Metro: Last Light
Metro Last Light
Some very, very dark screenshots of Metro: Last Light have emerged from the Tokyo Game Show, showing off the muscle of 4A Games' increasingly impressive engine. It's perfectly suited to rendering close, dark environments, but will it be able to improve on the narrow turkey shoots of the first game? And will it have the same extraordinary hub areas that let you slum around trashcan fires with fellow survivors, sipping vodka and telling stories about how grand life was before the monsters turned up? We'll find out when Last Light sees the light of day in the summer of 2012. Click ont he screens below to see them full size.

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The third part of the E3 demonstration of Metro: Last Light has finally arrived. You wouldn't have throught that a narrow, dark tunnel would be the best way to show off a graphics engine, but the footage of the player moving down the sparking train is spectacular. Here's part one of the demo, and here's part two. Metro: Last Light is due out next year.
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The latest Metro: Last Light trailer forms up the second part of the three part E3 demo. Having infiltrated the tunnels of the Reich, the player tries to sneak through a whole room of chanting fascists before his companion decides he's had enough of walking quietly and fires his pistol in the air like a madman, alerting the mob and kicking off an arbitrary but otherwise intense chase through the labyrinthine underground. Metro: Last Light is out next year. Check out our preview for more.
Metro: Last Light

THQ have released the first segment of their E3 demo trailer for Metro: Last Light. Starting out with some stealth work from the shadows, the action takes a turn for the more mental when our subway-dwelling hero gets his hands on a mini-gun.

Last Light follows on from its predecessor Metro 2033, with players taking on the role of protagonist Artyom once more as they battle their way through the irradiated landscapes of a dystopian Russia. Last Light is due for release next year.
2011 年 6 月 8 日
Metro: Last Light
It was something straight out of a themepark. Shuffling into a roped-off area, a few journalists and I took a seat in a darkly-lit mock subway car. The audience was cracking jokes with each other, teasing their companions to cover their eyes if they got frightened in the pitch-black, bass-heavy room. We were all expecting to be scared (to some degree) by Metro: Last Light. Instead, the gameplay demo on display simply astounded us.

You return to the post-apocalyptic Russia overrun by mutants as Metro 2033's protagonist Artyom--but right now, the gruesome monsters running amok are the least of his worries. Civil war is breaking out amongst the remaining underground population, and the already-struggling society is at the brink of self-destruction. It's up to Artyom to take action and prevent the only humans left from wiping each other out.

Now that we'd been brought up to speed on the story, it was straight on to the action. Ducking down from the winged-mutant infested ground level, Artyom carefully descended into a sewer on a stealth mission. His comrade advises him to get rid of any and every light source, and it becomes clearer as the demo progresses that Last Light is the perfect subtitle to this gorgeous-looking sequel. As the player slinked around an encampment crawling with guards, he took every precaution to rid himself of any light source. Lightbulbs were unscrewed, fluorescents were shot out--he even put out a fire by shooting the water-filled pot above it, dousing the light source that threatened to reveal him.

The darkness lends itself to the most satisfying of stealth kills: the ol' sneak-up-and-knife-you-in-the-neck. After taking out a hefty enemy, the player picked up a hulking minigun and shocked the audience with an unexpected feature: destructible environments. While ducking behind the cover of a concrete wall, the player lined up a shot where he knew the enemy would be. Revving up his minigun, he unloaded an entire clip, shredding the concrete wall and his enemy to pieces, and exposing the rebar within. If the amazing graphics and life-like lighting hadn't already convinced us of the game's realism, we were certainly sold on it now.

In the next segment, shown briefly in a previous-released trailer, Artyom was following Khan, a grey-haired, ponytailed leader, as they made their way through a chanting crowd who were raising their fists in a gesture disturbingly close to "Sig Heil." At Khan's signal, the speaker addressing the crowd was attacked, and all hell broke loose. With civilians screaming and running in every direction, Artyom and his accomplish made tracks through a busy underground village. The chase sequence has to be seen to be believed--I felt like I was living out the intense scenes of a Bourne-style action movie, and I wasn't even the one playing. Just as it seemed like they were getting away clean, Artyom took a nasty shot to the shoulder. Thinking quick, the duo climbed into a nearby minecart, kicking off an exhilirating shooter that made every other shooter's "on-rails" sequences look like a joke. Mid-chase, Artyom leapt--yes, leapt--from his rolling minecart onto a train speeding nearby. This kicked off an intense shoot-out of rifles and shotguns versus a small army, as the demo came to a close.

Just as we were all catching our breath, we got a sneak peek at a new mutant type that's sure to make you quiver in your boots. A hairless four-legged monstrosity (resembling the uglies from the first game) burst out of a stone wall, charging headfirst at Artyom with murderous intent. With the force of a bulldozer and the speed of a car, the beast tore up the environment while Artyom unloaded all the ammo he could into the creature's back.

With the game's amazingly detailed textures and graphics, incredible atmosphere, and downright exciting gameplay, it looks like Last Light will help the Metro series finally garner the attention it deserves. Kudos to 4A Games for not missing a beat with the sequel to 2010's biggest unsung hero. Metro: Last Light is slated for release in 2012, and it can't come soon enough.
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Metro: 2033's underground cities are some of the busiest and most atmospheric locations in PC gaming. Linear tunnel shooting and some ferociously predictable enemies held the first game back. Hopefully Metro: Last Light can correct those mistakes and achieve the original game's huge potential.

Both games are based on the work of Russian novelist, Dmitry Glukhovsky. He depicts a world in which most of humanity is waiting out the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust in the metro tunnels beneath Moscow. As the trailer above shows, it's grim and scary down there. Hopefully Last Light will give us more of those warm, bustling pockets of humanity to explore.
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THQ have officially announced that Metro: Last Light, the sequel to Metro 2033, exists. Granted, you probably new that if you read our preview yesterday but now it's official. Plus there's the launch trailer above to enjoy. Metro: Last Light is slated for 2012.

Have you been waiting for a sequel to Metro 2033?

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