America's Army 3 - Valve
America’s Army 3 Version 3.2
Listen up Soldiers, we have new information from HQ!
With the release of America’s Army 3.2, your soldier now has another tool in their arsenal. The development team has added the M106 smoke grenade into the game, providing players with a great new way to conceal their movements.
The release notes below highlight the use of the new tactical device, as well as all of the new features, gameplay tweaks, weapon fixes and more.
New Features
● A new inventory item! The M106 Fast Obscurant Grenade (FOG) will instantly create a cloud of smoke to cover your actions. Essentially, it works like the M83 with one important exception: a short fuse. If you try to cook the M106, it will likely blow up in your hand and cause an injury. A new “Up in Smoke” achievement has been added when a teammate is revived within the cover of an M106 smoke cloud.
● A new AA3 Loader application is provided with this release to enhance the front end of AA3. This application will start automatically when launching the game. This tool provides the ability to create or delete soldiers, view your soldier’s Personnel Jacket, view combined player stats, and launch a game server. It also offers updated news, game manual access, and links to the America’s Army website.
● Improved ladder functionality: to mount a ladder, face ladder and press the “use” key (spacebar by default). When approaching a ladder from the top, the player will automatically turn and mount the ladder upon hitting the spacebar. This eliminates players from needing to walk backwards to attempt to go down a ladder, missing it, and falling, causing leg damage. As an added benefit, a player may choose to release from the ladder by hitting the spacebar again, thus giving the player more options with dealing with enemies while using ladders.
Gameplay Changes
● Change to After Action Review (AAR) panel to better convey the player’s combat effectiveness during the previous round.
● Added display of achievements for all players on the server so they are shown in the AAR.
● Interrupting a reload (after seating magazine) now results in a chance of malfunction.
● Updates to Spacebar Context system to correct several edge cases. This only affects selection when player is within multiple volumes (Vault/Mantle, Ladder climb, healing a teammate, ES2, etc.).
● Better fix for players that are blocked while climbing ladders continuing to climb through other players, objects, the floor, or into the air on remote clients.
● Flashbangs were tweaked to make them more effective when deployed indoors.
● Improved VIP extraction ending - new sounds and proper stopping of countdown and audio when team is killed while extraction is active.
● Weather handling has been further optimized in Shanty Town to reduce network usage.
● Implemented the new AG Award when graduating BCT.
● Zip-tie roll over animation is now played when players are secured.
● Fix for 'ladder snake' bug where player is seen sliding up the ladder after grabbing onto the ladder while sprinting.
UI Change
● Fixed the scoreboard to highlight the player's name in yellow.
Bug Fixes
● A memory usage optimization pass was done to reduce our game client memory footprint.
● Another network performance pass to reduce bandwidth on glass heavy maps.
● Fixed Mr Zip Cuff and Tag and Bag localization to reflect actual 50 enemy secured/confirmed in order to earn (rules were correct already).
● Several hundred minor map related issues (on all maps) were addressed by our LDs.
● Updates to Leaderboard functionality to increase number of entries, fix to allow full use of character font for names, viewing full Leaderboard no longer overwrites the mini-board values, and adjust UI size to allow longer descriptions in mini-board.
● Cleanup of a variety of server-side log spam.
● Removed some client side log spam related to authentication.
● Cleaned up some inventory logging.
● M320 no longer miscounts rounds fired or rounds hit.
● Fixed a TS3 thread hang/deadlock that randomly occurred.
● Fix for ragdolled enemies not being confirmable. This cuts out the distance check involved for confirming a dead enemy since the ragdolled pawn can travel a considerable distance client side in some situations....such as falling down stairs.
● Fix for mission type not updating on the team select menu.
Map Fixes/Changes
● Alley: Fixed an issue where a few objects were sticking into the wall. Fixed an issue where certain trash bins were not accepting decals.
● Alley: Fixes involving an ES2 gray bin object labeled as a laptop.
● Alley - Discovered that there was a wall in buckets that had been duplicated on top of itself.
● Alley: fixed "hole in world" bug along with a few clipping meshes.
● Alley: Fixed issue where grenade goes through the fire escapes near the loading dock.
● Alley: Changed collision volume on the van to better support shooting grenades near it.
● Alley: Fixed a clipping issue with the dumpster near the hotel boiler room.
● Alley: Fixed issues that caused the carried objective to be unretrievable.
● Bridge: Rotated spawn points on the South side in the AO map type.
● Bridge: Fixed grenade over-pressure issues in the North and South towers.
● Bridge: Adjusted collision volumes and fixed several clipping issues.
● Bridge: Comm Volume updates
● Impact: Updated VIP mission to add smoke and light to the extraction flare
● Impact – Updated activated objective loading screen mission description
● Pipeline: Fixed issue where a player can access and fall into a pit at the exterior valve building
● Pipeline: Fix for unclimbable 'vine ladder'
● Ranch - Added some decals back to the main house, adjusted the v/m volumes around the windows, fixed issue where player can get stuck in the corner of the bridge, and many other minor issues.
● Ranch – Fixed issue where grenades would go through hay bales.
● Ranch – Fixed some sound volume issues in Greenhouse.
● Stronghold: Fixed several clipping issues in arches
● Stronghold – Fixed inconsistency in bullet penetration on deli walls
● Stronghold – Fix to Tower Café Patio chairs to allow bullet ricochet.
● Shantytown: Fix issue to keep players from getting stuck near the docks, and fixed an issue where a player can get stuck under a building.
● Shantytown – Camera view clipping through wall, floating table, floating grass, adjusted blocking volumes on TV set, corrected Comm volumes on North side of Central building, and many other clipping issues.
● All maps: Several ES2 object issues fixed.
● All maps: Adjusted ladder positions to make them all consistent with how the new ladder system is supposed to work.
● All maps: Variety of Physical materials on object modified/updated.
● Training: Fixed issue where carriable objective was invisible in training levels.
● CONEX-MOUT: Updated the shoot-house walls to be bulletproof. This should keep players from accidentally murdering the drill instructor.
Asset Fixes
● Changed the physical material from metal to plastic for the blue-grey bins.
● Added a phys mat to the bathroom sink material.
● Stronghold_Comm/Env: Added local materials to the package so as to be able to apply the appropriate physical material needed.
● BFT_Background - Removed extra baked lighting from the VIP mission from the map texture.
Admin Control Panel
● Added the ability for ACP admins to kick players to the Spectator Team.
● Punkbuster panel updates correctly after first use.
Punkbuster Updates
● When a player is kicked by PB (directly or via Admin PB kick) the generic PB message is now displayed and when dismissed a "PunkBuster Kick Details" message box is displayed with the detailed reason why the player was kicked.

America's Army 3 - Valve
Once again our Development Team has responded to your call for action. Based on your assistance by offering suggestions and constructive criticisms, the America's Army team has added dozens of improvements and tweaks to America's Army 3.

This release will feature a myriad of gameplay, UI, weapon fixes and more, all designed to greatly improve performance and your gaming experience. Plus, we've heard rumors about some undocumented changes, but we'll let our Developers tell you all about that, so keep watch on our forums for more details.

Stay alert Soldier, the next update for America's Army 3 is coming soon!

America's Army 3 Version Release Notes

New Features
• New Shadowing Options to allow for realistic vs fast shadows to help with performance.
• TS3 Settings menu now allows input device selection.
• HUD now shows inventory on the right side of the display.
• The Battle Planner and BFT/Expanded Map has had several Carried Objective related Improvements made.
• M249 and Obran LMK may now jam if player fires weapon in very long bursts.
• New server switching to a new map/mission UI added.
• Updates to the video card compatibility database to fix optimal settings for newer graphics cards.
• Mission objectives are now shown as a notification (and console) message at the start of the round.
• Current mission objectives are now shown on the expanded map.

Gameplay Fixes
• Network optimizations to allow up to 20+ players depending on the server’s configuration.
• Lean distance set to return user leaning to the full distance.
• Fix to issue where heartbeat sound continued after dying when going straight to death state.
• The incapacitated Pawn will now transition into Death-state immediately after being secured.
• Player no longer gets locked out control wise after returning from pause menu.
• Continued tweaks to vault-mantle system to further prevent issues where player may get stuck when going prone.
• Added changes to reduce frequency of bullet shell emitters getting stuck in walls.
• Tweaked weapon guard logic when medic option is presented. This helps to prioritize prevents the guard from switching back and forth at the edge of the targeting area, potentially causing a misclick to instigate a nearby action (such as vault/mantle) instead of medic.
• Low Ready/High Ready will no longer be repeatedly toggled on and off when pulling away from an activated objective and firing.
• Corrected issue where available spawn points were not getting reset after team swap.
• Fixed issue where player is unable to fire his weapon, after sprinting and stopping pawn performs combat slide.
• Fixed issue where breath hold sounds continued in spite of player being incapacitated or killed while holding breath.
• Fix for incapacitated pawns sliding slowly away after falling down stairs and being unable to receive aid.
• Fixed a bug where the client wasn't getting it's crouching/proning flags updated after a failed transition to those states.
• Adjusted player prone so that a player’s torso must be supported completely by the ground or floor, otherwise player will fall into crouch position.
• Fix for lack of ladder footstep sounds from NME players.
• Changing roles during a match did not actually cause role to be swapped at the end of the round, which led to someone who chose the Squad Leader role for the next round not being able to use the Battle Planner Map for objective/rally point assignments.
• Rally-points (area of operation markers) now reset before rounds 4, and 7.
• Adjustments made to ROE including supporting a “near ROE” distance. This fixes ROE totals so that if the ROE is forgiven the integrity is now given 1/2 of the original penalty and ROE is adjusted so it's only 1/2 of original damage. This corrects the near/far determination and adds in a new rule that doubles the ROE and scoring penalty for close ROE events (less than ~5m).
• Adjustments to leaning added.
• Fix for weapon getting stuck down after sprinting vault/slide.
• Updates to weapon guard functionality.
• Changes to prevent player from climbing ladders while holding a grenade with pin pulled.
• Assigning objective as rally point will properly report the location to fire teams.
• More tweaks to reduce the chances of “Gunface”.
• Weapon guard will not wait for player movement when checking for clearance if the guard was triggered by collision with another player.
• Fixed issues with footstep sounds when moving backwards down steep inclines...such as stairs.
• Corrected issue where incapacitated pawns were not all facing the same way on all clients. Changed the method used to position and rotate incapacitated pawns so that all players see the same thing. Note that different players may still see the incapacitated player laying on different sides (e.g. One play may see the incapacitated player laying on his left side while another may see him on the right side). This will be addressed in a future update.
• Fix to prevent swap to a grenade from cancelling reload if there is no grenade left to swap to.
• Adjusted inventory system to limit players from picking up a third rifle. User will be notified that they cannot carry any more weapons.
• Fixed issue where the wrong team was given the victory if one team is eliminated during a swapping round (4-6, maybe OT). Now the correct team earns the victory and the correct results are displayed in the AAR when a team is eliminated or a team completes the objectives.

Weapons Fixes
• The m320 will now correctly select its ammo from the misc. inventory list on the right side of the HUD.
• Added extra guards to reduce sticking scope effects for some situations.
• Added reset for lingering scope effects after a map change.
• Added additional checks to prevent scope issues caused by vault-mantle volumes.
• Added checks to disallow toggling of fire modes during a melee attack or sprint/
• Added checks to reset scope after falling while holding breath.
• Corrected issues causing misplaced aimpoints when using scopes.
• Modified reload cancelling for m4/m16 weapons to restore the magazine that had been removed instead of forcing it into a pouch.
• Allow selection of iron sights in load out.
• Changes to melee attack to tune attack range.
• Fix to allow melee smashing of the Bucket’s restaurant windows from the inside.
• Disallow shooting while changing weapon modes.
• Fix for bullet penetration with very thin materials such as glass.
• Tweaked DMR and Obran MSP unscoped aim accuracy.
• M249 will now jam if you fire it without pause with an increasing probability of jam. Weapon will not jam until 40 rounds are fired in a burst and then the chance of jam is applied based on a rising scale up (from 1%) up until the player has fired 100 rounds fired where jam likelihood is 25% for each round fired. Obran LMK also has the same jam support the M249 does.
• Changes to prevent repeated fire effects at the end of the clip with quick bursts
• Holding cooked grenade that explode sometimes didn't kill player. Now it always does. Holding cooked flash bangs that explode will cause a tiny bit of damage (as well as apply the normal flash bang effects). Holding cooked smoke grenades that explode will not hurt you.
• Adjusting NME 320 grenadier mod to sight correctly.
• Fix for grenades auto-throwing when you swap between lob/throw while pin is pulled (you can once again cook grenades).
• Fixed issue where weapon occasionally would not come back up after a grenade toss.

Server Additions/Fixes
• Lots of server-side optimizations improve performance.
• Lots of tweaks to server logging that reduce performance.
• Added a server side configuration variable, bShowOpponentExtractionVolume. When set to true, players can see their opponents' extraction volume in both CO and VIP missions. The current default is set to true.

UI Updates
• Updates to ammo inventory now shows the four different types of ammo on the right side of the display:
1. m16/m4 clip
2. m249 SAW box
3. m320 m433 grenade launcher frag
4. m320 m714 grenade launcher smoke
These icons should contain a picture representing their ammo type. They should also match the style of the other miscellaneous inventory.
• Changed the Ready button on the Pre-Game screens to to be more obvious. Ready button also added to the Role Select screen.
• An issue where the ACOG filter was very rarely being enabled after launch of game and would cause blurring of background at the login screen has been corrected.
• Teamspeak now resets when players switch servers so that the HUD notifications are properly triggered if a player changes to a new server or the server switches maps and the player's client travels to the new map.
• The "Honor Only" filter was updated to show both honor and non-honor bearing servers when set to no. When set to "yes" it shows only honor bearing servers.
• Added client-side messaging to explain being unable to toggle the m320 rangefinder during reloads.
• Fix for interface settings message display setup where the 'server' and 'none' options were functionally inverted.
• Player is now notified correctly when objects block and/or interrupt combat slides and dives.
• Added UI support for the new shadow options.
• Ready button now works properly on Role Select screen at all times. Also added new feature of check marks next to players' names on Role Select and Battle Planner to show which players have actually voted "ready".
• The posture indicator should no longer display prone after a failed prone transition.
• Added back buttons to all Go Army child pages and fixed some graphical bugs.
• Messaging for some missions is incorrect (VIP especially) when enemy team is eliminated. This corrects multiple missions’ “messaging”.
• Rank wasn’t displayed correctly in game UI. This corrects SMA rank display and next rank display in Soldier overview (and changes how the next rank to display is calculated). It corrects one the rank field for one rank in the rank conversion table (changes First Sgt to E8 instead of E9). Note that an additional issue in the scoreboard and battle planner relating to some ranks will be addressed in a future update.
• Scoreboard wins/losses aren't updating after the first round. Now they do.
• Added extraction objective color changes to the Battle Planner map Extraction icons are now color-coded. GREEN = The extraction point you are trying to reach. RED = The extraction point you are trying to defend (Carried Objective maps).
• Carried objectives will now flash whenever drawn on the Blue Force Tracker expanded map.
• Extraction volumes will flash if they are the current extraction volume needed to be reached by the team who is carrying the objective. Also put in a fix to allow swapping of mission briefing stuff when both teams are on secure and extract, and teams change spawning location.
• Widened objective text field in battle planner row to prevent cutoff of "W" for Whiskey objectives.
• Adjusted the initial mission objectives notification to display for 8 seconds and added writing it to console as well to make it easier to keep track of.
• Ready button now appears after the last player on your team has had at least a second to choose a role **AND** you have selected a role yourself.
• Fix for server info page not disappearing when it should (ESC pressed, menu page change, etc.

Training Fixes
• Fixing bug for not being able to skip advanced riflemen training dialogue.

Maps Fixes
• Bridge: Fixed a lightmap resolution problem on one of the walls causing an unlit area of the southeast catwalk.
• Bridge Fog Classic: Briefing was omitted for the Bridge Fog Classic mission. Added briefing.
• Impact: Turned the VIP spawn point around so that they aren't facing a wall anymore when they start.
• Ranch: Fixed elevation of objective markers
• All maps: Updated "Team Briefings" strings in Mission Info for each team and mission type.
• Bridge: Tank should no longer be without collision. That was very much a weird one, for some reason the blocking volumes were in the VIP level.
• Ranch: Corrected issues on Ranch that caused ACOG and other weapon/attachment/etc. issues.

Misc Fixes
• Enemy soldiers should no longer demonstrate bad third person hand IK attachments while reloading an Obran LMK.
• Adjusted STS temporary file fmap file handling so odd characters and spaces in username no longer cause issues when starting the game.
• Punkbuster fixes to reduce frequency of getting kicked from a server for no apparent reason.
• Changes were made to improve the PunkBuster integration which should address a number of issues reported by players.
• Teamspeak 3 will now let you select an input device via the in-game UI and the game validates the list of available devices displayed in the settings menu to make sure they will work with TS3 before letting you select the device (meaning if a device isn’t listed in the settings menu it didn’t pass the TS3 device validation). Changes were also made to allow “on the fly” device changes so you can test various devices either while using the “test voice” button in the settings or while attached to a server. TS3 will also validate the device specified in the configuration file and if it is found to be invalid will revert to the system default device.
• VOIP status notifications were removed for this release to fix the crash triggered by players talking when the scoreboard was displayed. We will look into restoring VOIP status notifications in a future update.
• Corrected issue where Alley Fog wasn't listed as having the TAH mission in the AdminChangeMission help.
• Player initiating map vote no longer counts twice when voting.
• Changing Vsync setting will now reset the direct 3d device so that changes take effect immediately rather than waiting.
• Initial Logitech G15 LCD support. Currently only displays America's Army 3 on main LCD display and shows current version and build number. Future versions will introduce additional support.
• Corrected the “Stick to the Plan” award notification localization entry so it now appears properly.
• Corrected “Ultimate Sacrifice” messaging from saying it requires you to save “two or more” to properly state “one or more.
• An issue where “Not On My Watch” localization string was missing was corrected.
• Corrected an issue where the server browser was not reporting PB enabled properly all the time. This changes how it asks PB for it being enabled and should eliminate the issue.
• Corrected issue where PunkBuster was restarting on server after every round. Now it only restarts after a map change.
• New (updated) PBSV tool added to installation. This is the PB service installation tool that is run automatically the first time you install the game. Note that users updating existing installations of AA3 (or those that have already installed PB on their systems for any game) will not need to use this tool.
• Updated PB client DLL's. You may still wish to run PBSetup.exe to verify your PB is up to date prior to playing this new release.
• A change was made to prevent unwounded soldiers from calling for medic.
• Fix to ensure inventory UI will always be properly initialized was added.
• Removes some client side logging when the expanded map is displayed to improve client side performance.
• Fixed grammar in the Game Help section.
• Fix for player hands vanishing at certain spots on certain maps!
• Fix for hands vanishing while throwing grenades.
America's Army 3 - Valve
Updates to America's Army 3 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New Features
• Updated to TeamSpeak 3 VOIP API with improved quality and performance.
• New variation of Bridge (Bridge Day Foggy). Missions include Classic, Carriable Objective, and Activated Objectives.
• AA3 One Year Anniversary Achievement – This medal will be awarded by logging into the game during the AA3 Anniversary event from release day until 12:00am PDT July 5th.
• AA3 Years Of Service Achievement – This will be reflected by an “AA Star” with a number denoting the number of years in the top-right corner of the Achievements UI and is earned through years of service within AA3 (from account creation date). Note: logging in any time after one year has passed will automatically award this achievement.
• Administrators may now choose to "block" offensive clan tags using the new clan blocking system that was added. The new "blocked" clan tags are stored in a text file and may be edited by any text editor or using the in-game tools. The blocked clan tag file may be copied to other servers if desired. Players with "blocked" clan tags are not prevented from playing on the server but their clan tag is not displayed to anyone. View the administrator help for details.
• Administrators can now list "blocked" (banned) players using a new Admin command. View the administrator help for details.
• The incapacitation system has been modified to put players into a "locked" view facing away from the player that incapacitates them for a (default) time period of ten seconds. The incapacitated player is also prevented from using any commands or VOIP calls except for the "Medic" call. This incapacitation locking time value may be modified (or the feature disabled entirely) by the server administrator via a new INI configuration entry. The purpose of this new functionality is to give a slight advantage to the player who incapacitates another so they may move away (or secure) the incapacitated soldier and reduce the reporting by incapacitated soldiers during the initial "locked view" time period. Once the "locked view" time period has expired incapacitation works just like it did in 3.0.7.
• Ammo pouches have been restored as a client-side option (with optional display of ammo magazines) based on World Detail settings (highest shows ammo magazines and pouches, medium shows just pouches, and low disables pouch display).

• "Suicide" has been replaced with "Withdraw" as a console command. You also no longer "tap out" when incapacitated but instead choose to "withdraw from the mission".
• Fix to issue on various maps where team who confirms the VIP doesn’t get credit for win.
• Validation of AA2 accounts should now work and the associated "Veteran's Service Ribbon" should be properly awarded for all players, even those with multiple accounts tied to the same E-Mail address.
• Client and server logging has been reduced for performance.
• Fixed auto fire sound playing after round end
• Changing posture between standing, crouched, and prone no longer prevents you from being able to fire your gun. It will, however, apply varying degrees of inaccuracy to your aim. Moving while prone will also now hamper your accuracy. Now you can even shoot while falling (but again with a great deal of inaccuracy).
• Change to allow players to start shooting while falling short distances.
• You can no longer change your loadout selection mid round and have it affect your current encumbrance.
• You can now choose to drop objectives at any time to give it to another teammate (default key is 'O').
• In support of letting player drop objective this notifies player they can drop the objective (if they have it) when they become incapacitated by using the key. Adds default bind of "O" as objective dropping key (and adds UI support for it in keybind settings).
• Wind support has been modified to allow level designers greater control over the wind. This will be most noticeable when firing M320 rounds high in the air.
• Fix for VIP (and other) class role swapping not working right in OT rounds.
• Fix for VIP's being secured not properly giving credit to the team securing him when the teams are swapped.
• Fix for VIP loadouts on some missions not matching the standard loadout in other missions.
• The Army Service Ribbon should now be awarded if you have already completed BCT and then complete any AIT mission. Those soldiers completing BCT will also properly receive it.
• Issues with the rank and progress to next rank UI have been resolved.
• The Deadeye achievement should now display properly in the soldier overview.
• You can no longer earn the "Walk It Off" achievement when dead.
• Fix for observed pawns floating away from ladders.
• Corrected several issues with the server not properly releasing tracking of players who leave the server and then eventually cause the server to not allow connections.
• Several issues relating to authentication handling that could result in the server stopping due to an incorrect "infinite script loop" trigger were corrected.
• Third person leaning animation adjusted so that animation matches collision. This eliminates a number of exploits that were caused by the first person view leaning farther than the third person view (which meant the leaning person could often see others without being seen). We will further adjust this in the next release to increase the leaning distance while still eliminating the ability to exploit it.
• Fix to carryable objective floating issues in some locations. This changes how COs are dropped (whether by choice or by death) so the area around the downed player is examined in a circle and the first empty space is used to drop the objective with a slight downward velocity. If no available space is found the objective is dropped on top of the pawn as was previously done (but with the downward velocity).
• Fix for unusually high fall damage dropping from small heights.
• Fix to restore in-game ambient sounds after changing video settings.
• Fixes loss of HUD after closing menu in single player mode.
• Fix for capacitated pawn being out of synch with server for ladder climbing.
• Modification for vault/mantling or falling into Take and Hold (TAH) volume to add an additional test to correct triggering issues within the TAH entry.
• Fix for player entering TAH volume captured by same team but currently being captured by another team not seeing the "enemy detected" notification. This also addresses a number of other issues in the original TAH handling (including how players in the volume are counted). Interrupting TAH neutralization by entering volume will result in the neutralization progress being reset when the interrupting player leaves.
• Fixed several 3rd person reload animations.
• Re-enabled world detail settings during online play. The related audio issue has been fixed.
• Added support for disabling some common commo sounds in AA3Game.ini under [AA3Baseline.AA_PlayerController]. The following may be set to true to disable any of these commo sounds:
o bDisable_COMMO_ACT_Medic
o bDisable_COMMO_ACT_EnemySpotted
o bDisable_COMMO_ACT_ReportLocation
o bDisable_COMMO_ACT_EnemyDown
o bDisable_COMMO_ACT_EnemySecured
• Modification to fix an issue that caused a player trying to go prone but is getting blocked would leave the player in prone limbo.
• Falling down onto top of door results in often getting stuck. Modifications were made to properly pushed the player off the door.
• Fix for no fall damage when walking backwards off some roof areas. This also fixes the lack of a falling animation on the occasions where the trace was looking in the wrong place.
• Changes to prone functionality mainly affecting players when going prone in places where feet or head would hang off of terrain or building.
• Changes to improve performance of server.
• Wrong messaging fixed when VIP mission has assault team eliminated.
• Fixes recording of winning action player name for TAH volumes.
• TAH now properly resets to taken state if taken by enemy team and then player enters and leaves the TAH without capturing it.
• Fix for observed pawns desynching from server in certain vault/mantle/climb situations. The error would result in the observed pawn sliding out of the correct position maintained by the server and the controlling player.
• ROE calculation adjustments including correcting issue where ROE was counted twice for melee hits, bringing it back in line with normal gunshots, and adjustments to incapacitated ROE so that first hit generates warning to shooter but if player kills incapacitated enemy they get 10 ROE as a minor penalty. This is a bit of a compromise between no ROE when enemy close and full ROE that was in 3.0.7.
• ROE now gives greater penalties for close range shots (with a minimum of 20 ROE and scaling up to 100 ROE the closer the teammate is that you shoot).
• Server-side setting of automatic reset of dropped objective. Server administrators may choose to enable automatically resetting a dropped obective if it isn't picked up within a specified number of seconds. This can help prevent "griefers" from ruining the game for everyone else by dropping and hiding the objective from other players. The setting is
• [AA3Baseline.AA_GameInfo]
• fpDroppedObjectiveResetTimeoutSeconds=30 (to reset after 30 seconds)
• Statistics temporary files now are unique for each server IP address so you if you run multiple servers out of the same directory the statistics files won't interfere with each other.
• The server will now properly handle existing statistics temporary files and if corrupted will properly clean them up.
• The server will now properly log the server out of MBS, Auth, and the Statistics system when shut down by pressing Ctrl+C in the window.
• Lower bone meshes were implemented to help improve game performance.
• Added new command line option "-NOSTEAMCLOUD" to allow you to disable storing and retrieving your AA3Input.ini from the Steam Cloud servers if the Steam client is running and you want to not lose any local edits of your AA3Input.ini file.
• The server now only tries to send statistics data to the statistics server between rounds which improves server performance during gameplay rounds.
• Players with "<" or ">" in their soldier names should now have those names appear properly through the game.
• "Stat FPS" will now show your frames per second.
• Soldiers who have any of their core attributes reach the maximum value will no longer cause the game to stop.
• AdminChangeMission now works properly with Take & Hold missions.
• M320 loadouts should now always give the correct number of rounds.
• Server will currently select the most advanced weapon sight you are qualified for. If the player is qualified to use the M68 Aimpoint and selects the iron sights, the player will receive the M68 Aimpoint on your weapon. This is a known issue that will be addressed in the next update to restore normal operation of the sight selection feature.
• Modified the m249 to only ever chamber a round immediately before it fires it. This is how the actual weapon works and fixes our losing rounds bug.
• Enabled weapon guard for crouching.
• Reloading while scoped will no longer leave you in a walking state.
• Interrupting an initial SAW reload should no longer leave you in a state where you cannot fire. It also was causing a bullet chain animation glitch.
• Changed the way HUD notification for m320 grenades works to match the way the HUD displays other ammo. The HUD now displays the number of mags/grenades on the player's body, and does not display mags/grenades that are currently loaded into the gun or weapon mod.
• You can no longer swap weapons and melee at the same time. If one of those actions is in progress you will now have to wait for it to complete before performing the other.
• Reloads resumed after a cancelled reload should now also be cancellable.
• Fixed a weapon guard bug that was causing grenades to vanish after dismounting a ladder.
• Open bolt weapons will no longer incorrectly attempt to fix a malfunction because they don't have a chambered round.
• Fix to late exploding Grenades/203's can kill players after the round ends due to objective completion and result in confusing AAR's (and double victory.
• Fix for melee attacks not working anymore in single player. Now it works in single and multiplayer.
• Fixed a glitch that was causing weapons to get stuck in safe after sprinting and immediately vaulting.
• Dropped weapon pickups should no longer have overlapping mods on the same rail.
• Fix to issue that was causing weapons to get stuck in low ready after using Pipeline activated objectives.
• Resetting FOV on pawn death so he won't get stuck in a zoomed state if he died scoped.
• Enabled reload during weapon guard.
• Performance increase on frag grenades effect.
• Removed a 1st animation blend for the smoke grenade. It was intended to transition from an oversized grenade grip to normal grenade grip when putting away a smoke grenade, but was causing the grenade to sink into the player's hand.
• Grenade icon when M320 selected will now show.
• Dropped weapon pickups (firearms and grenades) will no longer block bullets.
• Safety indicator will now show when putting the m320 in low ready.
• Trying to go prone (or crouch) in area where it's not allowed prevented weapon from working properly again until after a successful prone/crouch was completed
• Fix for unexploded M320 rounds persisting across rounds (and causing damage to players if walked on).
• Designated Marksman: Pawn dies in a zoomed state, next round starts as FS zoomed view fixed.
• When performing a deliberate reload, you may now sprint (interrupting the reload) after the new mag has been seated without being required to restart the reload afterward. An initial (full) reload, however, must still be restarted even if interrupted at the last moment.
• Fixed an issue where rounds appeared to be remaining inside the m249 on reload even though all rounds were shot. This was caused by laggy replication of the number rounds expended and has been addressed.
• Re-enabling swapping back to your previous weapon after tossing a grenade (instead of swapping to the primary.)
• You should no longer get a bad m249 magazine floating above your gun when you interrupt a reload after the magazine has already been detached from the weapon.
• Fixing interrupted reloads should now work even after sprinting followed by a dive.
• Reload interrupt issue due to combat dive was fixed.
• If you are qualified to use the M68 Aimpoint and you select the M4A1 or M249 you will always be given the M68 Aimpoint (this addresses an issue where sometimes you didn't receive the aimpoint).
• If you are qualified to use the M16 DMR and have the weapon you will always (regardless of role selection loadout settings) have the ACOG RCO attached.
• Addressed issue that was preventing the M320 reload animation from being interrupted when sprinting, even though the reload was actually cancelled.
• Flash Grenades no longer disappear after exploding but instead remain on the ground just like the real Flash Grenade does.

• Adjustment in SDM training where occasionally player cannot finish due to issues with reload timing.
• Weapons Fam: Fixed issue with one of the targets not falling when grenade is thrown in front of it and explodes.
• Tier 1 M4A1 MWS : Updated one of the tooltips to use the key binding look-up instead of being hard coded to saying 'press space to continue'
• Added in the reversed target material for one of the targets on the m249 range so it will accept hits properly.

• Fixed scoreboard ping display to show correct ping times. Note that ping times in earlier releases were incorrect and you may see your ping time reported as a higher number as a result of the calculation correction. However, this is your actual latency to the server.
• Fixed typos in FAQ under Support section.
• Fixed all reported typos in the GO ARMY section.
• Typo fixed in localization for deadeye achievement.
• In-game server info UI shows wrong max players - was always showing sub-level's mission max players instead of potentially lower gameinfo.Maxplayers. Now it shows lower of the two.
• Fix for nonfunctional crosshairs setting in interface settings
• Cardinal directions are flipped in radial menu.
• Fix for some training UI elements popping up over in-game menus in training.
• Fix for crash at round end with mission clock display set to contextual
• Fix for F9 screenshot keybind being overridden.
• Fix for slowdown when alt-tabbing. Rendering thread will be restarted when the game window is brought back up, without restarting it every tick and leaking memory all over the place.
• Distinguished Rifleman coin now has no internationalization text
• Fixed the broken vote ready functionality so that it will work regardless of role selection.
• Spawning issues where server determined spawn locations (typically after the first round) aren't properly reflecting down in the battle planner. This should correct the issue so the client selected spawn points are always used.
• Fix to ensure mouse is properly locked to viewport when alt-tabbing back into the full-screen game. This was a problem most often when full screen resolution was set to a different resolution than the desktop.
• Match neutralizations corrected in Soldier Overview.
• Toggle Hold Lean functionality added to control settings. There is no default for it, so players wanting to make use of the new functionality will have to assign keys themselves.
• Modifies server displayed titlebar server info to include current server authentication mode.
• Dedicated service ribbon was missing it's localization string.
• Comm volume system will attempt to find a volume rather than display unknown. This fixes the problem where under certain conditions it is possible to get 'unknown' when a comm volume is present. It would happen when the pawn enters multiple volumes, but the highest priority is the only one that was recorded, which could be a ladder!
• Adjusted army service ribbon logic to correctly award medal when merited.

Map Fixes
• Added vault/mantle volumes to most of the benches in the play area.
• Adjusted one of the washers in the laundromat so it shouldn't z-fight with its neighbor anymore.
• Adjusted the physmat on all barbed wire material so that decals won't be as obvious when you shoot between the strands.
• Tweaked the collision on some boards in the convenience store basement to fix a pawn floating in the air bug.
• Added a few meshes under the board in the construction site so you can step up onto it without going all the way around the ramp.
• Adjusted the physmats on some of the hotel floor and ceilings so you can't shoot through them anymore.
• Adjusted a few of the CommVolumes and extended a few others to include empty areas.
• Adjusted the Physmats on the Czervenian flags, so they no longer block bullets.
• Added a fix for minor collision issues in the construction yard.
• Doors with glass were blocking relevancy traces. Now they don't so players won't disappear behind closed glass doors.
• Tweaked some of the meshes placed last time this bug was attempted to be fixed. Should keep the player from getting stuck on the stairs now.
• Tweaked the clothes lines so they don't have phantom decals anymore.
• Fixed a physmat issue with the soda machines in buckets.
• Fixed a shimmering leaves problem with one of the decals in alley.
• Added collision to some of the PCs in the alley convience store.
• Tweaked the collision on the stairs, should be less likely to clip into them when prone on them.

• Added some vault mantle volumes in each of the towers.
• Added two blocking volumes to the central tower. These should keep the players from prone crawlling through the bars, but still allow bullets and grenades to pass through.
• Fixed an issue where the MIP maps on the crate used in the carryable sublevel were operating backwards.
• Adjusted a tree that was clipping really badly through a building.
• Adjusted a crate that was clipping really badly through that same building.
• Tweaked one of the fences to try to improve the lighting quality on it.
• Moved some of the lights that were floating in the air.
• Fixed a few minor visual bugs.
• Adjusted a floating sign on the bridge so that it doesn't float in the air.
• Adjusted some of the comm volumes upstairs in the bridge towers, before the stairway down to the tunnels were outside of the volumes, now they are inside them.
• Added some vault mantle volumes to bridge.
• Tweaked the comm volumes some more. This should keep it from flashing that you are on the NE ledge when you are really still on the catwalks.

• Fixed several lighting issues.
• Added a few vault mantle volumes to some of the railings.
• Adjusted the physmats and collision on a bunch of the potted plants around the level. They should all respect bullets now.
• Tweaked the materials/physmats on the metal bedframe. Before it shared a material with the mattress, but now it has its own with the correct metal physmat.
• Adjusted the collision on a few other assets that weren't respecting bullets.
• Adjusted the VIP's loadout so it is more in line with every other VIP mission.
• Fix to bullet impacts/sounds/holes missing in all windows and glasses and curtains stopping the bullets.
• Adjusted the collision on the windows in the southwest villa, they should now respond correctly to bullets.
• Enabled decals on a few meshes that didn't allow them, should now show bullet effects.
• Made all of the awnings not block weapons anymore, this should keep them from looking like they are spitting out concrete when you shoot them.
• Fixing one last little part of the curtains used in impact, seems they didn't have physmats.
• Moved a decal that was causing one of the garbage meshes to look like it was popping in and out of shadows depending on where your camera was.
• Tweaked the grass layer on the terrain so it shouldn't be growing through a stairway anymore.
• VIP has wrong appearance after two players switch roles (the vip flag wasn't replicating prior to the mesh initializing on the client).
• Added collision volumes to some of the flower pots.

• Fixed all the windows so that they now show glass hit effect decals. Also added a piece of corrugated medal over one of the windows in the main control room. This should limit the amount of damage to the SDM can do on the assault team's spawn position. Also added some damage the barbed wire fences if you land on them.
• Adjusted the collision on the oil pumps so that they are no longer blocking bullets 3 feet in the air around and above them.
• Adjusted most of the spotlights in pipeline to actually light the player, I have no idea why they weren't set to do that in the first place. Also enlarged the beast volume so that it actually covers the basement.
• Adjusted the spawn points in Pipeline Classic to fix an issue with the initial reload at spawn due to obstacles causing the player to immediately go into weapon guard.
• Fixed a few visual artifacts in the rafters area above the defensive spawn.
• Set some things to no longer cull by distance as they created a few instances where the SDM could shoot people that thought they were blocked from view.
• Removed the grass from the inside of the shipping container out front.
• Added a collision volume to some of the lamps in the break room.
• Added some vault/mantle volumes to a few barrels.
• Fixed the physmat on one of the sign materials.
• Moved one of the chairs in the main control room to help keep a player from getting stuck.
• Fixed some spelling mistakes in the pipeline comm volumes.
• Fix to grass growing inside objects where grass just shouldn't be.
• Fixed elevation display of two activated objectives as shown in the SAI.
• Made adjustments to the security cameras. They will now ignore dynamic shadows to help performance a little bit.
• Added another comm volume to the ravine, as there was a small gap that I hadn't covered before.
• Adjusted the truck in front of the ranch house to have breakable windows similar to how it is setup in alley.
• Enabled 'block weapons' on the light fixtures inside the ranch house. Added breakable windows to truck near one of the spawn points.
• Added collision to one of the barbed wire meshes for the chicken coop in ranch. Now the mesh should block grenades.

• Fix for issue that causes player to become stuck after watching any of the Real Heroes movies.

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