Product Update - Valve
Pole Position 2012 Update 4.3 Changelog:

- Bug fixed: When you deactivated or activated a team, that team would be doubled
- Bug fixed: Self-developed fuel tanks above level 2 could not be installed
- The effect of the driver attribute “Quick on Curves” has been reduced
- Bug fixed: An incorrect value was displayed for handling in the wind tunnel
- The amount of gas now has a stronger effect on lap times.
- The difference between hard & soft tires is now greater
- New drivers now demand a salary depending on their talent (no longer just 10,000)
- Emails are now sorted by date
- When you save a game, the date is now also included in the savegames’ name
- Bug fixed: The tire rule was no longer working
- Changes in weather have now been greatly reduced
- Chance of rain reduced
- Bug fixed: Extremely slow cars should now no longer hold up following cars.
- Bug fixed: After starting a new game, it was possible to select a sponsor from the old game
- Members of the pit crew are now between 19 and 30 years old
- Employee talent now increases randomly
- Tire wear now has a stronger effect on lap times
- In training & qualification, you can now view the intervals for the first and leading car, using a new button in the race display
- In a race, you can now view the intervals for the first and leading car relative to the last checkpoint, using a new button in the race display
- The strength of NPC teams increases & decreases
- The leading car in a race is now marked with a star-symbol
- Only the current year is displayed in the lower bar: “2012 Season”
- Bug fixed: The salary for your own drivers was not being deducted
- Bug fixed: Rain tires B deteriorated too quickly
- The talent of the junior drivers no longer increases so quickly
- Bug fixed: The salary for personnel was not being deducted
- Random events now occur less frequently, some have been removed
- Bug fixed: Weather conditions were only being adopted by the cars for a few seconds after the start of a race
- Bug fixed: The winner of a race isn’t overwriting the winner of the previous race anymore.
- An icon now indicates which driver is selected in a race
- When both cars are called to the pit at the same time during a race, there’s no longer a bug that left one car stuck in the pit. The second car will recognize that the pit is occupied and will attempt a pit stop during the next lap.
Product Update - Valve
- Improved dashboard positioning/sizing for 16x9 resolutions.
- For live games, fixed the WATCH button coming up too early and an error where you could be connected to a game that has already completed.
- Made changes to hero picker based on community feedback.
Product Update - Valve
Waveform Update Released

-Fixed corrupt save data for Eris DLC

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed a freeze issue with the copying of laws into usurped titles

Product Update - Valve
Changelog 1.004

Bug Fixes
- Admin chat no longer switches between universal and inter-admin when using the letters “I” or “U” in a message.
- Fixed a problem where some horses changed colour when your distance to them changed.
- Players hit by a firearm now properly play a bullet hit body sound.
- Fixed problems with defender lives counter in Siege mode.
- Fixed issues where the respawn counter did not get displayed, or did not disappear after spawning.
- The French translation no longer causes crashes when accepting a duel.
- You can now construct a fence when building upon other scene props.
- The server console no longer returns a wrong input error when you set a variable to the same as its current value.
- Map placed rocket launchers now respawn the next round when picked up, as they should.
- Fixed a bug that caused certain destructible objects to be possible to walk through the next round if destroyed.
- Fixed all the missing strings from the German and French translations.
- Bots in Commander Battle should (hopefully) charge now when a player disconnects.
- Fixed teleport problems with the siege gamemode, when the fort wall gets hit.
- Low damage melee hits will now only generate “thump” sounds and no blood splash sounds.
- In the Duel gamemode, you will now no longer regain health when you kill a horse.
- Particle and sound effects placed by mappers will now always emit their effects, as they should.

- Rewrote siege spawn code to greatly improve performance on the server CPU.
- Further improved the performance when having bonuses enabled.
- Improved client side frames per second with explosions and destruction.
- Reduced the long wait when a new map is loaded on the server.
- Generally improved overall server and client performance and reduced lag.
- Reduced overall memory usage and reduced startup loading time slightly.

Game Balance
- Russian Jägers can now choose to use a cavalry musket instead of the rifle.
- Lowered the cannon accuracy slightly.
- Doubled the health for doors.
- Increased the damage for all swords.

General Changes
- Added a new map: Hungarian Plain
- Various updates to maps, fixing bugs and improving performance.
- Round time in Battle mode now starts after the first player has spawned, to allow slower clients to spawn within the 30 sec spawn window.
- Made Toggle Walk a configurable game key, in the place of the Warband native zoom key.
- Equipped the Russian Jäger NCO with a firearm.
- Added a full Russian translation.
- Added preview images for Fort Boyd and Fort Lyon in the admin panel.
- Stray horses will now not run away anymore, unless they take damage.
- Added anti-cheat protection for the zoom exploit.
- Added an icon on the Conquest flag selection map, showing your current position.
- The player beacon icon is now located a bit above the player.
- Changed the maximal defender lives that admins can set for siege from 5 to 10.
- Added a Open/close caption to the doors.

Product Update - Valve

Critical fixes:
+ Patched a ship repair divide-by-zero crash.
+ Fixed a drone-related crash.
+ Fixed a very rare locking-beam related crash.

Other fixes:
+ Corrected display of drone designs in the design screen.
+ Construction and retrofit costs now include initial drone and
assault shuttle costs.
+ It is now possible to select systems in province creation mode once again.
+ No more cube for phaser weapons on drones in the design screen.
+ Queued station modules no longer disappear.
+ Fixed system info demand.
+ Enemy ship construction ETA is no longer visible in system icons.
+ Corrected the direction of trade-related government shifts.
+ Admiral traits no longer cause negative endurance.

Other changes and additions:
+ Beam weapons will now fire for their entire duration and re-target on-the-fly.
+ Empire fleet summary no longer displays empty reserve fleets.

Product Update - Valve
SUBJECT; Version 1.1d HotFix LIVE!
As always we have been hard at work and are happy to say that Version 1.1d is now live on Steam. Your client should be updated automatically.
This is a rather large hotfix which not only fixes a few things but also adds a few new features early including, Weapon Dropping (‘L’ Key), Credit Dropping (‘K’ Key), Xbox 360 Controller Support, Dedicated Server File Support (via Steam Tools) and plenty more!

These files are now available via Steam Tools. These will automatically update every time just as your Player Client does.

01 - Fixed bug that resulted in players getting stuck on a mysterious ‘Wave 21’.
02 - Fixed scope staying visible through death.
03 - Fixed hacking audio not stopping.
04 - Added Ability - Weapon Drops (Manual = keybound / Auto = on death).
05 - Added Ability - Credit Drops.
06 - Added Xbox 360 Controller Pad Support.
07 - Added ‘Game Options’.
08 - Added Arrow / Enter and 360 Controller Support to In-Game Menus (not Main Menu yet).
09 - Fixed bug where damage indicators were not displaying.
10 - Hoverbike no longer can push heavier vehicles (vehicle weight hierarchy).
11 - Fixed bug where the ‘Hummer’ Ability Upgrade wasn’t working.
12 - Fixed bug where the Rham would twitch while flying.
13 - Fixed texture issue with Character Class Models and 3rd Person Weapon Models swapping upon switch.
14 - Added a delay between radio commands (fire in the hole!).
15 - Reduced Raptor bite damage and made it more consistent.
16 - Reduced amount of air control while jumping to reduce speed.
17 - Reduced Gladiator Buggy muzzle flash.
18 - Added teammate indicators for Mechs and VTOLs.
19 - Tweaked player exiting Gladiator Buggy locations.
20 - Fixed bug with ‘Tight Pennies’ Achievement not working properly.
21 - Fixed bug with ‘The Wanderer’ Achievement not being given correctly.
22 - HUD Icons and HUD Awareness now available to Spectators.
23 - Added ‘Ammo Remaining’ number to HUD.
24 - Added ‘Connect to IP feature to Server Browser.
25 - Tweaked Rham & T-Rex Collision values.
26 - Fixed issue with the Raptor trying to run through mountains to get to the generators.
27 - Fixed bug with some animations not being replicated to clients.
28 - Fixed bug that resulted players in creating games with port 0 and having no one able to join.
29 - Changed ‘Exit and Save’ and ‘Exit and Continue’ functionality to avoid a crash when changing windows.
30 - Fixed bug with the health number showing an incorrect value when getting into a vehicle.
31 - Fixed Mech Stomp kills not being counted towards the Achievement.
32 - Fixed bug where the Server Browser was displaying the incorrect number of in-game players.
33 - Fixed issue with the audio not being set to the right levels on game start-up.
34 - Made all UI single-click (instead of double-click).
35 - Tweaked Raptor Swarm.
Product Update - Valve
Changelog v1.3:

• Updated: Improved AI and squad tactics.
• Added: Several new AI management options: sound detection, sight distance, shooting reaction time and shooting accuracy.
• Updated: All the NPC spawn and repop system has been reworked; NPC don’t spawn in your back anymore, for example.
• Updated: General latency reduced, especially on cm_new_eden, cm_noctis, cc_noctis, cc_purge and cm_purge.
• Updated: NPC spawn frequencies on cm_forgotten.
• Added: 43 new achievements.
• Added: Messages during death caused by PSI shocks, medkit overdoses and hacking.
• Added: Messages when players are hurt by PSI shocks, medkit overdoses and hacking.
• Removed: Christmas gifts and reindeers.
• Updated: Every magazine took in the armory now counts as one magazine, except for the Betty Boom.
• Updated: Change of the font used in game.
• Updated: Cubemap optimization on cc_falling.
• Updated: Animations played during the cyber-brain transaction between the Special Force and the Culter on cc_new_eden.
• Updated: Mapcycle.txt and maplist.txt filled with all cm_ maps.
• Updated: Synicle and Manduco NPC animations compiled outside of the main model.
• Updated: AI settings during the siege on cc_forgotten.
• Added: Music track on cm_dreams.
• Added: In coop campaign, if the master of fate leaves the game, the warp level is immediately launched in order to choose a new master of fate.
• Added: When a player dies or disconnects, their sentries and scrabouillors are now destroyed.
• Updated: Limitation of the velocity due to received damages.
• Added: Maximum number of active grenades at a same time.
• Updated: Improvement of the player respawn routine.
• Updated: Improvement of the spawning routine at the beginning of a level.
• Updated: The resurector does not kill nearby NPC and players anymore.
• Added: Using the Dragon on an enemy where the teleportation isn’t possible will kill the user.
• Added: The Deus Ex pushes away foes attacking it in close-range.
• Updated: Change of the electric box sound on cc_tuto.
Bug fixes:
• Fixed: Characters could be reset, deleted or lost in some cases.
• Fixed: Possible crashes on cm_forgotten and cm_sheep during the display of the objectives.
• Fixed: Crashes due to the use of Dragon or Invocation on a spawning player.
• Fixed: Possible crash with the Substitution Door.
• Fixed: Crash occurring when a player killed an unarmed player.
• Fixed: Hacking and PSI powers being usable through the quick actions interface during dialogues or while a player was dead.
• Fixed: Melee attacks that couldn’t hit in some cases.
• Fixed: Prototype Xium displayed instead of Prositium in researches.
• Fixed: Skills being able to increase to 120 when they reached 0.
• Fixed: Some cases in which grenades couldn’t be thrown.
• Fixed: The random assignment of the number of missions on the cm_ maps didn’t work.
• Fixed: Cases in which players could respawn and get immediately stuck on geometry after the use of resurectors.
• Fixed: Damages due to PSI drains could propel players far away.
• Fixed: Exploit with the snipers that gave the player an XP surplus.
• Fixed: The laser beam and the collision with the monorail didn’t do damage to players and could get them stuck on cc_ancient.
• Fixed: Areas where players could get stuck on forgotten center.
• Fixed: Bug of the invisible double agent on cc_forgotten.
• Fixed: Gerard Von Spectre being invulnerable to sentries on cc_forgotten.
• Fixed: Some current objectives weren’t saved on cc_forgotten.
• Fixed: If Dutch died on cc_monolith before the player reached the entrance gate to hack it, it would remain permanently closed.
• Fixed: Issues with some displacement surfaces on noctis.
• Fixed: Player respawn issues on the stairs on electric sheep.
• Fixed: Possibility to get stuck behind the statue in Rimanah’s office on temple.
• Fixed: Possible spawn kill from the NPC on cm_purge.
• Fixed: Brushes that could prevent the player from falling in some chasms on temple.
• Fixed: The elevator didn’t hurt players on cc_tuto.
• Fixed: Issue on a physical box of a door on cc_tuto.
• Fixed: Vermin NPC could spawn underwater on cc_tuto.
• Fixed: Some chasms that sometimes didn’t kill players on temple and noctis.
• Fixed: NPC spawn frequency too important and radius too small on cm_dreams, cc_purge and cm_forgotten.
• Fixed: Nodraw overlap with the main gate on cm_monolith.
• Fixed: Nodraw overlap with a door on cc_ancient.
• Fixed: TRK weapon appearing during its zoom deployment.
• Fixed: Elevator physics on cc_tuto.
• Fixed: Nocull property missing on the texture of the bottle gibs.
• Fixed: Hands texture incorrect for the player in first person view with the grenade.
• Fixed: Bad LOD setup and holes on the research briefcase.
• Fixed: Incorrect light projector texture.
• Fixed: Wrong design and incorrect physic box on the damaged water tank model on noctis.
• Fixed: Nocull property missing on some clothes textures for the punks.
• Fixed: Physics issues on the federal cops when their heads are cut off.
• Fixed: Chair model not compiled on cc_shadows.
• Fixed: Missing description for the Streumonic Complementarity.
• Fixed: Non-localization of the name of a door on cc_ancient in the french version.
• Fixed: Missing description for the Bioregeneration researches.
• Fixed: Visible tiling of some rock textures displayed on Noctis.
• Fixed: Definebones missing on the Carnophage models.
• Fixed: Missing icon for the Bosco in the armory.
• Fixed: Players being able to use the Medkit and PSI powers at an abnormal rate with an exploit.
• Fixed: The Dr. Hyde achievement could be unlocked under wrong circumstances.
• Fixed: Weapons not usable anymore after a death from a Triangular Gate.
• Fixed: Wrong icon displayed when a player was killed by a physical object.
• Fixed: Player animation missing when jumping and switching weapons.
• Fixed: Culter Heavy’s mission texture not being animated.
• Fixed: The Bosco model stayed on the ground after having been picked up.
• Fixed: FOV and fire continuity when the hack interface is displayed.
• Fixed: PSI powers could be activated during a weapon reload or a maintenance.
• Fixed: Glitches allowing to reach some undesired locations on several maps.
• Fixed: Possible problems with player respawns on monolith, cc_temple6, divine_cybermancy and cc_dark.
• Fixed: Collision problem with Mitch when the script stops on cc_ancient.
• Fixed: Nodraw overlap and model overlaps on temple.
• Fixed: Non-hostile NPC in some cases.
• Fixed: Mistake in the name of a mission on cm_new_eden and cm_monolith.
• Fixed: Blur of the TRK still displayed when Attack1 key was held.
• Fixed: Rate of fire exploit by switching weapons or fire modes.
• Fixed: Moving continuity during dialogue with a NPC.
• Fixed: Ability to use PSI powers and to reload while on a ladder.
• Fixed: Exploit allowing to shoot while running.
• Fixed: No limitation of the cybernetic implants depending on the researches done.
• Fixed: The “I’m feeling better...” text appearing on player’s death.
• Fixed: Holograms showing available levels were solid.
• Fixed: Nodraw face visible in Rimanah’s office on temple.
• Fixed: Missing soundscape on cc_falling.
• Fixed: NPC navigation issue in some areas on monolith.
• Fixed: Players spawn points were not the same as those of the master of fate.
• Fixed: The desks were destructible but the objects on it were static on temple.
• Fixed: Players could be stuck in mid-air while using an interface.
• Fixed: The door to minos stayed closed in coop.
• Fixed: The Kraaknagul couldn’t hit a crouched or small enemy.
• Fixed: The Deus Ex couldn’t always hit its target in close combat.
• Fixed: The Streumonic NPC couldn’t do damage in close combat to an enemy too high or on top of them.
• Fixed: Explosive charges in missions could get players stuck while planting them.
• Fixed: Various typo errors in texts.
• Fixed: The camera could go through players’ arms with the Betty Boom.
• Fixed: Incomplete message on cc_temple4.
• Fixed: Mission exploit on cm_noctis.
• Fixed: Blurred weapon icons in the armory.
• Fixed: In coop campaign, the missions depended on the host instead of the master of fate.
• Fixed: Exploit allowing to ignore the maximum weight limit carried by a player.
• Fixed: Power Conversion worked only when the player had Dermal Sheath.
• Fixed: Players could get stuck on a NPC if they used Invocation too close to it.
• Fixed: Players’ weapons switched between lowered and normal state when they were at a certain distance of an allied NPC.
• Fixed: Coop campaign progression blocked if the master of fate left the game.
• Fixed: Some ammunition had no weight.
• Fixed: Reno could be killed on Divine_Cybermancy.
• Fixed: Bug with the pacifist mission on cc_falling.
• Fixed: Grenades from the grenade launcher didn’t follow prop_physics, prop_ragdoll...
• Fixed: Patrol bug on cm_dreams.
• Fixed: Several corpses appeared for the mission “Find the corpse” on cm_forgotten.
• Fixed: Collision issue with the skybox on the warp level.
• Fixed: Menu_thumb texture missing for cc_point, cc_severed, zxdivine_cybermancy, cc_minos and cc_end.
• Fixed: Localization of some texts in French concerning hacking.
• Fixed: If the player used the PSI Wave when equipped with 444+katana, the 444 handgun that was not dual-wielded lost its ammunition.
• Fixed: Missing entity to limit the dropped weapons on forgotten center.
• Fixed: Error message when launching a dedicated server.
• Fixed: Reset of the options setup of the create server panel.
Product Update - Valve
May 23, 2012 UPDATE
Game: Fixed bug with incorrect weapon displaying on other players after joining game
Clans: you can now have 2 symbol tag (and maximum is 4 symbols)
Clans: Show proper error message when you don't have enough GC to buy clan slots

May 24, 2012 UPDATE
New 64 player conquest map: Suhar Valley
Two new packages have been added: [DEV] Kewk package and Bad Ass package. Check them out in in-game store
Knife for melee has been added
Crossroads redux map has been removed

Bug fixes:
Fixed rendering bug after changing resolution in main menu, your character wouldn't be rendered properly
Clans: fixed bug that you were able to create a clan with empty space in clan tag
Clans: fixed bug that you were able to create a clan with empty clan name
Clans: GC rewards are not eligible for guild donations. Players who have no bought GC from the store are unable to donate to the clan reserve.
Fixed bug with missing grass on some levels
Crash fixes

May 25, 2012 UPDATE
Bug Fixes:
fixed bug that berserker ability might be triggered when you are out of battlezone area or in enemy's spawn area
fixed bug that weapon attachments from current weapon were affecting UI stats of not purchased guns
Suhar Valley fixes
crash fixes
May 25, 2012
Product Update - Valve
Spiral Knight has been updated.

Join the battle in two new Lockdown maps!

Downtown: A traffic-congested, frigid city with plenty of Fire Pots to melt the ice!
Gardens: A secluded garden with hidden paths amongst its ruined walls

Changes to the Scoring System:
Lockdown will now use a scaling point system where each additional Capture Point controlled by a team is worth fewer points per tick

On a 3 Capture Point map:
- 1st CP captured is worth 5 points
- 2nd CP captured is worth 3 points
- 3rd CP captured is worth 1 point

On a 5 Capture Point map:
- 1st CP captured is worth 5 points
- 2nd CP captured is worth 4 points
- 3rd CP captured is worth 3 points
- 4th CP captured is worth 2 points
- 5th CP captured is worth 1 point

- Fixed a bug where knights were burning to death while Vanaduke was giving his monologue. Ouch!