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The recently-revealed Codemasters racer DiRT 3, due out on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year, will have "snow and ice, dynamic weather, YouTube uploads, fierce rides and epic tracks, splitscreen support, party modes, an open-world playground and more real-life sponsors and stars than ever," according to the latest issue of Edge magazine.

More details can be found in the full article at the below URL.
Community Announcements - HeliosCM
Just a heads-up that the next editions of OXM, OPM and Edge Magazine will all contain preview articles for DiRT 3.

I think you'll start seeing copies arrive in the shops around the 7th August.

If you haven't signed up already, why not sign up to the DiRT 3 official Facebook and Twitter Sites. We've just recently uploaded to the Facebook page the first glimpse of a still image taken from the upcoming DiRT 3 trailer.
Community Announcements - HeliosCM
Exciting news about DiRT 3 in MCV recently!

“The nature of a unified engine means features developed for one title will benefit others, so you’ll be seeing the dynamic effects in Formula One 2010 in future racing titles”.

“This sharing and some healthy competition between studios means players will reap the rewards in the next iteration of DiRT, with even more extreme environment conditions.”

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With the announcement of Ken Block's Gymkhana THREE, comes the opportunity of a life time! One lucky winner will have an opportunity to visit the set of Gymkhana THREE and get a ride a long. Second and third place winners will receive DC Ken Block gear, and autographed posters!

Entry is simple- go to and tell us where you think the video should be filmed, including a trick for Ken to in the video. The most creative answers will win the trip!

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IGN recently got the scoop on some exciting news regarding the future of DiRT – in their F1 2010 interview, they quizzed the chief games designer who let slip that F1 2010’s revolutionary dynamic weather system is likely to be featured in the next DiRT game.

Here’s how he spilled the beans:

IGN: And will this new weather system be making its way into future Codemasters' games?

Stephen Hood: One of the added benefits is that the weather system we've developed will now become part of the EGO engine so it can feed into all of our future projects such as DiRT 3."

Good news for all DiRT fans :)
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Hi all,

Just a quick message to say that the latest DiRT 2 PC Patch has just been released today. You can find a full list of fixes at the below URL:


Community Announcements - HeliosCM
Welcome to the official game group for DiRT 2!

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