, the Pure cleansed themselves of unclean thoughts. His scars represent his dedication to the Pure and are not to be confused with his opponents’ minor injuries. He accepts his arm’s deformity as a testimony of his determination and resilience, rejecting a 3D-printed hand in favor of a simple prosthetic tool to make wielding his weapon easier.

Before becoming the notorious Inquisitor of the Bloodharvest, he used to hunt dissidents bold enough to challenge Sushko. It wasn’t long before she made him the leader of São Paulo Enclave’s Inquisition.

Enemy threats are meticulously killed with a bullet to the head to avoid resurrection. Fallen dissidents have their masks stripped away to be worn by the Inquisitor as a morbid warning to others who should dare cross his path.

The Inquisitor always wore a mask as testament to his selfless dedication to the cause—a faceless weapon of the Sushko machine. Now he captures and unleashes threats in the Deathgarden to hone his skills as a hunter and show his uncompromising devotion to cleansing the world of the impure.
Community Announcements - PierreBHVR
Hello Deathgarderners,

This patch’s main highlight is the upcoming new feature, Harvest your Exit.

In addition, we will hold an “Ask Me Anything” session this Thursday from 3PM to 3:30PM EST (12PM to 12:30PM PST and 9PM to 9:30PM CEST) on Youtube and Twitch to answer all your questions.

These new objectives add a new blood flow to the game! Scavengers’ objectives have slightly changed, as they must gather blood to ensure they will have an exit by the timer’s end.

This Thursday, September 12th, players will be able to try it out during a special event from 2:30PM to 6:30PM EST (11:30AM to 3:30PM PST and 8:30PM to 12:30AM CEST).

As communicated until this very moment, Harvest your Exit was originally planned as a Hunt with a Friend exclusive feature. Following the community feedback, and also since we felt that bringing it to the core game would definitely makes more sense, we’re happy to announce that Harvest your Exit will be available in the classic 1v5 mode tomorrow, along with the Hunt with a Friend special events.

UI: Remove Character Title from the Scoreboard

o   The character title has been removed from the scoreboard and will only appear once the match has ended.

Design Goal: Reduce the instance of leaving the games and reducing toxicity occurrences.


 Gameplay: “About to Blow” Damage Reduced

o   The Veteran’s “About to Blow” perk damage has been reduced.

      - Level 1: from (61)dmg → (30)dmg.

      - The damage’s increase at each level, from (7)dmg → (3)dmg.

Design Goal: These modifications should bring the perk’s value in line with other perks.

Gameplay: The Veteran’s “Shock” Ability Changes

o   The Veteran’s “shock” ability now reveals scavengers instead of dealing damage. The ability still inflicts 1 damage to ensure challenges’ completion.

Design Goal: The Veteran’s overall damage output was higher than intended. Modifying her “shock” ability adjusts her according to our design intents.


Gameplay: “Shield” Protects From “About to Blow” Damage

o   The perk “About to Blow” doesn’t damage a scavenger protected by a shield.

Design Goal: This change ensures consistency in how the “Shield” vambrace works with the other hunter’s hacks.

Animation: New Custom Navigation Animations

o   Various scavengers’ animations have been customized.

Design Goal: The intent is to give more personality to each scavenger.


[Scavenger] The vambrace’s durations are incorrect for Ghost, Switch, Fog, and Dash

Visual and Cosmetics

[Scavenger][Fog][Prestige] Fog’s prestige upper body doesn’t display blood on his hood.
[Perk][Loadout][Upgrade Vendor] The Loadout and Upgrade Vendor’s perks appear in different order.
[Hunter][The Inquisitor][Trance Skin] There are visible holes in The Inquisitor’s shoulder when emoting and wearing the Trance skin.
[Scavenger][Sawbones] The skirt flaps of Sawbones’ upper body cosmetics miss some texture.
[Garden][Drone] When a drone spawns under a Ready Room, it will go inside the Ready Room when activated.
[Scavenger][Fog] Two of Fog’s upper body cosmetics share the same lore text.
[Blood Post][CH] The blue effects on the ground around the Blood Posts are stretched and cut when they are in tunnels.
[Cosmetic Vendor][Scavenger][CH] A blood cell can be seen on the vendor’s booth.

[Garden][Gold Rush] The ambient sound plays at low volume.
[Garden][Blood Mode] The Blood Mode’s SFX countdown persists in the Tally Screen.

[Hunter][The Inquisitor][Totem Skin] A black line appears and stretches when The Inquisitor emotes while wearing the Totem skin.
[Hunter][The Inquisitor][Shotgun] The shotgun shakes when The Inquisitor stops moving.
[Hunter][The Inquisitor][Burst rifle] From the scavenger’s perspective, the burst rifle flickers.
[Hunter] When aiming down sight, the hunter’s feet shake.

[Locker Room][Upgrade Vendor] The exclamation mark doesn’t appear when a new perk is available to purchase at the Upgrade Vendor.

[Locker Room][Hunter] Hunters can climb to the top of the Locker Room.

[Searching a game] Sometimes, players must cancel their search of a match in order to find a new game.

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