In Between Games - Alexandress

Hello! Another update!

- Fixed a bug where Alex shot from his body instead of his arms in level 4/5/6

- Level 1/2/3 jump have been tweaked! Finally! I hope it feels better to play now! :)
- As a result of the jump changes, level 1 from 3 got changed and got easier.
- Intro and credits have been changed!

- Some dust will appears near the player feet when he runs! (You can only run in level 1/2/3)
- Volume slider in options!
- I made a bunch of Steam cards/emotes etc for In Between Games! But the application is not elligible at the moment! I will keep you guys updated.
- I also made a Website for the game! Nothing fancy but hey! I think it's cool!

The game is also 40% off during Summer Sales! Don't miss it!

Sneak peek (Rarest background) :

In Between Games - Alexandress

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been very busy with school, but here I am!
This is an update which fix some bugs that you guys reported, and also adds new features! An achievement, and a showcase of how would look In Between Games in 3D! Tell me what you think! ;)

- Player could fall infinitely in level 7/8/9. It has been fixed!
- Fixed a bug where you could still pick up items in level 1/2/3 while being dead.

- Lizard shooting across the map in level 7/8/9 has been changed. They now shoot if you're close to them.
- Some changes has been made in the Option menu.

- A teaser/demo is out for "In Between Games 3D"; the sequel of the game! You should use the Konami code on the main screen ;)
(It is still in a very early stage. It is simply to showcase the controls and the look of the game right now! Any feedback is welcome)
- A new achievement has been created! It may be linked to the Konami code...!

I also want to point out that the game will be on discount during the Summer Sales! :D
Don't miss it! ːsteamhappyː
In Between Games - Alexandress

Hello! This update fixes some bugs (again) that you guys reported! But it also comes with a feature requested by a lot of you; a checkpoint for level 4 / 5 / 6! Enjoy! :D

- Player getting stuck in blocks from level 1 to 3 has been fixed
- Some blocks of level 8 has been fixed (You could fall under them without reason)

- There is now one checkpoint for level 4/5/6 ! This will make the game way more enjoyable and less frustrating!
- Yellow death particles in level 6 instead of orange like level 5. (I forgot to change it!)
- Some blocks from level 4/5/6 has been moved to make it more clear for the player which path to follow!
In Between Games - Alexandress

Hello! This update fixes some bugs that you guys reported. I also changed the hitboxes of the Main Screen so it is no pixel perfect anymore!

- Snail flying across the gap in level 1 has been fixed
- Jumping and Shooting sound FX playing while the player was dead or while the player was entering the castle/disappearing has been fixed (Level 1 to 6)

- The hitboxes of the Main Screen have been changed, as well as the Option ones. (It is no longer pixel perfect)
- The gamepad contouring has been polished and the commands on the picture as well.
- The layout of the level 5 has been modified a little, so you see clearly where you have to land
- Added a down arrow in level 4 to show the way (some people thought they were going into the void and where going to die)

In Between Games - Alexandress

Hello! This is a quick patch to fix some bugs that you guys reported and some tweaks to the controller controls! It also updates the OST! (The composers wanted to do some tweaks!)

- The gameover screen not showing up after death in level 1/2/3 has been fixed.
- The fact that you got stuck on the story screen has been fixed.

- You need to press A instead of up arrow to Jump.
- You need to press X instead of A to shoot.

- The OST has been "upgraded" fully! You can now check that out both in game and with the Soundtrack DLC!

Have fun! ːsteamhappyː
In Between Games - Alexandress

Hello everyone!

The game is scheduled to be released on the 26th of January as the title says!
The soundtrack will be released as well at the same time.

The game will be at 1.99$ and the sountrack at 0.99$ ! You will be able to buy both in the bundle which come with a discount! ːsteamhappyː

See you around!

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