Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge

Welcome to the 5-Year Anniversary of Vermintide. 5 years ago we were nervously staring at the button to get the first game in this amazing series live. The moments directly after pressing the button were filled with joy, pride, nervousness, excitement and with a slight aftertaste of panic. What if you did not like our little rat-smashing simulator? We were in for a surprise, you loved it! Together we ventured through Stormdorf, slayed rats in Karak Azgaraz, and fell through the floor in Drachenfels.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 was our next adventure, and we would be lying if we said that we were not equally nervous about releasing Vermintide 2 as back when we first released Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide. The development team back then was smaller, but all emotions were there once more.

The years have flown by. We are humbled, grateful, overjoyed and thankful to each and everyone of our players. Thank you for everything, and here’s to the coming years!

In order to celebrate 5-Years of the Ubersreik 5’s rat extermination we are inviting you to 5 days filled with activities. Between October 21 - 25 you can join the celebrations inside and outside of the Vermintide universe, on all platforms!

You’ve got us hooked
The Obese Megalodon hat is available on all platforms between October 21 - 25. Jump into Vermintide 2 and complete one mission in order to catch this smashing look for all heroes.

Slay Rats, Be rewarded
Play Vermintide 2 during the 5-Year Anniversary and all of your kills will fill up the counter. Reach the milestones and all players will be rewarded!


A Quiet Drink returns
Follow the heroes out on town! The special anniversary mission ‘A Quiet Drink’ will be available on all platforms during the 5-Year Anniversary.

Join the Anniversary Stream
On October 23 at roughly 4pm CET you can tune in to the Fatshark Stream where CEO Martin and Narrative Director Mårten will look down memory lane - and possibly share something new!


5-Year Anniversary Discounts
The anniversary would not be complete without some extra special discounts during this week of celebrations. The Unhinged Heroes, Hearth & Home, and Wanderlust Anniversary Hat Bundles will be available for PC players to purchase for a special price only during the Anniversary.




Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge

Welcome to Patch 3.3. Whilst not gargantuan in size or number of fixes, it is a precursor to some fun stuff coming very soon! No more waffle, on to the notes.

Patch 3.3
  • Added quick salvage button to gamepad UI.
  • Fixed 2 of the most common crashes.
  • Bots should now replenish ammo from Ammo Boxes with much more consistency.
  • Healing Potions should no longer be wasted if you're hit right at the moment the potion is consumed.
  • Bots now heal when they have Natural Bond if they are safe and wounded.
  • Patrols will now aggro in Lamp Oil Fire.
  • Blightstormers should be less prone to casting without Line of Sight. This wont stop them from casting and teleporting away, giving the appearance of a LOSless cast.
  • Fort Bongobadgers - moved two respawns slightly to fix issue where they connected to the wrong path.
  • Fort Brunchymunchies - Fixed a bunch of navigation issues experienced by Bot AI counterparts.
  • Fort Brandybutter - Fixed a conflict between Night Mod & Twitch Darkness event.
  • Fort Bringyourownbottle - Fixed a specific location where bots wouldn't revive the player.
  • Righteous Stand - Bots should no longer get stuck on the ladder leading to 2nd Grimoire.
  • Righteous Stand - The wall shot out by a canon should be network synchronised now, so players who hot join at that location will be able to continue.
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge
  • Quick Salvage buttons pulls from other characters inventories as well.
  • Changing weapon illusion no longer requires unequipping it from all of the careers.
  • Fixed the missing localization for tooltips.


Welcome to Patch 3.2 on PC, bringing you fixes & tweaks and… *Drumroll*, Quality of Life updates! These QoL updates are specially focused on end-of-round, Spoils of War and Crafting. We truly hope you will enjoy these updates, and as always, you can find the full list of all updates and patch notes below.

For Sigmar!

Quality of Life
End of Round
  • Added ability to speed up rewards popup by pressing [space]/[esc] on KB/M or on Xbox Pad or [circle] on PS4 Pad while the popup is present.
  • Sped up results screen summery and chest upgrade animations by 3x while holding space or "confirm" on controllers.
Spoils of War
  • [space] now is same as pressing "open" button to open chest in spoils of war screen.
  • [space] now reveals all of the loot from the chest.
  • [space] now closes the loot preview screen if all of the loot is open.
  • Chest selection is now preserved when going back to item grid, unless there are no more instances of the selected type of chest, then it goes back to usual behavior of selecting first chest in current active page.
  • Sped up crafting animations.
  • Added quick fill salvage grid with specified rarity.
  • Added button to clear salvage grid.
  • You no longer need to re-add the item to the upgrade window to continue upgrading the item.

  • Implemented automatic blocking while typing to the in-game text chat, opening the game menu, or while tabbed out of the game.
  • While waiting players can now read interesting Lore-Tips that are visible at the bottom of the loading screen.
Known issues: Salvaging QoL only works for PC UI so far, looking into adding it to gamepad UI.

General Fixes/tweaks
  • Fixed several localization issues.
  • Fixed a sound issue with 'Curse of Comradeship' occuring if a player would leaved the lobby while standing too far from its allies.
  • Filled up a hole in the ground by the Helmgart Skittergate control panel.
  • Rasknitt's arena should now spawn less enemies below ground.
  • Sienna cannot Firewalk where there's not enough space anymore.
  • Morrslieb has been told not do create overlapping moons during some weather variations.
  • Bots should now navigate a particularly frustrating area with far less frustration.
Festering Ground
  • The Darkness of Heresy is now moon-less.
  • The Ubersreik 5 will no longer get stuck between a pair of rocks.
Against the Grain
  • A ladder inside the barn has been adjusted to make Bot movement smoother.
  • Fixed a VFX issue in the Metal Weave.
  • Longbows with DoT Talent(s) now only apply DoTs when expected.
  • Fixed an animation bug with the Executioners light-attack chain (specifically the transition between an interrupted light 1 and light 2).
  • Foot Knight - Rock of the Reikland - No longer removes the damage reduction of the aura.
  • Grail Knight - Fixed so the Grail Knight health regen buff no longer massively slows or entirely stops temp hp decay.
  • Battle Wizard - 'Soot Shield' - No longer applies when attacking a party member.
  • Ironbreaker - Rising Pressure - Updated talent tooltip to be more descriptive.
  • Ranger - Exuberance - Fixed an issue with talent tooltip displaying incorrect duration timer.
  • Longbows with DoT Talent(s) now only apply DoTs when expected.
  • Handmaiden - Power from Pain - Fixed an issue where the talent didn't apply the proper critical strike chance bonus as intended.
  • 1h Axe - Reverted push attack critical strike chance back to 20%, was reduced to 10% after beta.
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge

My name is Morris, and I am the Lead Animator on Vermintide 2. I have been at Fatshark for a little over half a year now, with the first thing I worked on being the Drachenfels Lord.

When I am not working, I like to read (my latest read was Exhalation by Ted Chiang), participate in GameJams, drink copious amounts of tea, meditate and play any co-op game I can trick my friends into playing with me. Today, however, I hope to share some insight into the animation workflows at Fatshark and how we made some of the Grail Knight features.

Where we started out.
In my previous experience as an animator, I have mainly worked on games with ranged modern weapons, and the melee-weapon range in Vermintide 2 was new to me. When we first started discussing the new career and the weapons it would have, our Lead Gameplay Designer Kasper told me that he is playing around with the idea of giving the Grail Knight a Hand-and-a-Half Sword. At this point, I did not know what a Hand-and-a-Half Sword (or a Bastard Sword as I have now learned) was, but I found the idea interesting to work with. Kasper also told me that he wanted it to have a unique feature where it blocks while charging heavy attacks. This made things a bit trickier. How do you charge a strong attack in a first-person view while also showing that it will block incoming attacks? After experimenting with different animation poses for a while and not satisfied, I decided that I needed to do some more thorough research on the weapon.

Enter research, HEMA and Joachim Meyer.
When I began researching the weapon, the first thing I learned is the remarkable technique of half-swording; the maneuver where you flip the sword, grab the blade and hit with the pommel. Maybe this would be the solution to the charging block stance ? (Spoiler: it was not). As much as I wanted to include the maneuver, it simply would not work without changing the weapons’ behavioral design. The only remaining trace of this research is the small part where the Grail Knight holds the blade in the second stab with Blessed Blade if you have the Virtue of Audacity talent. But not to fret, through this research, I found out about Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).

Did you know that there is a thriving community committed to studying and practicing historical fighting techniques based on old manuals? I did not, though had I asked anyone at the office they would have, of course, be able to tell me about all of this and more.

One of the most comprehensive and complete sources on how people fought with the bastard sword is a 16th-century book written by Joachim Meyer. While looking through many of his documented guards, I found the Ox guard, which looks like it could fit in to be the charge-up of a heavy attack from a purely visual standpoint. This guard, together with some instructional videos (Big thanks to Blood and Iron HEMA on YouTube), gave me a pretty good idea of where to start.

The Ox guard can be used on both the right and left sides of the body, which is excellent as it makes for a more dynamic looking combo-chain. It is also not too far-fetched that it could block attacks.

In reality, it was used to deflect the incoming attack and then launch a counter-attack, but for many reasons, we would not want that in the game. Mainly, it would remove the control from the players, and we do not want that. We decided to stay on course for the blocking behavior, which we later named 'Riposte.’ While finding this reference for the heavy attacks, I also found out about the High Guard (Tag) and Wrath Guard (Zornhut). Both guards were a perfect fit for the design of the special ability. One is a vertical cut and one a horizontal cut (Disclaimer that the Wrath Guard was most often in a vertical cut, but I doubt Joachim Meyer had the Skaven in consideration when he documented these techniques).

Ox Guard

Wrath Guard

High Guard

Working on the animations.
Before we dig into the animations, let me explain what I mean when I say “animation chain.” An animation chain is when one animation transitions into another animation smoothly, creating a chain of animations. In this case, the first heavy attack should chain seamlessly into the second heavy attack, or into the second light attack, which is also a possibility.

Having all the references I needed, all that was left was to create the weapon’s animations. The main bulk of the effort was put into making the first-person animations look smooth and believable. To give the chain a bit of variation, I learned that the Ox Guard could be held with the blade either horizontally or vertically (with the thumb on the blade) depending on the cut you block. I added this detail to the third chained charge. After completing the charges, I began working on the attack animations.

Instead of setting the attack pattern this early in production, we create a library of attack-animations for our Game Designers to make their vision of the weapons behavior come true. This way, they can pick and choose from all the animations and easily try them to find the best chain.

Heavy Attack Chain (too big to embed, so click!)


Here you see Autodesk Motionbuilder, the tool we use to make all of our animations. To the left, we have an approximate view of how the animations will look in the game. The right side is how my viewport looks when I animate the characters. Getting the first person to look good while working from a third-person view is probably the trickiest part of animating. The list to the far right is all the different animations we have for this weapon type, many of them remain unused - but can always be picked up by another weapon that shares similar properties. One example would be that the light attacks swings with the one-handed sword on this weapon are borrowed and modified from another weapon.

After our designer chooses the weapons animations, I add a couple of final touches to the weapon. I make sure that the attacks transition smoothly into each other and give it that little extra flair. Here is an example of a transition/flair: when holding block and walking, the weapon does a custom walking-block animation instead of just remaining static (this one is mainly for all of us who turn off the head-bob-setting). Another detail was the charge sway - have you noticed that while you are holding the heavy charge attacks and moving your aim quickly, the weapon will lead the motion instead of just being static on the screen? For this final polish effect, I got the weapon to react to camera movement, a feature inspired by another project.

As a final note, as I did not mention anything about working with the third person animations, let me tell you this: you feel ridiculous in a motion capture suit, pretending to be a noble knight with a foam sword, a kickboxing pad on one arm, in a room all by yourself. But as ridiculous as you feel, it is always worth it. If you are interested in the third-person animations, I would gladly make another Developer Blog about that. All in all, this was an enjoyable feature to work with - and I hope you found this look at the making of the Grail Knight features interesting!

For the Lady!


Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge

Welcome to Patch 3.1 and the patch that brings you the recent balance changes from the Big Balance Beta. Thank you for your participation and feedback during the Beta. We are grateful for your contribution to Vermintide 2.

Below you will find the Patch Notes, and as always, if you want to discuss the latest patch, leave feedback here in the Forums!

3.1 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a crash in Spoils of War.
  • Fixed a Store related crash.

General Changes
  • Added psuedo random distribution to critical strikes and procs.
  • Generic damage reduction is now calculated multiplicatively rather than
  • Headshots and critical strike no longer automatically apply the lightest level of
    stagger to enemies, regardless of their stagger resistance.
  • Buffs now appear in two rows in the UI, displaying a maximum of 10 buffs instead
    of 5.
Melee Weapons

1H Sword - Kruber & Sienna
  • Finesse multiplier (headshot/crit multiplier) increased to ~2 for all attacks, up
    from 1.4 for light attacks, 1.5 for heavies.
1H Mace / 1H Hammer
  • Light attacks 1 and 2 and push attack now have Tank hit mass multiplier.
  • Light attacks 3 & 4 now have the same single target damage profile.
  • Light attack 3 now has 10% bonus crit to compensate for being an uppercut
2H Hammer (Kruber + Bardin)
  • The push attack now has the same damage profile as the heavy attacks. No tank hit
    mass count.
  • Heavy tank attacks now properly puts enemies into stagger level 2 (fixes a
2H Sword (Kruber + Saltzpyre)
  • Move speed charging heavy attacks increased to 60% from 20%
  • Light attack animation speed sped up by approximately 10%
Mace + Shield / Hammer + Shield (Kruber + Bardin)
  • Light attack 3 has 10% additional critical strike chance.
  • Heavy Chain now begins with shield bash.
  • Light attack 3 now has single target armour piercing damage profile. Same as push
  • Push attack now chains into light attack 3.
Mace + Sword
  • Lights 1 and 2 now have the same damage profile as 1H Mace.
  • Lights 3 and 4 now have the same damage profile as 1H Sword.
  • Each weapon in the heavy attack now has the same damage profile as the original
    Falchion Heavy.
  • Heavy attacks and light attacks 3 & 4 now have Linesman hit mass count.

Heavy chain order reversed, the first heavy is now the Heavy Stab, and the second heavy is now the Heavy Sweep.
  • Intact Attack Chains:
    • Light chain and push-stab chain remains intactLight 1 -> Light 2 ->
      Heavy stab, Lights -> Heavy stab chain intact
  • New Attack Chains:
    • Light sweep (L1) chains into Heavy sweep (H2) -> repeat
    • Heavy stab (H1) chains into light stab (L2) into light overhead (L3) ->
    • Heavy stab (H1) chains into light stab (L2) -> repeatLight sweep (L1)
      chains into Heavy sweep (H2) -> repeat
    • Heavy sweep (H2) chains into Light sweep (L2)
  • Heavy Linesman added to Heavy Sweep (H2) Armory mod will not reflect the change
    in heavy attack order.
  • Dodge range increased from 0.95(-5%) to 1.0 (0%)
Executioner Sword
  • Reduced animation speed by 8.5% for all attacks.
  • Light attack 3 now has 10% bonus critical strike chance.
Tuskgor Spear
  • Now has normal block cost modifier instead of shield modifier.

1H Axe (Bardin + Saltzpyre)
  • Animation pause after Light 3 reduced from 0.42s to 0.3s
  • Light attack animation speed increased by roughly 8%
  • Move speed while performing light attacks increased (from 75% to 80%)
  • Heavy attack charge time reduced from 0.6s to 0.5s
  • Heavy attacks now share a damage profile with 2H Hammer light attacks
2H Axe
  • Heavy attacks now have linesman hit mass count.
  • Light attack 3 now has the same damage profile as light attacks 1 and 2.
  • Push attack now has linesman.
  • Light attack 3 has 10% additional critical strike chance.
  • Now has 6 stamina (3 shields), up from 5 stamina (2.5 shields).
Axe + Shield
  • Light attacks sped up slightly.
  • Charge time required for heavy attacks decreased slightly.
Dual Axes
  • Finesses multiplier on all attacks increased to ~ 2.0 (up from ~1.5).
  • Linesman hit mass count added to light attacks.

Elven 1H Sword
  • Light attack Finesse multiplier increased to ~2.0 from ~1.4.
  • Heavy 2 changed to the damage profile of Crowbill Heavy 1.
  • Light 3 armor damage increased by 20%.
Elven 2H Axe (Glaive)
  • Reverted WoM nerf. Linesman added back to light attacks.
  • Now has 6 stamina (3 stamina shields), previously 4 stamina (2 shields).
Elven Axe
  • Heavy attacks now share a damage profile with 2H Hammer Light Attacks.
  • 10% bonus critical strike chance added to push stab.
Elven Dual Daggers
  • Removed bonus 10% crit from lights 1 and 2.
Elven Sword and Dagger
  • Removed bonus critical strike chance from Light attack 1 and Light attack 2.
Elven Dual Swords
  • Dual swords light attack damage increased by 25% against infantry.
  • Push-stab armor damage increased by 20%.
Elven Greatsword
  • Light attack animation speed increased ~10%.
  • Light attacks have 10% additional critical strike chance.
Elven Spear
  • Push attack, Light 3, & Heavy 1 now all have Linesman hit mass count.
  • Reverted 25% nerf to light stabs that came with WoM, (base damage up to 0.25 from
Elven Spear + Shield
  • Light 3 changed from a poke into a sweep, added linesman to light 3.

Axe + Falchion
  • Removed heavy linesman and bonus 20% crit from push attack.
  • Increased dodge count from 3 to 4.
  • Increased dodge distance from 1.1(10%) to 1.2(20%).
  • Now has 6 stamina (3 stamina shields), previously 4 stamina (2 shields).
  • Heavy attacks 1 & 2 now have the same damage profile as Elf 1H Sword Heavy
  • Light attack 3 now has the same damage profile as Heavy attacks 1 & 2.
  • Lights 1 & 2 now have Tank hit mass count.
  • Damage of Heavy attacks increased by 30%.
  • Increased dodge distance to 1.15(15%) from 1.1(10%).
  • Decreased dodge count from 99 to 3.
  • Special pull action now costs 0.5 stamina.


  • Now has 6 dodge count instead of 3.
  • Added 10% critical strike chance to light attack 4.
  • Max dodge count increased to 4 from 3.
  • Heavy 1 now has the same damage profile as 2H Hammer Light attack (23% buff to
  • Animation time of Heavy 1 sped up slightly.
  • Range of Heavy attacks increased slightly.
  • Damage of Heavies 2 & 3 increased by roughly 30%.
  • Animation speed of Heavies 2 & 3 increased slightly.
  • Light attack 1 damage profile changed to Halberd L3 Damage profile (30% buff to
    infantry damage, 60% buff to armor damage).
  • Range of all light attacks increased slightly.
  • Animation speed of all light attacks increased slightly.
  • Move speed during all light attacks increased to 80% from 60%.
Flaming Flail
  • The explosion of Heavy 1 now deals direct explosion damage.
Ranged Weapons
Beam Staff
  • Overcharge generated by shotgun blast reduced significantly (~33%).
  • Weapon switching while charging the weapon is reduced from 0.2s to 0s (matching
    all other staves).
  • Weapon switch window after a shotgun blast reduced from 0.4s to 0.3s to match the
    0.31s animation time of the shotgun blast.
Drakefire Pistols
  • Overheat of the shotgun blast reduced ~33%.
  • Dodge range buffed from 85% (-15%) to 100% (0%).
Empire Longbow
  • Forced zoom delay is now 2s instead of 0.4s (allows full charge without being
    forced to zoom in).
  • 25% move speed while holding a full charge (increased from 0% previously, 25% is
    similar to the full charge move speed of bolt staff).
  • Reload time reduced from 2.0s to 1.5s.
  • Max ammo=16, up from 12.
  • Cleave buffed 50% to match crossbow.
Repeater Pistol
  • Linesman is now on the bullet spray ( linesman on ranged weapons gives shotgun
    mass reduction).
  • Increased armor damage by approximately 100% on charged shots.
  • Increased monster damage by 30% on charged shots.
  • Increased cleave by 75% for quick shots and 50% for charged shots.
Throwing Axes
  • Increased monster and berserker damage by 30%.
Volley Crossbow (Saltzpyre)
  • Ammo pool boosted by 50% (from 30 max ammo to 45).
  • Cleave increased by 75%.
  • Reload time reduced from 5s to 4s.
  • Dodge count increased to 3 from 1.
Volley Crossbow (Shade)
  • Cleave increased by 75%.
  • Max ammo capacity increased to 45 to match Saltzpyres crossbow.
  • Increased max ammo from 12 to 16.
  • Increased max ammo from 14 to 16.
  • Taal's Champion - (Reworked)
    • New name: Tag Team
      • 'Kruber gains 10% power. The closest ally to Kruber gain 50%
        damage reduction and 10% increased power. Passive aura no longer affects
  • Rock of the Reikland (Modified)
    • Now also doubles the radius of Kruber's Aura.
  • It's Hero Time - (Reworked)
    • Resets the cooldown of Charge when an ally is incapacitated.
  • That's Bloody Teamwork! ( Reworked)
    • Merged with Defensive Formation into 'Increase damage reduction of Protective Presence by 5% per nearby ally.' Moved to tier 4 mid
  • Inspire Action - New talent
    • Staggering an elite enemy grants Kruber and his allies 100% increased
      cooldown regeneration rate for 0.5 seconds. Replaces That's Bloody Teamwork
      in tier 5.

  • Trample - (Reworked)
    • New name: Battering Ram
      • Doubles the width of Krubers charge and allows him to charge through
        great foes.
  • Maim - (Reworked)
    • New name: Keep it Coming
      • Every third ranged hit causes the next shot to consume no ammo.
  • Master Huntsman - (Reworked)
    • New name: Tough Hide
        Killing a special or elite enemy reduces damage taken by 10%. Stacks 4 times. Taking a hit removes one stack.
  • Ready for Action - (Modified)
    • No longer removes Temp Health. Cooldown reduction reduced to 20%.
  • Scavenger - (Modified)
    • Scavenger Ammunition Caches now drop at Bardin's feet instead of at the
      killed specials location.
  • Share and Share Alike - (Reworked)
    • New name: Field Rations
      • Killing a special has a 50% chance to drop an Ale that increases attack
        speed by 3% and damage reduction by 3% for 300 seconds. Stacks up to 3
  • Exuberance - (Modified)
    • Bardin takes 30% less damage from the back. Headshots reduce damage taken by
      30% for 5 seconds
  • Ranger's Ambush - (Reworked)
    • New name: Exhilarating Vapors
      • Allies inside of Bardin's smoke gains 8% increased attack speed and
        recovers 3 Temporary health every second
  • Drakki Wrath - (Reworked)
    • New name: Rising Pressure
      • Increases drake fire damage up to 120% and reduces attack speed down to
        -50% depending on overcharge.
  • Crushing Counter-Blow - (Reworked)
    • New name: Rune-Etched Shield
      • Blocking an attack grants Bardin and his allies 2% power for 6 seconds.
        Stacks 5 times.
  • Ironbreaker's Resolve - (Reworked)
    • New name: Vengeance
      • Periodically generates stacks of rising anger every 7 seconds while
        Gromril is active up to a max of 5. When Gromril is removed Bardin gains 10%
        attack speed per stack of rising anger.
  • Ariel's Benison (perk) - (Reworked)
    • Increase revive speed by 50% and grant 20 health back to the revived
  • Asrai Grace - (Reworked)
    • New name: Asrai Alacrity
      • Blocking an attack or pushing an enemy makes Kerillians' next two
        attacks 30% faster and deals 10% more damage.
  • Shadow Step - (Reworked)
    • New name: Shifting Seasons
      • Dodging while blocking increases dodge range by 20%. Dodging while not
        blocking increases damage by 10% for 1 second.
  • Cloak of Mist - (Modified)
    • Now grants 100% critical strike chance for 4 seconds after breaking
  • Necessary Means - (Reworked)
    • New name: Steel Crescendo
      • Upon firing his last shot Victor gains 15% attack speed and 15% power for
        15 seconds.
  • Inspired Shot - (Reworked)
    • New name: Blessed Combat
      • Melee strikes makes up to the next 6 ranged shots gain 15% power. Ranged
        hits makes up to the next 6 melee strikes gain 15% more power. Melee kills
        reset the cooldown of Blessed Shots.
  • Hunter's Pursuit - (Modified)
    • New name: Rile the Mob
      • Ranged critical hits grant Victor and his allies 10% increased movement
        speed for 10 seconds.
  • Duty's Gift - (Reworked)
    • New name: Dual Action
      • Melee kills reload Victors ranged weapon. Killing an elite enemy with a
        melee attack while out of ammo restores 20% of your max ammunition.
  • Just Reward
    • Cooldown reduction increased to 20% from 15%.
  • Buckshot - (Modified)
    • New name: Return on Investment
      • Added shield penetration to the blast.
      • Added effect: Each kill with the blast increases the amount of pellets of
        the next blast by 1 up to a max of 20.
  • Searing Grasp - (Modified)
    • New name: Outburst
      • Increased duration of DoT effect to 4 seconds. Heavy attacks increase the
        push angle of the next push by 70%.
  • Chain Reaction - (Modified)
    • Increased chance of explosion to 40%
  • Numb to Pain - (Modified)
    • Added effect: Venting decreases the amount of overcharge generated by Blood
      Magic by 16%. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Burning Dregs - (Reworked)
    • New name: Abandon
      • Overcharging makes Sienna start rapidly exchanging 6% of her health to
        10% cooldown.
  • Flame Wave - (Reworked)
    • New name: Wildfire
      • Adds a burning aura that ignites nearby enemies when activating Living
        Bomb. Massively increase the stagger power of Living Bomb.
  • Fuel for the Fire - (Modified)
    • Increased duration of the power bonus to 15 seconds from 10 seconds.
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge

Since we launched Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, fans have wondered why in the name of Sigmar they could not grab some official Tees or Hoodies to display their fandom to others. Well, Games Workshop have come through and you can now grab a sweet T-Shirt, Hoodie, Poster, Mug or even a Phone Case from their new and lush Merch Store!

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge

When we first launched Vermintide 2, we knew we had something special, but the truth is, it has surpassed any of our expectations with us now eclipsing over 5 million players across all platforms. Simply put. We are humbled, and eternally grateful. For you, the community is what has continued to push us by providing feedback and helping us make the game better than it ever has been. Thank you for being a part of the journey, and for playing and loving Vermintide & Vermintide 2.

With the announcement of Darktide, we understand that you might have a lot of questions - mostly surrounding our commitment to Vermintide 2. The answer is simple:

We remain committed to Vermintide 2.

We are looking forward to the continuous development of Vermintide 2, and the next major DLC update coming is Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Wastes. We are also already working on the next career following the positive reception of the Grail Knight… and of course, so much more that we are not ready to announce.

We could not be more excited about the future - both for Darktide, and Vermintide 2. We are Warhammer fans at heart, and the ability to grow the studio, learn, and deepen our efforts in the Warhammer universe - well, that is our passion.

For Sigmar.

Martin & The Vermintide 2 team.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge


My Lord Inquisitor.

I’ve reached Atoma Prime and begun our investigations. A recon squad has been sent in to sub-level 6 of the hive to determine the full extent of the unrest. I’ll know more when they make it back.

If they make it back.

Ever since we developed and published both Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, and Vermintide 2, fans have written us emails, sent us messages, tweeted us, made forum threads and even sent us postcards asking us to create a 40K game in the same vein as Vermintide.

Who were we to say no?

Introducing Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

We’re sticking with what we know. A co-op game first and foremost, with the same tight melee combat that not only are we proud of but also that we’re known for. However, we’ll be giving ranged combat more complexity of its own to really bring it up to par with the hands on stuff. Our hope is that we can really deliver on some truly hybrid combat that’s both accessible yet boasts a high skill ceiling, offering the same opportunity for mastery regardless of whether you’ve got a lasgun or a chainsword in your hands.

When it comes to the co-op, expect a similar four-player experience that encourages you to work with your friends, or maybe even with new friends you just haven’t met yet.

Much like Vermintide, we want Darktide to be full of detail and respectful of the rich and spectacular world(s) that Games Workshop has crafted over the decades. We’re madly in love with all things Warhammer here at Fatshark (if you didn’t already figure that out!). It will be our mission objective to craft a truly unique take on the Warhammer 40,000 universe and we do believe that we have the experience to bring you a ‘boots on the ground’ 40K adventure that’s unrivalled.

There will be plenty of opportunities to get hands on with Darktide before release so be sure to sign up to our newsletter and add the game to your Wishlist for all the news, reveals and testing opportunities to come.

With all that said, and with heaps more details to come as we move through development, all that’s left is to welcome you to Atoma Prime, convict. The Emperor protects.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is set to release in 2021. Learn more and subscribe to our newsletter on http://www.playdarktide.com.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge
For this beta we are aiming to shake up the meta that has settled in the game. The primairy goal is to focus on bringing up weapons that are struggling with a low pickrate where they have a hard time to perform their role compared to existing competition. Some of the weapons with an overwhelming pickrate (>25%) has seen a slight reduction in their performance. We have taken the same approach with the talent trees of a selection of careers. Looking at data and investigating community discussion indicates that these careers struggle compared to the options and needs to find a better niche. Specific low pickrate and problematic talents have been targeted and reworked throughly to allow for new interesting build options. The goal is to be able to give each career a similar treatment in due time. We made an evaluation regarding with careers needed the change most immediately and started out focusing on them.

The core of the Weapon changes for this Beta comes from a really cool mod created by a group of highly dedicated players in the community. Thank you to Pershing, Sleezyrats, Core, Incandescent and RwAoNrDdOsM for their work on this.

Please be aware that this is a highly experimental Beta and everything subject to change - particularly with talents! Nothing here is set in stone, and we really look forward to seeing your feedback over in the Fatshark Forums!

Access Details
  • Right Click Vermintide 2 from your Steam Library
  • Select 'Properties'
  • Select the 'BETAS' tab
  • In the dropdown, select:
You may need to restart Steam if the download does not automatically trigger.

The patch notes and commentary are too long for a Steam Announcement, so you can find those over on the Official Fatshark Forums, along with dedicated feedback and bug categories:

Patch Notes:

BBB Bugs:

BBB Feedback:
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - [Fatshark] Hedge
Good morning heroes!
Today is a smaller fix patch, and also activates a summery themed keep for the U5 to hang out in.

  • Into the Nest: Fixed an awkward Globadier spawn point.
  • Into the Nest: Fixed a location after the boss fight where bots can get stuck.
  • Into the Nest: Fixed a spot where players might drop dead without aparent cause.
  • Grail Knight Activated Ability: Dimmed the brightness of the effect by about 50% based on community feedback.
  • Horn of Magnus: Adjusted some player respawn points to mitigate funky/illogical respawns.
  • Fixed a crash that could manifest in rare cases at the end of a match.
  • Added some logic to try and prevent a crash caused by trying to open a box for Grail Knight when you are playing as another character (this was only possible when using the UI Improvements mod).
  • Grail Knight bots should now use their activated ability on Chaos Warriors.
  • Fixed Grail Knights passive texts overflowing in DE/IT locales in the talent window.
  • Fixed some cases where Grail Knight subtitles did not match audible VO.
  • Okri’s challenges should now show which DLC is required to activate DLC limited challenges.
  • Kruber’s (Foot Knight) Talent ‘Bull of Ostland’ should now work as host or client.

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