22 dec., 2010
Worms Reloaded - bill
Just wanted to say a big thanks to all you Worms fans for helping to make Worms Reloaded so succesful. We just have one last update that should hit today and then thats it for this year, but we've plenty more planned for next year. So have a good Christmas and we will see you in the new year. :)
Worms Reloaded - bill
This Thursday from 4pm UK time, some Team17 staff will be hosting games online on Worms Reloaded. We expect this particular session to last about 4 hours, so it would be great if any of you want to join in. :)
Worms Reloaded - bill
Hello. I'm pleased to say that we have just launched 2 Worms Reloaded competitions on the official steam forums and we are looking for you to get involved. These are the first 2 of many competitions we plan to run. For full details please see: -

<a href ="http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1473475">Comp 1</a>

<a href ="http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1469706">Comp 2</a>

Worms Reloaded - bill
That's right folks, Worms Reloaded can now be pre ordered and we have some nice extras for those who do so. :)

23 iul., 2010
Worms Reloaded - bill
Hi Worms Reloaded fans, just a quick message to say sorry that we've not been able to talk much about Worms Reloaded, but the wait is nearly over, expect some great news in just a few days time.

I've also updated the links on the official game group page, you will see there is a link to the official Worms page on Facebook that now stands at 500,000 plus. We would love it if you joined us there too (if you haven't already)

2 apr., 2010
Worms Reloaded - bill
Hi, just to let the newest batch of Beta testers that we are aware of a problem preventing you all logging into the private forum, but we can't fix it until Tuesday because of the easter holiday here in the UK. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
Worms Reloaded - bill
You will be pleased to know that if you got accepted into this round of Beta testing that instructions are going out now. However I have to email each person individually, so guess what i'm doing all day? :) BTW This is not an april fools joke.
30 mart., 2010
Worms Reloaded - bill
If you were one of the lucky ones, you should have had an email telling you to fill out the NDA. Once we have these back we can process them and send you further instructions. Please be patient as this can take a day or two. I fully expect to have everything sorted before the weekend. You've waited this long, another day or two won't kill you. :)
Worms Reloaded - bill
Beta applications are now closed. Any more emails recieved regarding beta testing will be deleted straight away. We have had a huge response, so it will take a while to sort through all the applications. This also means that we won't be able to personally reply to every email, so if you don't hear anything this week, you have been unlucky this time. Good luck to all those who applied. :)
29 mart., 2010
Worms Reloaded - bill
If you want to be in with a chance to join the Beta ranks all you need to do is send an email to pr@team17.com with the subject Worms Reloaded Beta Test.

You then need to include in the email your Steam ID and what country you are from. And that's it.

If you are chosen, we will send you a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and when those are returned you will be able to download the game.

You have exactly 24 hours to get your application in. Any received after that time will not be considered. Please note that begging in the email will not swing any decision your way. :) Good luck.

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