Pirates of Black Cove - Valve
  • Configurable keymap: My Documents/Nitro Games/PiratesOfBlackCove/Keymap.xml
  • Added command line option "-windowed", which forces the game to start in windowed mode
  • Support for German, Spanish and French languages
  • Fixed a crash when leaving world scene
  • Bloated savegames will now load
  • Fix for Corsair FM6 possible crash when killing some of the ships before mission ships start moving
  • Fix for Buccaneer FM7 (Paddy Paws)
  • Pirate FM 7 Chiefs Chowder: If the whaler is outside of the map it travels back to the map
  • Monkey cannon works
  • Buccaneer fm6 fix
  • after exiting from land before mission zone is captured
  • Buccaneer fm7 fix
  • fail after killing petes ship
  • Corsair fm1
  • Steal the Luxury Ship from Port Cancun bugfix
  • Settings are now properly saved
  • Characters won't get stuck into LZ signs/firestands/roadsigns/lamps
  • Buildings should now drop items only to accessible positions
  • Fixed issue where speech bubble would jump strangely when sinking a ship with mortar.
  • Fixed issue where player ship info would show too many empty unit slots if last row was full.
  • Fixed Resolution change popup not to go under other windows!
  • Correct flag for Black Cove ships
  • Selecting a dead hero now shows units under its command
  • Cannons of cannon towers no longer disappear after re-entering a town
  • Reset radar & healthbars after resolution change
  • Multiplying artifacts no longer multiply when selecting them from inventory
  • Now there's 15 badges visible on character screen, instead of them being only 13
  • Santto Domingo -> Santo Domingo
  • Fixed clipping ingame messages

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